Can a phone save you from your phone?

  • Published on Feb 6, 2019
  • Smartphones are a huge time suck and tech companies are trying to come up with solutions. There are gadgets like the Palm phone, or time-tracking apps built by Apple and Google that promise to limit distractions. In this week’s Processor, Dieter explores whether these options can actually help you use your phone a little bit less.
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Comments • 415

  • The Verge
    The Verge  9 months ago +94

    What is your guilty pleasure app?

  • Sean Hudson
    Sean Hudson 6 months ago

    humans can't stay awake fully functional/working all the time... you need your rest time (aka time wasted) as you call it... if you didn't, you wouldn't be human

  • Youry De Winter
    Youry De Winter 7 months ago

    who's google Home started playing also?

  • Reanetse Moleleki
    Reanetse Moleleki 8 months ago

    I'd like a review of that kitchen.

  • sirmerlin860
    sirmerlin860 8 months ago

    you have a problem. you admit you have a problem. then you make a video about how you are just not going to deal with it?

  • Mr Play69
    Mr Play69 8 months ago


  • Ajay Satpalkar
    Ajay Satpalkar 8 months ago

    Can your phone save you from yourself?

  • Steve and Alice r in ME

    My guilty pleasure app is Twitter 😁

  • Reyhan Pradantyo
    Reyhan Pradantyo 8 months ago

    Is the palm phone like a petpet for your neopet?

  • MagicShiny
    MagicShiny 8 months ago

    You said "hey Google"...

  • Kieran
    Kieran 9 months ago +2


  • A'chik chamdamberangna maths

    The internet doesnt forget

  • Joe Lopez III
    Joe Lopez III 9 months ago

    why is every exposure so dark? lots of compression banding as well :[

  • Elit3Blaze
    Elit3Blaze 9 months ago +47

    But can it summon a swiss-army knife on command?

  • Yogesh Gosavi
    Yogesh Gosavi 9 months ago

    Make it harder to reach those apps 😅
    Keep clean homescreen

  • Alfi Aflahal Muflih
    Alfi Aflahal Muflih 9 months ago

    PALM? Really dieter? Not PLAM but PALM? 😀

  • psikopatadam
    psikopatadam 9 months ago

    Go light , lightphone 2 looks great!

  • Frederik Østergaard
    Frederik Østergaard 9 months ago

    I had the samenproblem two years ago, så I got an old Nokia. After four months, I went back to my smartphone, but when that broke nine months ago, i went back to the Nokia. And it works GREAT! I can call and text the people I need to and they can get in touch with me through SMS.

  • Laurent Ghi
    Laurent Ghi 9 months ago

    What about willpower?

  • Hamachingo
    Hamachingo 9 months ago

    Just having this little overview of which app you're spending how much time in should be enough to make you aware that you might be wasting some precious hours on garbage. Just put the goddamn phone down and live a little.

  • Gaurav Grover
    Gaurav Grover 9 months ago

    just buy an iphone se.

  • Reynald Kurniawan
    Reynald Kurniawan 9 months ago

    4:05 It’s that dude from Glee

  • Federico Jimbo Smithson

    Why buy something like this,why not just have a self control discipline

  • supernightslash
    supernightslash 9 months ago

    Answer: No.

  • Иван Вашека
    Иван Вашека 9 months ago

    I'm really not sure if anything will save you (or me) from your phone. And tablet, and laptop... It's the world we're living in, it's the era... The gadgets era, where everything changes so quickly that we starting to forget who we are and what we really need. (pay attention to the word need).
    So I think the only switch that can turn off your attention from your phone is inside your brain.
    And while I'm writing this, I'm also thinking that instead of doing something on my phone, I could just spend some time in a forest that is relatively near to me, breathing fresh air... I could... :)

  • Sgtbrobee
    Sgtbrobee 9 months ago


  • Jonathan I. Ezor
    Jonathan I. Ezor 9 months ago

    Dieter, you didn't tell everyone that this Palm phone runs Graffiti! (It does; I checked.) (Disclaimer: I used to write about Palm smartphones for Dieter, and I now work for Verizon although on nothing relating to THIS Palm. Which I want. For much the same reason that Dieter bought his Foleo.)

  • E bon
    E bon 9 months ago

    I’d rather get a Apple Watch 😂

  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown 9 months ago

    This video started playing a song called Hold On on my Google Home and then "Hey Google, stop" stopped the actual playing video on my TV

  • Rick Sande
    Rick Sande 9 months ago

    Bert recognisable problem. I hope people will adapt to split work en entertainment again so you can use your phone for either one both not both. We need tools and we need entertainment devices, but not 2 in one

  • Shaurya Singh
    Shaurya Singh 9 months ago

    TikTok?? What the Hell is wrong with you?!🥴

  • Keyboard G
    Keyboard G 9 months ago

    Just get a blackberry. It can’t do much and then will be so frustrating you’ll put it down after a while.

  • ZG BitBack
    ZG BitBack 9 months ago

    Solving addictions with another gadget? The problem is in the brain. Thing is to learn how to control emotions and thoughts, learn mental discipline, focus, priorities. Then... you just don't have time to play phone, because your mind directs you to other more useful, meaningful or productive things.

  • Nana
    Nana 9 months ago


  • Erick M
    Erick M 9 months ago

    You literally made my Google mini start playing that same album, lol

  • A Jay
    A Jay 9 months ago

    Could just add another user on android, *sigh white people

  • Admiral CoffeeMaker
    Admiral CoffeeMaker 9 months ago

    But can it run League of Legends at 300 fps?

  • Novallinus Alfredo
    Novallinus Alfredo 9 months ago

    Even Dieter has succumb to TikTok plague

  • Omar El Garhy
    Omar El Garhy 9 months ago

    In my final couple of years in med school, I used to escape from the usually immense stress by overusing my phone. And since I figured out that was a problem, I used a couple of tricks:
    1) I moved the social media apps I used the most (mainly Facebook) to the Extras folder on my phone. It's the folder where I keep most of the iOS stock apps that I don't use much.
    2) Turn the phone screen into B&W. It works in two ways; a) You get reminded when you unlock your phone that you turned the screen to monochrome for a reason, b) it takes the fun out of most of the social media apps, especially Instagram and Pinterest.
    3) Turn off Notifications from non-messaging apps. Use social media apps like you use their websites, you'll know what's up when you open them. Same things with games, but no analogy here, sorry. :D
    4) Fill your days with activities (or in my case, studying). You can't expect to survive staying away from your phone for very long if there's nothing to fill the void it leaves. :)
    Hope that helped. Massive fan of your show by the way, Dieter!

  • MobiusCoin
    MobiusCoin 9 months ago

    I go over my 30 mins on Instagram pretty consistently but I do tend to tell myself to stop then. So I average only 35min-ish on Instagram a day. I'm sure it was more before the timer feature.

  • Francesco Varrato
    Francesco Varrato 9 months ago

    I'm actually waiting for the Light Phone 2. It seems much more like a real change.

  • Honest Tech Reviews
    Honest Tech Reviews 9 months ago

    Honestly I don't think I would ever spend money to get less features from my phone.

  • Pedro Marques
    Pedro Marques 9 months ago


  • Monte Cristo
    Monte Cristo 9 months ago +2

    Maybe use an old phone instead?

  • Ayush Mishra
    Ayush Mishra 9 months ago +1

    So basically this is holedown promotion video😂

  • 383308931
    383308931 9 months ago

    a palm phone? Nah, people just need a brain that could work.

  • Jonny Ogg
    Jonny Ogg 9 months ago

    Tik tok? Dude, grow up, tik tok is toxic

  • Fayyadh
    Fayyadh 9 months ago

    If you want to be less hooked on your phone, just get a compact smartphone..
    Just like the iphone SE

  • jimdouglasgregory
    jimdouglasgregory 9 months ago

    Flipd is awesome.

  • Lewis Kelly
    Lewis Kelly 9 months ago

    Thank you for blocking out the Google hotword... NOT.

  • Anirudh A
    Anirudh A 9 months ago

    Share your home screen setup

  • Shreyas Sonavane
    Shreyas Sonavane 9 months ago

    My guilty pleasure app is Instagram for seeing meme's and chatting with friend's. The problem with Screen Time App Limiter's are that there should be a option for the app service to remain aggressive for certain period of set time and you can't use your apps after you hit the limit of usage and even after turning off the setting from the Screen Time App, the set limit will be in force for the App which it was set for until the time ends.
    But this could indeed create a problem of not able to access the app if like any important message or info comes, and you might just end up losing your job if your company or boss has sent the important message.

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom 9 months ago


  • Abebil3
    Abebil3 9 months ago

    The only cure that you can have Dieter, is to practise KonMari on your phone. Touch every app and ask yourself if it brings you joy.

  • Darius V.
    Darius V. 9 months ago +5

    1. HIDE APPS
    Done. Use Microsoft launcher or similar. When you need to search everytime for an app.... well you'll see for yourself.

  • Max Harrison
    Max Harrison 9 months ago

    Psilocybin mushrooms will fix you right up.

  • Mathias Rhein
    Mathias Rhein 9 months ago

    weird thing, isn‘t it? Inventing Gadgets out of mere inability to change our responsibility for our tech. I think that you‘re on the difficult and humbling journey to master this art.

  • Cedric Silvino
    Cedric Silvino 9 months ago

    the only person i like from verge

  • David Hayden
    David Hayden 9 months ago

    How about using self control?

  • Anish v Bhat
    Anish v Bhat 9 months ago

    Pubg Mobile