Body language expert: R. Kelly body language leaking the truth

  • Published on Mar 9, 2019
  • Body language expert Janine Driver examines R. Kelly's body language during his interview with CBS's Gayle King. #CNN #News

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  • jgatchal jgatchal
    jgatchal jgatchal 47 minutes ago

    His mind telling us noooo.....but his body, his body tellin us yeeeeesssss.

  • ottodude555
    ottodude555 54 minutes ago

    Now I have zero doubt he's guilty, but "body language experts" are a bit of a stretch, huh?

  • His Last Days
    His Last Days Hour ago

    Hahaha WTF IS GOING ON? He pissed on thoses bitches.

  • Bah Alhaji
    Bah Alhaji Hour ago

    And please body language for Trump please please

  • Bah Alhaji
    Bah Alhaji Hour ago

    Body language

  • ganga toulon
    ganga toulon 2 hours ago

    She's lying

  • Tha Prodigy
    Tha Prodigy 2 hours ago

    Fake news

  • Allinthefamily Stivic
    Allinthefamily Stivic 3 hours ago

    Can anyone imagine how stressful it'll be for a guy who's having sex with the body language expert lady ? If he's less than confident, hell be wondering if she's over analyzing every little move he makes 😂

  • Hawaiian Joe
    Hawaiian Joe 3 hours ago

    "My mind's is telling me no! But my body is telling me yes!!

  • A Choc
    A Choc 4 hours ago

    Michael jacksons school of f**k*d.

  • Tim Rice
    Tim Rice 5 hours ago

    In the past I have been falsely accused and I responded in a similar manner. I was angry and scared. I was also innocent. I am amazed at the extend people will go to assume guilt. I also know most people can't be trusted when money is involved. ( In no way am I saying this man is innocent.) I am saying these victims from 10 or more years ago are seeking money. I also know the system is corrupt and I don't trust it..

  • ShalomShaq
    ShalomShaq 5 hours ago +1

    Expert liar uses her body language to convince us... LOL!

  • graciana33
    graciana33 5 hours ago

    Wow! They will stop at nothing to destroy the king of Pop's memory huh. Biting the lip? Really bitch? Let me watch your body language on that one.

    SONYA LOVEST 6 hours ago


    SONYA LOVEST 6 hours ago


  • Oredi
    Oredi 7 hours ago +1

    Ur a smart cookie🤦🏾‍♂️😂😂

  • MrNinjaGaming
    MrNinjaGaming 8 hours ago

    Man that body language expert is hype asf...

  • Nate Hess
    Nate Hess 8 hours ago

    He actually did come out and say they were liars. She says that he didn’t say that that’s why he’s a liar?

  • Jordan Himself
    Jordan Himself 9 hours ago

    Stupid black people....fucking slaves

  • Jordan Himself
    Jordan Himself 9 hours ago

    Fuck you and your body

  • :Y Frank
    :Y Frank 11 hours ago

    Nibba what? How does one get a degree in reading body movements?

  • Spence Walton
    Spence Walton 12 hours ago

    She's milking it so much, lay off woman.

  • gerg s
    gerg s 12 hours ago


  • Shanda Schmao
    Shanda Schmao 12 hours ago

    Look how hes shaking his head right there he must be guilty

  • xlady driver
    xlady driver 13 hours ago

    Wonder how a "Body language expert " interprets someone who has involuntary muscle movements

  • Sabrina Doctor
    Sabrina Doctor 13 hours ago

    R Kelly Said “ Girls in CHAINS ⛓

  • Craker Jak
    Craker Jak 13 hours ago

    Pray for that lady husband he can't do a damn thing 🧐🧐🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Craker Jak
    Craker Jak 13 hours ago

    This white bit gonna get it next 🤐🤐🤫

    EL CHAPO 14 hours ago

    I hate this news anchor not because of this vid specifically but other things

  • johann carty
    johann carty 14 hours ago

    Body language expert lol , more like entertainment for the f****** dumb.

  • L864
    L864 14 hours ago

    People wake up! Y'all believe everything the media throw at u.. They love too destroy black men especially! I don't believe everything I hear or see Especially nowadays, I do my own research. Those people on those tv screens are some biggest devil. So how can u believe what they say... Just saying

  • TW Zygmunt
    TW Zygmunt 14 hours ago

    U gonna love prison. KOS status.

  • Loose Change
    Loose Change 15 hours ago

    Body language expert my ass, every body reacts differently and there's no cookie cutter way to determine it👎

  • Paul Michael
    Paul Michael 16 hours ago

    She gets paid to do this? Easiest job ever

  • Dan J
    Dan J 16 hours ago

    There’s video of him pissing on a kid lol how is this even in question

  • Yves Senn
    Yves Senn 16 hours ago

    Only americans can turn crimes (paedophilia) into a comedy. Shame on you.

  • D Lois
    D Lois 16 hours ago

    Everyone black is telling lies.. okay...

  • D Lois
    D Lois 16 hours ago

    These girls goes to shows trying to sleep with famous people, how come he gets all the blame...

  • D Lois
    D Lois 16 hours ago

    If people were saying these things about you woman you will be angry...

  • D Lois
    D Lois 16 hours ago

    Nonsense, this body language woman is not for black people. He said he didn't and we believe him..

  • SuperSpecialk101
    SuperSpecialk101 17 hours ago

    Totally forgetting that the BIGGEST LIARS can have the STRAIGHTEST, clean cut body language and can appear to be truthful.. face until they tell the truth... #NeXt #tryagain the only way you can get a liar to tell the truth is if guilty concious eats away at them... #pleaseleaverkellyalone

  • Ontaria Barrett
    Ontaria Barrett 17 hours ago

    Janine driver when i see you you better get ready and square up. Thats on me baby.

  • Ontaria Barrett
    Ontaria Barrett 17 hours ago

    When i see this "expert" bitch in the streets ima punch her dumb ass in the head.

  • Carvaughn Guthrie
    Carvaughn Guthrie 17 hours ago


  • Rich Jjames
    Rich Jjames 18 hours ago

    When MJ is done fucking them, micahel jackson passes them on to his friend robert when the first pube appears

  • Jai_jai21
    Jai_jai21 18 hours ago +5

    "It's genuine anger" yet u just claimed that he's lying tf 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    SALOMO KONDJILA 18 hours ago

    Seriously... Fuck this body language bitch. Stop pinning people. femininist bitch

  • Andrew Mitchell
    Andrew Mitchell 18 hours ago


  • Jerome Stanley
    Jerome Stanley 18 hours ago

    So how are you supposed to tell the truth with body language if you can't express it the way he is

  • yourtypicaltroll !
    yourtypicaltroll ! 19 hours ago +1

    Shut the fuck up CNN you're fake news

  • Alanis Lugo
    Alanis Lugo 19 hours ago

    im so excitement 5:01

  • Chief Tahchawwickah
    Chief Tahchawwickah 20 hours ago

    What about your white uncle Fonald Frump??
    Another lying white man?
    -Comanche Nation

  • charlie ajanga
    charlie ajanga 21 hour ago

    Kelly they are through with you..... They are determined to take you down .......

  • youngking Duh
    youngking Duh 21 hour ago +4

    This video and this woman is really rascist facts #BLM

  • Karlos Subramanian
    Karlos Subramanian 22 hours ago

    Fuck this white Lady

  • Michael Felipe
    Michael Felipe 22 hours ago +1

    I don't see nothin wrongggggg with a little jail time😂😂😂😂

  • Sorrow Uchiha
    Sorrow Uchiha 23 hours ago +1

    The only person not lying was white

    • SuperSpecialk101
      SuperSpecialk101 16 hours ago

      +Sorrow Uchiha yes... so true.

    • Sorrow Uchiha
      Sorrow Uchiha 16 hours ago +1

      +SuperSpecialk101 it just really bothered me. Especially with cultural conditioning

    • SuperSpecialk101
      SuperSpecialk101 16 hours ago +1

      Thought I was the only one... every black person on her so-called "body language" expertise was lying but soon as she saw the white man oh automatic he's telling the truth... and he might end up being the main one lying... body language means nothing now and days people can have emotions and anxiety and uneasiness as far as body language concerns... the only way you will be able to get a liar to tell the truth is if they tell the truth but most of the time women can pick up on vibes... body language don't even compare to the vibes and uncomfortable energy you can get from someone...

  • Hannington Bahingire

    This is nonsense

  • CF544 gym
    CF544 gym Day ago

    Fuck off to all of you fucking idiots

  • Leonardville Village Council

    Wow... I didn't know people are this clever.

  • Herje Don
    Herje Don Day ago

    One third is downvotes. I'm a noob so can someone explain, is it anti-cnn people? Or R kelly fans? Or others who have also done bad stuff, and is upset that it's so easy to see through them?

  • mahadjeey toko
    mahadjeey toko Day ago

    She is cnn shit. Expert like this is what fucked up the black peoble in america.

  • GravePlott
    GravePlott Day ago

    My young blonde female doctor toe went up as she saw me undressing for my physical while sitting in her chair. Hehe 😉

  • alex richey
    alex richey Day ago +1

    Literally talks about the guy bitting his lip and then right after she says it’s true she starts bitting her own lip...

  • Haidee Haidee
    Haidee Haidee Day ago

    This woman loves wat she does. That excited had me thinking, should I go back to school and study this profession?

  • Ala Valteon
    Ala Valteon Day ago

    Toe going up means she wants to get lock up in the basement

  • mpone affirmations

    Body language ballshit

  • Hullgatt
    Hullgatt Day ago

    I don't doubt that she is a body language expert. However, body language varies between different cultures and environments and signals can differ even between friends which limits its applicability. There are signals that are more or less universal. Perhaps she is more perceptive on noticing them. The comment section makes a good point about the biased nature of such a profession but I think it can serve a complementary role. Internet's hasty assumptions/ speculations are both dis- or advantageous at times. Thanks for your attention!

    PS. God I think I'm spending too much time at schoolwork. Even my supposed informal comments - like this one - are showing signs of formality. It's still too early tell how it will effect my subconscious long - term but my conclusion - based on what I can gather the short-term effects - is that I (my brain) needs a day off.

  • Rene Grondzi
    Rene Grondzi Day ago +31

    She works for the F.B.I. and other companys but she never saw such a dramatic act like R.Kelly did 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Tokki Tokki
      Tokki Tokki 9 hours ago

      Hes basically not even a good lier. Most liers try to stay calm no matter what.

    • cbizzlenizzle
      cbizzlenizzle 15 hours ago

      Damn I need a job where I do nothing and get tv time

  • Gregorio Alcantara
    Gregorio Alcantara Day ago +1

    R kelly is the man!!!!!!!!!

  • Johnston Zhang
    Johnston Zhang Day ago

    Even though this was a complete hoax, Jussie Smollet actually used the word "tussle" correctly. This is how you know CNN is good at planting fake ass news; what else could they have a liked about. Janine Driver has lost all credibility with me. #BoycottCNN #MAGA

  • Decio da Silva
    Decio da Silva Day ago +1

    This interview, was really stupid...some people react out off instinct but look at the fact that she wants them to act in one pattern, and even if they had she would find a way to say they are lying...

  • Dog dog
    Dog dog Day ago

    These experts come with knowledge coming out of their asses.

  • Blank
    Blank Day ago +1

    is it just me or is her voice annoying asf

  • Ryan Schreader
    Ryan Schreader Day ago

    All you have to do is watch a few of his latest videos where he basically is bragging about fucking tons of women and making them his sex slaves in his house... And we all know his fetish is young underaged girls.

  • Ryan Schreader
    Ryan Schreader Day ago

    Only the guilty get defensive when confronted with the truth!!!

    LIL CHUY Day ago

    Bro if this man really did all this don’t you think they would have been got him like a long time ago and if you gonna say they payed the government Na they would of got him because it’s rape bruh there gonna want him

  • simple me
    simple me Day ago +1

    This lady is an asshole.

  • charles baridam
    charles baridam Day ago +1

    STFU!!! Body language my ass..when some1 is pissed off and pushed to the world like Kellz for decades will even lose it more than he did in that interview ..Your observation is totally bias cos y'all already view Kellz in a bad light than opening up your mind to the truth

  • M.L .L
    M.L .L Day ago

    Hope that blond B dont see his kid s

  • M.L .L
    M.L .L Day ago


  • M.L .L
    M.L .L Day ago

    Are woman?

  • emanizzle
    emanizzle Day ago

    he cut her off too many times

  • SleepyGoat
    SleepyGoat Day ago

    Body language expert? Really CNN?

  • DR0POvO
    DR0POvO Day ago

    He is a celebrity he is not wanting to give the media or the women involved attention that is why he is not saying they are (individually lying) the media is so fucking corrupted and full of fucking liberals

  • DR0POvO
    DR0POvO Day ago

    If you were being accused of abusing women would you just sit there and be calm about it you fucking liberal fat fucking stupid 4 eyed fucking peice of shit shut your fucking idiotic liberal fat ugly discusting mouth you stupid ignorant fuck

  • damien cruz
    damien cruz Day ago

    The body expert is a female, seems biased to me

  • Seek Wisdom
    Seek Wisdom Day ago +1

    The body language says fuck out of here with that, the body language says why isn't the media running the stories of all the white celebrities in Hollywood that been screwing little girls for decades?

  • Steeve Cantave
    Steeve Cantave Day ago

    Remember one thing: everything with such experts is about percentages. In layman’s term, they’re never wrong. Because if they’re right, then that’s great. If they’re wrong, they put it down to the “small” percentages in which things don’t go according to the norm. Everyone knows R. Kelly is a sick dude. But if someone asked me if I’ve had sex with minors, my answer would be longer than no-it’s not because I’m guilty. Not everyone answers things the same way. I’d go crazy and get mad because I know I’m not a pedophile.

  • ShhManzzz
    ShhManzzz Day ago +1

    That woman is complete bullshit!

  • M. Meade
    M. Meade Day ago

    So much shade for jussie 🤣6:27

  • Omar Ahmed
    Omar Ahmed Day ago

    Wow, wish they did that for oranga tang.i.e the president of the free world as they say them selfs

  • Emerem Cyril
    Emerem Cyril Day ago

    Body expert my foot.
    that's what she thinks, it's not what it is.
    the truth lies between what R. Kelly says and what the victims say.
    Let's not use imagination to indict anyone, matter of fact the so-called body expert is a woman, and could probably be defensive.
    shut the fuck up and face reality.
    You studied a wrong course.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith Day ago +1

    I see a innocent man we love you Rkelly

    • Tokki Tokki
      Tokki Tokki 9 hours ago

      Ikr all the priests that were accused for raping lil boys need to be set free also. They r good people. The title is what makes a man.

  • Foster Watchman
    Foster Watchman Day ago +1

    And why is it all ways White people jumping on blacks but what about all these white men and women having sex with all these under age kids and what about Trump

  • Foster Watchman
    Foster Watchman Day ago

    He just need to come out in tell the truth about the industry

  • Foster Watchman
    Foster Watchman Day ago

    They reading is body language lol they really trying to fuck over this man

  • Betta 1
    Betta 1 Day ago

    U should do Donald Trump would love to see what’s is body language saying

  • Casual Kiddo
    Casual Kiddo Day ago

    This is a mass blindfold for the real dirt bag HARVEY WEINSTEIN!!!!! TRAIL... FUK THE MEDIA AND THIS body language bs!!!!!

  • Times Change
    Times Change Day ago +1

    Isnt it funny how now Caucasians are aware of R. Kelly's existence. I've hardly ever heard his records on pop radio, he's never crossed over but NOW he's one of the top stories of the year so far for mainstream media. Im not saying he's innocent but it's funny how Black men have been the forefront and the only ones being taken down on these sexual assualt crimes.