The Stone Age Tribe on a Banned Island You Can't Visit

  • Published on Jan 5, 2018
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Comments • 26 037

  • Adam Gido
    Adam Gido Hour ago

    When you want to play minecraft but your poor:

  • danger cooper
    danger cooper 2 hours ago

    wow why can they just share land? like god made it not them and they dont wanna share their missing out on all the good stuff man nobody is trying to kill them their just greedy

  • G. A.
    G. A. 17 hours ago

    Why don't they fucking kill them all like dogs?!

  • jesse Pinkman
    jesse Pinkman Day ago

    come on , nuke them already we don't need more animals on earth

  • CoinGamer GD
    CoinGamer GD Day ago +1

    I was watching this video when suddenly some sentinelises started shooting arrows at me.
    Chill out men

  • Ex0tic_Ways
    Ex0tic_Ways Day ago

    If you hate them, tell Britain they stole their tea, they will die if you do so.

    Not funny I know.

  • Alen Drinic 2410

    1:00 civilisation
    My mom:see my game is popular son
    Me:roblox and minecraft is better an more popular
    My mom:where them in vid
    Me:all youtube and sites internet is them only 5 vids is civilizations

  • saTan 666
    saTan 666 2 days ago

    India: leta nuke north sentinel iland

  • Chris C
    Chris C 4 days ago

    wondering why you speak like a complete shit stick when trying to compare the complexities of these peoples environment, society and way of life, which you probably know nothing about to a video game? "THE VERY FIRST THING YOU RESEARCH IN THE GAME!" please dude, go form your own society on a remote island and post a video about how easy it is to start growing crops... I'll be waiting for that video.

  • Sans, The God Skeleton

    We should throw all the snakes from snake island here and see the ultimate war embark

  • Sans, The God Skeleton

    We should send a juggernaut in there and make him do Oompa Loompa dances to tame them.

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 5 days ago +1

    Now I'm fatcat the alien

  • The Universe Within
    The Universe Within 5 days ago

    I root for this tribe. To me they're more advanced than the so-called "modern" man, with all their wonderful plastics, pollution, death and environmental destruction.
    The Sentinilese is like "FUCK OFF, we'll have none of that!"
    Modern man is a pest to this planet.

  • James Weaver
    James Weaver 5 days ago

    3:01 I don't see small pox black death or cow pox soooolo........

  • pipotron blue
    pipotron blue 5 days ago

    All you have to do is bring black people

  • Sir Quaffler
    Sir Quaffler 6 days ago

    If the census of the island is true, then that means their population has most likely been that low for who knows how long. Which leads to some... very unfortunate implications. I cannot see any situation wherein they are not all closely related to one another. That level of inbreeding might go some way to explaining why they're still stuck in the Stone Age.

  • frhn
    frhn 6 days ago +1

    Helicopter casually passing by
    Sentinelese: *ENEMY AC130 ABOVE!1!*

  • Smh 87
    Smh 87 6 days ago

    If the north sentinel island formed a football team they’d beat Scotland

  • Henry Salazar
    Henry Salazar 6 days ago

    I'll go there so I can learn to be like green arrow

  • Rage Guy1343
    Rage Guy1343 6 days ago

    We need John wick

  • Queen Taengoo
    Queen Taengoo 7 days ago +1

    Perfect island to invade instead of invading Area 51

  • Max S
    Max S 7 days ago +1

    How to know if they are alive get attacked by arrows.

  • Max S
    Max S 7 days ago +1

    Were you attacked by arrows for making this video?

  • Max S
    Max S 7 days ago +2

    Me: thinks about them
    Immediately gets attacked by arrows

  • Zikami Kurobane
    Zikami Kurobane 9 days ago

    Fck Area 51, Let's raid this island instead. *THEY CAN'T STOP ALL OF US PART TWO.*

  • Casimir
    Casimir 9 days ago

    How tf don’t they find fire in 10k years? Idiots!

  • nightbling890
    nightbling890 9 days ago

    I could only imagine what they believe helicopters are and what foreigners are.. do they think they are demons or gods.. who knows

  • Hector Betancourt
    Hector Betancourt 11 days ago

    I guess forced multiculturalism is only “good” for us...

  • Gucc1 P3p51
    Gucc1 P3p51 11 days ago

    Did someone say boom

  • loch70
    loch70 12 days ago

    Imagine the inbreed.

  • Ethan No
    Ethan No 13 days ago

    If we tell them our technological advancements through the years then, It would sound and look like Senku telling Chrome about Electricity and crap

  • Ethan No
    Ethan No 13 days ago

    When they said population:40 and then I remembered they had stone age materials

    My brain: *It's*
    *Weab Time*

  • Algernon Flowers
    Algernon Flowers 13 days ago

    What about all the trash in the ocean? Do they try to eat it?

  • aziz sliti
    aziz sliti 13 days ago

    Imagine if u r dad was sentenelise

  • IKnowGunFu
    IKnowGunFu 14 days ago

    Imagine a person stranded at sea for 5 years and then stranded on this island, the first thing he said is "I'M ALIVE!!!" Then got hit by arrow immediately

  • Luckii / LuckiimoomanYT

    Me: TheXvid
    Them: Jumping for fun

  • Fox sin Ban
    Fox sin Ban 14 days ago

    How do we know that they aren't doing big fucking incest ganbangs over there? I mean it's only like 50 ppl

  • Nicholas Williams
    Nicholas Williams 14 days ago

    Not even a year later and some dumbass went to the island and died.

  • John Grygus
    John Grygus 16 days ago

    If diversity & multiculturalism are soon good why dont we send refugees to these islands? Oh you mean these black people have a right to preserve and uphold their culture? But white people dont?



  • ML ML LA
    ML ML LA 16 days ago

    maybe kim juong un can test the nuke they made on this island

  • Jere 27
    Jere 27 17 days ago

    Just wear a juggernaut suit with a minigun

  • Aman Kumar Thakur
    Aman Kumar Thakur 19 days ago

    African captured islands.

  • Shawn Moore
    Shawn Moore 19 days ago

    i think if thay have a mabe 1 word war..? but just do something abot it like i guss nuke em but....?????!
    thay tiy to shoot it ....!!!!

  • Emperor Lelouch
    Emperor Lelouch 19 days ago

    Wow, such an advanced Wakanda Civilization!!

  • cOdNinja44
    cOdNinja44 19 days ago

    There so far into the Stone Age they haven’t created medicine yet or a wheel

  • The J Studios
    The J Studios 19 days ago

    They probably shoot at clouds when they pass above then

  • Leon Andrews
    Leon Andrews 20 days ago

    I wonder if these people are Indian citizens?

    • 〗〖
      〗〖 13 days ago

      they are not really.
      In reality they would be stateless but they would be eligible to gain an Indian citizenship

  • Aleksandra Makari
    Aleksandra Makari 20 days ago

    Oh I got an idea! Send them cargo of all sorts of yummy food, like pop top cans, and toys, like dolls, RC cars, some waterproof gadgets....and some things might need instructions. Wordless but very illustrated, with lots of images of ppl doing stuff.
    Or those things of pictures you move the angle and they move, like horses running, or ppl running or a doggie running or something!

  • Bonnie Coote
    Bonnie Coote 21 day ago +1

    No one:
    Sentineliese: Ay yo, archery cheeeeck

  • Rainbow Shine Toy Reviews

    Someone needs to throw these guys a smart phone

  • TianoPCGamer
    TianoPCGamer 21 day ago

    The iron discovery makes it seem like we have a little civ game. We can give them crops and see if they eventually build their own city and build boats

  • Piper Companion
    Piper Companion 21 day ago

    I was on a plane to from India to that other country I saw an island I saw little things running

  • Paul Annas
    Paul Annas 22 days ago

    bloody indians, get the army to scrub up, so as not to pass on disease, the army should have enough defence against bows and arrows, then try and talk or make contact, that way the people will stop attacking everyone, and we can have check up on them at times maybe help out and introduce technology, but everyone who makes contact should scrub up and have medical checks as to stop the introduction of disease, then we can get to know these people, leave them in peace, let them live alone on their island, but dont just say no go to the island that is crap....!

  • Farque Matthews
    Farque Matthews 22 days ago

    We need to invade a bring them to modern age. What if there is human rights abuses going on including incest murder torture n cannibalism

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 23 days ago

    Mmm yes helicopters *drive away*

  • Relentless God
    Relentless God 23 days ago

    Think about it they never have seen there face no mirrors

  • Mr.Lewis
    Mr.Lewis 23 days ago

    hm, ah, oh

  • Indian Voyager
    Indian Voyager 24 days ago +5

    Missionary : “Jesus saves”
    Sentinelese: “ Naah, not today”

  • Harshad Katrela
    Harshad Katrela 25 days ago

    North Korea is most isolated place in the world!!
    North Sentinel Island: Hold my dick!!