Deji vs KSI from the beginning EXPLAINED! #DramaAlert 7 months in the making!

  • Published on Jun 20, 2019
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  • !!!!
    !!!! 5 months ago +15804

    Good video keem. This is straight facts🤷🏾‍♂️. Nice Kobe keem

    • phat ho
      phat ho 4 days ago

      @Lxgiczz YT who is degi

    • Lxgiczz YT
      Lxgiczz YT 6 days ago

      He didn't try to ruin him cause degi is already ruined

    • [TnP] Kill em Dead eflddtlm [Take no Prisoners]
      [TnP] Kill em Dead eflddtlm [Take no Prisoners] 7 days ago

      @Black Dr Phil you can only pin one comment not multiple

    • phat ho
      phat ho 9 days ago

      This is how long keems beard is

    • Direct Dec
      Direct Dec 11 days ago

      Ffggghhf Guy yggbnmhdsdtnn in cdtjvvfy Inc druijhhvfty. Dhzhufgg f go oh o o hi guy u tyyyyy yo put ggfttyhhgfrrty bc cddddty Gucci yggbhct thigh cheek by hi hi iouijdvcgfdf. Hfcuu y yggggg hi it. Hffggg vtff Nov guy Hun ughhguuv grfghjj BC. Hi ghhgghhubvg gyhgjo

  • Emir işiklar
    Emir işiklar 12 hours ago

    There good again so

  • Bongal pops
    Bongal pops 14 hours ago

    Na Deji is a d

  • Stupid Toones
    Stupid Toones 20 hours ago

    His name is dedji he has ded in his name

  • Peter De Santiago

    I thought that he was a millionaire

  • Ninjamaster kai1

    When the fire nation attacked

  • Big Dippa
    Big Dippa 5 days ago

    Deji dad is a legend cuz he tried to keep Ksi in the house

  • Cristian Puga
    Cristian Puga 6 days ago

    Deji’s just a little bitch

  • byron sandlin
    byron sandlin 7 days ago

    Honestly I do feel bad for both KSI and Deji. They need to squash the beef and move on. Please

  • NPC007
    NPC007 7 days ago

    Deji ruins his own credibility. He doesn’t need Ksi to do that

  • Rudol Von Stroheim
    Rudol Von Stroheim 8 days ago

    Unblock my friend David you gnome

  • TheHoly Badam
    TheHoly Badam 10 days ago

    Ksi: *Breathes*
    Deji: Hes tryna suffocate me

  • TheHoly Badam
    TheHoly Badam 10 days ago

    Deji:Hes tryna suffocate me

  • TheHoly Badam
    TheHoly Badam 10 days ago

    People think ksi is a bad guy but he is actually one of the best people on the site

  • Please get me 1000 subs _

    Deji is obsessed with dicks though

  • Omar Elorza
    Omar Elorza 13 days ago +1

    Wow Deji is a little bitch lmao "whaaa whaaaa, my big bro is mean, whaa...." lmao

  • Jamie
    Jamie 13 days ago

    Keem: I’m sick
    Keem makes a video still

    Logan Paul : “sick”
    Loses fight because of it


    • Crack
      Crack 11 days ago

      Logone Pool*

  • PiedmontAsp1517
    PiedmontAsp1517 14 days ago

    KSI: sleeps with a girl
    Deji: I want some

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer 15 days ago

    Unsubscribing cause too many ads

  • tyzer32
    tyzer32 17 days ago

    sounds like deji just has a lot of insecurities about living in his brothers shadow..

  • Swami Khillinondo
    Swami Khillinondo 17 days ago

    But Ksi also kicked out deji from the sidemen

    • Saif Ullah Khan
      Saif Ullah Khan 11 days ago

      @The ultra Squad What? I just said that apparently he is a landlord and I agreed with you that he had many houses to pick and choose from

    • The ultra Squad
      The ultra Squad 11 days ago

      Saif Ullah Khan sorry don’t know if you were being sarcastic or not

    • The ultra Squad
      The ultra Squad 11 days ago

      Saif Ullah Khan he owns the house his parents live in and he owns other empty houses do your research

    • Saif Ullah Khan
      Saif Ullah Khan 11 days ago

      @The ultra Squad Oh yeah because apparently he is also a landlord

    • The ultra Squad
      The ultra Squad 11 days ago

      Deji was never in the sidemen.
      He was living at the sidemen house but refused to pay rent or do anything to help out so he got kicked out the house. Deji owns multiple houses so it’s not like he had nowhere to go

  • andrew the bot
    andrew the bot 17 days ago

    Deji fans attack ksi
    ..ksi reverse card

  • Richie Anderson
    Richie Anderson 17 days ago

    deji seriously get a life if you kick your brother out of the house on Christmas for views than you should quit youtube ur brother had no idea what was going on at first if you really need to to that to ur bro on Christmas than that proves your a s*** youtuber. go cry to ur mum kid you always do and cry to ur dad when hes done filming ur clips little piece of crap.

    • The ultra Squad
      The ultra Squad 11 days ago

      Jagstar it’s not on his channel as well lol

    • Jagstar
      Jagstar 17 days ago

      Chill dude this was way too long ago to be saying that. If you said it like 7 to 8 months ago it would make sense but the beef is over already.

  • ツ
     18 days ago

    find the secret message:


    • Jagstar
      Jagstar 17 days ago

      @ツ it's big brain time

    • ツ
       17 days ago

      @Jagstar ayyyy

    • Jagstar
      Jagstar 17 days ago

      Logan Is sneezing

  • Rami Dickson
    Rami Dickson 19 days ago

    That “joke” isn’t funny if you have to explain it👀so you should have just apologized in general don’t knit pick on what you want to apologize for😂

  • ch studio
    ch studio 20 days ago

    This is all Simon fault he should have pressed the button before randolph 😂😂😂

    • The ultra Squad
      The ultra Squad 11 days ago

      ch studio the entire situation could have been avoided if Simon minter pressed a button let that sink in

  • G Alex Arguello
    G Alex Arguello 20 days ago

    Not even 3 minutes and theres already an ad. Fuck off

  • PoloGang97
    PoloGang97 21 day ago

    KSI: chocolate


  • Euan Latham
    Euan Latham 22 days ago +3

    KSI: buys KFC
    Deji: he is making stereotypes

  • lil meatwad TV
    lil meatwad TV 22 days ago +1

    God deji is a bitch boy

  • Karson Jaber
    Karson Jaber 22 days ago

    Which beef was better like for Paul brothers reply for Deji and ksi

  • Yxng Ethan Beats
    Yxng Ethan Beats 23 days ago

    u clearly took ksi's side

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch 24 days ago

    *Thank you for this. I wondered what started all this (came across their diss tracks today!). You made it very straight forward and easy to understand! So thanks!*

  • Jade Welch
    Jade Welch 24 days ago

    *16 is the legal age of consent here in The United Kingdom. There’s no on the edge. You’re either of age and legal, or not. Plus you can get married at 16 here.*

  • Base Apollo
    Base Apollo 24 days ago

    Honestly I would of been just as pissed as Deji if someone called my career path "dead" and claimed it was a joke and I shouldn't take it seriously. But that's as far as I agree with this "beef".

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez 24 days ago

    F**k Deji

  • Bob abe Frimer
    Bob abe Frimer 25 days ago

    Why am i still gatting hate

  • Rosaline ._.
    Rosaline ._. 25 days ago +1

    Wtf deji!

  • Rosaline ._.
    Rosaline ._. 25 days ago +1


  • Rosaline ._.
    Rosaline ._. 25 days ago +1

    Here we see a classic example of a mature youtuber who responds and apologises to feed back and criticism like an adult 👏🏽

  • Nova Scotian BoxingFan

    23:23 who is this woman??? Is that the girl that fucked Deji and KSI??????????

  • Alan
    Alan 28 days ago

    i would never diss my best friend's brother...put it that way. if i did i'd be a fake friend. ksi should not have been calling himself neutral in this...he should have supported family.
    it may appear to be a small issue from the get go, a little joke comment about a dead channel, but in reality things go deeper when you have genuine animosity with someone.
    personally seeing randolph's face just once, i want to punch him, he has that sort of face.

  • Shawaaf _
    Shawaaf _ 29 days ago


  • Darwisy Zack
    Darwisy Zack 29 days ago

    Man deji pause at the wrong moment

  • Bryant Needham
    Bryant Needham Month ago

    Deji is literally the biggest fucking bitch I’ve ever seen

  • jeppeboe 96
    jeppeboe 96 Month ago

    Ksi vs deji boxing match?

  • Jake Bob
    Jake Bob Month ago

    Fuck deji

  • Ryan Pareñas
    Ryan Pareñas Month ago

    Caption is stuck saying "Hello, how are you doing?"

  • Hashem Alsmadi
    Hashem Alsmadi Month ago

    man you black/white people are a disgrace who dsirespects the brother online with other people learn some fucking respect

  • Cosmic World
    Cosmic World Month ago

    Thanks bro, nice vid, true facts

  • darlin Plays
    darlin Plays Month ago

    Hate dj

  • Fazzy 110
    Fazzy 110 Month ago

    Why does he keeping zooming In everyone speaking

  • Yoda
    Yoda Month ago

    Conclusion: deji is a fucking moron

  • Kevin Azeh
    Kevin Azeh Month ago

    Lol i love these comments about bullying deji 🤣🤣🤣

  • Tony TheRealOne
    Tony TheRealOne Month ago +1

    Watching this all over again after it's been so long. I'm my opinion Deji needs to get off his mom's tit and allow his brother(KSI) to see his parents in private without you or anyone else there, just like you (Deji) are able to. KSI doesn't want you out of the family he just wants to see his parents sometimes by himself, which is totally understandable. Deji imagine if KSI bought the biggest mansion and moved your parents into it but you weren't allowed to go there unless KSI is there or u have his permission to come over. Sounds pretty fucked up dont you(Deji) think. FAMILY MUST ALWAYS ALWAYS STICK TOGETHER KNOW MATTER WHAT... Love & respect to all

  • Joaquin Antonio Villanueva

    Ksi:*invites deji to a pool*
    Deji:he tried to drown me

  • Devin Jackson
    Devin Jackson Month ago


  • Mohammed May
    Mohammed May Month ago

    Deji needs to fix up big time 🤨

  • Moe Lester
    Moe Lester Month ago


  • Kyle Nesser
    Kyle Nesser Month ago +1

    KSI breathes
    Deji he’s taking my air