WONTON NOODLES! Indian Chinese Street Food in CHINATOWN Kolkata India

  • Published on May 4, 2018
  • Ever since arriving in India I was told that I must try some Indian Chinese food which is quite different than the typical Chinese food I've had all my life. So I went to Chinatown in Kolkata India to try some dumplings, noodles and spicy chicken.
    The Chinatown in India was not what I expected, mainly because there were not that many Chinese people. Also the food does taste like a very unique mix of Indian and Chinese cuisine.
    We first went to Territy Bazar which is in Chinatown and it's a market that is open very very early and closes soon as the food is sold out.
    Terreti Bazar
    Ah Leung
    Golden Joy
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  • Ducksonroof
    Ducksonroof 4 days ago

    The prices you showed seem overcharged for you.

  • Jaydeep Karar
    Jaydeep Karar 4 days ago

    Our country has too much variation that we didn't even realise.

  • Tashi Wongchup
    Tashi Wongchup 5 days ago

    Damn dude, the way you speak and put out the performances is just awesome.....

  • deep sonowal
    deep sonowal 7 days ago

    I love to visit Kolkata....but I don't know about dis plc...next I will be there

  • rocky 362
    rocky 362 8 days ago

    Eating intestines, ya typical Chinese 😂😂

    DEMON CN GVM 9 days ago

    i want to come to india and be a indian. chinese govement is demon ,

  • Dusto Sourov
    Dusto Sourov 10 days ago

    you should eat the beef intestine jhal fry my mom cooks with onions. It's so yummy.

  • Cloud Gameplay
    Cloud Gameplay 11 days ago

    Why This place is dirty
    Other than mainland Kolkata 🙄 It's Weird to see..

  • jamz von
    jamz von 12 days ago

    U never stop eating😂

  • Gitarth Sonowal
    Gitarth Sonowal 13 days ago +17

    People tend to confuse we people in the north east india donot actually eat noodles and dumplings we eat rice every state in NE eats rice with dal and meat not noodles and dumplings

  • Akok Jamir
    Akok Jamir 17 days ago

    Want some authentic dishes and good dumplings?? Come visit Nagaland

  • Pankaj Chuniyal
    Pankaj Chuniyal 22 days ago

    The two guys r not shy but they knw dats he is eating beef in India.......which is🚫🚫🚫 in india

    • Pankaj Chuniyal
      Pankaj Chuniyal 21 day ago

      @ML Player I knw brthr it is not banned in northeast u cn eat whatever u want
      But dis incident of Kolkata ....

    • ML Player
      ML Player 21 day ago

      Beef is only banned in north india here in northeast we eat beef daily

  • Utkarssh B
    Utkarssh B 23 days ago +1

    Kolkata's a bit dirty nowadays

  • Sayan Saha
    Sayan Saha 24 days ago

    Should I get the location....???
    How can I reach there??

  • cube
    cube 25 days ago

    Kolkata is filthy AF. I was cringing at the background the whole time. When will this country fix the damn garbage problem!

  • Giggle
    Giggle 27 days ago


    • Markson Png
      Markson Png 10 days ago

      Giggle Oh gawd. So wat, he has to use a scissor or a scale or something!

  • True Native
    True Native 28 days ago +2

    The shrimp, noodles, egg drop soup and the chicken l👀ked sooooo GOOD!!!

  • Vic Brahma
    Vic Brahma Month ago +1

    Came across this video a year late :) Golden Joy is my friends restaurant . Go to place in Kolkata for Chinese food

  • Manisha Rai
    Manisha Rai Month ago +1

    One thing i love about this man....he's know the food language really well..😃

  • shalu gaur
    shalu gaur Month ago

    Very nice

  • Ananddeep Dasgupta
    Ananddeep Dasgupta Month ago

    This guy though shy knows about the food. He is the type you need.

  • Ron Lopes
    Ron Lopes Month ago +8

    I love this type of cuisine and the host looks like a young Jakie Chan :-)

  • sai bhagavan
    sai bhagavan Month ago

    People Plese don't call him chinese..he is an Indian.....his ethnicity is chinese...

  • ayan bandyopadhyay
    ayan bandyopadhyay Month ago +1

    You are really a true reviwer rather a friendly host with gold heart take regards from a fellow Asian

  • Ashish Thakur
    Ashish Thakur Month ago

    I feel bad for mike

  • Emi Lee
    Emi Lee Month ago

    Oh Mike u need to come and visit North East States like MIZORAM NAGALAND MEGHALAYA i guarantee u Will love our food and not only that it's such a beautiful place

  • Six9 Ex6tence
    Six9 Ex6tence Month ago

    Chinese Bear grylls...

  • Jyothi
    Jyothi Month ago +2

    You should even give a visit to South India 😊

    • Okita Sougo
      Okita Sougo Month ago +1

      Jyothi Which state are you from?

  • samyajyoti de
    samyajyoti de Month ago

    14:42 Chinese brother from America met Chinese brother from India. What a Cross-County Chinese Brotherhood.

  • Arnav Singh
    Arnav Singh Month ago

    I am Indian and believe me this most dirtiest place i have seen yet in india

    VICIOUS IMPALER Month ago +17

    I love how he really visited actual street food locations unlike other youtubers who went to five star restraunts and said they had the "street food"

  • AchtungAffen
    AchtungAffen Month ago

    thats a churro yo

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    What is the name of the place they had pork dumpling noodles?

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    manjitrupbikram Month ago

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    Pratyush Dutta 2 months ago

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    Sane&Sorted 2 months ago

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  • ronki23
    ronki23 2 months ago

    How do Indian Hakkas know Mandarin if they've been in India for over 100 years? I can understand if they still knew Hakka language but why Mandarin?

  • ultra Guy
    ultra Guy 2 months ago

    Be careful or bajrangdal or RSS retards might come knocking at your door 😂

  • Sagar Behera
    Sagar Behera 2 months ago +4

    Kolkata has a fantastic and fascinating food scene but the municipal corporation must work hard to improve the infrastructure in the city.

  • romano antonio
    romano antonio 2 months ago


  • Wasp Pinina
    Wasp Pinina 2 months ago

    Place very dirty . not hygenic

  • Saransh Singh
    Saransh Singh 2 months ago

    I wish the guy who took you to the place for which you went through indiana jones trail was my friend.. :(
    I am loving these foods..

  • shaikh zabeh
    shaikh zabeh 2 months ago

    Why dom't you come to Pakistan

  • HumanAction1
    HumanAction1 2 months ago

    Food Diaper

  • rik choudhury
    rik choudhury 2 months ago

    How do you manage to eat much food in such a small session?

  • Maneihi Lalramneihhluni

    come to northeast India next

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    Ibrahim Haq 2 months ago +1

    Y’all saw bro in the back @ :34 seconds digging in his butt 😂

  • Ding Bro
    Ding Bro 3 months ago

    How much you can eat man? I am full by just watching you.

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    Goops Bee 3 months ago

    Guy is like the cliche of salting food before tasting, or slapping ketchup on everything, but with chilli oil, I mean just drink it out the bottle as that’s all you care about

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    Agniva Maiti 3 months ago +1

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  • Harshit Jain
    Harshit Jain 3 months ago

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  • Stuti Sharma
    Stuti Sharma 4 months ago +4

    Who is this Indian-origin other guy with Mikey though? Am I the only one who loved his polite and stable baritone ? 😅❤️

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    Esmeralda Serrano 4 months ago

    Coconut soda, try finding "Coco Rico" brand soda. Only have found them at some Asian supermarkets or in Puerto Rico.

  • Tanmoy chakraborty
    Tanmoy chakraborty 4 months ago

    Please give me the restaurant name where u try the wanton nouddles....I want to try

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    light yagami 4 months ago

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