Trump Brothers Bedtime Cold Open - SNL


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  • linkeffect82
    linkeffect82 Day ago

    "No Eric, getting elected president was the worst thing to happen to your dad."
    More true words have never been spoken, except this: It was the worst thing for Donald, AND this country.

  • Aiber Lane
    Aiber Lane 5 days ago

    I expected better acting from Robert DeNiro.

  • Melissa Henriquez
    Melissa Henriquez 7 days ago

    love that recall to the other skit where Eric said the wrong LIVE

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill 8 days ago

    De Niro has been De Nide... He was Terrible... Better to see a local actor who knows his lines.

  • Harry Eastwood
    Harry Eastwood 9 days ago

    OMG what happened to DeNiro's Acting? Won't see him in movies anymore.

  • Ashley Bee
    Ashley Bee 11 days ago

    I both love and hate these sketches. They're so funny, but the way Mikey and Alex play them is so endearing that it almost makes me forget what horrible people the Trump brothers actually are.

  • GORN
    GORN 16 days ago

    Boy, he stunk THAT skit up! : P

  • James McDonald
    James McDonald 17 days ago

    Fuck De Niro.

  • Dan Roose
    Dan Roose 17 days ago

    SNL is not worth the shit anymore and De Niro...what a douchebag, the last time I will watch SNL I'm done......

  • Brett .Ensminger
    Brett .Ensminger 19 days ago

    I'm watching for the first time, and I'm 30 seconds in: $50 says Mueller is the Boogeyman.

  • Army Ant
    Army Ant 20 days ago

    SNL and most of it's current day actors are an absoulte disgrace to America.

  • TheDoomChibi
    TheDoomChibi 24 days ago

    I want that shark plushie.

  • Rose
    Rose 26 days ago

    Mikey Day's face at 1:50 is actually kind of adorable

  • maximum805
    maximum805 28 days ago

    So much energy spent trashing Trump, the cast and show has become mindless

  • maximum805
    maximum805 28 days ago

    The children's hour. A bunch of clapping seals in the audience.

  • maximum805
    maximum805 28 days ago

    This is total shit. De Niro is a disgrace and so is this show.

  • Tynesha Claiborne
    Tynesha Claiborne Month ago


  • Edward Chavez
    Edward Chavez Month ago


  • Isaiah
    Isaiah Month ago

    Notice that Eric Trump's dumb level leads him to say "live" instead of "live"...... :)

    WILLOW WILLOWS Month ago

    This is probably something of what goes on in reality against kids of people with fame, money, and so called power.

  • DeeEll86442
    DeeEll86442 Month ago +1

    Come on you haters, this is sketch comedy, they are suppose to read off of cue cards. They generally don't rehearse these skits except when they may do a quick dry run before the show. Plus, it depends on what kind of actor you are. Many of these older classically trained actors have a hard time reading from cue cards and ad-libbing. Deniro is a wonderful actor when he is in his element. It's easy to sit back and criticize an actor when your NOT an actor and have never acted before. Not to mention, when they do movies they do several takes to get a performance just right, on SNL you don't get that, you get one chance to get it right. So give the guy a break.

  • Caleigh M
    Caleigh M Month ago

    yeah he wasn't doing a great job, but ALL the actors use cue cards on SNL. Tho they still try and memorize...

  • Casey H
    Casey H Month ago

    I feel like Ivanka and Don Jr love this shit. Because lol Eric

  • Brett Segmento
    Brett Segmento Month ago

    I want that shark!

  • CanuckHead
    CanuckHead Month ago

    Reading lines and still making money. Lazy as fuck and poor work ethic.

  • jason roth
    jason roth Month ago

    Eric is cornholio and needs TP for his bunghole.

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams Month ago

    Am I the only one that realizes ain’t shit ganna happen to trump? This is America people! Land of the twisted politicians. It’s all a game to make the Dems happy for now lol. Mark my real action! Promise ya

  • George Felix
    George Felix Month ago

    Hey guys n De Niro can do what ever he wants , okay at the end he is Robert De Niro. lol .

  • sheepish486
    sheepish486 Month ago

    This is so painful to watch.

  • Jo John
    Jo John Month ago

    SNL is not funny it become a anti Trump attack dog. And it way over the top. Political satire is one thing But the trump bashing is way over the top. It like the Jewish writers at SNL are too dumb to find anything else to lampoon.

  • Jay Bisky
    Jay Bisky Month ago

    Deniro was just reading cue cards very stale

  • Crystallyzer t
    Crystallyzer t Month ago

    Hey Deniro, wanna take another shot at Trump?
    Yup, be there in 5.

  • chris olson
    chris olson Month ago

    Does Robert De Niro have nothing else to do? This is getting tiresome.

  • Jeffery Barbee
    Jeffery Barbee Month ago

    Love de niro but he's literally the worst on SNL. HE CANT EVEN GET LIVE FROM NEW YORK RIGHT 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ronin Oneil
    Ronin Oneil Month ago

    So so funny haha Robert De Niro can't wait till truth comes out on this short eyes for years he's been going

  • Jared Wilson
    Jared Wilson Month ago

    the fact that no one is addressing the live and not live being read is frustrating me... almost as frustrating as live and live being spelled the same way but having two ways of pronouncing it...
    live is a stupid word in retrospect

  • braxton williams
    braxton williams 2 months ago

    I just realized Mikey Day is doing Christian Bale from American Psycho.

  • Bryan Garza
    Bryan Garza 2 months ago

    Robert de nero in the closet since 1900

  • Shanna Sweger
    Shanna Sweger 2 months ago

    Your dad's friend from work 😂🤣

  • David Steadman
    David Steadman 2 months ago

    1:30 I thought Eric was farting for a sec

  • Carol Russell
    Carol Russell 2 months ago

    Hard to watch De Niro flub his lines sooo bad! Someone needs to tell him to put a little rehearsal into his guest spot. Has been who lives for applause, sad.

  • Rondalyn Reynolds
    Rondalyn Reynolds 2 months ago

    Now these Trump boys I love!

  • Anthony M
    Anthony M 2 months ago

    Deniro will be a lot funnier when he is six feet under

  • USN Corpsman
    USN Corpsman 2 months ago

    De Niro is drunk.

  • Pat
    Pat 2 months ago

    Seriously. They need their own show

  • Christopher Dennis
    Christopher Dennis 2 months ago

    I luv these two guys, great set

  • time travel
    time travel 2 months ago

    so President Trump the news today ..."attacks NBC and SNL " seriously ??....they have attacked him ....9999 times ,he attacks once ...and its news . ...and in other news don lemon and the other fag from mainstream media anderson cooper ...are continuing to attack the president .

  • King Troll
    King Troll 2 months ago

    I’d shoot myself

  • John S
    John S 2 months ago

    What a shit cast.

  • Icametoparty
    Icametoparty 2 months ago

    Trump is my president. Make America great again!!!

  • AlienTenno
    AlienTenno 2 months ago

    Dickhead DeZero NEVER could act LMFAO

  • Marie Mackey
    Marie Mackey 2 months ago

    Screw SNL and De Niro the piece of shit. 💩

  • kung Few
    kung Few 2 months ago

    You libtards really can't get over Hillary losing! It's SO obvious even you idiots know the Mueller b.s is political theater.🤣

  • Pamela Woodward
    Pamela Woodward 2 months ago

    Horrible "cold" scene

  • Superman Robin
    Superman Robin 2 months ago

    Hahaha politics is so funny hahaha 💀

  • kshuf
    kshuf 2 months ago

    SNL sucks so bad. I haven't found it funny for at least 15 years. This "F*ck Trump" Deniro really makes this show horrible. If they want to come back, they should get out of the politics business and get back into the comedy business.

  • redman0324
    redman0324 2 months ago

    SNL hasn't been funny in years, especially since they've switched from comedy to Marxist propaganda but this is just pathetic. People have got to be completely and utterly brainwashed and/or braindead to derive an ounce of humor in this skit, not to mention the complete detachment from reality one has to have to think this is in any way pertinent.

  • B. Randal
    B. Randal 2 months ago

    De Niro is in bad shape. His public raging meltdowns, "performances" like this, appearing intoxicated, mentally compromised or confused... all hint at the fact that it's time for him to put the spotlight behind him before he completely defaces a lifetime career.

  • aintdatsomethin
    aintdatsomethin 2 months ago

    No idea why this should be funny? De Niro says getting elected president was the worst thing that happened to Trump. But I thought liberals considered it the worst thing that happened to the Americans? Where is the logic? And yes, good jokes MUST contain some sort of logic. De Niro, stop making a fool of yourself, dog hater.

  • Kharlycka
    Kharlycka 2 months ago +1

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha a retarded son, his bed and his shark!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Nathoon Calhoon
    Nathoon Calhoon 2 months ago

    Ismeordoes helook like a boss eye goof? Of he does i suppose its because hes a boss eyed peadophile

  • Mikey DLuffy
    Mikey DLuffy 2 months ago

    Holy shit that was weak

  • DynaMike
    DynaMike 2 months ago +1

    "I'm your dad's friend from work." GOLD!

  • Jn10709
    Jn10709 2 months ago

    ReElect Trump 2020

  • Jn10709
    Jn10709 2 months ago

    DeNiro got so bad at acting, He is such a sissy punk too

  • Dalvien Williams
    Dalvien Williams 2 months ago

    I believe him reading the cue cards is a part of the skit

  • 1776concernedcitizen
    1776concernedcitizen 2 months ago

    Leftist are creepy

  • Goldclaw837
    Goldclaw837 2 months ago

    SNL,limo libs all suck donkey dicks!

  • Yote 11
    Yote 11 2 months ago

    It's kinda interesting, the longer comedy shows stay on the worse they get. The same thing happens too all, they can't do original content, they always fall back on world affairs for inspiration. SNL run it's course after the 90s, South Park went bad after 2015 along with Family Guy. The wrighters always get lazy... Politics take the stage and it goes too crap.

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill Brasky 2 months ago

    i dont know how they do it, but snl continually gets worse every week.

  • Rick Barnaba
    Rick Barnaba 2 months ago

    Robert the dip Shit....what a waste. ...Build the Wall !!!!!

  • El Bichote
    El Bichote 2 months ago

    SNL should retire. Not funny anymore. Ugly ass Robert can’t remember his lines or read the cue card without making it obvious. Washed up motherfucker. He has a face that wants to get punched. I’d rather listen to 48 hours of nonstop Bixa Muda than watch one more minute of SNL

  • MidniteJae
    MidniteJae 2 months ago +1

    lol i sleep with a plush shark as well

    BEAUTIFUL EARTH 2 months ago

    Robert De Zero !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Job
    Job 2 months ago

    The more trump brothers skits we can get the better. I guess there is a bright side too Trump winning the election

  • KrOn6th
    KrOn6th 2 months ago

    DeNior’s worst performance ever & all the thumbs up in the world on this video won’t ever change that fact. That was garbage & we all should be seriously concerned for the state comedy right now, if this can get 20k likes...what are y’all seeing that I’m not? Trash just trash 🤢

  • gar y            .
    gar y . 2 months ago

    leftist assholes
    Deniro is a piece of shit, overrated hack

  • chornahalk
    chornahalk 2 months ago

    De Niro struggled thru that complete cringe. That truly sucked. They probably paid him $10 million to do it.

  • Daniel Howell
    Daniel Howell 2 months ago

    Deniro, just sad to watch him fade away into dimensia land.

  • Jeremy Mettler
    Jeremy Mettler 2 months ago

    First amendment would not matter who president is . If news not get out first amendment right way news back. Idiots say freaking five one get bought get runs cnn and fox you idiots Mack million c then billion airs thought you even dumbass enough to think that's good . Gee pa we done made those hundred trionairs we must be rich ha pa . You idiot or what boy that why these people shit in street it made hundred thousand homeless c or more guess you morons . Yea you made them more millions of dollars you had country you worn fucks destroy it idiot enough to cheer say boy sleep on Mon couch . You idiots lucky boy and mom do put you on great great grandmother couch . Sit there Ran debt to what your dumbass asses pay for those Jobs . What social security you ass sit in what couch . Then boy and mom not close to ever see what CV your generation pissed awY all while piss and moan giving it away worthless sobs got balls . To dumbass to only believe lies opinions news anti American news so dumbass you don't know it sorry ass gets ? On dumbass comes out your mouth . Then still est up with idiots say what cnn or fox fucking worms idiots no I watch fix cnn NBC at least before ever act as dumbass as you but maybe CBS and and know first amendment you unpatriotic cocksuckers no how idiot from within most dangerous worms there are like you Dumbass say shit it is not unbiased unopionated facted checked it fucking unamericans s you fucks for say cnn fox waste of everything asshole or American the fuck up . Wall does shit with you idiots here why news or fucks wall only keep idiot in Morin worthless America shit on idiots

  • NPC #01010100 01110010 01110101 01101101 01110000

    Orange Man bad! Resist logic!

  • Scottlarock
    Scottlarock 2 months ago

    Bwahaha. You are all hi-fiving trees with your faces. SNL went from comedy to non-stop political propaganda.
    DeNiro reading cue cards really enhances the "humor" that satisfies your appreciation for "great" .work

  • Kevin Hawkinberry
    Kevin Hawkinberry 2 months ago

    boy since Joe Pesci quit acting Deniro's skits and movies have really hit the dirt I personally always thought you was an overrated actor he needs to be lucky Pesci came around they made De Niro movies good

  • Robert Tuss
    Robert Tuss 2 months ago +1

    How in the fuck is this funny? An unfunny anti-trump propaganda skit that has been done to death, and to top off the stink, a mind numbingly poor performance by de niro. I used to be a great fan of de niro and SNL, but now I think they both stink. The show itself is so horrible and unfunny I can't believe anyone watches or thinks it's funny.

  • 1963gecko
    1963gecko 2 months ago

    Mueller might be providing night mares to the least expecting.

  • Ferret Face
    Ferret Face 2 months ago

    Wow, he's actually a terrible actor when not being handled by talented Directors in the room.

  • tony mcdaniel
    tony mcdaniel 2 months ago

    No talent anymore freaking bum deniro couldn’t even read his lines off his cue cards lol. Shit show anymore!

  • jpm5243
    jpm5243 2 months ago

    Geeze... I remember when SNL was funny... and that was a long time ago. Now it looks like a bad homemade TheXvid channel that's trotting out old (probably drunk) Hollywood fossils like senile DeNiro who can't make it through a scene without reading every line off a cue card. Pathetic.

  • Auriam
    Auriam 2 months ago

    I feel bad for Robert De Niro. It's obvious he was roped into it at the last moment & didn't have time to practice his lines so he was reduced to reading off of cue cards.

  • practicaltheory
    practicaltheory 2 months ago

    I remember when Robert De Niro knew how to act..RIP De Niro's career (and soon reputation)

  • walt penny
    walt penny 2 months ago

    bob hang it up you are pathic.

  • electrorganix
    electrorganix 2 months ago

    what a barfout, a bunch of leftist wankers :(

  • ForaPhil
    ForaPhil 2 months ago

    SNL and De Niro are a joke. Correction a non funny joke.

  • Joseph Chargualaf
    Joseph Chargualaf 2 months ago

    These Trump jokes are not funny at all. Give me SNL from 25 years ago that was comedy. De Niro like so many actors in Hollyweird has lost his marbles over Trump.

  • Bo Duke
    Bo Duke 2 months ago

    If you pause at 4:32 De Niro is looks like John Goodman lost a lot of weight, grew a mole on his right cheek, and got old.

  • Just Chencking
    Just Chencking 2 months ago

    I have to ask: is Eric really that dumb?

  • Roger
    Roger 2 months ago

    That was cringy. This is more of a mindless liberal hatefest than genuine comedy.

  • It's-All-Happening
    It's-All-Happening 2 months ago

    Ridiculous! Who's the bozo now! You had one job you mutt! Do yourself a favor Bob. Punch yourself in the face you bozo!

  • pizzafrenzyman
    pizzafrenzyman 2 months ago

    what a train wreck. and that was the open? pathetic

  • Bama Sher
    Bama Sher 2 months ago

    SNL used to be clever and truly funny. What happened?