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  • Published on Jul 8, 2019
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  • Carbide TMYT
    Carbide TMYT Day ago

    5:51 and 5:57 he ded

  • Jorji bruh
    Jorji bruh 2 days ago

    (not) It is funny did(n't) laugh.

  • Bryan Driscoll
    Bryan Driscoll 4 days ago

    1:57 they censored out “Bitch” not “Bruh”, Bruh.

  • Coochie Demolisher
    Coochie Demolisher 4 days ago

    6:07 Damien just fucking dies

  • Laila Buttress
    Laila Buttress 5 days ago +3

    The reason I’m sick rn is because your laugh is contagious

  • Super_boy Man
    Super_boy Man 8 days ago

    His laugh tho

  • DaLiveTerrarian
    DaLiveTerrarian 9 days ago


  • katana kickzi
    katana kickzi 12 days ago

    you laugh a lot

  • DayBreak The Lightwing

    *_*traumatized countryhuman flashbacks_**

  • Brotato Chip
    Brotato Chip 13 days ago

    iS tHaT a JoJo ReFeReNcE?!?

  • number one redcoat
    number one redcoat 14 days ago

    Wow, I’m so dumb and gay.

  • Aarya.399
    Aarya.399 14 days ago +1

    0:21 I'm dead

  • Marcus Eaton
    Marcus Eaton 15 days ago

    Boobs bigger eh such a uncultured swine

  • PlazTM
    PlazTM 16 days ago

    I wheezed harder than Damien at the crocodile part, I'm still whezing as I type this.

    Edit: I literally laughed until I cried. I actually had to make a new tab and go to there so I didn't die of laughter.

  • Niiue
    Niiue 17 days ago

    it's lolis more specifically

  • The Blood Seekers Clan

    In the first one I think it should be ages 8-11 I’m mature then ages 12+ poopoo

  • Comrade Buildong
    Comrade Buildong 18 days ago

    If I slipped into a coma for 8 years, it’d be very biscottis
    OKAY. I wrote “nice” and it autocorrected to FUCKING BISCOTTIS. I don’t even know what that is.

  • buenos dias heckboy
    buenos dias heckboy 18 days ago

    im sorry... b-brody?

  • Andrew Ralte
    Andrew Ralte 18 days ago

    Wholesome laugh. Subbed

  • Vincebus
    Vincebus 19 days ago

    Your laugh sound like a rusty door

  • Luke S
    Luke S 22 days ago

    Customer: if you are real type *oof*
    Thomas: *oof* lol

  • zelda master
    zelda master 24 days ago +2

    Cows make butter but now butter makes cows

  • CoinGamer GD
    CoinGamer GD 24 days ago +1

    "Snort my sh*t"
    Me: *that kid is dope*

  • Spraza !
    Spraza ! 24 days ago

    *B U R G E R K I N G*

  • Ren Roberts
    Ren Roberts 24 days ago

    I died

  • louistheplaguedoctor
    louistheplaguedoctor 24 days ago

    3:02 are we gonna ignore the comment saying make the things jump?
    just above the big comment

  • Isabelo Holgado
    Isabelo Holgado 24 days ago


  • Luna gEn
    Luna gEn 25 days ago

    “ if you could revive some that is dead who would it me?”
    Me: my grandfather, Fuck cancer !!!!

  • The_1_goose
    The_1_goose 25 days ago

    Geese goose

  • Bella Sings
    Bella Sings 26 days ago

    8:06 iS THaT A NarUTo ReFerNCe?
    Thx for putting this meme in this video
    I love naruto
    Btw you is funny and noice

  • Sarah Bussanmas
    Sarah Bussanmas 26 days ago

    I'm sorry....2pack? No.

  • Jj Dontask
    Jj Dontask 27 days ago

    9:26 he sounds exactly like him XD

  • Duolingo Bird
    Duolingo Bird 27 days ago

    1:38 What it it's a boy skin...

  • A little gay potato down the street

    6:35 I know where this is from but i forgot where

  • Thehider 1234567
    Thehider 1234567 28 days ago

    2:10 So inaccurate, Kaneki wasn’t even close to escape at this point.

  • Brandon ES
    Brandon ES Month ago

    Holly Molly! Is the thumbnail a JoJo fricking reference?


    0:42 🖤

  • komio223
    komio223 Month ago

    Capitaine America is how Captain America is said in French, btw. It's not the direct translation, but that's just what it is...

  • Gunner Cotton
    Gunner Cotton Month ago

    I’m not gay but 9 pounds of weed is 9 pounds of weed

  • Surprised Cat
    Surprised Cat Month ago

    YO MAMA SO NICE she packs you a lunch everyday for two years

  • The Jam Man
    The Jam Man Month ago

    Oh god, I remember those! They were so dumb!

  • kc_murda_man
    kc_murda_man Month ago

    4:35 dont know why but i was laughing for like 5 minutes because of this

  • xmas bird
    xmas bird Month ago


  • Rigatoni Pasta
    Rigatoni Pasta Month ago

    0:58 there is an uncensored f word

  • Fake Name
    Fake Name Month ago

    the life of a- OH NO

  • MerryMercutio
    MerryMercutio Month ago

    the voice he did during the yo mama joke bit triggered my fight or flight instinct

  • Owynn Uber
    Owynn Uber Month ago

    3:58 he's also griffindor.
    (Can't remember how to spell it)

  • quote man
    quote man Month ago


  • Dineral Thomas
    Dineral Thomas Month ago

    He sound like Brody fox from yo mamma

  • Dineral Thomas
    Dineral Thomas Month ago

    I'm confused the friend doesn't want to meet Jesus

  • Gewedo L.A.B
    Gewedo L.A.B Month ago

    3:30 :)))))

  • Hope Angel
    Hope Angel Month ago

    the tupac kid at 7:45 looks like the burnt chicken nugget kid

  • Camden Grohs
    Camden Grohs Month ago +1

    Damian: censors all words except for f*ck

  • Chenghao He
    Chenghao He Month ago

    9:08 that’s the ice man I learned in social studies and he did not die like that

  • Heyoyo10 Gaming
    Heyoyo10 Gaming Month ago

    Sad thing is that Motor Incedents are one of the leading causes of death in NZ.

    Beaten out by Smoking and Suicide, I love living here.

  • sad spaghetti
    sad spaghetti Month ago +1

    I was takin a shit when it was at this time of the vid: 2:52 , and I wasn't strugglin in the least bit.

  • Spi Playz
    Spi Playz Month ago

    Someone explain what dose I’m not gay but $20 is $20 I don’t get that joke I am asexual tho so I probably should get it

  • SymbiontUV Plays
    SymbiontUV Plays Month ago +1


  • Comfortable Studios

    When I saw the one where it's toad bringing a tennis racket to the picnic I just thought, "Toads not bringing the racket the rackets bringing him."