Jay Leno has the first look at the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray - Jay Leno's Garage

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Jay Leno got the first look at the highly anticipated mid-engine, next generation Corvette Stingray. Watch this exclusive look and get ready for all new episodes of Jay Leno’s Garage August 28th 10P ET.
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    Hosted by legendary comedian and “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno, the new eight-episode hour-long primetime series, covers all things automotive including classic cars, super cars, restoration projects, road tests, investments and the inner workings of the car collectors’ market.
    Jay Leno has the first look at the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray - Jay Leno's Garage
    Jay Leno's Garage
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Comments • 14 051

  • Anthony L. Kelly

    Don't like it. Seems like it's trying to look like a Lamborghini.

  • Mark Elliott
    Mark Elliott Day ago

    Great build. Cant wait to see what people do with them.

  • mrearlygold
    mrearlygold 2 days ago

    Year after year Corvette has been a superior performer and now it's off the charts great.

  • Marc Stover
    Marc Stover 2 days ago

    Jay Leno's head could throw off the car's balance.

  • Four Seasons
    Four Seasons 3 days ago

    There is no way in hell that any Chevy dealer is going to let one of these go for $60000....I bet no less than $75000 in the first round of sale.

  • Moni Toni
    Moni Toni 4 days ago

    It has no personality. Ford GT-40 looks modern at the time it keeps its personality.

  • Yungdoe NewCali
    Yungdoe NewCali 4 days ago

    Jay Leno is looks like a kid in a candy store when he gets in to drive gotta love him as a car enthusiast

  • NolanEP
    NolanEP 4 days ago

    Now it just looks like most of the other cars like it. That's what I liked about Vettes before, they had a different look to them, but not anymore. It still looks nice, don't get me wrong, but it just lost something for me in terms of it being a more unique looking car.

  • Kermit
    Kermit 5 days ago

    The performance is undeniable, but that’s the 1st Corvette I’ve seen in 20 years that offered nothing aesthetic to appreciate imo.

  • cuteboysss
    cuteboysss 7 days ago +2

    it has a square like steering wheel? so I can't steer using my knees?

  • jaqjaques
    jaqjaques 7 days ago

    Liberty Walk could have a field day with this design

  • Megan & Steve Frost
    Megan & Steve Frost 8 days ago

    Not feeling it!Looks like every other cookie cutter hyper car and zero personality jmho.

  • FuckILoveYouTubby
    FuckILoveYouTubby 8 days ago

    Thats a lot of car for 60k

  • Mar Blox
    Mar Blox 8 days ago +1

    It's definitely you Jay.!!!

  • Mar Blox
    Mar Blox 8 days ago +3

    The best looking Mid Engine car so far.!!!

  • Randy Flowers
    Randy Flowers 8 days ago

    I am a Ford man but ......wow under 60 grand .

  • Crazcompart
    Crazcompart 8 days ago

    My only question is, "Where was this when GM's now defunct Pontiac Division built the Fiero in 1983? Even though those engines were mounted sideways, it wasn't like GM DIDN'T have the 'know how' (They built a number of mid-engined Vette concepts over the years, AND mimicked Porsche with the old rear-engined Corvair!) Why did we instead have to settle for the boxy, ugly looking C4 back then?"

  • David Robinson
    David Robinson 9 days ago

    It shows NO characteristics of the old Stingray's!

  • Mr Sausage
    Mr Sausage 9 days ago

    wow . cheap supercar.
    when i check the price in my country that thing cost 600.000 USD . so yeah
    huracan here cost 900.000 USD . welcome to SOUTH EAST ASIA

  • rustusandroid
    rustusandroid 9 days ago

    Looks kinda similar to the Camaro :(

  • Lance Przybyla
    Lance Przybyla 9 days ago

    Jay playing dress up....lol!!!

  • Paul Babcock
    Paul Babcock 10 days ago

    I wish Jay would let the people that design cars do the talking. IMO he talks way too much, lol. Don't get me wrong he's a super nice guy. Beautiful car!!

  • Airgun Bubba
    Airgun Bubba 10 days ago

    Why do i have the feeling Factory Five GTM Supercar laid the ground work for this?

  • William Wetherington
    William Wetherington 10 days ago

    That thing looks like s*** it has no soul

  • Mark Stephan
    Mark Stephan 10 days ago

    Finally, the affordable supercar! $60,000.00.

  • daymon lindsey
    daymon lindsey 11 days ago

    495 hp......how disappointing.

  • Stephen S
    Stephen S 11 days ago

    Leno is getting a little ‘nutty’?!?!

  • B
    B 12 days ago +2

    Cool, looking more like ferrari's and maserati's, ect like it should

  • Andrew Parsonson
    Andrew Parsonson 12 days ago

    Does the cameraman have parkinsons?

  • Donald Bowen
    Donald Bowen 13 days ago

    It NOT a vette jts a GEN3 fireo!!

  • Wade Cahill
    Wade Cahill 14 days ago

    This is a beautiful car

  • Anthony Jackson
    Anthony Jackson 15 days ago

    Jay please 🙏 call GM for us . Tell them we need a C8 with the LS12 engine. Just for the fans

  • MetalOfTheDeath TV
    MetalOfTheDeath TV 15 days ago +5

    Has auto closing trunk.
    Slams trunk shut.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo 16 days ago

    never buy new, terms of Nissan Leaf batteries, for those batteries that are like nearly 10 years old (cars selling at around 6k), and 1 in million case, all new replacement batteries have the latest cooling tech cost 9k for the best one, and will last 300,000 miles or until 2030, so 1 in a million that is over 50% degraded have that option, the rest have another few years or another 100,000 miles to reach over 50% degrading, and btw you can still drive it fine up to 80% degradation anyway, which even for this 1 in a million case of a bunch of previous owners and climates, will arrive in like 2024 or so, which by then a battery replacement will cost like 3k and last 1 million miles

  • KC Diaz
    KC Diaz 16 days ago

    You can stab somebody with those doors. XD

  • Ahmed Addas
    Ahmed Addas 16 days ago

    watch thexvid.com/video/fY6mWoH_vMM/video.html

  • Mark Shelby
    Mark Shelby 16 days ago

    A Classic before the first one is sold! I want one!

  • Nunya Bidness
    Nunya Bidness 16 days ago

    You're getting there Corvette. Now you just need to add adjustable air ride suspension(+10 inches), All wheel drive, a retractable intake snorkel, a refrigerated 30 pack holdin center console and a power take off. Then I'll buy one.

  • Moto Gizmo
    Moto Gizmo 16 days ago

    The rear trunk serves as an oven , hot meal ready to eat after your long drive !

  • victor stella
    victor stella 17 days ago

    Jay, did you rent those clothes?

  • Ze Bunker
    Ze Bunker 17 days ago

    Guy in black lost the ability to talk like a human 20 years ago.

  • Jerry Gundecker
    Jerry Gundecker 17 days ago

    A Lamborgrolet, or a Chevrolini? Chevrari? Looks like they sent the specs to Italy and this came back.

  • Ed Mikula
    Ed Mikula 17 days ago

    Meh, over wrought Fiero.

  • Jarrett Simoneaux
    Jarrett Simoneaux 17 days ago

    Chevy paid Jay Leno to boost Corvette sales.

  • Jarrett Simoneaux
    Jarrett Simoneaux 17 days ago

    Just like any Corvette, it will die in price and value in 5 years.

  • Marcus Jordan
    Marcus Jordan 17 days ago

    If it doesn't have a real manual transmission ill pass

  • Mar Blox
    Mar Blox 17 days ago +1

    Forget the speed - I just like the way the car looks.

  • Mar Blox
    Mar Blox 17 days ago +1

    I like the C6 Convertible.
    I saw the C8 Convertible but they botched it up so bad - I would have to opt for the Targa on the C8.

    • Kyle Markley
      Kyle Markley 16 days ago

      Whoa dude I'm awake. It was a simple statement of clarity. I wasn't attacking you I was thinking you were saying it only came in a convertible. My bad. I was really just curious about your further thoughts on them botching it up. Never mind though

    • Mar Blox
      Mar Blox 17 days ago +1

      @Kyle Markley They also are coming out with the C8 Convertible. Wake up and look around.

    • Kyle Markley
      Kyle Markley 17 days ago

      The C8 is a Targa top. What do you think they botched up?

  • raymond cancel
    raymond cancel 17 days ago

    Ok if I ever get 60Ks I.ll to buy one!

  • MrShadyfish
    MrShadyfish 17 days ago

    "THe only mid-engine sports car under 180k"? "The only dual clutch in this price range"? He must have never seen a Cayman or an Evora. I will say, this is an amazing car for the 60k range. Too bad you can't actually get it for that

  • FistUp MyAss
    FistUp MyAss 17 days ago

    Typical americans stealing from europe

  • Neil Fraser
    Neil Fraser 18 days ago

    Isn’t that the airplane hangar from Austin Powers 2? From the scene where he gets in the time traveling VW bug.

  • Thinking Mantis
    Thinking Mantis 18 days ago +4

    "We've enabled the trunk to have features that will allow you to stow the roof in the trunk" LOL! What a load of gobbledygook. Let me fix it: "the roof fits in the trunk".

  • Thinking Mantis
    Thinking Mantis 18 days ago

    Hmm, looks like an uglier NSX somehow :/

  • Troy Allen
    Troy Allen 18 days ago

    Under 60k Hellcats& Shelbys take notice!

  • Christopher Luchsinger

    Long live the concealed headlights!

  • Robert E Lee
    Robert E Lee 19 days ago +1

    No manual transmission really sucks. It's no longer a vette.

    • Robert E Lee
      Robert E Lee 18 days ago

      @Tucsonan Dude Yes I prefer manual transmissions. Most of the vettes produced are manual and they are more desirable.

    • Tucsonan Dude
      Tucsonan Dude 18 days ago

      Would you actually buy a manual?

    HELLH0WND 19 days ago

    Congratulations - You just made a Fiero.

  • michael brennan
    michael brennan 20 days ago

    I find it looks a lot like the Ford gt 40

  • Andrew Flores
    Andrew Flores 20 days ago

    How much salary should one have before purchasing this type of cAr?