Referee LOST His Temper

  • Published on Nov 26, 2021
  • Referee lost his temper after the fight | Ahmed Al Darmaki vs Bogdan Kirilenko in UAE Warriors | This MMA fight was quite unusual with referee Marc Goddard. UFC president Dana White doesn't tolerate this.

    by Florid Miston

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  • Florid Miston
    Florid Miston  Month ago +26205

    I genuinely feel referee did the right thing💖 What goes around, comes around🙌
    Hit like if you agree👍

    • PPC Bernier
      PPC Bernier 2 days ago

      @Simon Templar that'd a very french interpretation...

    • Simon Templar
      Simon Templar 2 days ago

      @Bryan Wilkens Crack..
      Not only that the title is misleading. More like the fighter lost his temper

    • Simon Templar
      Simon Templar 2 days ago

      @Meee stop smoking crack. Your brain damage is on display.

    • Simon Templar
      Simon Templar 2 days ago

      Your title is completely off base. It wasn't the ref that lost his temper, it was the fighter.

    • PPC Bernier
      PPC Bernier 4 days ago

      Clout chaser

  • Bucky Blue Eyes
    Bucky Blue Eyes Month ago +14623

    He shouldn’t have just been disqualified but forever banned from MMA for continuing to choke his opponent after the tap, it’s not just unsportsmanlike but technically attempted murder.

    • Purple Buttafly
      Purple Buttafly 8 hours ago +1

      We adamantly agree 👍. This horrible person should be banned. He's obviously got issues going on!!

    • XxlovelyRavenxX
      XxlovelyRavenxX Day ago

      I’m pretty sure it only takes 60 secs for a person to pass out from that ( correct me if I’m wrong I’m stupid)

    • Manuel Cajote
      Manuel Cajote 2 days ago

      his muhamadanism what do you expect

    • Felix Marchena
      Felix Marchena 2 days ago

      Khabib tried doing the same against Connor but no one says anything ab that tho

    • K1LLERsm0ke
      K1LLERsm0ke 4 days ago

      @Daniel DeVito I was going to say, I haven’t looked into that fighter but just because a referee makes a call that might end the fight on a bad call in one persons favor or the other. After the fight is over the commission takes a look at the video, especially where points were deducted or fighters DQ’ed.. besides for the Refs decision at the time of the fight, suspensions, bans along with other disciplinary options take place after the fight by Dana White and the UFC.

      The UFC now is NOT the UFC of old when it was being called “Human Cock Fighting”.. and they want to stay far away from that so it can be accepted as a regular sport like football, basketball and even Boxing before it became theatre.
      Back in the day there were only two rules (I believe), it might’ve even only been one.
      1. No hitting in the genitals.
      2. No biting.
      But eye gouging, soccer kicking someone in the head as the were on the ground or in the process of trying to stand up along with many other “legal moves” that would make you cringe.
      Oh not to mention that they also did not have any weight classes..
      This didn’t happen too often because there weren’t too many sumo wrestlers..
      But you could have a 330lb sumo wrestler fighting a guy that’s 5’6 and weighs 125lbs. And those kind of mismatches happened very often. Especially with Gracie winning all the time.

  • Khoa Do
    Khoa Do 23 days ago +964

    If that ref actually lost his temper, that little dude would have lost his life

    • Tom Holfield
      Tom Holfield 2 days ago +1

      @goblin slayer you told me not to act tough on the net saying size doesn't matter, but you say I wouldn't last one round with you?? You're a joke.

    • goblin slayer
      goblin slayer 2 days ago

      @Tom Holfield u would not last one round with me, dont act tough in the internet saying size means nothing. When u have size n technique ur gonna lose no matter what

    • Zain Ul Abdin
      Zain Ul Abdin 2 days ago

      @Tom Holfield just watch conor mcgregor vs mountain and you will how size matters.

    • Robin Munkelwitz
      Robin Munkelwitz 3 days ago

      @Tom Holfield size definitely matters that's why heavyweights hit with Much more pounds per square inch then light weights or middleweights.

    • Another 1
      Another 1 4 days ago

      @Tom Holfield it's Marc wtf how don't u know him but u say watch Gracie. Pathetic

  • Anthony Wheeler
    Anthony Wheeler 10 days ago +819

    The referee didn't lose his temper, he properly upheld the rules for anyone that puts their hands on the ref. He was immediately DQ’d, and that's his fault and reason he lost the win.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy Month ago +696

    Mark Goddard is a beast, see how he didn't even move when the chihuahua pushed him lol

    • Fadal Hussein
      Fadal Hussein 6 days ago

      @R.i.p Arthur morgan 😅😅😅😅😅 chihuahua!I'm dying

    • R.i.p Arthur morgan
      R.i.p Arthur morgan 8 days ago +1

      @Kurt "The Viking" McCaskill he was 2-3 not high level

    • Kurt "The Viking" McCaskill
      Kurt "The Viking" McCaskill 13 days ago +7

      Most people don't realize, every single ref has had competitive fight experience at some level or another. Herb Dean was very high level MMA professional the only reason he didn't get into the UFC was because he was also reffing in the UFC at the time, it would have been a conflict of interest

    • Pranjal Tripathi class 8th B
      Pranjal Tripathi class 8th B 20 days ago +9

      Chihuahua 😂😂

    • Aaron Ukpokwu
      Aaron Ukpokwu 25 days ago +17

      Lol damn😂😂😂😂😂😂, chihuahua...please! Haaha ha

  • Ocean Man
    Ocean Man 2 days ago +34

    the ref didn’t LOSE his temper, the guy fighting did

  • Buddycat Dudeguy
    Buddycat Dudeguy Month ago +10188

    The referee did not lose his temper. He reacted reasonably, and with restraint.

    • brookhaven86
      brookhaven86 25 days ago

      Because Marc Goddard was a former mma fighter, not the best record with 7-6 but definitely could have whooped this guys ass. Wasn't a threat. Lol Plus he's one if the most professional refs we have in the sport.

    • Dicktanbo Mutumbe
      Dicktanbo Mutumbe Month ago

      @Duck Go Quacks I wasn't talking about the ref fool.

    • Duck Go Quacks
      Duck Go Quacks Month ago

      @Dicktanbo Mutumbe dude the ref was a past fighter himself he can literally sweep that man

    • Damien Haulk
      Damien Haulk Month ago


    • Clay S
      Clay S Month ago

      @Rodne Auguste Yes that's actually exactly what it means, otherwise it's called a No Contest.

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy Month ago +80

    Marc Goddard didn’t lose his temper. He’s literally one of the chillest refs. He’s stern when it comes to the rules but it takes him a while to actually get “infuriated”.

  • Ahmed Alblooshi
    Ahmed Alblooshi 13 days ago +17

    I went to military college with Ahmad back in 2008, he was my friend for the 3 years duration of our studies. He's a good guy deep inside but has always had mental and social issues. Seeing this sadness me because he seemed to have no respect for others anymore.

    • اغسل يديك يا هذا
      اغسل يديك يا هذا 5 days ago

      @Mate Rockk what ?!! That’s all what you know about that part of the world ha !!! From the name he sounds from Abu Dhabi ( arab emraits)

    • tahira1
      tahira1 9 days ago

      Yes, it seems like he's lost it..

    • Mate Rockk
      Mate Rockk 9 days ago +1

      Iraq or Afghanistan ?

    • Joshie Boi
      Joshie Boi 11 days ago +3


  • chuck coleman
    chuck coleman Month ago +7

    The referee did his job, when you don’t listen, you could seriously injure someone and that’s what the referee is there to do is to protect the fighters. When you have a goofball that doesn’t listen, he got what he deserved. Whoever wrote face and say the referee lost his temper is also foolish

  • Andrew Castillo
    Andrew Castillo 24 days ago +16

    Any fan of the sport or any sport know damn well it is a commandment never to be broken that officials are NEVER to be touched. Dude got what he deserved and should be barred from ever fighting professionally again

  • Mr. Midknight
    Mr. Midknight Month ago +2798

    Mark Goddard is one of the best refs in the game. He's a true professional.

    • Nick Bernath
      Nick Bernath 2 days ago

      Is he the one that smells like cigarettes and booze?

    • jaxon blevins
      jaxon blevins Month ago

      @Tyler Ferreira late stoppages is opinion based

    • Koby Gaddie
      Koby Gaddie Month ago

      Usually he sucks but he did good this time

    • Tyler Ferreira
      Tyler Ferreira Month ago

      So many late stoppages😂

    • Alex
      Alex Month ago

      Not one. He is the best.

  • Not You
    Not You 8 days ago +44

    The ref did not lose his temper. He did the right thing.

  • Lorenzo Camacho
    Lorenzo Camacho 24 days ago +24

    This ref did his job perfectly and literally saved that guy's life, this guy probably couldn't died or could have gotten really bad brain trauma if this would have been anywhere else other than a monitored fight with a professional ref, yeah that guy who was choking his opponent out even after a tap should never be allowed to fight again, he evidently has low sportsmanship.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck Month ago

    Love how he flew to the cage on his first push attempt lol.

  • It's Dave
    It's Dave Month ago +6

    Referee "LOST" his temper⁉️
    No, he did not‼️
    He was totally professional‼️

  • Vgamer311
    Vgamer311 Month ago +7997

    He literally did exact what he should do. Fighter refuses to follow the rules you disqualify him, simple as that.

    • Demosniper TF2
      Demosniper TF2 23 days ago

      That's attempted murder buddy

    • flyingchimp12
      flyingchimp12 Month ago

      @Milleson Magastino I’m talking morally... if a guy wins a fight you don’t overturn it because your feelings are hurt. You give him the win and suspend/ban him later. I really don’t understand why this is controversial. The only way you should lose a fight is if you commit a foul BEFORE the fight is over, this is common sense.

      Are y’all saying khabib should’ve been disqualified vs Conor for what he did after the fight??

    • General
      General Month ago

      @Ebay Flights And I never said that you didnt said, that you dont take risk as a fighter. How about that?

    • General
      General Month ago

      @Ebay Flights Just read my comment again you little crybaby

    • Ebay Flights
      Ebay Flights Month ago

      @General I never said you don’t take risks as a fighter? The guy was fighting purely out of emotion and had no sportsmanship to be trusted for another fight

  • Stevie Annis
    Stevie Annis Month ago +5

    The referee did the right thing and the opponent deserved the win. Respect to the ref

  • GreatfulOne
    GreatfulOne Month ago +10

    That referee made the right call. Ahmed, shouldn’t even fighting anybody if he doesn’t respect when they tap out 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • FreeBall’n
    FreeBall’n 23 hours ago

    The ref didn’t lose his temper , he was just doing his gotdamn job

  • MediaGuy
    MediaGuy 15 days ago +24

    Referee lost his temper is like saying “lamp post hits car”

  • 0906danny
    0906danny Month ago +1496

    Actually, that little boy was lucky the ref didn’t loose his temper.

    • David Klimmek
      David Klimmek Month ago

      Yes THAT REF WOULD TEAR him apart but is too professional!

    • Baby Lane
      Baby Lane Month ago

      @B Ben that's y he walked away 🤣

    • Sean Brown
      Sean Brown Month ago +3


    • Runen Rayray
      Runen Rayray Month ago

      Most refs are trained fighters so yeah I agree

    • Nathanial 19
      Nathanial 19 Month ago

      Cool I was the 1k person to like 😎

  • Juan Calderon
    Juan Calderon 11 days ago

    For real, respect the ref. If your fighting in the cage that guy might end up saving your career one day

  • Occam’s Razor
    Occam’s Razor Month ago +15

    Still waiting for the part where the “referee lost his temper” ⏱

  • James Damron
    James Damron Day ago

    He was kicked out of ufc for holding chokes after taps. He did this many times

  • Kick off Ass
    Kick off Ass 13 days ago +23

    WTF, he really wants to kill the opponent.

    Respect referee preventing that "shit"
    Such guy should not allowed to join any competition in future

    xXFITNESSBEAST69Xx Month ago +1373

    Choking your opponent even after the tap is not winning, it’s attempted murder. Ref couldn’t have done it better :)

    • Angela Pyle
      Angela Pyle Month ago +1

      That’s good to know, I tried to make sense, as to why challenger wouldn’t let go.
      Seems Ahmed has some deep anger issues that reveal itself in the most inappropriate times. Like the Hulk 😂😂😂😂

    • Roman Lakes
      Roman Lakes Month ago +10

      Agreed, hope he was banned from the sport

    • Christopher Henry
      Christopher Henry Month ago +3


    • Amy Andersen
      Amy Andersen Month ago +1

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  • Metal Heart
    Metal Heart Month ago

    Respect is everything 🔥

  • SYM
    SYM Month ago

    The ref just saved the other ones life! He didn't lose his temper, he did, what he is supposed to do!

  • Decent
    Decent Day ago

    When you try to kill your opponent but someone doesn’t let you so you push him and threaten him

  • James Brooks
    James Brooks 11 hours ago

    Mark Goddard deserves respect. I thought he handled it well!

  • MrInzombia
    MrInzombia Month ago +3940

    the referee is an absolute legend for keeping his cool. Just a pure professional.

    • Paul plays games
      Paul plays games Month ago

      @EZ Lego I doubt that but I get your point! But let’s be real there’s no one in this thread doing shit to a pro fighter. If you were mark then maybe he’d wake in icu.😉

    • EZ Lego
      EZ Lego Month ago

      Yeah if it was me that guy would wake up in icu

    • Jacob Moore
      Jacob Moore Month ago

      That'd be Marc Goddard. Top 2 ref out there in mma right now and great/genuine dude on top of it.

    • Paul plays games
      Paul plays games Month ago

      @M Flanagan lol napoleon syndrome 😆

    • M Flanagan
      M Flanagan Month ago +1

      I would have snapped a little turd in half Napoleon syndrome

  • shrimp19921
    shrimp19921 16 days ago +62

    This is your second video I’ve seen, and both have had absolutely wrong titles. This ref did not lose his temper at all.

  • noah lima
    noah lima Month ago +4

    The Ref literally didn’t lose his composure

  • Sam Mbabazi
    Sam Mbabazi 21 day ago

    Discipline is Paramount in every sport. Ahmed learned his lesson!

  • Rich
    Rich 2 days ago

    When did the ref loses his temper? That ref is 10 times the size of that dude, he could have destroyed him if he wanted to.

  • DeathMastro
    DeathMastro Month ago +3685

    Refree didn't lose his temper he did the right thing we need more refs like him

    • DeathMastro
      DeathMastro Month ago

      @Costin Simon yeah they love the sport that they still want to serve a purpose in the ring making sure rules and respect of the fighters health are maintained.

    • DeathMastro
      DeathMastro Month ago +1

      @Capitol Mob Records is there a shortage of cops, there is an abundance of cops like there are an abundance of referees you'll see a lot of cops not giving a damn about there job like most referees don't give a damn about the fighters. Most would just let the man get chocked out and not punish him for his unsportsmenship.

    • John Paul Francisco
      John Paul Francisco Month ago

      We need more fighter like them so that many losers will win lmao

    • Avery Lueras
      Avery Lueras Month ago

      ahmed, Just his name alone disgusts me.

    • Costin Simon
      Costin Simon Month ago +2

      @yessum15 Most referees are fighters that are too old or injured to make a living out of fighting. Still can dish out a good fight.

  • MC Davey T
    MC Davey T 15 days ago

    Marc Goddard is one of the best referees in the UFC🙏🏻

  • Dylan Monstrum
    Dylan Monstrum 17 days ago +3

    Tapping out even in street fights, is the universal "aight you win" sign, it almost goes against normal reaction to keep going.

  • Swebb
    Swebb Month ago

    Dude got choked out and then raises his hand in honor lmao 😂😂😂

  • Wonder Bear
    Wonder Bear 22 days ago +10

    …when you have rookies inside the ring…luckily we have a professional referees who are fixing these rookies…👏🏻👍🏽‼️

  • mmadigest
    mmadigest Month ago +4547

    0:35 I like the little celebration at the end from the opponent, "yeah I beat him up really bad"

    • Rennie Ash
      Rennie Ash Month ago

      It's like the victory celebration screen on a PC game

    • Paul plays games
      Paul plays games Month ago

      Funny .

    • Chezzelby
      Chezzelby Month ago

      I’d say the celebration was more “hey look I won because the guy that beat me is a bad sportsman and had his victory taken from him lol”

    • xKingofDaNorthx
      xKingofDaNorthx Month ago

      It counts as a W for him 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Amy Andersen
      Amy Andersen Month ago

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  • Raul Abeyta
    Raul Abeyta 28 days ago

    My first bjj instructor told me that, if you can, always tap your opponent/partner. Tapping the mat won't always insure that the choke/submission will be released. I was going to play devils advocate, but then I noticed the guy getting choked finally tapped the guys leg. No excuse for his actions.

  • Nicolas Schlueb
    Nicolas Schlueb Month ago

    Bruh the guy almost chocked him to death I’m surprised the ref didn’t start beating him up💀

  • HappyLife54
    HappyLife54 Month ago

    Much respect to the ref !

  • Jon Catcheside
    Jon Catcheside Month ago

    Fair play to the referee, the guy was deliberately just trying to hurt the other guy 😠

  • Bernard Geisel
    Bernard Geisel Month ago +8267

    The referee didn't lose his temper. He did what was right and fair within his power.

    • jason m
      jason m Month ago

      @Florid Miston yelling is not losing his temper. If he had lost it that fighter would have been in serious trouble

    • Tommaso l
      Tommaso l Month ago

      @Florid Miston fix that title. Understand your mistake and fix the title. Or are you a clickbaiter?

    • Jenny Edwards
      Jenny Edwards Month ago

      @Ray Wil hey..he maintained his composure 😉

    • Rippin Reaper69
      Rippin Reaper69 Month ago

      I think the referee should've knocked that a$$hole out then he would've had lost his temper

    • Slow
      Slow Month ago

      @Fred Miller yep ur spot on XD. i wasn't sure what yt name i should choose so i just chose smth that defines me

  • Lorde Grande
    Lorde Grande Month ago

    Lol funny how he tried to fight the ref who was twice his size 🤣

  • Rashe Rich
    Rashe Rich Month ago

    You can tell, the ref was in complete control!

  • W
    W Month ago +4

    🤦‍♂️ no type of professionalism

  • just me
    just me 29 days ago +4

    I don't see anybody pushing big john twice, if he was ref I think he would've corrected him on the physical side.

  • Max Schmidt
    Max Schmidt Month ago +4220

    More like "Fighter lost his temper".
    The referee did everything right.

    • IRONronan
      IRONronan Month ago

      Click bait title . So we comment

    • mr ballz
      mr ballz Month ago +2

      Bro I feel like they post these backwards titles to drive up the comments tbh

    • Lionel ?
      Lionel ? Month ago +3

      Posters title gets more views. It made you react too

    • petrol
      petrol Month ago +5

      These fucking titles

    • Seb Music
      Seb Music Month ago +7

      These shorts tend to have terrible titles

  • Om3gaPh0enix
    Om3gaPh0enix Month ago

    That was a let down I was expecting a whopping from the ref

  • Fab T
    Fab T Month ago +1

    If i was the Ref i would of slapped him about a bit😂😂😂

  • Savage James
    Savage James 10 days ago +25

    They can’t promote disrespectful “champions” it’s disrespectful to the ENTIRE brand.

  • Muhammad Yassin
    Muhammad Yassin 8 days ago

    Well done referee! This guy is inhuman towards his opponent and disrespectful towards the referee

  • VAL13C
    VAL13C Month ago +1160

    I don’t see a referee losing his temper. I just see a referee doing his job.

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy Month ago +17

      The title should say “Referee keeps calm and hands down a lighter punishment than deserved “

  • Tom Freeman
    Tom Freeman Month ago +1

    Referee could have unloaded some combos on the guy. Goddard showed a lot of restraint.

  • Maryblushes
    Maryblushes 12 days ago

    Sometimes actions have consequences! Follow the rules or pay the price! He deserved to lose AND should be banned forever from the sport!

    SIGMA MALE GRINDSET 14 days ago

    I thought referee would beat the shit out of that player for pushing him ( it's just my wild imagination 😂 )

  • Luter ative
    Luter ative Month ago

    Even though he tapped he still followed the rules, no excuse for the apparent victor's disregard of the ref's officiating

  • Manly Man'yo
    Manly Man'yo Month ago +1164

    Ref didnt lose his temper. Acted in a classy professional way. Well done.

    • General Grievous
      General Grievous Month ago

      I gave you the 1k like

    • Keirania__🌹💋
      Keirania__🌹💋 Month ago

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    • RawrNuzzleXD
      RawrNuzzleXD Month ago

      @Super Yacht Chef please direct your attention to the header of the video

    • Super Yacht Chef
      Super Yacht Chef Month ago

      🌐 No one actually said the Ref lost his temper💪

    • Hansi H'obrr
      Hansi H'obrr Month ago

      Yes, this is just a click-bait video title.

  • Truth
    Truth Month ago +1

    "Lost His Temper"??? No he didn't. The ref kept it professional and did the right thing. "Loss of temper" would be if the ref grabbed Buttplugg- Amad and threw him to the 10th row!

  • IMAN7J
    IMAN7J 28 days ago

    I like how the opponent is happy and proud lol

  • Bruce McComas
    Bruce McComas 27 days ago

    The ref didn't lose his temper, he actually showed great restraint.

  • arthurf909
    arthurf909 3 days ago

    He dropped him at the headlock bro like she was like man she put some in the wrong way or Hell now you got me tripping

  • Yerr Boi
    Yerr Boi Month ago +10981

    Mark Godard(the referee) could have fucked him up so badly he’s lucky he didn’t lose his temper

    • Cherrylstha
      Cherrylstha Month ago

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    • Cherrylstha
      Cherrylstha Month ago

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    • Amy Andersen
      Amy Andersen Month ago

      --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 💜 💜 MY PRIVATE S*X 💜

      #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). .

      !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾;

    • Alvin J.
      Alvin J. Month ago +1

      @Not Claptrap yeah that would’ve been nasty, like people really don’t even understand just how big a difference just a 10 pound difference makes

    • Cool Adam
      Cool Adam Month ago +1

      @Kevin weight has a lot to do with it actually.
      Only someone that hasn't fought much would say it doesn't.

  • Simpitriy Cuckinchenko

    Well done, Mr. referee 💯

  • RuFiO
    RuFiO Month ago

    He either doesn’t know how to pull of that sleeper hold or he was intentionally trying to crush dudes wind pipe wind. 🤣

  • Mystery One
    Mystery One Month ago

    Brilliant move. He must have felt small after that BS. Good 😏

  • Darien Hodges
    Darien Hodges 7 days ago

    How did he loose his temper? I guarantee you if that referee lost his temper this video would be about a ref that beat the shit out of uncontrollable fighter.

  • Lame Hick
    Lame Hick Month ago +978

    "Referee lost his temper"
    more like the referee did his job

    • Icey F
      Icey F Month ago +2

      More like you got clickbaited

    • P4T5H4RP
      P4T5H4RP Month ago +1

      Exactly! If you don't release a choke you will kill the person in seconds after knockout!

    • Jannik P.
      Jannik P. Month ago +2

      @Juan Industries it was not the title, it was the video

      DAILY GROWTH Month ago +8

      I think these titles are that way on purpose to provoke engagement

    • Juan Industries
      Juan Industries Month ago +17

      But that title kept you watching tho

  • Amy Dobson
    Amy Dobson Month ago

    Here's the thing. There is no way my man seen that tap and until the ref grabbed him he didn't know what was going on.

  • Willie Fungo
    Willie Fungo 15 days ago +1

    Im thinking the fighter didn't notice the tap and was waiting for his opponent to go limp before letting go.

  • Chris s
    Chris s Month ago

    Marc Goddard doesn't mess around. He's an extremely fair and competent ref. He was the main ref at an event we were cornering several fighters at. One of his refs said some really questionable comments on a call and after a short convo with Marc, he yanked the ref. He takes no BS from fighters either though.

  • blez c
    blez c Month ago

    Who's got the power? The Referee! 😂🤣

  • Andrew McNeil
    Andrew McNeil Month ago +3171

    Lol if Mark wanted to, he could have really messed that kid up, but he's always very professional.

    • Sarah's Channel
      Sarah's Channel Month ago +1

      @Bugdog81 Its just the typical "lets all jump on this bandwagon" type of b.s. Idk if ppl enjoy being like that but it's something i never get used to that's why ive literally only responded to maybe 3 comments left on any comments ice posted. Your response being one of I figure i say my peace and mice in and let all the keyboard warriors get their panties in a wad while i have no clue about it.. Lol Anyways this was fun .. Lol

    • Bugdog81
      Bugdog81 Month ago +1

      @Sarah's Channel lmao ikr what happened to people in this comment section lol

    • Sarah's Channel
      Sarah's Channel Month ago +1

      @Bugdog81 man u should be smiling to yourself right now.. considering u got all these panties in a wad over legit commentary that you posted is ABSOLUTELY hilarious af ‼️‼️‼️

      Your pretty popular here. Or there's just a bunch of ppl who like to have bullu mentalities which only makes them look like complete A$$h#les ‼️ Anyways I followed what u said, it wasn't difficult ‼️ lol

    • Justin l
      Justin l Month ago

      @Bugdog81 Take the L and move on bro.

    • C KK
      C KK Month ago

      @Bugdog81 Sorry,correction. At least they definitely dont look as stupid as a smart Alex thinking he knows everything when all he knows is to talk BS.

  • Rojdan Cam
    Rojdan Cam Month ago

    he did lose his temper but not in the physical form. he felt enough anger to change his decision and award the other guy the win.

    DJ GENIUS Month ago

    There is a little thing call respect!!!

  • TheAngryVikingBiker

    Good on ya Ref he was way out of line and deserved the disqualification and losing the match 😐

  • Thomas Crosby
    Thomas Crosby Month ago

    The ref didn't lose his temper, he did his job perfectly.

  • Eric Rodriguez
    Eric Rodriguez Month ago +3511

    Ref didn’t lose his temper the guy tapped and the guy wasn’t letting go, ref was doing what he was supposed to.

    • 佐
       10 days ago

      If ref didn't do that, the guy can die from choking.

    • Shizzaff
      Shizzaff 12 days ago

      @Str1ng5 who the fuck looks at the title

    • Str1ng5
      Str1ng5 12 days ago

      @Shizzaff the.....title....

    • Shizzaff
      Shizzaff 26 days ago

      It never says the ref lost his temper? Am I missing something?

    • Ziggy
      Ziggy Month ago +1

      He’s lucky the ref didn’t kick his face in. At that point, fighter was trying to kill him.

  • Perfidio 96
    Perfidio 96 Month ago

    How do you push the ref but fly back yourself 😂

  • Cheese shit 999
    Cheese shit 999 26 days ago

    The ref did the right thing but how can the other guy celebrate in pride 😂

  • Knight Time Stories

    Anger never turns out well in the end

  • J D
    J D 13 days ago

    Point for the referee ❤️

  • Guillermo Perez
    Guillermo Perez Month ago +1148

    I couldn't be more satisfied with the referee's decision. Props to the referee

    • Sachin Thankachan
      Sachin Thankachan 15 days ago +1

      Maybe a punch 🙂

    • o g
      o g 15 days ago +1

      @Rusty Shackleford nice!

    • o g
      o g 15 days ago +1

      @Alve Hoftun exactly my thought..

    • Zakrya Fathi
      Zakrya Fathi 18 days ago +1

      To people getting in fight and one get punched and the other kiss his hand that’s what referee did

    • Alve Hoftun
      Alve Hoftun 25 days ago +3

      @M Kelly wouldnt it be amazing if we combined those two options

  • J Cox
    J Cox Month ago

    Referee was completely justified! He did his job well and professionally screw that guy that was assault and or and/or attempted murder

  • D Torres
    D Torres Month ago

    Never mess with the judge!

  • rexlyons
    rexlyons 29 days ago

    Yeah this referee didn't lose his temper, he done what any referee should in that situation.

  • True Aspect
    True Aspect Month ago

    He had no plans of releasing the head lock which is the scary part

  • Charlie From Starkville, Mississippi

    No in-ring fight official should be abused, period. That man is in there to save lives, not just ref a match.

  • bandira1000
    bandira1000 7 days ago

    I did the same I keep punching while the referee was pushing me and I was back again to my opponent , didn’t felt he was stopping me or pushing me away . The reason I was new at this sport . I apologize to my opponent and to the referee I was so stupid and I feel so stupid until this time

  • Manuel Afonso
    Manuel Afonso 25 days ago

    the judge must be respected, he did a good job.....

  • Mohammed Alharbi
    Mohammed Alharbi 5 days ago

    The referee did the right thing. Continue with the choke after tapping, and put hands on referee.

  • Liam Grajalez
    Liam Grajalez Month ago +1597

    The ref is Marc Goddard and he's one of the best in the business. Most MMA referees have many years of martial arts training of their own, but this is how a professional handles the situation.

  • Brian Mwangi
    Brian Mwangi 12 days ago

    Wow, how the hell did the Ref not punch this dude?

  • TrulyGoated-
    TrulyGoated- 7 days ago

    The ref did NOT lose his temper he handled it in a good way the man was trying to choke the other man

  • niduoe stre
    niduoe stre Month ago

    Still waiting for the part where the “referee lost his temper” ⏱

  • Alien from Mars
    Alien from Mars Month ago

    i watched that shit live. my brother fought the same night😂