i tried every meal kit so you don't have to (canada edition)

  • Published on May 1, 2019
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    For weeks Kelsey has been ordering and testing different meal kit boxes to find out once and for all which is the best! We do live in Toronto, and some of these boxes may not be available in other places! Have you tried any of these boxes? Which would you try?!

    Stay tuned for a part 2 where Kelsey tries even more boxes!

    GoodFood: www.makegoodfood.ca/en/home
    Fresh City: www.freshcityfarms.com/
    Hello Fresh: www.hellofresh.ca/
    Chef's Plate: www.chefsplate.com/

    Check out the food box chart here: bit.ly/2WmbTCn

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Comments • 252

  • Kevin and Becky Guinn
    Kevin and Becky Guinn 2 years ago +309

    Could the sorry girls do a sustainable SIT for grocery shopping, i.e. Making mesh produce bags and grocery bags to take to the store, even including waterproof bags for things that are drippy and insulated bags to keep things cold/hot from the store to home.

    • Kenzie Gagnet
      Kenzie Gagnet 2 years ago +1

      I honestly really loved this video, didn’t think I would. But I love when you guys dive into sustainability/ eco friendly day to day issues

    • Kenzie Gagnet
      Kenzie Gagnet 2 years ago

      Kevin and Becky Guinn they did a mesh bag diy a while back and it was super easy!

    • Ashley Hall
      Ashley Hall 2 years ago

      This would be awesome!

    • Rachel W
      Rachel W 2 years ago +1

      Kevin and Becky Guinn yes please!!!

  • my4 Mainecoons
    my4 Mainecoons 2 years ago +37

    I'm a tree hugger (recycle, compost, rain barrel, etc.) and thought I'd never buy a meal kit BUT a recent study showed that prepackaged meal kits have a smaller carbon footprint than equivalent meals bought from a grocery store and prepared at home. While everyone focuses on the packaging (much of which can be recycled), buying food then tossing it because you don't have time to cook is a huge waste. The study pointed out that when you purchase on your own you rarely purchase just what you need. You might buy e.g. a package of mushrooms rather than 6 mushrooms because the package is less expensive but then some go to waste. "One study estimates it (food production) is responsible for 19% to 29% of annual greenhouse gas emissions. The plastic that keeps food fresh certainly contributes to food's carbon footprint. A small part of this is producing the plastic that keeps food fresh. But to get the whole picture, Heard says you need to consider emissions from fertilizer production, farm equipment and processing operations and how that food gets distributed." "A substantial chunk of food's carbon footprint is waste, much of which happens during distribution and consumption. According to a U.N. report, if food waste were a country, its production, processing and distribution would be the third-largest emitter of greenhouse gases, just behind the U.S. and China. In a study from 2010, the USDA estimated that about 31% of the food produced in the U.S. is wasted, with 10% occurring at the retail level and 21% at the consumer level. " You can read the study at www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0921344919301703?via%3Dihub

  • Julia Finn
    Julia Finn 2 years ago +39

    NPR just published an article about how meal kits like this are actually more environmentally friendly, even though there is a lot of packaging, because they reduce carbon footprint for delivery, since a lot of them are direct to consumer.

  • Gio T
    Gio T 2 years ago +101

    I watched this while eating a Big Mac at McDonald’s and I dropped my fries on the floor.

    So that’s where my life choices have brought me to.

    • T Z
      T Z Year ago

      goodfood is the best meal kit delivery provider in Canada

  • Scarlett 스칼렛 민지
    Scarlett 스칼렛 민지 2 years ago +76

    when it comes to shopping buy at actual local markets that use local growers when possible, and they have options of buying like 1 carrot, not wasting, or double a meal and freeze it.

    • Ada
      Ada 2 years ago +1

      I'm with you on this. these meal kits are not sustainable.

  • Hemmy
    Hemmy 2 years ago +68

    Where I used to live you can get a box full of vegetables and fruit every month from local farmers. nothing is packaged, there is still dirt on the vegetables lol and you get something different every week because its of course seasonal.
    I loved that so much because it supported local famers, forced you to try new things and it was the perfect amount for one person.

    • Jelena Milacic
      Jelena Milacic 10 months ago

      Lufa farms for mtl peeps

    • Jasmine Starr
      Jasmine Starr 2 years ago +1

      Mama Earth Organics for anyone in the GTA

    • marieleelee
      marieleelee 2 years ago +3

      Nevermind I found it! Lol they're called CSA. Community supported agriculture.

    • marieleelee
      marieleelee 2 years ago

      How did you get something like this? I want to see if where I live has something similar but I'm not sure how to search for this.

  • Elisa Mazzoli
    Elisa Mazzoli 2 years ago +197

    Hi, team! Love the idea and the video but for the next part could you use a bigger contrast of colors for the chart? White on pink is a bit hard to see 🤓

    • EtaCarinae
      EtaCarinae 2 years ago

      My eyes is itching because of it 😢

    • Deima
      Deima 2 years ago

      TheSorryLife thanks!

    • TheSorryLife
      TheSorryLife  2 years ago +11

      Woops! Will change for next time. BUT you can see the chart on the blog post, linked in the description!!

    • Waseemah Khan
      Waseemah Khan 2 years ago

      It very hard to read!

    • Babi Ferreira
      Babi Ferreira 2 years ago +2

      Yes, not the best time to be super aesthetic

  • marieleelee
    marieleelee 2 years ago +42

    Fresh City sounds like their heart is in the right place and they're on track for doing all the right things. But they clearly still need a lot of work. Web Development, better customer support and customer quality assurance (hello recipe instructions are vital for these services).

  • Angela10226
    Angela10226 2 years ago +35

    Thank you so much for doing this Kelsey, it was very informative. I have wondered about these services as a single person and was going to check some out. Now I don't have to I will just wait for part 2. So regarding what you said about the cauliflower is it not something that you chose? Maybe the best thing is to just go to farmer's markets and bring your own bags?

  • Christina Hernandez
    Christina Hernandez 2 years ago +6

    A couple years ago my fiancé and I tried all the meal services in the US (at the time). We loved Hello Fresh the most and consistently ordered them for months after that. We've since cut the costs and have been meal prepping and planning but I would go back to Hello Fresh if needed and of course if they were cheaper.

  • Firstworldprobs
    Firstworldprobs 2 years ago +18

    I worked in produce at a grocery store and lettuce comes in a waxed cardboard box which means it is not able to be recycled. Just something to think about

  • Kristin Hull
    Kristin Hull 2 years ago +16

    I have hello fresh and really enjoy it. It makes me feel like I CAN cook lol.

    • spill n't
      spill n't Year ago

      hello fresh is my fav too

    • T Z
      T Z Year ago

      goodfood is the best meal kit delivery provider in Canada

    • Linda B
      Linda B Year ago +1

      Kristin Hull I have HelloFresh also & I love it! I usually only get it once or twice in a month....just for a change!

  • Bonnie Lacey
    Bonnie Lacey 2 years ago +16

    As far as the taste goes I understand why you would just use what they send you but I feel like you could have added salt and pepper for example to make the meals more enjoyable. Thanks for the break down.

    • Sharleen91
      Sharleen91 2 years ago

      Maybe even some seasoning salts, and less crowded pans lol!

  • Evelyne Lessard
    Evelyne Lessard Year ago +2

    I'm beating an eating disorder and meal kits make my life SO MUCH easier! So it makes me laugh to see people being almost angry in the comments saying "THIS IS STUPID IT'S A WASTE OF MONEY BLABLABLA"... Well, just don't order it? Also, I can do what I want with my own money, thank you lol

    The pros for me:
    1) It personnally makes me think less about food, which can be exausting when you have an eating disorder.
    2) The recipes are also VERY tasty (waaaay more tasty than 95% of the recipes I was trying of the internet!).
    3) You don't have to think about what you wanna eat or search for new recipes ideas all the time. I have way more time for me this way! And it's good because I work a lot
    4) Also, being only 2 at home, we were wasting a lot of food because of the packaging offered at the grocery store (and I HATE throwing food in the garbage... well compost now eheh).
    5) My bf and me both need a lot of meals variety in our life to be happy and have a good relation with food. We tried meal preps for years before being like "well, it doesn't work for us" because either we were forcing ourselves to eat something we didn't want to eat, or because we were simply wasting the food.
    6) We can use HelloFresh's bag as compost bags so we don't have to pay for them :)

    I talked to my nutritionnist a lot about all those points, and she's very happy I found a way to make peace with food and all the bad habits I had with it!

    The cons for me: yah it's pricey. But honestly when I think of all the food waste I had before, I think it's almost the same, so... it's not that bad lol

    TL;DR: what is a bad idea for someone can be a life saver for another. :)

    (You probably noticed by now, english isn't my main language so sorry for all the grammar errors ehhe)

    Oh and btw, I tried 3 meal kits and my favorite is HelloFresh and CookIt. I didn't really like the meals of GoodFood.

  • Krystal Scott
    Krystal Scott Year ago +1

    We’ve tried hello fresh for two weeks and I love it. It seems like better prep now a year later maybe cus cheese has all been shredded first and etc so it’s been very easy

  • Christoph Beeler
    Christoph Beeler 11 months ago +3

    Chef's Plate is owned by Hello Fresh since 2017, just random info. Thank you for the video!

  • Kathleen Lopez
    Kathleen Lopez  2 years ago +2

    I live in an area where not too many food kits come to us, so I tried Sun Basket first and looovveee their food. It was honestly so good, well portioned and if my memory serves me right, they had great options including vegan(I remember we were surprised one was totally vegan and we hadn't noticed) and keto. We got it specifically because we wanted keto cause my mom's and my doctor suggested we do it. It made us enjoy cooking! They often even noted how you could make recipes vegan or vegetarian in their recipe page or how you can double the recipes to feed more people. Speaking of recipe cards: didn't send physical cards they were online so no paper was used for those. They often sent the items in glass reusable containers or heavy plastic which we ended up reusing them for left over spices or leftovers in general, as pill cases, etc. They rarely sent in wimpy plastic we'd have to recycle. But they stopped serving in our area :(

    Next we tried hello fresh and we have had amazing results. There are some vegan options and the more you rate the more tailored or more variety they offer(from my experience). We honestly love their food options and their customer service is the best I've ever dealt with in any industry! We actually began recreating recipes we loved and pack them like as if hello fresh sent them. It's encouraged my mom and I to cook our own meals and eat in vs out and gave us new cooking skills ☺️

  • Kaelyn L. Michayluk
    Kaelyn L. Michayluk 2 years ago +2

    This was actually super helpful! I'm in the same position as you, trying to get the right portions and groceries for one and I've always wondered about these kits!!

  • Taylor Strutton
    Taylor Strutton 2 years ago +2

    I recently just tried good food, as I live alone and got 3 free meals from my uncle who uses it. I have only done 1 meal so far and it was good, used only 2 pans and the instructions were straight forward. I did notice good food has a lack of customization though

  • Kesia Kvill
    Kesia Kvill 2 years ago

    This is amazing timing. I’m currently doing this exact test right now. My problem has been allergies to peppers - they are in everything!

  • Nicki Loder
    Nicki Loder 2 years ago +1

    I did a meal box a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. I wasn't much of a cook before so being given new recipes to try with all the food right there was super convenient and fun! While I wouldn't say I'm a great cook, I definitely learned a lot!

  • sparkletone1684
    sparkletone1684 2 years ago +1

    Maybe it’s the cook in me, but I’m wondering if they didn’t recommend a high enough temperature to cook the beets at for the amount of time they gave you. I’ve had something similar happen once with a recipe I looked up online. For whatever amount of time they told you to cook the beets at, you probably needed to turn up the oven temp.

    Just a thought. It just seems a shame that the one meal didn’t turn out well at all, and in my mind, I started troubleshooting. *sigh* Once a cooking student, always a cooking student.

    Thanks for doing this video because I’ve been curious about meal boxes and what they’re like. I never thought that some of them wouldn’t have good food. I thought that was the point.

  • Karine Youssef
    Karine Youssef 2 years ago +14

    You should try mama organics! It's a bit less of a meal kit style and more like groceries but I've been meaning to try them for forever!

  • Barb Hayes
    Barb Hayes 2 years ago

    I really appreciated this video and am looking forward to Part 2. I have looked at many meal kits because I'm trying to avoid overbuying when cooking for one (I usually end up cooking a full recipe and then freezing of refrigerating several portions for another day.) It's nice to see a real person trying to follow the cooking instructions and just how much prep and cleanup is involved. It's pretty sad the only non-meat protein they can come up with is cheese -- none for me, thanks. Cheers

  • Dorothy Requina
    Dorothy Requina 2 years ago

    I never knew I needed this until now. I LOVED all the details and unbiased info you gave especially about Hello Fresh (because we know a bunch of TheXvidrs give them clout). MUCH APPRECIATION. :)

  • Anthropos Anthropos
    Anthropos Anthropos Year ago +1

    I tried Chef's Plate for awhile but they repeat their recipes over and over again, and the recipes you had are the same ones I had several years ago. They also started to cut down their portion sizes for the proteins and the quality of produce went downhill quickly (green, mealy tomatoes, etc.). I'm trying Good Food next week, we shall see.

  • Dawn Be_Well
    Dawn Be_Well 2 years ago +1

    Loved this!! Very helpful for those of us contemplating meal kits. 👍🏻

  • KB
    KB 2 years ago +6

    Basically, these meal kits are just shopping kits cuz you still have to prep and cook. I shop online and go pick up. I find this just as easy as these meal kits, plus It's way cheaper. :) Looking forward to part 2 though.

  • Jody Smith
    Jody Smith Year ago

    Thank you soo much! Was just looking into meal kits and im canadian soo finding reviews for the best canadian option was no where to be found! You guys rock!!!!

  • TheMeghan99
    TheMeghan99 2 years ago +1

    I love the thought of meal kits, but I can’t feel good about everything being separately wrapped in excess plastic 😭

  • Elly MacRae
    Elly MacRae 2 years ago

    Cool vid idea! My boyfriend and I were housesitting recently and the person had a Hello Fresh subscription so we got to try it out for a week too. The recipes were really tasty but not sure if I would do it in the future - it seemed like something that, with a little extra planning at the beginning of the week and more careful shopping at the grocery store, is definitely DIYable/replicable without a subscription! But this was a very informative vid ty :)

  • Joni Lynne
    Joni Lynne 2 years ago +2

    hahah omg it would've never occurred to me that Mee Goreng is hard to pronounce. It means Fried Noodles in Malay

  • Jenn P
    Jenn P 2 years ago

    Yesssss! I’m so excited for part two! I don’t know if you have it in Canada, but sunbasket and blue apron are two other popular options in the US.

  • Danni Sherman
    Danni Sherman 2 years ago

    Omg thank you for doing this! Especially for Canada/GTA. Hope some of the boxes in part 2 taste better!

  • LNG
    LNG 2 years ago

    Thank you so much for doing this! 💕 I'm definitely going to some of these kits now! 😊😊 Could you please upload a pdf of the chart in a blog post so that we could read it better? Keep up the great work!

  • Jenna Hedderson
    Jenna Hedderson 2 years ago +3

    Kelsey check out Cook Smarts! It's a meal planning program where they send recipes and an accompanying grocery lists to your inbox and you do your own shopping for said ingredients. Cuts WAY back on packaging compared to meal kits and is really reasonably priced. It also cuts way down on food waste compared to not doing any meal planning. Plus you can easily sub ingredients out that you don't like (like green beans for okra (which I've done)) and everything is so delicious. #notsponned but I LOVE THEM. I've never understood why the meal planning kit companies haven't caught on to recommend simple pantry stock items to their customers. Please do not send me 3 tiny bottles of vinegar. I already have that in my cupboard.

  • Phyllis Marony
    Phyllis Marony 2 years ago +10

    Thanks for doing this. I'm glad a child gets a meal. But some of the food didn't look so good. All the packages & all the pots and pans. Ugh! Pricey too. 😊

  • Cindy Michaud
    Cindy Michaud 2 years ago +1

    Cyndie commenting: I really appreciate this video. One question, are meals portioned out by the calorie & carbohydrate counts, nutrients, etc., and did they meet your calorie/hunger needs? Thanks Kelsey, you rock!👍💕🙏

  • Amanda Watson
    Amanda Watson 2 years ago

    I’ve been trying out hello fresh this month and I agree about the cheese! I feel like they are trying to “make up” for no meat by having so much cheese/dairy in the meals. I’m a vegetarian so I do eat dairy on occasion but also don’t want so much cheese in every meal. The meals have been good but I wish they’d be a little more creative with their ingredients

    FRASAFRAZEE 2 years ago +1

    HELLO FRESH IS A SCAM. they charged me 3 times in one week & customer service kept pushing me in all different directions for help. I had to file a claim with my bank.

  • Amanda A
    Amanda A Year ago

    Did you make a part 2? I can't find it! Love this and that its Canadian. Another helpful comparison would have been the nutritional facts, I found Hello Fresh to be super high in calories.

  • Roisin O'Hagan
    Roisin O'Hagan 2 years ago

    Hello Fresh is also available in the UK, tried it and loved the food . Agree that it took ages to prepare and a lot of dishes to wash!!. Although I cooked dishes I'd never tried before I felt that meal boxes are more of a novelty. TFS

  • Sips with Steph
    Sips with Steph 2 years ago

    I've done this same thing in the US...tried about 3 different meal kit services. I had similar thoughts on all of them. Taste wise Hello Fresh and Blue Apron are the best but their also the most expensive. In the end, I chose to continue shopping for food and just plan my meals better so I'm not over buying.

  • Andre Govereau
    Andre Govereau 4 months ago +1

    Kelsey should do more of these videos 🥳

  • Rachel Maria
    Rachel Maria 2 years ago +1

    I understand wanting to try the meal kits as they are, step by step, for the sake of authentically testing them... although it sounds like lots of these problems of taste could be remedied with spice. If something is bland, add spices. For example plain rice... add soy sauce, bland fish... add freshly ground black pepper, etc. Yes, there is some extra ingredients needed but plain spices that can be thrown into a pantry and keep for a long shelf life can easily transform a meal. I really enjoyed the video and am looking forward to part two, its a great conversation about sustainability and ease of cooking that should be addressed.

  • Ana Valdez
    Ana Valdez 2 years ago

    I liked this review very much! There's not a lot of people that do this. Keep it up kelsey!

  • Calida
    Calida 2 years ago

    This is a really good, really informative review!

  • Stephanie M
    Stephanie M 2 years ago +5

    How did you know?! This is all I've been searching for on TheXvid this week!! 🇨🇦

  • TatyanaBell
    TatyanaBell 2 years ago

    Really great content! Good job you guys 😉

  • sweet pee
    sweet pee Year ago

    Please do your own grocery list if you do one! I feel like it would be very sustainable and healthy!

  • Rhonda Minga
    Rhonda Minga 2 years ago +1

    I am not a person who likes to cook, even though I know how and am fairly good at it. I have thought about meal kits so this is insightful although I am from America. THis definitely gives me lots of things to think about.

  • Tina Louise
    Tina Louise 2 years ago

    We've been getting Hello Fresh for about a year now and we're rarely disappointed. I do agree it's always a lot of dishes to wash after though. I did have two ruined boxes from the ice pack bursting once and a late delivery, which ruined the meat and seafood. They replaced the box that was late, but not the bursted ice pack because they said it is nontoxic material.

  • Colleebear
    Colleebear 2 years ago +5

    Girl, if the food doesn't taste great, I ain't ordering it.

  • Maya Karmakar-Johnson

    I reviewed chefs plate too! And made the food on screen! I showed the WHOLE process: from buying the meals, receiving it, cooking and eating them, along with my final review! Check out the video on my channel ❤️❤️

  • Eve
    Eve Year ago

    oh my gosh. this girl is absolutely adorable . love this vid.

  • Jonathan Hunwick
    Jonathan Hunwick Year ago

    FINALLY. A lifestyle/vlog channel with real people.

  • Punky Pie
    Punky Pie Year ago +1

    Still waiting for part 2 🤣

  • Simon Møller
    Simon Møller 2 years ago +1

    The answer to your problems is meal planning, and I know it sucks if you dont enjoy cooking and planning for it, but it allows you to eliminate your food waste and you can shop local products

  • Stephanie Rice
    Stephanie Rice 2 years ago

    Spices are a life saver! Hope you have some for bland food.

  • Apolline Portable
    Apolline Portable 2 years ago

    Great video!!!!
    For the french viewers, helofresh delivers in France too 😊 if tou want

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H 2 years ago

    I’m not sure if it’s available in Canada, but my fiancée and I get Every Plate- only about $5-$6 per meal and appear to have less packaging than the kits you tried. We used to do Hello Fresh and loved it but had to change due to price. Every Plate is a little more basic, but I find them to be tasty and quick, what you said you’re looking for!

  • Beatriz Carvajal
    Beatriz Carvajal 2 years ago

    Loved this video! Super informative

  • Anna Ohanyan
    Anna Ohanyan 2 years ago

    such a cool idea and very helpful! Thank you!

  • Jeremy Haskins
    Jeremy Haskins 2 years ago

    wow i love this so glad your making more

  • Jenifer Jenkinson
    Jenifer Jenkinson 2 years ago

    Hey Kelsey really enjoyed this video.I believe that in the GTA there are also companies who where you can go and it's kind of like a bulk food store where you get to pick the ingredients and put them in sustainable containers and you can take it home to cook or these places will also take all the ingredients do freshly picked from their place and cook it right in front of you in to-go meals.forgive me I don't remember the names of them but I know a couple of them do existand basically how much more sustainable can you get that you are placing them in to-go containers for your ingredients or that it's made right in front of you ready to go and you would can either eat it right then and there or have it ready to be thrown in the oven. heads up I think they are a little bit more on the pricey side but think about what packaging you're literally not having and just being able to have everything set up I'm ready to cook or ready to eat

  • Ashton
    Ashton 2 years ago

    I find even the express meal kits take longer than they say lol

  • Bethany Platt
    Bethany Platt 2 years ago

    If you meal prep and plan your meals, you can definitely get your meals cheaper at grocery stores or local markets.

  • Je Thor
    Je Thor 2 years ago

    love love this, and on vlog channel! smart. Would enjoy more content like this [vlog style trying things out].

  • euphoriapotion
    euphoriapotion 2 years ago

    ooooh i like it! can't wait to see part 2!

  • K M
    K M 2 years ago

    Awesome video. I live in the Philippines and I probably won't have the chance to try any of these kits. However, the rubric you presented is very useful. Just a small note that white on pink was difficult to read. Good job, team!

  • Jessica Rodriguez
    Jessica Rodriguez 2 years ago +1

    Kelsey you should just do meal prep, it’s a lot cheaper than these boxes. But anyway, thank you for taking the time to make this, it’s really informative

  • Teara Lewis
    Teara Lewis 2 years ago +30

    Honestly, I never thought these meal lots were anything but a scam. They are very pricey, and prep time is the same as any other "simple or standard " meal you could do from any cookbook. If people would just take a tiny bit of time to plan meals for the week, or month even with a little more time, buy a cook book or two, you can make easy meals, some you can even do ahead of time and freeze for later, and per meal cost can easily be 3 dollars or less for most. 8 tops of your doing steak or something. And this year with a very small garden...like patio small, I will cut my cost in half. For my family of three...but my boys EAT, so I cook for like 5. These prices are like dining out every meal, and you still have to do prep. And if you buy in bulk, like staples, such as rice, beans, grains, ECT. Waist, and cost goes down. Your saving nothing, not even time really buying these things.

    • ROB H
      ROB H Year ago

      THANK YOU. Someone seeing the obvious. How are "meal kits" a great idea?

    • RachelLynn Creates
      RachelLynn Creates 2 years ago +9

      Teara Lewis the reason my husband and I bought them was so that we could try something new and get out of our rut. The smaller portions of things that they give you meant that we didn’t waste money on ingredients we didn’t like. Then we kept the cards we liked and continue to use them.

    • Jessica Rodriguez
      Jessica Rodriguez 2 years ago

      Teara Lewis agreed! These meal kits are unnecessarily complicated and expensive

  • Brit BC
    Brit BC 2 years ago

    Love this idea!

  • Terry Danks
    Terry Danks Year ago

    Lazy, elderly man living alone in the woods here.
    Tried one of the outfits reviewed here. Got one shipment.
    Observations . . .
    Of the three meals . . .
    One was terrible! Threw it out.
    One was very so-so.
    And the thirds was pretty good. Maybe not great, but pretty tasty.
    Yes, a lot of packaging to discard and I'm not draining that big freezer pack into my septic field. So it's a nuisance.
    I cancelled after a single delivery. Not impressed. Disappointed. Wanted it to work.
    Oh, yah . . . quite a mess in preparation too. Lotsa dishes to wash. :(
    Appreciated the video but where's Part II?

  • ROB H
    ROB H Year ago

    I want to see a "MEAL KIT" thats really a meal kit. Made up meals in a container would be better. You still have to cut, chop, slice and cook the meals. I go to the store and buy want I need and use online recipes. Are people really that lazy they can't do this their selves?

  • AquaGamer1212
    AquaGamer1212 12 hours ago

    For anyone who has a kitchen this small (she doesn’t live here anymore) ikea has bar height tables that could be used as islands for seating a more cooking space.

  • Meredith MD
    Meredith MD Year ago

    Would you ever consider re-doing this for Cook it? Because they have started offering a fully reusable packaging so there's no waste. This seems super important when we know this kind of plastic packaging usually ends up being burned or sent to landfills instead

  • minerva patricia
    minerva patricia 2 years ago

    Hi, a little info for you gaes,
    Mi goreng (mie goreng) is actually Indonesian or Melayu languages for " fried noodles ".
    There are many type of mie goreng, such as mie goreng jawa, mie goreng mamak, mie goreng basah, etc.
    also you pronounce it right Kelsey :)
    anyway love u all from Indonesia ~♥~~♥~

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    Kat C. 2 years ago

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    Sharleen91 2 years ago

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    Luddenis wishes 2 years ago

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    softyat Year ago

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    • softyat
      softyat Year ago

      Meng Leo hey!! I tried the hellofresh meal skit and they had an option for vegetarians. I only liked one of their meals. Which was the beyond meat gyro

    • Meng Leo
      Meng Leo Year ago

      Hi, I'm doing qualitative study about meal-kit. Are you still trying the meal-kit foods? It will be great if you would love to share which brands you picked and which kinds of food you prefer.

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  • meg T
    meg T Year ago

    Keep the ice packs. They last all day. Put it in a zip lock if worried about leakage. Place in cooler and keep food cold all day on a picnic or camping.
    Store in freezer so they are ready to go

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    Ashley Cooper 2 years ago

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    Meghan Weber 2 years ago

    It's not a meal plan service, but you should check out Mealime! It's an app (in both Android and the Apple Appstore) that lets you set filters for diet, servings, etc. It also takes everything from the recipies and makes a shopping list for you in the app!

  • Vintage Camera Girl
    Vintage Camera Girl 2 years ago +159

    $9 a meal? Damn, u might as well just eat out.

    • Jan Teo
      Jan Teo Year ago

      Kate Marlow, It's just an Alberta thing. I used to live in Calgary and I thought the food prices there would be the same all over Canada. Imagine my surprise when I moved to Toronto a few years ago and realized that Calgary prices are about 3x what it cost in Ontario! AB might have lower taxes but they make up for it in the base price.

      These are expensive because you are basically paying for the time and labour cost of prepping these meals. In short, you're paying for convenience.

    • Vintage Camera Girl
      Vintage Camera Girl Year ago

      @A dinner in the north of England is around 12/1 PM. Tea is what you have as an evening meal.

    • A
      A Year ago +1

      @Vintage Camera Girl thats.. not a dinner

    • Vintage Camera Girl
      Vintage Camera Girl Year ago

      @petriiaa it's £5 uk... My dinner tonight was avocado and egg on a toasted bagel with cheese.. which was about 500 kcals so a decent amount. Which cost me about £1.

      The avocado was frozen which is why its cheaper... But yeah.

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