MINO(송민호) - ‘아낙네 (FIANCÉ)’ M/V

  • Published on Nov 26, 2018
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  • Jafit D'annunzio
    Jafit D'annunzio 6 hours ago +1

    Dios mio Mino porque sos tan lindooooo
    Basta me vas a matar
    Mino you killing me❤❤❤

  • Irah Dawn
    Irah Dawn 7 hours ago

    22, 763, 877

  • Puput Putris
    Puput Putris 7 hours ago


  • MGH istantalent
    MGH istantalent 7 hours ago

    Current: 22,758,355 views 12k dislikes
    2 days ago 21,714,487 with 11k dislikes
    In 2 days an increase of 1, 043,868 Daily average 521,934 and 1k increase in dislikes
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    This MV is being streamed regularly and views do not match up with the efforts in streaming.

  • MGH istantalent
    MGH istantalent 7 hours ago

    Please provide feedback to YT by clicking on the pix profile and and click the last options "Send Feedback", in the feedback comment input the following: MIno's FIance MV views are stuck possibly due to mass reporting and dislikes from an antis group (view tampering). This can also be an audit issue with your process. This MV was averaging 3-4 million daily and then it stopped at 17ml and has been slow since. Please review and make corrections asap. the feedback area will also provide a highlight option..highlight the views and send. Please if you are scrolling thru the comments and you see hate speech/negative comments report it. Continue to stream fam, we and MINO are doing great!! WE are doubling up or streaming, keeping fighting fam!!

  • Pınar Ece Gürgen
    Pınar Ece Gürgen 7 hours ago +2

    This song is perfect in every way possible
    The lyrics ,the meaning, the video EVERYTHING IS PERFECT

  • wendy 23
    wendy 23 7 hours ago


  • K- Clemi
    K- Clemi 7 hours ago

    Wsh mais c quoi votre delire avec la France

  • dull.
    dull. 8 hours ago

    I don't know, I'm not really feeling this song. Body is an amazing song, but this one seems a little mediocre to me. I'll have to check out some of the other songs on the album.

  • su pan
    su pan 8 hours ago

    Watch more 10 around

  • LMC TV
    LMC TV 9 hours ago +2


    • Sinô Hao
      Sinô Hao 9 hours ago

      Chưa ngủ nữa hả bác 😁😁

  • LMC TV
    LMC TV 9 hours ago +1

    MV LAC TROI Son Tung copy MV MiNo .copy 100% .
    I LOVE YOU mino
    Bọn nguuz vào xêm mvv ủng hộ Tuung đi

  • Baithy Satsuky
    Baithy Satsuky 9 hours ago +1

    Oh well, I saw many desperate Vietnamese people linking this mv with Lac Troi who? Very disturbing. What a shame Vietnam.

    • Baithy Satsuky
      Baithy Satsuky 8 hours ago

      +Sinô Hao I know it stupid, do not tell me about the copied thing lol.

    • Baithy Satsuky
      Baithy Satsuky 8 hours ago

      +Sinô Hao shame on you, pathetic

    • Sinô Hao
      Sinô Hao 9 hours ago


  • Gummy Killer
    Gummy Killer 9 hours ago

    아 진짜 좋아요

  • seoklove
    seoklove 9 hours ago +1

    y yo todavia que no supero a body

  • ladycurve7
    ladycurve7 9 hours ago

    Wow! Impressive!

  • Ju_Lia
    Ju_Lia 9 hours ago

    I like it

  • Vy Vy
    Vy Vy 10 hours ago

    me love

  • Ngọc Thảo Nguyễn
    Ngọc Thảo Nguyễn 10 hours ago

    Đỉnh ❤

  • Sarah Tai Chew
    Sarah Tai Chew 10 hours ago +4

    All his songs on XX is so addictive. Check it out if you haven't !!

  • Tiya Nur'Asyifa
    Tiya Nur'Asyifa 10 hours ago +2

    Very nice 😍

  • Thủy Phạm
    Thủy Phạm 10 hours ago +1

    Mv Giống Lạc Trôi Sơn Tùng MTP :)

  • floreance Douglas
    floreance Douglas 11 hours ago +4

    I keep coming here everyday ☺️

  • floreance Douglas
    floreance Douglas 11 hours ago


  • Alicia De Venecia
    Alicia De Venecia 11 hours ago

  • 남지훈
    남지훈 11 hours ago +2

    신은 마이노에게 재능과 외모를 주었으나 허당끼와 송가락을 주신뒤 지성을 앗아가셨다....

  • 구름이
    구름이 11 hours ago


  • merlin lee
    merlin lee 11 hours ago


  • Nini Hubby
    Nini Hubby 11 hours ago +1

    Mino 😍😍😍💓

  • Lil jump
    Lil jump 11 hours ago +1

    나만 쇼미에있는 도박 노래랑 똑같냐

  • YG Family
    YG Family 12 hours ago


  • 보겸전용노란딱지


  • sh na
    sh na 12 hours ago

    انت حلو

  • Baithy Satsuky
    Baithy Satsuky 12 hours ago +6

    Stop bringing Lac Troi stupid Vietnam fans fuckin idiot

    • Un Known
      Un Known 10 hours ago +1

      just report them :) they'll get tired of it soon when no one's noticing their pathetic comments

  • YG Family Official
    YG Family Official 13 hours ago +2

    Love Mino

    ARMY BLINK 13 hours ago

    2.43 อั่ย

  • Đậu Đỏ Tung Tăng
    Đậu Đỏ Tung Tăng 13 hours ago +1

    Lạc Trôi bản lắm gái:)

    JUNSU YOUTUBE 13 hours ago +1

    이 노래에 싫어요를 왜 누르는겨...?

  • raidh
    raidh 13 hours ago +3

    Honestly one of the best songs of 2018🙏

  • Galuh Intan
    Galuh Intan 13 hours ago

    the winner !!!!

  • Merle Drughard
    Merle Drughard 13 hours ago +1


  • Yoongi Min
    Yoongi Min 13 hours ago

    1:56 I'm dead nowww
    22.000.000 🔓

  • 정하은
    정하은 14 hours ago

    *송민호 피오 고백듣고왔는데 적응안된다*

  • Tinaaa Ranara
    Tinaaa Ranara 14 hours ago +1

    *tags Jennie Kim

  • ᆞ위너힐링
    ᆞ위너힐링 14 hours ago +2

    아낙네~노래 정말 잘 뽑았다♡매번 들을때마다 감탄이 절로~송민호만이 표현할 수 있는 독특한 아낙네인듯~

  • 윤수호
    윤수호 14 hours ago +2

    Very good ^^

  • Margareth Diroy
    Margareth Diroy 14 hours ago +2


  • Iza AR
    Iza AR 14 hours ago +7

    Next week, we will have more MVs to stream😍😍

    • floreance Douglas
      floreance Douglas 10 hours ago

      Yeah I'm new inner circle .. recently found this group through WIN

    • Un Known
      Un Known 10 hours ago

      +floreance Douglas WINNER are coming back!! Please support them with lots of love 😊💕

    • floreance Douglas
      floreance Douglas 11 hours ago


  • 이상헌
    이상헌 14 hours ago

    한국인 모여보즈아

  • Nên Thu
    Nên Thu 14 hours ago +4

    I love this song
    From Vietnam.

  • Mobbuyt Mobb
    Mobbuyt Mobb 14 hours ago +41

    25 M 🔒
    30 M 🔒
    35 M 🔒
    Go go IC ❤️💪

  • Ainaa
    Ainaa 15 hours ago +14

    i know some of inseos feel bad because of the views but dont worry because this song is doing good on charts even until now. pluss, the views right now considered pretty good tho because we all know yg boygroup(except bigbang) are not so good when it comes to yt views, but their songs literally doing good on charts!! thats how music supposed to be 💕

  • Zeviara Adhisty
    Zeviara Adhisty 15 hours ago +7

    On repeating! I can not deny his charisma 💙💙💙💙

  • Kristel FNF444
    Kristel FNF444 15 hours ago +16


  • 나니
    나니 15 hours ago +1

    신서유기 송가락과 위너 송민호중 누가 진짜 송민호인지 궁그미한 1인

  • xxibgdrgnny _88
    xxibgdrgnny _88 15 hours ago +8

    Love all of YG song💞💞😍😍😘😘😘

  • mai_loves _iKON_
    mai_loves _iKON_ 15 hours ago +6

    this song is so good!

  • 김민혁
    김민혁 15 hours ago

    지디에 하트브레이커 뮤비가 생각나는 뮤비군ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 박소하이이아가덕어영

    뭔가.. 무서워요

  • Hura Mino TV
    Hura Mino TV 15 hours ago +2

    Go to 30M In 2018 !~~~

  • Hura Mino TV
    Hura Mino TV 15 hours ago +5

    Wow Best Solo Kpop Nice song !

  • 스틸러라이스
    스틸러라이스 15 hours ago

    와 증말 조아연

  • 바르
    바르 15 hours ago +1

    한국어없냐 댓글왜다영어야

  • T Bibis
    T Bibis 15 hours ago +2

    LẠC TRÔI ?🔥

    • Tae TV
      Tae TV 15 hours ago +1

      +T Bibis kh thể bênh Idol K-Pop nữa

    • T Bibis
      T Bibis 15 hours ago

      +Tae TV Là sao b?

    • Tae TV
      Tae TV 15 hours ago

      Lần này kh thể bênh.

    KITTY PRENZY 16 hours ago +10

    congratulations again for won tripple crown on Gaon 1digital, 1download 1streaming. 😘

    • Essi Kah
      Essi Kah 14 hours ago +1

      Did he really 🤩🤩🤩👌

  • 코why네
    코why네 16 hours ago


  • 「하비언니 팬」ARMY

    진짜 중독성 오진다...♥

  • Seungri's Everything
    Seungri's Everything 16 hours ago

    Hi again😂🖤

  • kim vina
    kim vina 16 hours ago +5

    stream guys

  • BuBee Miffy
    BuBee Miffy 16 hours ago


  • Marilyn Kwon
    Marilyn Kwon 17 hours ago


  • Joasia Gabriela
    Joasia Gabriela 17 hours ago +3

    It reminds me The Last Empress theme so it is really pleasant watching drama and listening this song which gives great atmosphere for drama 😄😍

  • Arch Yu
    Arch Yu 17 hours ago +3

    có ai là fan SƠN TÙNG ở đây không?? =)) lạc trôi đưa tao tới đây :))

  • taemin's nippels
    taemin's nippels 17 hours ago +7

    I'm late for this handsome this is what I was looking for a unique, different song

  • darkness
    darkness 17 hours ago +6


  • 영영영
    영영영 17 hours ago +3

    짜라투스투라는 내친구❤️

  • 도기dogi
    도기dogi 17 hours ago +3

    이미 외국인들이 점령한 영상입니더 ...♥

  • Tran Hao
    Tran Hao 17 hours ago

    Nhạc nền hay v

  • 챙뎐chaengdyeon
    챙뎐chaengdyeon 18 hours ago +3

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋ신서유기랑 갭차이 넘심함ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • 미니초코[아이돌 덕후]

    제 개인적인 생각이지만 민호오빠가 되게 뭔가 강렬해보이고 싶은 것 같은데... 왜 제 눈엔 다 귀여워보이죠?? 신서유기 같은 프로를 먼저 보고 아낙네 뮤비를 봐서 그런가... 뭔가 여전히 귀엽고 순둥해보인달까.... 저만 그런가요???

  • RibbitLillyPad
    RibbitLillyPad 18 hours ago +6

    See you in person in January 2019 Song Mino!!!!!

  • Huổi só game tv channel

    Copy Lạc Trôi son tung mtp

    • Un Known
      Un Known 10 hours ago

      JUST REPORT these nonsensical and pathetic comments

    • Lexx Chixx
      Lexx Chixx 13 hours ago

      chỉ hộ mình copy chỗ nào :)

    • Essi Kah
      Essi Kah 14 hours ago


    • Ryan Isti
      Ryan Isti 15 hours ago

      You Just want attention.. So pity...

    • Tui là Wannable
      Tui là Wannable 17 hours ago

      Huổi só game tv channel nhạc có giống của MTP đâu bn ?

  • Tiia Rahmelia
    Tiia Rahmelia 18 hours ago


  • Linh Du
    Linh Du 19 hours ago +3

    MINO ❤️

  • Cami Q
    Cami Q 19 hours ago +7

    When I first heard Mino’s rapping style, I knew that he needs to be known. I’m so glad to know that he’s made a success. Keep me comin’!!

  • KPOP and More
    KPOP and More 19 hours ago +8

    I showed this to my brother....he asked me " Is this from a drama and what is it???????????" and said let's watch" ....... I was surprised and laughed so hard😂😂😂

  • Doan pham thu ppham
    Doan pham thu ppham 19 hours ago

    hay qua a oi mai yeu

  • Doan pham thu ppham
    Doan pham thu ppham 19 hours ago

    mot ngay k nghe bai cua mino la k chiu dc

  • Hai Son Vu
    Hai Son Vu 19 hours ago +1

    i donot want to be impolite but without understanding the lyric, the content based on the mv is about Minho's dream of playing with his harem (like every other king) and how tired it is LOL. By the way i like this song.

    • Essi Kah
      Essi Kah 19 hours ago +2

      Well lucky we have the translation

  • KangKim SongLee
    KangKim SongLee 20 hours ago +2

    Happy Fiance4thwin Mino yaaa :))))) Love u so much Huge Boy !

  • An Womser
    An Womser 20 hours ago +2

    Im from indonesia... Mino my vans ❤

  • Truclam Nguyenthi
    Truclam Nguyenthi 20 hours ago


  • Joel Flores
    Joel Flores 20 hours ago +4

    This song is my ringtone now🔥

  • borenda
    borenda 20 hours ago +2

    The filming and scenes are giving me serious heartbreaker vibes LOLOL I'm loving it

  • Lit Yeet
    Lit Yeet 21 hour ago +2

    22.5M views yes mino!!

  • Sabah Sen
    Sabah Sen 21 hour ago +8

    Mino whoa you are kiiling me with swag and sexy. Mino has this Noona dead! Proud of our baby.

  • Mary Jam Duran
    Mary Jam Duran 21 hour ago +2

    GD vibes

  • Kevin Nguyen
    Kevin Nguyen 21 hour ago +2

    mino's too good man