Fan feature - May 2019

  • Published on May 26, 2019
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Comments • 634

  • Lewd Donut
    Lewd Donut Month ago

    May you make that dancing berd a video? :3

  • L I V E F O R E V E R

    Pipi pupu

  • Jayde The Dragon
    Jayde The Dragon 2 months ago

    Oh wow oh wow that's really weird I just came out as trans and then watched this video what the frucc TheXvid recommendations are watching me oh god oh lord oh Christ oh shit oh fuck

  • Totally Not Cliche
    Totally Not Cliche 2 months ago

    *Kotana is short*

  • Chris V
    Chris V 2 months ago

    As soon as bird said i want a toyata a toyota ad popped up?

  • Galaxy Plains
    Galaxy Plains 2 months ago

    I love these fan features I hope more come

  • Candy The Bunny
    Candy The Bunny 2 months ago

    My god this bootiful!can you draw a berd that look like Harry Potter

  • Brady animates 2 2⃣ Untermaneted as FRICK

    *b e e s*

  • ロコンFizzy
    ロコンFizzy 3 months ago

    Gotta peepee poopoo them all

  • Elio and Eliseo Limones

    Beard I’ll adopt you I’ll name you fuckingfuck

  • Phan.Ryden.Destiel
    Phan.Ryden.Destiel 3 months ago

    I am loving the fan feature videos

  • Phan.Ryden.Destiel
    Phan.Ryden.Destiel 3 months ago

    I’m confused how did an Oscar get on your hat

  • Phan.Ryden.Destiel
    Phan.Ryden.Destiel 3 months ago

    you put a rainbow in the top right corner

  • Flyntuber21 yeet
    Flyntuber21 yeet 3 months ago

    I thought this was gonna be uploaded on my Birthday
    It was 8 days off :(

  • TinyTimsauce SUCKS
    TinyTimsauce SUCKS 3 months ago

    Too late I listen to ram ranch and now I’m gay for life

  • pretty in pride
    pretty in pride 3 months ago

    I love you

  • Jai Bourgerie
    Jai Bourgerie 3 months ago

    Pee pee poo poo.

  • GTheBumbleBee
    GTheBumbleBee 3 months ago


  • Ayden Bilow
    Ayden Bilow 3 months ago

    Is when the good shit 👍🏻👍🏻 starts

  • Mortal SNO
    Mortal SNO 3 months ago

    Patreons: *MUAH*

  • hell hound
    hell hound 3 months ago

    Bird please do a Q and A
    I have 2 funny amquestoins id really like to ask long time watcher thanks

  • The Five Makers
    The Five Makers 3 months ago

    Peepeepoopoo B I G M U A H

  • Arleigh Barbour
    Arleigh Barbour 3 months ago

    Hello I just wanted to say hi

  • Bacongotdat _
    Bacongotdat _ 3 months ago

    berd the movie coming out in 2019

  • man man
    man man 3 months ago

    no trans

  • Recyclable Glass
    Recyclable Glass 3 months ago

    I’m broke

  • lucashhugo YT
    lucashhugo YT 3 months ago

    + - + good animation

  • Dumpling216 3
    Dumpling216 3 3 months ago


  • Aj61406
    Aj61406 3 months ago

    Put a vagina in your video!!

  • Axel 360
    Axel 360 3 months ago

    6:19 HUGE ANUS

  • Dastardly Girl
    Dastardly Girl 3 months ago +1

    hi, berd! you can make a shout out for me if you want to! love you! *muah*

    Jace WHITTAKER 3 months ago

    make a fat poo in the right top corner of ur screan muah

  • Joran212
    Joran212 3 months ago

    he ignored my request for a pizza roll berd :(

  • Warden Dango
    Warden Dango 3 months ago

    This proves that the berd fan base is shitty like the other fan bases

  • vernon kacey gala
    vernon kacey gala 3 months ago

    This channel is too wholesome:)

  • Joey LaRose
    Joey LaRose 3 months ago

    Liking the Oscar winning Soviet cowboy Pokemon trainer kratos

  • Derpy Does it to em
    Derpy Does it to em 3 months ago


  • Desty The Potato
    Desty The Potato 3 months ago

    i checked out ram ranch... i then had to send it to my girlfriend because im p sure its a cursed video and we share cursed information with those we love ❤

  • HumpMeFučkMe DaddyBetterMakeMeChoke

    how many brain cells did you lose reading half of these?

  • nutjobtucker
    nutjobtucker 3 months ago

    saying yee in berds comment sections episode 4

  • duck duck moos
    duck duck moos 3 months ago

    Wait what the vid time says 10:2 but when i clicked on the vid it said 10:1 :0

  • Riven
    Riven 3 months ago +1

    If she breathes she's a thot and Bush did 9/11

  • MK Burst
    MK Burst 3 months ago

    9:08 my bday is in May 27 too!

  • A dog with A bone
    A dog with A bone 3 months ago

    Henlo berd you're really cute and I love birds
    This is a complement from a doggo

    P.s pwese draw a a bird playing chess with a dog
    Also I'm kinda new so pls understand if I'm weird

  • flamowlX
    flamowlX 3 months ago

    Hey guys stop requestin berd draw berds ok instead u should draw it urself and ask him to put it in so u can show off ur ms paint skills like the Pokémon video

  • totsga smokes
    totsga smokes 3 months ago

    Read my comment in your next video and I'll send a Nigerian prince ur email
    Also draw a bannana wearing sun glasses with a joint in its mouth sitting next to a random object of your choice

    • totsga smokes
      totsga smokes 3 months ago

      Also poopoo peepee
      Because I'm a rebel

  • Bongo cat 349 00
    Bongo cat 349 00 3 months ago +1

    Can you put a bird saying I can be a bird

  • ThatTween
    ThatTween 3 months ago +30

    Person: hi berd, can you put a rainbow in the top left corner?
    Berd: *Proceeds to put a rainbow in the top right corner*

    • Dd
      Dd 3 months ago

      Kyla Sharma it’s on the right man I think...yea it’s on the right

    • Kyla Sharma
      Kyla Sharma 3 months ago +1

      ThatTween it’s on the left

  • TurkeyForLive_XD :b
    TurkeyForLive_XD :b 3 months ago

    You have gay

  • Ян Краузе
    Ян Краузе 3 months ago

    я ничего не понимаю но увидел ЛГБТ и мне нравится

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 3 months ago +1

    Yo there is a pigeon on mine baccyard. He poopee on doger. Like you more Dan da biaeurd on backyarb

  • crazy duck
    crazy duck 3 months ago

    Hi) А я Русская (Russian) )

  • dacharalover alsofrisk
    dacharalover alsofrisk 3 months ago +1

    Kratos berd: BOI! *ahem* I mean BERD!

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 3 months ago

    Could you draw a berd with my face

  • deleted deleted
    deleted deleted 3 months ago

    I have been here watching at 100k

  • Drayvan Smith
    Drayvan Smith 3 months ago

    Hi anmi

  • BIKKO micain
    BIKKO micain 3 months ago

    Detective cashew

  • Homer is sleepy
    Homer is sleepy 3 months ago +1

    *Hugh Yay Noz*

  • Santiago BsPvz
    Santiago BsPvz 3 months ago

    When i see the sans berd on the corner i only think

    *B E R D G A L O V A N I A*