Migos Performs "Walk It Talk It" And "Stir Fry"! Did They Stir Up The Night? | BET Awards 2018


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  • Zendaya Blue
    Zendaya Blue Day ago

    broooo idk these performances just be off they need to move around make the crowd like u know more hype or sum shoooott

  • Anime Topic
    Anime Topic Day ago

    who taught that quavo was the best then later realise it is offset

  • Prince Amir
    Prince Amir 2 days ago

    they sound so god without autotune

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams 4 days ago

    We didnt see the whole song at the end

  • Craig Dilliard
    Craig Dilliard 5 days ago +2

    This was boring

  • Nba Jay
    Nba Jay 6 days ago

    Nba younboy come on he the best then like

  • Ray Manuel Castillo Fermin


  • Soy Cris Reyes
    Soy Cris Reyes 8 days ago

    bengan a monterrey

  • PHAX
    PHAX 8 days ago +1

    *Quavo hairline not found*

  • Erik Rodriguez
    Erik Rodriguez 9 days ago

    Alguien tiene el video completo?

  • Dajavoo
    Dajavoo 10 days ago +3

    Tell me why the migos look like old people when they be walking😂😂

  • Emma Kane
    Emma Kane 15 days ago +1

    Oh wow....that was pathetic...

  • Juventus2013
    Juventus2013 15 days ago

    No understand nothing walking talkiT

  • Tonya Taylor
    Tonya Taylor 16 days ago

    All people do is complain why don't you just keep strolling if nothing nice to say.... Geesh

  • Shamar Lister
    Shamar Lister 18 days ago

    Offset should be dancing

  • I Drink Clorox
    I Drink Clorox 18 days ago +1

    *Wocket In My Pocket*

  • dlouvin
    dlouvin 18 days ago

    "Buck No Milwaukee" ayeee what Takeoff know bout Milwaukee...😂😂😂

  • Taye Max
    Taye Max 20 days ago +1

    Is that luke cage i spotted?

  • Susan Durham
    Susan Durham 20 days ago

    To much ice

  • Eiman Haile
    Eiman Haile 21 day ago +2

    Whoever is Reading This, Your Blessed For Being Able To Wake Up & See Another Day Because Somebody Didn’t‼️

  • Lyla Paterson
    Lyla Paterson 21 day ago

    they all sounded good !

  • areej
    areej 24 days ago +1

    *Yehhhhh* 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Danny P
    Danny P 24 days ago

    These niggas bought this shit from Waka the thief

  • Danny P
    Danny P 24 days ago


  • ÎMâD _UnKüT
    ÎMâD _UnKüT 25 days ago +1


  • Pou Khlaing KHMER
    Pou Khlaing KHMER 25 days ago

    wow im impress good performing bros

  • Milehighjosh
    Milehighjosh 25 days ago +1

    Migos fucken suck

  • Chris Barbor
    Chris Barbor 25 days ago

    Migos did you thug

  • Kobra Boi
    Kobra Boi 26 days ago

    damn offset chill!

  • Júlio Ferretti
    Júlio Ferretti 26 days ago

    offset rhyme too incredible

  • I'm Batman
    I'm Batman 26 days ago

    Orange justice🍊

  • LaLa Reeves
    LaLa Reeves 27 days ago

    Seems like the BET awards was kinda weak this year...

  • Nellie Verdejo
    Nellie Verdejo 27 days ago


  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen 27 days ago +1

    After listening to jcole performance and watching this rn... I feel horrible.. Sound like shit. Walk it, like I talk it.. Wtf

  • lupevillagomez82
    lupevillagomez82 27 days ago


  • Kevin Rutayomba
    Kevin Rutayomba 28 days ago

    That boy chain span the whole track

  • Indra Wijanarko
    Indra Wijanarko 28 days ago +1

    Live performance so different and boring to be honest. That's why old school rap more interesting for me.

  • Bossy sexy boujee gyal billiesha Russell

    Wlak talk it Wlak talk it Minos stir fry my favorite song

  • Juan Ab
    Juan Ab 29 days ago

    3:06 Luke Cage just chillin

  • D Yeezy
    D Yeezy 29 days ago +1

    Most boring of song 2018

  • fk you tubers
    fk you tubers Month ago

    Where do these queers insist on performing two of their worst songs they ever recorded holy cap 🤢

  • Modia Nefer Ra
    Modia Nefer Ra Month ago +1

    They got on some tight ass leggings 😂😭😢

  • Scrappy The Cholo
    Scrappy The Cholo Month ago


  • MixxBreed Simone
    MixxBreed Simone Month ago +2

    I swear on a lot of these performances I can do without the background dancers...some songs just aint with the background shitts

  • Dana J
    Dana J Month ago


  • Bonjour Madame
    Bonjour Madame Month ago


  • Quinton Ford
    Quinton Ford Month ago

    They never show takeoff wtf lol

  • michael crenshaw
    michael crenshaw Month ago

    Takeoff took off....lit asf

  • Ms. Beautiful Hotmess!

    It's so cool!!!🤩quavo😋

  • Jackson Martin
    Jackson Martin Month ago

    Be quiet lavar ya don’t even know who they’re migos the best ever

  • King 1985 legend
    King 1985 legend Month ago +4

    Take off makes the group

  • PBRTae Savo
    PBRTae Savo Month ago

    Only migos can do unsensored version on live TV and nobody cares 🤷😂💯💪

  • Sizwe mellvine
    Sizwe mellvine Month ago

    walk it talk it nice perfomance..............................03:05 is that LUKE CAGE

  • Sergio Peterz
    Sergio Peterz Month ago

    big up to takeoff

  • toothrowedTV
    toothrowedTV Month ago

    Takeoff the best outta them 3

  • Sylvia Bodo
    Sylvia Bodo Month ago

    He always does

  • Yvng SavageTv
    Yvng SavageTv Month ago +1

    They Music Not Loud Enough

  • xd dx
    xd dx Month ago

    🚀🚀 Takeoff

  • Bishal Buddha Magar

    Trash garbage

  • alexmmlj
    alexmmlj Month ago

    Love the song but I felt like migos should have had way more energy .

  • Ellie-Ruth Witherford

    I just luv the migos :) ! 💙

  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy Williams Month ago

    Offset is a rock star....Takeoff verses hot...

  • 24/ 7
    24/ 7 Month ago

    😂 red was in that bih lit

  • Ronnie Mcgee
    Ronnie Mcgee Month ago

    It's a damn shame that US government killed off Easy E, Tupac, Biggie, Big L, and Pimp C.

  • melmillz Mel
    melmillz Mel Month ago

    Omg i have turned into ah migos groupie! I love them!

  • Bryant
    Bryant Month ago

    Can’t believe people call this music

  • Renee Mc Queen
    Renee Mc Queen Month ago


  • P'เข้ S
    P'เข้ S Month ago


  • SNOOpi DoOPs!
    SNOOpi DoOPs! Month ago

    They chose garbage song's to perform. Just saying

  • Duck bazooka
    Duck bazooka Month ago

    I know yall saw ma boi Luke Cage 💪

  • Hussein Nathwani
    Hussein Nathwani Month ago

    Who is over 24 listening to this Shit ,FML

  • Randome things cats too


  • d's information
    d's information Month ago +1


  • salena 1996
    salena 1996 Month ago

    Where is stir fry

  • Gucci Streamz
    Gucci Streamz Month ago

    Why does takeoff not have more features and songs like he is the best in my opinion

  • Bobby Barnett
    Bobby Barnett Month ago

    Does dirty save get Brooke off everyone they say QC BUT DIRTY DOLLAR 4 LIFE

  • Nariah Jenay
    Nariah Jenay Month ago

    Takeoff is the best one there bro

  • Jay jay Mar
    Jay jay Mar Month ago

    walk it like i talk it is so dope

  • musa Sppicies
    musa Sppicies Month ago

    I just wish I can be somebody else.
    Everything about hip hop is classic

  • palermo1kid
    palermo1kid Month ago


  • palermo1kid
    palermo1kid Month ago

    this music hadays socks

  • stuart alvarez
    stuart alvarez Month ago

    is real music

  • Donna Peroche
    Donna Peroche Month ago

    both these illiterate idiots are major losers

  • BlankDaKing 98
    BlankDaKing 98 Month ago

    quavo hairline goes higher than burj khalifa

  • jorge rivera
    jorge rivera Month ago

    Rap Is Dead I Feel Sorry for this Generation

  • FunFactory00
    FunFactory00 Month ago

    If i would go there i would be the only white guy

  • leeann weston
    leeann weston Month ago


  • Marlene Ruiz
    Marlene Ruiz Month ago

    YASS 🤯💯💉

  • where u at
    where u at Month ago +1

    Cut the dancers and the performance gonna be 10x better

  • FakeGod Apocalypse
    FakeGod Apocalypse Month ago

    Boom back is clapping back!!! Hacks off the mumble rap with the chainsaw !!! #Fuckmumblerap

  • marcel zimmermann
    marcel zimmermann Month ago

    best migos performance

  • Edham Bin Othman
    Edham Bin Othman Month ago

    Migos sucks.. And all the mumble fuckers is bullshit...

  • PermanentHigh
    PermanentHigh Month ago +1

    Migos is what happens when you have 3 hypemen go on stage to wild out, but the main performer ends up calling out sick and not performing

  • John Bracken
    John Bracken Month ago

    noice papi

  • OmAcC650
    OmAcC650 Month ago

    I remember when these stars used to use these types of shows to Show Out... There was a time when us watchers and fans could/would watch and be mesmerized by musical performances in shows like this. What happened?

  • Gary Taylor
    Gary Taylor Month ago

    Qauvo killed it

  • Marvin Fajardo
    Marvin Fajardo 2 months ago


  • jade darling
    jade darling 2 months ago


  • logan kaloo
    logan kaloo 2 months ago

    why is quavo on a different jacket though?