SKILLS David Platt overhead bicycle kick

  • Published on Jul 29, 2012
  • Filmed at an open training session in the Bukit Jalil National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur ahead of Manchester City's game against a Malaysia XI. The Blue's coaching staff are involved in a 5-a-side game where assistant coach David Platt rolls back the years with an exquisite overhead bicycle kick.
    They say you never lose it...
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  • Gunny Akdo
    Gunny Akdo 4 years ago

    there should have been more videos of david platt

  • Alvin Charles
    Alvin Charles 5 years ago +1

    nah..can't beat Wayne Rooney outrageous bicycle kick!..IMO..

  • Tom Deacon
    Tom Deacon 5 years ago

    Love Agueros reaction! :)

  • Scotty A
    Scotty A 5 years ago

    why you here then m8

  • Impartialpizza
    Impartialpizza 5 years ago


  • Ghost001
    Ghost001 6 years ago

    The old magic is still there..

  • Manchester Brand
    Manchester Brand 6 years ago

    United fans not obsessed at all....... CTID

  • James Williams
    James Williams 6 years ago

    Oh look, someone using a name that isnt theirs...what an idiot you are :')

  • Phil Mitchell
    Phil Mitchell 6 years ago

    manc cunt

  • James Williams
    James Williams 6 years ago

    Im a United fan and i've not come here to complain. I came here to see videos from one of the best channels on TheXvid. Really wish we had a channel like this!

  • JB7815
    JB7815 6 years ago

    ...and your from fucknig Denmark! Have you even been to England, or know where Manchester is Bitch! And for the record, I used to work at Old Trafford, and have seen United play live more times than you have even been to England! Stupid fucking internet gangster...

  • JB7815
    JB7815 6 years ago

    ...and what? And what you fucking fuckstain? Say something now? Stupid little fucking dickweed dipshit muthafucker...

  • JB7815
    JB7815 6 years ago

    If you are so emotional over me stating the facts, namely the gulf between the two clubs and the trophies won, then maybe you shouldn't support such a shit team like Manchester's only causing you stress, and making you look very, very, very stupid. Go fuck yourself.

  • JB7815
    JB7815 6 years ago

    Um, what are you trying to achieve with your comment? A 30 second video clip comes up on my news feed, so I watch, because I'm actually old enough to remember Platt playing for England. To answer your question, I'm not confused regarding my sexuality. (I seem to remember fucking your mother approximately 9 months before you were born. She was shit btw.) Also "yet your don't win every year" makes no sense, and is a display of your total lack of intelligence...

  • JB7815
    JB7815 6 years ago

    Yep. Well done City. Only 3 more Champions League's, 2 World Club Cup's, 16 more League Titles, 6 more FA Cups, and 2 more league Cups. Keep going though. If it takes 500 mil of spending on players to get 2 trophies, then another 14.5 billion to get the other 29, and be on level terms with United...

  • JB7815
    JB7815 6 years ago

    Giggs, Scholes, P Neville, G Neville, Beckham, Cleverly, Welbeck, - Free. Irwin, Solskjaer, Schmeichel, - A combined £3mil. As much as United have bought expensively, of course they have, but you can't just spew facts that suit your argument. Veron, RVN, Carrick, RVP etc have all been expensive signings, as were Keane and Cantona in their day. But City have never had any decent English players from youth ranks, nor do they attempt to develop players with potential...the overhead was awesome tho.

  • oFolzy
    oFolzy 6 years ago

    Why do all the butthurt people immediately think everyone else that is right is 12 years old?

  • Tompa8989
    Tompa8989 6 years ago

    Typical 12 yo kid who think he knows anything about football...Now, go play cod or play in your sandbox.

  • Jorge Simmons
    Jorge Simmons 6 years ago

    The awkward moment when a city fan calls a united an a glory supporter, though you both are

  • TheForestTekkers
    TheForestTekkers 6 years ago

    As much as it kills me to say it as a Forest fan, that was a bit of a banger to be fair to Platt

  • Prajwal Gurung
    Prajwal Gurung 6 years ago

    well dosn't matter we still getting the title this season.

  • oFolzy
    oFolzy 6 years ago

    lol typical Man U glory supporter

  • devilfacedjedi
    devilfacedjedi 6 years ago

    love aguerro's reaction. probably too young to know who david platt is.

  • da ne
    da ne 6 years ago

    Van Persie.Hahehahea

  • Tompa8989
    Tompa8989 6 years ago


  • spwow97
    spwow97 6 years ago

    Still my favoriote from the training videos!

  • AndyH0024
    AndyH0024 6 years ago

    Hes a big united fan. Or at least he was. Great player and great coach. Great goal!

  • ShaneWilliamsHitler
    ShaneWilliamsHitler 6 years ago

    Yeah, I can't see him playing on till 70 though. Possibly as a player/coach in a championship team or something.

  • Michael Davidson
    Michael Davidson 6 years ago

    so Giggs is 61/62 years old?

  • Ahmad Azeez
    Ahmad Azeez 6 years ago

    *Insert Mother of God Meme here*

  • ChelseaGTA
    ChelseaGTA 6 years ago

    Someone's a kid...........

  • ChelseaGTA
    ChelseaGTA 6 years ago

    You are retarded as hell

  • ChelseaGTA
    ChelseaGTA 6 years ago

    Gay dude with a gay picture.

  • Tompa8989
    Tompa8989 6 years ago

    Learn your history u 12yo kid...Man Utd didnt buy success. Shitty did.

  • Hamz Izmail
    Hamz Izmail 6 years ago

    u dumb ass, he scored a similar goal during his time at Sampdoria. Even better than this.

  • traskilator
    traskilator 6 years ago

    I met someone called edgeways once. He was a cunt.

  • Andy Beill
    Andy Beill 6 years ago

    What a refreshing tictac

  • edgeways27
    edgeways27 6 years ago

    Jealous? That's just my opinion. Rooney had hmm, what two half decent games in the group stages in 2004. Repeat - Group stages. 2011, poor keeping and he did nothing for the rest of the game, what a star!! Added to which, i always found swearing to be the way to belittle someone and convince yourself that you're right too, so well done there. Feels good doesn't it? Let me know when your 15th birthday is and i'll send you a card, maybe i'll put in some pointers concerning punctuation for you.

  • Joe Glaves
    Joe Glaves 6 years ago

    You're a gimp. Its a quality overhead kick, that's why we're watching it.

  • edgeways27
    edgeways27 6 years ago

    oh and to all those going on about Rooney's shinned effort and the whole "its not a proper game" thing, Rooney, has never, and will never, do anything remotely good for England, Platt did. Platt's goal against Belgium in 1990 is the the epitomy of producing absolute class when it really really matters. Rooney is the car key of "big game" football...goes missing whenever you really need him. Not something that could have been said of Platt or any of that 1990 England team at their peaks

  • edgeways27
    edgeways27 6 years ago

    ha ha ha @steve hennessey. best advert ever and strangely impossible to find!!! "David Platt...better be good with a name like that... give you a tenner for it!!"
    David Platt Villa Legend

  • Tim Ward
    Tim Ward 6 years ago

    He could have celebrated!

  • hallicks
    hallicks 6 years ago

    Better than Rooney's shinner vs Citeh

  • Lewelltam
    Lewelltam 6 years ago

    He's an old England player. He became world famous at Italia '90, where he scored a couple of goals like this in knockout games. He played in Italy for years after that, then came back to England, to back to Arsenal. He's now assistant coach at Man. CIty.

  • Артур Нураев

    i don't know him

  • emerix02
    emerix02 6 years ago

    He also attended Bradenton Preparatory Academy, but signed schoolboy forms at Manchester United on his fourteenth birthday - David Beckham wiki.
    Go take it up with wiki. The rest are on there too.

  • wkangaroo
    wkangaroo 6 years ago

    Ppffft, Beckham and G. Neville were both born in 1975 and both joined Man U in 1991 - so both were 16. Scholes was born in 1974 and joined Man U in 1991, he was 17. I'm not sure what's the point of lying about this shit. Why are you lying?

  • xXMasterGamingXx
    xXMasterGamingXx 6 years ago

    I just find it funny the amount of united fans that are watching city videos. Come on do you have nothing better to do. Also we have bought a lot of players but so did united a while back so stop complaining you lost get over it.

  • Qiyang
    Qiyang 6 years ago

    Yea true. Everything about Manchester Shitty is just a load of fucking bollocks.

  • George Lyons
    George Lyons 6 years ago

    can i just say its been proven that city have no where near as many fans in manchester, that is a myth and a load of fucking bollocks.

  • Qiyang
    Qiyang 6 years ago

    Ignorant. We earned the right to spend through our long and glorius history. Before 1991, we had the busby babes and the holy trinity. WTF does shitty have? erm... the proud record of having the most fans in manchester??? LOL

  • ShaneWilliamsHitler
    ShaneWilliamsHitler 6 years ago

    Giggs has been playing for Man Utd since 1963 when he was 12 years old

  • laura knowles
    laura knowles 6 years ago

    Looking good David how is Charlie and Rachel saw them at Amanda's the other day and David can you tell Charlie that the next time I see him I will show him the guinea pigs as we 4got last time hope to see u soon! From Laura

  • Eddie Southwick
    Eddie Southwick 6 years ago

    Yeah but how old were they when we got Theo, Ox, and Gibbs? They certainly were not the players they are today if AW didn't believe in em. Oh ok, we got Jack, Ramsey, and a handful of other young players from all over produced by us, so aint no ones got shit in their mouth but u buddy. Man city dont produce shite so plz dont act like you guys are Barca its laughable, you buy all your players with mega bucks. big deal, anyone can do that, nothing special there

    MR BANANA 6 years ago

    Aguero's face xD

  • stevehennessy82
    stevehennessy82 6 years ago

    David Platt ...... Better be good with a name like that !!!

  • Max Wright
    Max Wright 6 years ago

    Didnt know vic reeves plays football :O

  • emerix02
    emerix02 6 years ago

    Paul Scholes
    At age 14, he began training with Manchester United.[8]
    David Beckham
    He also attended Bradenton Preparatory Academy, but signed schoolboy forms at Manchester United on his fourteenth birthday, and subsequently signed a Youth Training Scheme contract on 8 July 1991.

  • Spiritual Reality
    Spiritual Reality 6 years ago

    City might have got more youth players to have a career in the game, but man utd have got more to have carrers at the top level.

  • Spiritual Reality
    Spiritual Reality 6 years ago

    Says on wiki scholes was 17 when he joined, beckham was 17 to./

  • ben JAMMINxD
    ben JAMMINxD 6 years ago

    click 'show the comment' to start the unending comment war

  • dcbarth
    dcbarth 6 years ago

    @Joseph Jack Not just this country is it you wally. Unless a worldwide wage cap is introduced football is a play toy for rich businessmen/oil tycoons etc. not sure how long you've been watching the game to be able to understand this

  • Joseph Jack
    Joseph Jack 6 years ago

    Yes. Football is fucked because more people are watching it now than before. The premier league is one the most exciting leagues in the World, all because football is fucked.

  • dcbarth
    dcbarth 6 years ago

    Congratulations to City for buying the Premier League trophy. Football is fucked. RIP

  • EddieBarney
    EddieBarney 6 years ago

    Imagine if it was the other David Platt from Coronation Street!

  • busteddon
    busteddon 6 years ago

    Mike who?

  • 22Soccershoos22
    22Soccershoos22 6 years ago

    please explain

  • Mark Laurie
    Mark Laurie 6 years ago

    He's still got!!

  • Fallon
    Fallon 6 years ago


  • ShikariHarley
    ShikariHarley 6 years ago

    aguero's face is priceless!

  • DarthTechwarrior
    DarthTechwarrior 6 years ago

    Are you talking to me?? You clearly have no clue what I was referring to. Im talking to this idiot where he keeps saying that Becks, Scholes, Giggs, Butt, Nevilles were not from the UTD youth academy.
    As from players from Clubs youth academies now - Because of the nature of the competition it is unfortunate that most of the players from the youth academies do not get a chance to play - this is true for most of the top clubs in England - Man Utd, Citeh, Chelsea, Arsenal, Poolscum and even Spurs

  • blakefish80
    blakefish80 6 years ago

    Uniteds Vaunted youth system produced one fantastic crop of very gifted players. Beckham, Scholes, Giggs, Butt, Nevilles. Since then i cannot think of anything even close to their standard that have been produced by your Acadamy. Fletcher was a good player, but only good, not great. Wellbeck has potential and so does Cleverly. But they are the sum total of nearly 20 years since the last group.
    Smalling, Jones, Da Silva twins, De Gea, Rooney, all from elsewhere. None can be claimed as your own.

  • emerix02
    emerix02 6 years ago

    I know but it still churns my stomach that they can actually say it.

  • DarthTechwarrior
    DarthTechwarrior 6 years ago

    You sir are a complete moron!

  • DarthTechwarrior
    DarthTechwarrior 6 years ago

    there is a saying - do not argue with stupidity as they will try to take you down to their level and beat you with it.
    laughing my f**kin ass off at the noob that said Becks and Co joined in their late teens.

  • ManULax14
    ManULax14 6 years ago

    Oohhhh good job you scored a half assed scissors kick while wide open in training what a BOSS!

  • emerix02
    emerix02 6 years ago

    David Beckham wiki - Beckham was offered a schoolboy contract at 14
    Paul Scholes wiki - he began training with Utd at 14.
    Ryan Giggs profile on manutd. com - born 1973, joined Utd in 1987, ergo 14 years of age.

  • all10980
    all10980 6 years ago

    david platt is a legend playd in italy aswell playd in the best england side since 1966,

  • Matthew Bryan
    Matthew Bryan 6 years ago

    Aguero's just like "DAMN!"

  • andyt5303
    andyt5303 6 years ago


  • 22Soccershoos22
    22Soccershoos22 6 years ago

    You are completely wrong on all of them you can just go on wikipedia and check. I absolutly hate that united fans think they have the worlds best youth system. United buys all of their players just like we do. I can garentee that you will see many more young players comeing up through the ranks at city and staying at city.

  • Alps P
    Alps P 6 years ago

    Davids brilliant !! Arsenal baby !!

  • JohnWoo
    JohnWoo 6 years ago

    He learned that at Arsenal. LOL.

  • louping111
    louping111 6 years ago

    GO TO CHELSEA !! ^^

  • emerix02
    emerix02 6 years ago

    Edit: Seems I can't post the links. Get an error message everytime I try to do so.

  • emerix02
    emerix02 6 years ago

    Beckham was 14. Gary was 16. Scholes was 14. Giggs was 14. Phil was 16.
    Butt was 16.

  • Zissou10
    Zissou10 6 years ago

    Even mid to lower table teams would rather player weaker teams in the FA Cup as the financial rewards of being in the Premiership are far greater than a decent cup run.
    Don't get me wrong, it's nice to win domestic cups, but don't make the mistake of thinking that a League Cup trophy and a finish outside the European spots suggests a decent season. Maybe a few seasons or so, but sadly not now.

  • Zissou10
    Zissou10 6 years ago

    Not at all! We played reserve players because it was the least important of the four competitions we were in. Doing so helped us comete for every league title and have decent runs in the CL and FA Cup.
    The FA Cup is slowly becoming as less appealing as the League Cup because of money, simple as. United or City would rather risk going out of the cup early if it gave them a better chance at winning the league and/or securing a top four (CL) finish. Same goes for Arsenal and Chelsea.

  • Steven Finn
    Steven Finn 6 years ago

    Arsenal produce? You bought Theo & Ox from Southampton for about £10mn each, you signed Kieran Gibbs to a contract from Wimbledon. The only one you have 'produced' is Jack. So please, don't chat shit

  • Eddie Southwick
    Eddie Southwick 6 years ago

    Arsenal produces the best youth for England, Theo, Jack, Ox, Gibbs. All future first teamers for GB

  • ChrisW3103
    ChrisW3103 6 years ago

    In terms of providing talent for the national team, Aston villa are the most successful in the country, not city. The way i see it, besides richards, citys youth system hasn't produced any real stars who can/have competed at the top flight of football, the majority are distinctly average players. (basing my judgement on only recent years - 1990 onwards)

  • Sparkys Army
    Sparkys Army 6 years ago

    You can always identify a manchester city fan/common sense fan from the way we provide factual information and don't get all bitter over money. You barely see a united fan able to string a sentence together without fucking up in style! Keep up Charlie ;)

  • Sparkys Army
    Sparkys Army 6 years ago

    And don't even start on manchester city using money, the irony is amazing considering in the 90's you were spending much more than most ever teams and therefore dominated.

  • Sparkys Army
    Sparkys Army 6 years ago

    No. You're talking shit. Let's take a trip back to last season, Manchester city win the Fa cup and united win the premier league. Now for the best bit, go and do some research on google or youtube and look up some videos of the parades for both teams. Manchester streets were packed for our parade and yours was embarrasingly quiet.
    You're telling me that you filled up 60k stadiums for training sessions? fair play if you have but i doubt it and ofcourse you're going to have more watching atm.

  • Charlie Williams
    Charlie Williams 6 years ago

    Approximately they were, from checking I can tell you that Beckham was 17, Neville was 18, Butt was 18, Scholes was 19...

  • George Morley
    George Morley 6 years ago


  • Prabudh Goel
    Prabudh Goel 6 years ago


  • Tanman007
    Tanman007 6 years ago

    City fans will be always be Bertie's bluenose bitters. One title in 44 years doesn't change that. City will always be smaller than United. Always. All the money in the world can't change that. Nice overheard kick btw

  • Pauls Imaging Photography

    A fantastic player in his day and a great shot on goal.....

  • emerix02
    emerix02 6 years ago

    Beckham joined United when he was 18, 19, 20? Really? The Neville brothers? Butt?