Will World’s 1st Albino Orangutan Be Accepted By the Others? | Orangutan Jungle School


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  • Channel 4
    Channel 4  4 months ago +47

    Watch the series on All 4: bit.ly/2wsQVqK

    • MzClementine
      MzClementine 21 day ago

      Sad apple won’t support the app.

    • Spagette Boi
      Spagette Boi 3 months ago

      idk will he

    • Blanketed Page
      Blanketed Page 3 months ago

      The first "known" albino orangutan because either this is a recent genetic mutation or something that's been dormant in individual orangutans till now (till this here one albino orangutan in this video).

    • Blanketed Page
      Blanketed Page 3 months ago

      I think this is quite excellent of a documentary! I like to ask is there any way you guys could get in touch with scientist that may be doing research on this albino orangutan? The blues eye's are a curiosity let alone this being the first albino orangutan.

  • qiaomei zhang
    qiaomei zhang 11 hours ago


  • Batflip 09
    Batflip 09 Day ago

    Shiny Pokémon

  • Alyshia Fevrier
    Alyshia Fevrier Day ago

    Omgggg she even has Nystagmus like a human with albinism

  • God
    God 2 days ago

    Fuck off whitey

  • Literally Kyle
    Literally Kyle 2 days ago +1

    *They should see if she would have a albino baby herself!*

  • Cxution
    Cxution 4 days ago

    Okkkkkkkkay 👋 BYE

  • Gachaversewith Dyxy
    Gachaversewith Dyxy 5 days ago

    Those are super rare

  • minimonkey969
    minimonkey969 6 days ago

    Shes leucistic not albino

  • A P
    A P 6 days ago

    First 'documented' def not the first ever

  • kingrapid
    kingrapid 6 days ago

    Pujon is incredible! He doesnt care about what race or colour u are... take note humans... ❤

  • William Obey
    William Obey 6 days ago

    I know how they got seperated - by the human

  • Demigod Elite
    Demigod Elite 7 days ago

    you lost me at al-bee-no

  • S.A
    S.A 7 days ago

    The descendants of this little critter shall claim superiority and colonise, rape, murder and steal from the rest.

  • John Jeffry
    John Jeffry 7 days ago

    & thats how White Race was born

  • Pancho Billa
    Pancho Billa 8 days ago

    Yea cuzz she’s a clone

  • BrighT L0rd
    BrighT L0rd 8 days ago

    Never would have thought white people would be lonely when we were starting in this world.

  • Angry Panda
    Angry Panda 9 days ago

    She's A Leucistic she has Blue eye

  • Skyler Brown
    Skyler Brown 9 days ago

    Blue eyes. She's not albino. Albino creatures lack pigment in their irises which cause their eyes to appear red. This is just a white orangutan, one with very little skin and hair pigment but not actually albino.

  • Jay Camacho
    Jay Camacho 10 days ago

    Maybe he can join the Democratic Party

  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay 10 days ago

    Why do these people always give these animals such shitty names

  • Alphall Productions
    Alphall Productions 10 days ago

    It's ok to be white

  • Jorge the builder
    Jorge the builder 10 days ago +1

    This is snowflake

  • Hello
    Hello 11 days ago

    You check if he or she is health and you leave it in a cage with no soil or any natural things......

    THE TACO GAMER 11 days ago

    I think it’s disgusting how they encage the monkeys for long periods of times I get that it could run away but isn’t that messed up when you think about it, respect animals like you would want to be respected 🌍

  • Alexander the Greater
    Alexander the Greater 11 days ago

    Nordicists: this is beyond science

  • Xavi Neira
    Xavi Neira 11 days ago

    At first I thought this was Trump in bars I was so happy for a sec...

  • ISAIAH Gonzalles
    ISAIAH Gonzalles 11 days ago

    Can it say the n word

    ¿INTOXICATED77 ? 12 days ago

    Monkey: *Dat ass*

  • JACKO doubel you orld
    JACKO doubel you orld 13 days ago

    Di indonesia kah ini

  • No name
    No name 13 days ago

    Wow not only humans but animals also discriminate among themselves

  • Marissa Wyatt
    Marissa Wyatt 13 days ago

    Beautiful *SO* Beautiful

  • Rafa Rodhes
    Rafa Rodhes 13 days ago +1

    Why am I crying ? 😭😭😭💕💕💕💕

  • rolando sparks
    rolando sparks 14 days ago


  • Nouval ism
    Nouval ism 14 days ago

    In the orangutan world white are the minorities

  • Lynnie Xiong
    Lynnie Xiong 15 days ago

    The other female was like “excuse me, space.” @ 3:45
    GUYS I BEEN ON A MARATHON OF WATCHING ANIMAL VIDEOS ... it happens once in a while

  • hantuafiq2
    hantuafiq2 18 days ago

    Baby rampage 🤣🤣🤣

  • lily happy
    lily happy 21 day ago +1

    I’ll be her friend

  • Mathedidasko
    Mathedidasko 21 day ago +1

    finally she evolved like white people did

  • yel low
    yel low 22 days ago

    hopefully they let them out at times

  • Muhammad Joshua
    Muhammad Joshua 23 days ago

    2:38 hey buddy... let me touch your butt...

  • Cole Random
    Cole Random 23 days ago +2

    0:30 He Flipping us off😂

  • Kyle StormCloud
    Kyle StormCloud 23 days ago

    anyone else get reminded of the movie rampage?

  • Plebeian Media
    Plebeian Media 24 days ago +1

    It’s eyes are straight up human that’s amazing

  • gay insults
    gay insults 24 days ago

    Swear whenever they let him in with her if he would've touched her I would fly out there and shoot him in the dome

  • Ro Ro
    Ro Ro 24 days ago

    I’m so glad they took on too her!

  • Yasmeen Soria Herrera
    Yasmeen Soria Herrera 24 days ago

    2:39 MY HEART

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton 24 days ago

    Such amazing video thx for share , much love alba ,hope orangutans keep growth and not extinct.

  • Z Cross
    Z Cross 25 days ago +1

    I say someone separated her from her mom because of her color

  • Table Eccentric
    Table Eccentric 25 days ago

    Soon that albino will dominate the forest

  • mpa324
    mpa324 25 days ago

    00:29 flips us off

  • Kim Willadsen
    Kim Willadsen 25 days ago +1

    She are special so they took it away from the mom that's the real story

  • EL6GAMING sixG787
    EL6GAMING sixG787 26 days ago +1

    The first Albeano Orangutan

    KYLEDOESSTUFF 17 26 days ago +1

    Alba should’ve t-posed to assert dominance

  • Marcos Socram
    Marcos Socram 26 days ago

    Different but confident

  • Bee Voo
    Bee Voo 26 days ago

    Have no idea why did the monkey seperated?! I see...

  • Lana Selma
    Lana Selma 26 days ago

    the fact that this relates so much to humans

  • I'mfromashithole fuck
    I'mfromashithole fuck 26 days ago

    2:08 that english hah

  • pubble and mopsee
    pubble and mopsee 27 days ago

    Thats no albino thsts a yeti... trust me i kno a yeti when i see one

  • Aitkens 8
    Aitkens 8 27 days ago

    Alba gives no fucks.

  • Mark Yang
    Mark Yang 27 days ago

    What happened was they took her from the mother! ;)

  • Display Name
    Display Name 28 days ago

    That's a white guy in a yellow gorilla suit.

  • Doggo Hecks
    Doggo Hecks 28 days ago +1

    This is just George the gorilla from Rampage as a baby

  • nore eron
    nore eron 29 days ago

    true story: both of the orangutan fell in love, they used to date each night, and then one night, they come out of the cage and ran off the center for a date that lasted for the sun to rise. then the male orangutan, too late, found out that she's albino, making her condition worse. wow.

  • Anna133199
    Anna133199 29 days ago

    Aren't orangutans supposed to be solitary animals? Mama raises baby, they go their own way? Then they hang out by themselves until it is time to mate a few years later?

  • Othniel Jones
    Othniel Jones 29 days ago

    Something went wrong... And is still going wrong
    Wtf is she doing with you ppl ??
    Do you fuckers save every animal this shit happens to ??

  • Tommy Raj Sanjaya
    Tommy Raj Sanjaya 29 days ago

    kinda sad . there must be more than 1 albino orangutans . but they might not survive since their difference make the other look at them as something unacceptable

  • Blancor
    Blancor 29 days ago +1

    orangutan racism?11?

  • Ay Caramba Mama
    Ay Caramba Mama Month ago +1

    Isn‘t normally a male orangutan much bigger?

    • Tariq James
      Tariq James 29 days ago

      Well there's aren full grown so doesent matter

  • Orangutan
    Orangutan Month ago

    Its the Blue Eyes White Orangutan

  • H35 wwa
    H35 wwa Month ago

    Its Ok...

  • Lyjah Thomas
    Lyjah Thomas Month ago

    How are the Orangutans out doing us, social skills wise? Lmao.

  • Theo_ VeVo
    Theo_ VeVo Month ago


  • Samurai X Ninja Fox

    Wow it looks cool

  • java baba
    java baba Month ago


  • Wilson Alfando
    Wilson Alfando Month ago

    Was this video shot in indonesia??

  • BowCrotter
    BowCrotter Month ago

    Im sorry, but she would be more happy outside this fucking cake, I mean look at this... this is literally SO SMALL

  • alakdan Putingaraw
    alakdan Putingaraw Month ago

    I thought alba is old but when the narrator said he was 5 yrs i was like tf??!!

  • Patchwork The Noodle

    She isn't albino. If she was albino her eyes would be red, not blue.

  • cyruzsteven icasiam

    The best way is to release them to their real home

  • Metonymy1979
    Metonymy1979 Month ago

    This makes me so happy

  • E L I Z A B E T H
    E L I Z A B E T H Month ago

    Looks like an aulfella

  • Potato man
    Potato man Month ago

    0:31 thug life

  • aravindp21
    aravindp21 Month ago

    Alba u r very beautiful stay happy

  • ZayMoneyFan
    ZayMoneyFan Month ago +3

    Did she just tickle her butt hole? 😂😂

  • Eren Mete
    Eren Mete Month ago

    Albino's are superior

  • Waleska Gonzalez
    Waleska Gonzalez Month ago

    Look at her eyes

  • X14Z
    X14Z Month ago +1

    Be sure It doesn't go RAMPAGE...If you know what I mean..

  • zoras mazoras
    zoras mazoras Month ago

    Alba’s eyes are soooooooooo pretty omgggg❤️😍

  • DeaDei
    DeaDei Month ago

    I want to reach this level of self-confidence and self love

  • Beauty & Bushcraft
    Beauty & Bushcraft Month ago

    Hope she isn't targeted by poachers

  • Kanada Lee
    Kanada Lee Month ago

    She has blue eyes she's not albino

  • Wuke
    Wuke Month ago


  • 다시잊혀진
    다시잊혀진 Month ago

    She’s so sassy😘

  • Captain kitty ASMR Xx

    All bean o

  • lady bug
    lady bug Month ago

    Isn't scent how they identity each other?

  • Fikril hakim
    Fikril hakim Month ago

    Animals indonesia

  • jackotron 1
    jackotron 1 Month ago

    She's not albino her eyes are not red


    0:51 *so do i ~ lonely life* 😂


    Hitler would love her 😂