• Published on Sep 18, 2019
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  • Ward_101
    Ward_101 15 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure u put his name in all of ur titles for views

  • Sinashi Hatake
    Sinashi Hatake 15 hours ago

    Fuck the PAULS. you lose against KSI

  • David Levesque
    David Levesque 16 hours ago

    He got in yo head and u know he won the press conference too cuz u went and said “JJ HAS NO DICK” 🤣 like damn u really lost

  • David Levesque
    David Levesque 16 hours ago

    The reason you’re the underdog because he’s more professional and take it deeper, and last year he was goofing you and still made it. He take it seriously in the ring and u was smiling because you didn’t take an L when you know you deserved it. KSI had the edge over you in the first match.

  • David Levesque
    David Levesque 16 hours ago

    The kid is gonna remember that fight and how he deserved to win but got a draw and now he’s gonna win again and make u look like a total clown

  • maya peled
    maya peled 16 hours ago

    ksi is a bitch i fucking hate this guy

  • ZappeD
    ZappeD 17 hours ago +1

    They about to kiss

  • Michael Suryono
    Michael Suryono 18 hours ago

    GROW UP MF!!!

  • louie smith
    louie smith 19 hours ago

    He talked about jake to piss you off

  • DarkMatter88 Hacker88
    DarkMatter88 Hacker88 21 hour ago


  • Jayce Jayce
    Jayce Jayce 21 hour ago

    ksi dose not have abs and logan has abs

  • Jael Veniegas
    Jael Veniegas 22 hours ago

    Please bring back the old hair

  • justin pyle
    justin pyle 23 hours ago

    They fighting on my bday😂

  • Nadi ne
    Nadi ne 23 hours ago +1

    Me: o cool

    Video comes on:

  • Keyan Donnelly
    Keyan Donnelly Day ago

    Lmfao this is the funny shit ever

  • d b
    d b Day ago

    I hope karma crawls up your fucking ass

  • Lucas Smith
    Lucas Smith Day ago

    Ksi looked like he was about to kiss Logan at the stare-off part

  • deletedData
    deletedData Day ago


  • DιMαツ
    DιMαツ Day ago

    It’s mad how he’s in his own country and still had fans screaming fuck Jake Paul no one even likes these 2 I swear

  • Sasha Sage
    Sasha Sage Day ago


  • Vines Twins Gaming Maya and Max

    This video made me laugh so much 😆🤣😂

  • Post.Papsss
    Post.Papsss Day ago

    gotta give it to him, guy knows how to get views

  • Banana Gaming Official

    How much is the fight?

  • true trooper vlog pt

    Your not a boxer you are a youtuber you will never make pro

  • Calise King
    Calise King Day ago +1

    Why is literally most of these comments probably hate comments

  • Nathan Le
    Nathan Le Day ago

    LeTS Go cHAmp

  • Rupangi Sanon
    Rupangi Sanon Day ago

    I’m a ksi fan

  • Pastel Gacha
    Pastel Gacha Day ago

    Logan why be the bigger person

  • Black Bad Boy
    Black Bad Boy Day ago

    Bitch don't copycat Conor and floyd really logan you r shit bro fucking don't disrespect human beings like that ass hole

  • john Christie
    john Christie Day ago

    Do it for Kong 🐕🐶

  • BryHus
    BryHus Day ago

    Lul u had to say it was a Star Wars thing hhaha

  • Eli 100
    Eli 100 Day ago

    Really being a boxing means saying constantly jj had no d**k. Sure

  • Eli 100
    Eli 100 Day ago

    Why so many ads you money hungry you prick

  • Rio Sidhu
    Rio Sidhu Day ago

    U call ksi made u cry but u never admitted once u cried, tf????

  • Facundo Rojas
    Facundo Rojas Day ago

    Subtitles when? Español

  • Abagashi V1
    Abagashi V1 Day ago

    My face went from 😒 to 😒

  • Zeeshan ALI
    Zeeshan ALI Day ago

    Ksi is going to trash u

  • Zeeshan ALI
    Zeeshan ALI Day ago


  • Living Champs
    Living Champs Day ago

    Ksi will beat ur ass

  • TypicalTard ツ꧂

    Yo Can somebody tell me what this song is called

  • Maria Salad Ranch

    Comment=JJ or Ksi

  • Shaun cauchi
    Shaun cauchi Day ago

    No ksi is just taking the nurmagamedov style..just sit down and talk

  • fire ladd
    fire ladd Day ago

    i'm from britain and you know what i vote for you

  • cody hang
    cody hang Day ago

    whos joe.....

  • sarah lou Veitch

    title: ksi made me cry : me GOOD for you CRY

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 Day ago

    19:41 if I were you it would probably be because my eyes are burning, my eyes burn sometimes out of no where or when I cry 😂

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 Day ago

    19:34 that sounded so wrong 🤣💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣💀🤣

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 Day ago

    18:49 that makes me so uncomfortable but like...K I S S !!!!!!!! 🤣 I would have pushed them to make them go at each other more LMAO 😂 I can't

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 Day ago

    If JJ doesn't have a dick then he's a bottom LMAO 😂

    If I was there I would have yelled "BOTTOM ALERT!!!!!!!!"

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 Day ago

    I swear you guys will probably become good friends after a while lol 😂

  • Yusuf Zaid
    Yusuf Zaid Day ago

    Your a bitch thats why

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 Day ago

    3:47 KSI be looking at your lips a couple of times 😂 he might secretly be gay and just causing fights so he can get close to you 😂💀😂

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 Day ago

    Lol, see some dudes know how to take good shots and be good photographers lol

  • Vinu Yuhansa
    Vinu Yuhansa Day ago

    All ya'll are so stuck in the past.

  • Blue'sLife 2007
    Blue'sLife 2007 Day ago

    You need to dominate him, first dominating point is stand your ground, second is face off and make sure they know who there up against and so fourth because y'all can dominate if you believe

  • laura lopez
    laura lopez Day ago

    Subtítulos en español ??

  • Keira Fowler
    Keira Fowler Day ago +2

    “Logan Maverick Paul!”
    no its Logan Alexander! paul

    but dudes come on TANAAAAAAAA

  • Crafts with Cats

    Ok wtf.. KSI looks like FUCKING PEPA PIG😂😂

  • Snowy
    Snowy Day ago

    You guys are fags

  • husein ali
    husein ali Day ago +1

    Ksi will knock out Logan in first round