1 Pro vs 3 of each rank until he loses (Insane Daniel Showmatch)

  • Published on Jan 24, 2022
  • The newest Rocket League superstar is here and it's honestly kinda scary
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Comments • 2 872

  • CBell
    CBell 3 months ago +3689

    love to see this for so many reasons. also if I find another RL player named daniel can he try this challenge?

    • d
      d 16 days ago

      Hi CBell

    • STV on XBL
      STV on XBL 29 days ago

      Shiit I’m right here bro wassup 🤣

    • Battlefox64
      Battlefox64 Month ago

      I've been playing since the end of season 5. I just made it to champ 1 casual. *Fight me.*

    • Caqtusss
      Caqtusss Month ago +1

      @Pigeony Boi you played great!

    • Apex Deletion
      Apex Deletion Month ago

      hmu my name is daniel

  • Rocket Loob
    Rocket Loob 3 months ago +230

    alternative title: "daniel has some fun in freeplay for 16 minutes"

    • Plot_RL
      Plot_RL 4 days ago +1


  • zZFiTTzY
    zZFiTTzY 3 months ago +350

    Definitely the most hyped and anticipated rookie since Jstn. Probably even more so, and that's saying something with Scrub being up there as well.

    • Morfé
      Morfé Month ago +1

      Wait for Zen next year bro

    • interlude.??
      interlude.?? Month ago +1

      @No name everytime i hear firstkiller i just remember the 1v1 he had with firewall154, imo the best 1v1 from* the time

    • No name
      No name 2 months ago +9

      @Squizzie Squizzerton Still am, he's nuts

    • Squizzie Squizzerton
      Squizzie Squizzerton 3 months ago +11

      idk, people were pretty high on Firstkiller before he got to the RLCS

  • PotatoMasterYT__
    PotatoMasterYT__ 3 months ago +102

    The fact that he had the confidence to go for a full-field air dribble at zero seconds to win the game is insane, Daniel is just too good

    • Fares K
      Fares K 6 days ago +2

      that air dribble made me go insane. crazy

  • GhOsT 👻
    GhOsT 👻 3 months ago +142

    This makes me want to reach that highly intense skill, really inspiring

    • GhOsT 👻
      GhOsT 👻 2 days ago

      @Alex Rinaldi lol rip

    • Alex Rinaldi
      Alex Rinaldi 2 days ago

      @GhOsT 👻 Ive been diamond 3 for years and never even had the buttons mapped till this week.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    • GhOsT 👻
      GhOsT 👻 3 days ago

      @Alex Rinaldi I think I know how to air roll lol
      I’m talking about pro skill

    • Alex Rinaldi
      Alex Rinaldi 3 days ago

      first step turn on air rolls i spent five years not knowing i had to bind those buttons

    • Tama *
      Tama * 3 days ago

      @Syrex idk man watch a fast areial tutorial and start doing them in free play for like 10 minutes and try to impliment it in your games as much as you can even if you mess it up a lot

    JSON_BOURNE 3 months ago +2259

    I feel like I haven't seen anyone be SO consistent with their first touches. Wildly good.

    • Dustin Richard
      Dustin Richard 5 days ago

      @J N M That's cool man. I don't care.

    • J N M
      J N M 6 days ago

      @Dustin Richard Right. That's why this kid got signed by a pro team and is playing RL at the highest competitive levels. Not because he's come close to mastering a variety of mechanics that seperates average top-level players from the absolute cream of the crops.

    • AJ Peglow
      AJ Peglow 12 days ago

      Daniel is so good that I’m not sure if he’s flying or driving

    • Wefiveus
      Wefiveus 2 months ago

      Literally my thoughts. These are “clips” that he’s doing consistently, live, 1v3. Makes me want to uninstall.

  • Nox Box
    Nox Box 3 months ago +28

    That was some of the smoothest mechanical expertise I've seen. Daniel seems to be a contender for GOAT if he keeps getting better. He's just so cracked how much more can he elevate. We shall see.

  • abcde fghij
    abcde fghij 18 days ago +3

    The mechanics are insane, but the most impressive thing to me is his speed. He's constantly moving, constantly getting perfect touches and always moving into the right position to defend or attack. The game sense and consistency is actually ridiculous

    • Penn
      Penn 16 days ago

      it's all about mentality and fast thinking, I bet he has really high grades but as long as he keeps getting better in rl he don't need to be the first at school

  • B1ll_irwin24
    B1ll_irwin24 2 months ago +8

    This whole video was amazing, the gameplay was insane had goosebumps the entire video that boy Daniel was really putting work and then on top of that, your commentary was amazing. Awesome video 💯💯

  • Anthony Rogers
    Anthony Rogers 9 days ago +1

    Hey sunless, great video as always. is there any chance you could upload the replay file from the match with the 3 champs? I'd love to watch it from everyone's POV especially his. The decision making was incredible, not to mention his control of not only his car but his ball as well. just wondering. anyways keep up the great videos man, thanks

  • Pigeony Boi
    Pigeony Boi 3 months ago +1632

    I’m in the champ game feel free to flame me! Also this was extremely fun, thank you sunless for the invite!
    For anyone wondering, 8 days after this was recorded I just got my GC rewards from 2s, I'm nearly 1500 too :)

    • YellowLemons
      YellowLemons 2 days ago

      @Alex Triant probably satire
      honest to god i was stuck in d2 for a whole year than got really good matchups and got to c1

    • ROCKforeverFPS
      ROCKforeverFPS 3 days ago

      As the C3 I am I can't feel more proud of the skill you shown there bro, you're amazing!

    • YellowLemons
      YellowLemons 19 days ago

      @re is this satire??

    • Venom
      Venom Month ago

      @zilik 444 ur probably bronze lol

    • אופיר לשם-לוין
      אופיר לשם-לוין Month ago

      You peaked hard

  • Exum
    Exum 3 months ago +4

    3v1 is brutal, would be great to see a 2v1 version starting from plat, daniel did incredible

  • Yhorm
    Yhorm 3 months ago +9

    Sunlesses reaction to that air dribble in the c3 game was so genuine I love it

  • Stephan Leeuwner
    Stephan Leeuwner 3 months ago +7

    Hey Sunless, this was good RL commentary! Better than in the past :)

      PULKIT PRAJAPAT Month ago

      ngl that was the worst commentary I have ever heard

  • Alexander Gauthier
    Alexander Gauthier 3 months ago

    Really excited to see what this absolutely insane new talent can do alongside arsenal and retals, great squad. Excited to catch those SSG vs NRG games gonna be great back and forths

  • Nathan Johnson
    Nathan Johnson 3 months ago +1709

    Daniel is actually just a being from another dimension sent here to show us how to actually play rocket league

    • Kelly Jo Thompson
      Kelly Jo Thompson Month ago

      Best comment ever

    • The Runaway Kid
      The Runaway Kid Month ago

      Why didn’t they try and demo him??

    • ThatOnePinetree
      ThatOnePinetree 3 months ago

      @Zack Carter nah, I’ve seen the other pros but Daniel is on another level of consistency. His first touches and ability to read the ball is something I’ve never seen before

    • BlueFlames
      BlueFlames 3 months ago

      Like jstn?

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue 3 months ago +2

    Ive never dropped my jaw so many times watching a pro. Absolutely insane

  • PoisonStone
    PoisonStone 3 months ago +3

    Your videos always end so abruptly its jarring but fresh I appreciate that. Would have loved to hear Daniel's thoughts and feelings but nonetheless, ggs.

  • C Pat
    C Pat 3 months ago

    Is crazy to think we watched Daniel grow so much from all the times we seen him in all the pros youtube videos as a random teammate and now he's just sauce we are so proud of him

  • Sakred
    Sakred 23 days ago

    Gotta love sunless... his reactions are so blown away lol even he's almost speechless...

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 3 months ago +1201

    As a fellow Daniel, we our glad he’s representing us.

    • Danimation
      Danimation Month ago

      @ZloDan hi

    • Substxnces _
      Substxnces _ 3 months ago

      Also as a Daniel I’m glad he representing us!

    • Fusilli
      Fusilli 3 months ago


    • Angry Shift
      Angry Shift 3 months ago

      Sunless Just Hyping those Daniel vibes the whole time

    • Yannini
      Yannini 3 months ago

      lets go daniels unite

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart Month ago +3

    Went back to rewatch this banger and had a idea. Itd be awesome to watch someone like Daniel start in a 1v1 against a bronze and do a game to 5 goals and every game another player gets added thats 1 rank higher and see how many ranks could be beaten at one time

  • Eric Zetterman
    Eric Zetterman 3 months ago +2

    I would Love to see the pros have more than One try or "lives" when playing these ranked players. Pros biggest strength are their ability to adapt, would Love to see that on display. But regardless, great video!

  • Zack Hobbs
    Zack Hobbs 2 months ago +2

    I would love to be in one of your videos! I'm not a great player by any means but, holy hell it looks like a lot of fun and I would enjoy watching/playing against tough opponents

  • SirRedPnda
    SirRedPnda 3 months ago +2

    French analyst and caster Fuury has been doing this for about a year with almost every French pro/semi pro. I think Zen is the only player that went on to beat the GCs

  • MemerMan
    MemerMan 3 months ago +480

    Wow, my guess was he’ll beat the diamonds and maybe the champs but i did not expect it, wp

    • Tom
      Tom 3 months ago

      Ayo Memerman plays RL?

    • shaun
      shaun  3 months ago

      @vae he plays rl, saw his new vid?

    • g r a y s o n
      g r a y s o n 3 months ago

      wait memer man you play rl? im subbed to you

    • painkiller
      painkiller 3 months ago +1

      Holy memerman is here wth

    • Vasilios _
      Vasilios _ 3 months ago +1

      Hi memerman

  • black hole games
    black hole games 9 days ago

    The 30 seconds before the 4th goal against silvers really amazes me, Daniels incredible in the air and on the ground

  • Talapoin27
    Talapoin27 3 months ago +1

    I loved the concept of this video and it was really entertaining!! Im a diamond and i was super impressed how big of a difference the champ and the diamond match was, I’ve got a ways to go till I’m at that level!

  • peterhobo
    peterhobo 3 months ago +1

    Glad to see my fellow plats struggle the same way I do 😂

  • Eye shield21
    Eye shield21 3 months ago +64

    Sunless: « dont know if someone has ever beat 3 champs before ».
    Zen(who beat 3 GCs): « Am I a joke to you? »

    • Incognito
      Incognito 20 days ago

      @Mihir Lalbeharie Yeah Yeah an excuse. They were GC, just facts :)

    • msft!
      msft! Month ago

      what vid

    • Mihir Lalbeharie
      Mihir Lalbeharie 3 months ago +5

      I watched that, ZEN wasn't playing GCs as good as these guys in this video were.

  • Crimsonz
    Crimsonz 3 months ago +607

    Watching Daniel play makes the game actually look fun…
    From his perspective that is.

    • creamy pakkas
      creamy pakkas 5 days ago

      @UgotJinxxed same with me in rl lol got gc season 3 but now only really play casual

    • xanaza
      xanaza 9 days ago

      @Cully MacPherson no lol

    • UgotJinxxed
      UgotJinxxed 13 days ago +1

      thats what I think about fn it sucks now and isn't fun but when I see pros it looks so easy and looks fun and I try but only get sweaty weirdos like I am pretty good but their playstyles are so weird lol the only reason I got good is to play tourneys.

  • Benjamin Ross
    Benjamin Ross 3 months ago

    That was awesome, extreme respect my new favourite player to watch

  • DfromtheSCC
    DfromtheSCC 2 months ago

    @6:51 perfectly timed teambump at the moment sunless says "They've got to be kicking themselves" hahahaaa

  • Inshal
    Inshal 3 months ago

    Keep up the good work!

  • VNCXFilms
    VNCXFilms Month ago

    Holy crap, Daniel is just cracked! I actually thought he will lose against the Champs, but that 0 scnd goal was amazing, very precise shots and setups off the wall

  • Danstry
    Danstry 3 months ago +749

    I like how Daniel doesn’t ignore chat like most pros, even if Daniel scored a goal which he sees as nothing special but his opponents compliment him, he still says thanks

    • Ben climo
      Ben climo 3 months ago +2

      @Lucid I'm not surprised he has a massive ego though. You have to be very strong minded for it not to go to your head with how much praise he's getting. With fans and commentators saying Daniel this or that, saying he's gonna be the best player in rocket league etc for most people it would become almost impossible to stay humble in that scenario.

    • Ben climo
      Ben climo 3 months ago +1

      @Lucid know that feeling unfortunately. My team/friends tried to go pro in sim racing and booted me off the team and ignored me completely out of the blue.

    • Cam R.
      Cam R. 3 months ago

      How do you people not see that clown pigeonyboi writing “WP” at the end of the match.

    • areese jones
      areese jones 3 months ago

      Manners go a long way

    • Lucid
      Lucid 3 months ago +3

      @YumSoup i was friends with him for years on steam and used to play with him. when he started getting popular he started ignoring me and soon after deleted me off his friends list

  • Jared Champagne
    Jared Champagne 3 months ago +32

    I just cant grasp or comprehend how someone can be this good at this game, the amount of precision and just pure perfection needed to do these moves...raw talent. No random person can practice and get this good. Hes just gifted.

    • Jared Champagne
      Jared Champagne 2 months ago

      @No name you misunderstood what I said. Just like how there are thousands of NFL players, they are all gifted, you couldn’t take an average person and have them practice to get that good. The same can be said about this skill, the average person could not just train to get this good, a lot of talent and concentration is involved that cannot be taught.

    • No name
      No name 2 months ago +2

      @Jared Champagne Kinda not true though, considering how many pro players there are and how many could beat or equal Daniels skills.... So too say "no one could do it" is clearly not true and every single one of them are there from many many hours of practice

    • Jared Champagne
      Jared Champagne 3 months ago +1

      The majority of people will never be this good, no matter how much they train. Just like no amount of training will make someone as good as Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers. Raw talent.

    • Rage Gaze
      Rage Gaze 3 months ago

      brain damage

    • Learpcs
      Learpcs 3 months ago +8

      meanwhile pro training in rocket league for 8 hours straight everyday: "yep he's gifted"

  • Pinkzki
    Pinkzki 14 days ago

    They way he shit on Diamonds and the fact he beat champs, literally just amazing. I was betting he was going to struggle with diamonds but he dominated. I told myself if he beats champs he’s a god, and surely he beat them in a godly fashion! Well done good sir

  • laskin riubn
    laskin riubn 3 months ago

    I'm definitely going to be putting this on in the background when I play to hype myself up!

  • Mathieu Ferron
    Mathieu Ferron 3 months ago

    I'd love to try one of your challenges someday. I play once a month but I still stand around d1 to d3 in 2s and 3s. Is there any place I can see whenever he needs someone?

  • peanguin
    peanguin 3 months ago

    Sunless just put lost of videos into one, a masterpiece I tell you

  • Damien Desroches
    Damien Desroches Month ago

    I love how the plats were what a saving each other after they got scored one by a musty flip reset💀💀

  • twerkituntilyoumakeit
    twerkituntilyoumakeit 3 months ago

    love that the "What a save!" came out during the plat run

  • Uriel Ayala
    Uriel Ayala 3 months ago

    I love how plats are losing so badly and still What a save!

  • Loyal_Prince
    Loyal_Prince 3 months ago +747

    He definitely left his mark in RLCS. He was an absolute beast in that event and I enjoyed every game he played in.

    • Daniel O'Flynn
      Daniel O'Flynn 3 months ago

      Thank you my guy , means a lot 🙏

    • EzGray.
      EzGray. 3 months ago

      No doubt bro…😳

    • Bb2EzPEEZY
      Bb2EzPEEZY 3 months ago +1

      @cfrl Yea true

    • cfrl
      cfrl 3 months ago +1

      @Bb2EzPEEZY that’s why I said “I think you meant ‘definitely’”

    • xXBenplayz V2
      xXBenplayz V2 3 months ago +1

      @Loyal_Prince oh ok thanks i understand

  • Just a prick doing Prick things

    I feel like we're watching a gladiator match. "A gladiator vs 3 unarmed peasants" I love this joke so much lmao.

  • Best RL player ever
    Best RL player ever 3 months ago

    @6:05 Bro this part had me 💀💀💀 Pops the ball up at the goal line to see if they can score and they whiff🤣🤣🤣

  • gaming ZABRAK
    gaming ZABRAK 3 months ago +1

    14:51 the timing on the beats were insane

  • Kirill Erofeev
    Kirill Erofeev 3 months ago

    Daniel is playing on the edge of perfection

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown 3 months ago +378

    I loved how Sunless is hyped during the 1st game when we already know a Pro can beat 7 silvers 😂

    • Yodit Wolde
      Yodit Wolde 3 months ago

      @Mushfiqur Rahman oh sorry

    • Christian Gray
      Christian Gray 3 months ago +1

      Yeah but his consistency with those crazy mechanical shots was crazy

    • Mushfiqur Rahman
      Mushfiqur Rahman 3 months ago +25

      @Yodit Wolde that was sunless's video, i believe Aztral was the pro

    • Yodit Wolde
      Yodit Wolde 3 months ago +5

      In a musty video a pro beat like 20 silvers

  • annag cocl
    annag cocl 3 months ago

    I remember seeing Daniel in games when watching leth back in season 1, leth called him one of the biggest rank grinders and now look at him

  • AJ Sparten1337
    AJ Sparten1337 Month ago

    I would’ve liked to see him play against three SSLs just for the laughs since he he almost made that far. Very impressive nonetheless.

  • Claira-𝐹**СК МЕ - СНЕ𝒞𝒦 𝑀𝒴 Р𝑅𝟢𝐹𝐼𝐿Е

    I feel like I haven't seen anyone be SO consistent with their first touches. Wildly good.

  • Evan Collins
    Evan Collins 3 months ago

    ““Nice shot” from Daniel after getting “what a save”d” 😂😂😂

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht 3 months ago

    Sunless's commentary went from "for this video" to actually admiring Daniel's gameplay the whole time 😂👍

    • Tears_Of_Asariel
      Tears_Of_Asariel 3 months ago

      commenting the exact same thing that another person did from 5 days ago isnt a good look... just sayin..

  • Hillo David
    Hillo David 3 months ago

    This video had me DYING laughing.

  • Sugma Digg
    Sugma Digg 3 months ago

    As a fellow Daniel, we our glad he’s representing us.

  • Feels Good
    Feels Good 3 months ago

    Daniel offering the silvers a goal for the brazil. Hilarious haha

  • Griff Dale
    Griff Dale 3 months ago +327

    This is so much harder than it looks, I was in the Plat game and it was clear almost instantly we didn’t stand a chance. I’m down for a video any time Sunless! -ConfusedPanda3

    • Danie Amos-Phillips
      Danie Amos-Phillips 3 months ago

      @Griff Dale my bad I forgot to add u. This Friday can I add u this one

    • 2Fine4Music
      2Fine4Music 3 months ago +1

      Can we do a 1v1 or maybe 2's sometime? sUpremeRuLLz is my user

    • Héctor Audelo
      Héctor Audelo 3 months ago +1

      @Griff Dale lol yeah sorry bout that, just that I can’t currently that’s why.

    • Big Mike
      Big Mike 3 months ago +1

      this has got to be the most active 1v1 comments ive seen

  • Bill Burr
    Bill Burr 3 months ago

    one of the most impressive videos ive seen from a rocket league player

  • watcha doing boah
    watcha doing boah 3 months ago +1

    Love when he said a gladiator against 3 unarmed peasants

  • Jens Bentsen
    Jens Bentsen 3 months ago

    Daniel congrats to you for getting as good as you are at Car Soccer your an epic player, very fun to watch..
    Like sunless said going up against 2 even 3 of a rank under you is pretty much impossible..
    I’m plat and I can barely even take on 2 golds so I definitely can’t take on 3 golds..
    Anyway Daniel I wish you all the best keep up the great work.. 👍😎

  • MuddledOgre529
    MuddledOgre529 2 months ago

    i love how sunlees being so rough to bronzes lol

  • SoloCoffee 's
    SoloCoffee 's 3 months ago

    the first three match-ups could've been much shorter imo, maybe a supporting concept/challenge would've helped (e.g. scoring specific goals).

  • dysurian
    dysurian Month ago

    Daniel plays like he’s tool-assisted. Insane.

  • Peyton McNichol
    Peyton McNichol 3 months ago

    As a plat missing the easy open net is all too real😭 “that’s so plat” made me laugh

  • Black
    Black 3 months ago +2

    I remember forky repeatedly being suffocated in 1v1s on multiple streams against a kid named Daniel who was also trolling him in voice comms....is this the same Daniel ?

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 3 months ago +821

    This is so much harder than it looks

  • LBX
    LBX 22 days ago

    Sunless:” I don’t think anyone has beaten 2 GCs”
    Also sunless: does a 1v2 against 2 GCs in a toxic player video and destroys them

  • Pho Nguyen
    Pho Nguyen 5 days ago +1

    The champ game was like watching UCL Finals or WM Finals 🔥🔥🔥Holy Cow!

  • Joel Shibu
    Joel Shibu 3 months ago

    Daniel actually insane wtf so consistent no stall flip resets!

  • Toronto Raptors
    Toronto Raptors Month ago +2

    daniel: looks at the ball
    sunless : "no way!! the mechanical display is insane!!"

  • SeaDee
    SeaDee 3 months ago +190

    Nah this guy is just too robotic everything he does seems like its been run through thousands of calculations to be so precise and perfect. What a prodigy!

    • Clayton Wood
      Clayton Wood 3 months ago +2

      @Cam R. tf are u ranting ab bro

    • Chandler H
      Chandler H 3 months ago +4

      10:21 I thought the same thing right here. It may be subtle but even the way he comes off that wall to set himself up for the triple reset is so perfect. Insane talent and skill and he just started his career.

  • Dave Ressman
    Dave Ressman Month ago

    Wish I could destroy people in RL like that lmao Jesus this guy is amazing

  • NW B
    NW B 3 months ago

    wish I could’ve represented my rank against Daniel 😂

  • Ray Breeden
    Ray Breeden Month ago

    He is a great player and is going to make a huge splash in RLCS, especially once he hits the chance to play with better teammates. My ? Is can he beat 7 golds/silvers like jstn did?

  • nico 33
    nico 33 3 months ago +1

    zen already beatted GC in a insane match.
    but daniel is also an insane player

  • Sirlp
    Sirlp 3 months ago +225

    Dan is the only pro I see responding to his opponents such a nice guy ngl all love to Dan bro 😎

    • angeldelaflor
      angeldelaflor 3 months ago

      @Unknown X LMAO

    • Unknown X
      Unknown X 3 months ago +3

      @angeldelaflor you really said squishy ? That man doesn’t even say GGs

    • angeldelaflor
      angeldelaflor 3 months ago

      @Mauricio Landos yea bc he lets his actions do the work u saw what happened to first and retals

    • Mauricio Landos
      Mauricio Landos 3 months ago +3

      @angeldelaflor lol squishy ignores them most of the time

    • Jack Beer
      Jack Beer 3 months ago +7

      Should watch the comms videos retals puts up, they all just vibin having a good time, it's really nice to see those three get along so well.

  • shawn einspahr
    shawn einspahr 3 months ago

    Daniel is on so many different levels it's insane.

  • Wavestorm
    Wavestorm 3 months ago

    Watching him play is like being in free play and other people just happen to be there

  • Winter Nights
    Winter Nights Month ago

    I was impressed that the silvers had enough game sense to bump early

  • cloakk3
    cloakk3 3 months ago

    literally in shock that champ game was amazing

  • Serafim Gtz
    Serafim Gtz 3 months ago +217

    sunless: i dont think someone has ever beaten 2 gcs
    scrubkilla: am i a joke to you

    • David Jovanov
      David Jovanov 3 months ago

      @sm173r they were

    • Stevii
      Stevii 3 months ago

      @sm173r go check their tracker then ? Sunless post a picture of them yesterday. But at the moment of the Zen’s videos they were GC1-GC2. Go check by yourself (or if you don’t go check Sunless reply)

    • SusNoJutsu
      SusNoJutsu 3 months ago

      ​@J A. R According to rocket league stats there's a very high chance that you're not gc so I'm going to say my next statement with the assumption that you're not a gc. There's a reason they reached gc and not you. Just because they don't have flashy mechanics doesn't they're not gc. If you watch closely at what they're doing well such as powershots, rotations, etc. then you watch you're own replay, you'll notice the differene.

    • Eruptrl
      Eruptrl 3 months ago

      @J A. R Bro they are grand champ look at the video

    • Matthieu Gourdon
      Matthieu Gourdon 3 months ago

      @sm173r Nop low GC but still GC, check their tracker when the video was recorded

  • Kodi Platt
    Kodi Platt 3 months ago

    Sunless: "The skill difference between the own-goaling silvers and a mastermind is shocking" lol

  • Gru
    Gru 3 months ago +1

    sunless: i dont think anyone has beaten 2 gcs before
    me: you literally beat 2 gcs

  • DanO
    DanO 3 months ago

    Hey man how about a video on “High Fives”? Or poll the pros on what their next most played game is after RL.

  • Zappa Davids
    Zappa Davids 3 months ago

    I think after seeing this video i think Daniel will be the absolute GOAT of Rocket League in the future.

  • Marc LM
    Marc LM 3 months ago

    This guy get triple flip resers more consistent than freestilers. Wow!!! He is so mecanical and smart. A mashine. Ahmad and Daniel are beasts!

  • Alec Warda
    Alec Warda Month ago

    This is actually the most impressive rocket league I have ever seen

  • Bruce Horton
    Bruce Horton 3 months ago

    Daniel is a MOSTER!? Great video, you make amazing content sunless. Much love.

  • anime god
    anime god 3 months ago

    This truly puts a smile on my face

  • Collin Edgington
    Collin Edgington 3 months ago +284

    “I don’t think anyone has beaten 2 grand champs”
    Scrub: is my 1v2 series a joke to you?

    • Saima Khan
      Saima Khan 3 months ago

      musty won 1 in his Bo3

    • André Pires
      André Pires  3 months ago +1

      @Andrew D well, scrub beat high gc3's xd

    • Andrew D
      Andrew D 3 months ago

      @Scuba Steve definitely depends what level of GC though, low gc1 is a huge difference from high gc2

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo 3 months ago

      @Dang Daniel played 1s tho

    • Dang
      Dang 3 months ago

      @Scuba Steve no I think that comes with 1s experience.. scrub is known for being good at 1s that makes it a lot easier to 1v2 people and not every pro even plays 1s

  • Dreyer Boy HD
    Dreyer Boy HD 2 months ago

    Daniel we get it your good and I'm glad you are on ssg

  • Brandon Nickerson
    Brandon Nickerson 3 months ago

    That dunk on the champ short bus...damn. 🤣

  • Dwayne Smith
    Dwayne Smith 15 days ago

    As a champ player I can definitively say I would have gotten scored on with that 0 second goal as well.

  • iKELL
    iKELL 12 days ago

    What a performance from Daniel!

  • Philip Landers
    Philip Landers 3 months ago +114

    Sunless's commentary went from "for this video" to actually just admiring Daniel's gameplay the whole time 😂👍

  • And3sIte
    And3sIte 19 days ago

    He converts his mechanical skills to goals like how text to speech does

  • the king of chaos
    the king of chaos 2 months ago +1

    He makes this game look so easy

  • toijg avnnr
    toijg avnnr 3 months ago

    sunless: i dont think someone has ever beaten 2 gcs scrubkilla: am i a joke to you