Testing Eyeliner Hack Products

  • Published on Apr 19, 2017
  • I tested out 3 different cat-eye wing eyeliner hack products! The Vamp Stamp, The Liner Designer, and Eye Candy Stencils! Because I need all the help I can get when it comes to getting even eyeliner... Which one do you guys think came out on top? What other beauty hack products should I try next?
    The Vamp Stamp: thevampstamp.com/
    Eye Candy Stencils: bethbenderbeauty.com/best-smoky-eyeliner-eyeshadow-kits/eye-candy-eyeliner-stencils.html
    Liner Designer: www.sephora.com/liner-designer-pro-P410168
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +7142

    LOVE YOU GUYS! sorry for the delay, it's been quite a week! also, sorry for the bit of tinny audio in the middle there, not quite sure what was up - if my adobe audition was acting up or what... i'm going to get new mics very soon so hopefully that won't be a problem anymore! what do you guys think of the products?? would you use any of these?

    • Jdj Dfg
      Jdj Dfg 4 months ago

      Its not a priblem anymore!!

    • BellaArtGeek
      BellaArtGeek 9 months ago

      Safiya Nygaard call it the Tri-eyeliner tournament (like Harry Potter)

    • Alicia Lonsdale
      Alicia Lonsdale 9 months ago

      ItS nOt A pRoBlEm AnYmOrE!
      (Sorry i like cristine πŸ˜‚)

    • withintheshyness
      withintheshyness 9 months ago

      That first hack is just a guitar pick

  • Valeria Vasquez
    Valeria Vasquez 2 days ago +1


  • Katelyn
    Katelyn 2 days ago

    The vamp stamp also makes a cut crease kit! It would be so cool if you tried that out and show us your impression of it 😍 I want that stamp now πŸ˜‚

  • Sydney Thomas
    Sydney Thomas 5 days ago

    I can really pull off a cat-eyed liner because my eye lids are uneven.

  • Autumn Queen Mangle Wild

    I'm waiting for the "I do my boyfriends makeup for a week" and "I try cosplay for a day"

  • Dark Cookiequeen
    Dark Cookiequeen 9 days ago

    EFFIE TRINKET... I think I love that film

  • Kay-Kay
    Kay-Kay 13 days ago +1

    Tyler is such an amazing boyfriend, Saf you're so lucky-

  • Luce With Love
    Luce With Love 13 days ago

    Sooo... the first one is basically a $16 guitar pick? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Eca Wasp
    Eca Wasp 14 days ago

    Lol Ty was pretty entertaining at the end XD

  • Lindsay Doyle-Fisher
    Lindsay Doyle-Fisher 15 days ago +1

    you should do your makeup routine on tyler

  • Madison Glass
    Madison Glass 16 days ago

    I liked the vamp stamp the best

  • anime is da best
    anime is da best 17 days ago

    Vamp yo stamp

  • Natalie ._.
    Natalie ._. 17 days ago

    Safyas intro: duh nuh nah dun nuh nuh nah nah nah
    Captions: funky music

  • a cup of tae
    a cup of tae 19 days ago

    why tyler was much more preetier than you:)

  • Annie1962
    Annie1962 23 days ago

    what a waste of plastic with those stencils. I bet that you will always go back to free hand.

  • Melissa Castle
    Melissa Castle 23 days ago

    And of course I’m very late and they don’t make that lipstick color anymore 😭

  • Beans McGoo
    Beans McGoo 26 days ago

    maybe the rule of the stencil was like using nail vinyls - you gotta peel while it's still wet

  • Theearlynovamber ;
    Theearlynovamber ; 27 days ago +1

    The stencil look, looks so good on you. Thicker looks beautiful on you!

  • Sarmistha Aich
    Sarmistha Aich 28 days ago

    Tyler looked so cute! 😻

  • park mochi
    park mochi Month ago


  • Flo FG
    Flo FG Month ago

    Tyler and Julien are what non toxic masculinity looks like πŸ‘ŒπŸ’œ

  • Noosa House of Dance
    Noosa House of Dance Month ago +1

    You should try the quick flick! Made by an Aussie girl! So good

  • Angel Ramos
    Angel Ramos Month ago

    Do one to get free makeup samples

  • Kayla Clark
    Kayla Clark Month ago

    I got that beauty blender guitar pick inside a Christmas box from Sephora n I use it to line the bottom line to my cat eye only I didn’t even know you were supposed to use both sides. But doing it to line the bottom has made my wings look so good

  • sarah borrink
    sarah borrink Month ago

    I've actually recently stopped using eyeliner because I have somewhat deep set eyes. So, no matter what product I use (pencil, gel, liquid), I end up with a dark line on the upper part of my eyelid.

  • Abigail459
    Abigail459 Month ago

    Dammit I love Tyler. Wishing you both the best ❀

  • Inga Rose Steiner
    Inga Rose Steiner Month ago +1

    ⚑Tri-liner Tournament! ⚑

  • Sxnsxts
    Sxnsxts Month ago

    looking at tyler with eyeliner, i think he would look good as a drag queen

  • U.G.L.L.Y.
    U.G.L.L.Y. Month ago

    I use The Quick Flick!

  • Anna Z
    Anna Z Month ago

    perfect cat eye HWING

  • samantha maskell
    samantha maskell Month ago

    10:55 I love his Tyler's faces in this clip. πŸ˜‚
    I quote this "me when I have pizza"

  • Nico
    Nico 2 months ago

    There looks like he should be in a k-pop groop

  • Ridlinrin
    Ridlinrin 2 months ago

    I love how he was defensive of his make-up skills

  • Dean Williams
    Dean Williams 2 months ago

    Wouldn't be surprised if Tyler eventually becomes a full fledged drag queen.

  • Body Language Boss - RB Kelly

    So, the first one made the angle uniform, and the Vamp Stamp made the size, length, and width uniform - so why not use the Vamp Stamp and the guitar pick together?

  • NailArt IsAScience
    NailArt IsAScience 2 months ago


  • 100k subscribers wothout a video challenge!

    *this is the first video i watch of this channel*
    Her: HEY, FRIENDS!!!!
    Me: who is you

  • Mishelle Ch.
    Mishelle Ch. 2 months ago +1

    sorry for doubting Tyler's makeup skills, he did a good job there and dude looks cute with that eyeliner

    still waiting for the matching makeup week tho

  • casey
    casey 2 months ago

    Damn Tyler looks GOOD in eyeliner

  • cilstr
    cilstr 2 months ago

    theres a new aussie product/stamp out now that is pre inked! (like a pen)

  • Laila Goe
    Laila Goe 2 months ago


  • Angel Mossman
    Angel Mossman 2 months ago

    The last one, the sticker one, looked really good. I enjoy your videos and tips. 😘😘

  • Jendayi
    Jendayi 2 months ago

    I like the stencil


    1. i woke up
    2. i saw safiya
    3. i hugged her
    4. i cried

    the real order was 2., 3., 1., 4...

  • Krystal Rey Photo
    Krystal Rey Photo 2 months ago

    Tyler is so cool πŸ˜„ He does everything

  • Amer barznjy
    Amer barznjy 2 months ago

    Tyler looks so cute when he has eyeliner onπŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • Madison Harvie
    Madison Harvie 2 months ago

    My personal preference is putting tape at the right angle and the just go ham quoting safiya

  • Lux0rd
    Lux0rd 2 months ago

    I wanna see the vamp stamp with a liquid liner to see if the ink is essential or not

  • Sara Anne Willette
    Sara Anne Willette 3 months ago

    I live for my Vamp Stamp.

  • Anna Matz
    Anna Matz 3 months ago +1

    you missed out on a chance to say the tri-liner tournament

  • Lou Nielsen
    Lou Nielsen 3 months ago

    Please do Tyler’s makeup or have some guru do it I NEED to see Tyler in a full face

  • Rachey Roo
    Rachey Roo 3 months ago +1

    I’m so disappointed she didn’t call this video the Tri-Liner Tournament...

  • Rachey Roo
    Rachey Roo 3 months ago +1

    Welcome to the Tri-Liner Tournament

  • That OTTER Girl
    That OTTER Girl 3 months ago

    Your eye liner isn't completely symmetrical, but it rhymes.

  • Brooke Ansell
    Brooke Ansell 3 months ago

    This is why i only do anime cosplay liner (mostly)

  • E. Betzen
    E. Betzen 3 months ago

    I'm so interested in these types of products. I've done my make up for years but my hands have always been too shaky for eyeliner. Might have to try the vamp stamp out.

  • nikiichan
    nikiichan 3 months ago

    I bought this eyeliner from Wish that had eyeliner on one side and the other side is sort of a stamp that stamps on the wing part. It came with some eyeshadow stencils that look like a black cat. I didnt use the stencils because I dont have enough eye space for fancy eyeshadow looks but the stamp was fun to use.

  • Shadow Gacha!
    Shadow Gacha! 3 months ago

    I really need a funny video to watch, been crying for 20 minutes because of an anime lol.

  • Ashley Kappelman
    Ashley Kappelman 3 months ago +4

    I love how open Tyler is to doing things like putting on makeup, wearing Saf's clothes, doing her makeup, etc. He's just like, yeah this seems cool I wanna try πŸ˜‚

  • Missy Shiv ΰ₯
    Missy Shiv ΰ₯ 3 months ago

    😍 My beauty guru❀️ Whatever you do , YOU always look great!