• Published on Sep 10, 2017
  • the magic of a musical gift
    thank you post, thank you postmates
    88 is double happiness
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  • VNM Dvsnflow
    VNM Dvsnflow Day ago +1

    And I’m still waiting for a song, post Malone x rich Brian

  • Kensox
    Kensox Day ago

    Why did nobody comment this masterpiece yet?

  • pooppoo
    pooppoo 11 days ago

    Why is rich Brian struggling like he doesn't know the lyrics to his own songs

  • Mah Debz
    Mah Debz 17 days ago

    💙 🎂 💙

  • Confuze Dani
    Confuze Dani 25 days ago

    post malone emang orangnya baik banget, lucu juga hehe...rendah hati..gak sombong....lagunya enak2

  • Nutpakorn Thongarunesaeng

    “There’s a lot of cameras here. We’ll talk about it later” lol wtf

  • Ahmad Suryadi
    Ahmad Suryadi 27 days ago


  • Farizi Official
    Farizi Official Month ago +1

    He from Indonesia my country

  • Gavino Lopez
    Gavino Lopez Month ago

    1:31 Post looking like a proud father 😂

  • hellolamby
    hellolamby Month ago

    Stands there awkwardly holding the cake...

  • Nason The Beat
    Nason The Beat Month ago +1

    2:06 legend says post Malone fucked the shit out of rich chigga shortly after

  • Nason The Beat
    Nason The Beat Month ago

    1:31 Post Malone the type of dude that would be breaking his neck while singing at church

  • Nason The Beat
    Nason The Beat Month ago

    0:38 How can you say something so simple like “I did this” with so much swag

  • Abby Southida Tutorials

    I mean, we usually sing Happy Birthday, but okay

  • Dmitry Tao
    Dmitry Tao 2 months ago

    this is so cool and damn kind, waow

  • r m
    r m 2 months ago

    their friendship is so purrreeee

    PUUMMM TV 2 months ago

    Hbd rich

  • Luã Araújo
    Luã Araújo 2 months ago

    Name of music ?

  • Leobad404 ™
    Leobad404 ™ 2 months ago

    Happy birthday brian

  • Sekolah di YouTube
    Sekolah di YouTube 2 months ago

    18 age from and born in INDONESIA

  • Anya Dewi
    Anya Dewi 2 months ago


  • afif adiputra
    afif adiputra 2 months ago


  • Valentino Reza
    Valentino Reza 2 months ago

    Selamat ulang tahun rich Brian , panjang umur dan sehat selalu, selalu menjadi kebanggaan Indonesia broo

  • Muhammad Bayu
    Muhammad Bayu 2 months ago

    2018 4 December?? from Indonesian 🙏👍

  • Momogi9946
    Momogi9946 2 months ago

    Hello i am from indonesia, and brian imanuel too....

  • Jarel17-
    Jarel17- 2 months ago

    This is the most lit Birthday ever 😂🔥🔥🔥👌

  • Eko Gembod
    Eko Gembod 2 months ago

    Happybritsday bero

  • iwan Iwan
    iwan Iwan 2 months ago +1

    Post malone is a good guy

  • Heri Suparman
    Heri Suparman 2 months ago


  • Reno Kuswoyo
    Reno Kuswoyo 3 months ago +1

    Wah bangga saya 👌 saya fans post malone

  • Jeje the fuckplorer Coustic

    Post malone bromance

  • super craft
    super craft 4 months ago


  • watchmerockher1
    watchmerockher1 4 months ago

    What song were they singing?

    • Ass hole
      Ass hole 2 months ago +1

      Rich brian - glow like dat

  • Irrelevant Donkey123
    Irrelevant Donkey123 4 months ago +1

    New school rapper surprises mumble rapper

  • Lil Yikes
    Lil Yikes 4 months ago

    Rich x Post? When

  • Kurururu Ruru
    Kurururu Ruru 4 months ago


  • The M&M Mikey and Maxy
    The M&M Mikey and Maxy 5 months ago

    I've never seen more humble or cooler guy than Posty in Hip-Hop scene.

  • Airborne 44
    Airborne 44 5 months ago

    They gay he just asked him when are they going to fuck

  • Stepanus Apil
    Stepanus Apil 5 months ago

    adek na Roy Leonardo 😂

  • Nopri adi Wijaya
    Nopri adi Wijaya 5 months ago +1


  • kaneki _kun
    kaneki _kun 5 months ago

    Pliss back to Indonesia rich Brian and vlog in indonesia

  • Brad Weasley
    Brad Weasley 5 months ago

    Damn, ricegum sitting with the big stars

  • Apall
    Apall 5 months ago

    Waiting for him to drop the cake

  • Northzy
    Northzy 5 months ago

    I just fuxking love post wish i had a friend like him


    Hbd chigga

  • 100 Ribu Subscriber Tanpa Video Chalenge

    Friendship without drama

  • Jin Raigami
    Jin Raigami 5 months ago

    payback time.

  • zzuni
    zzuni 5 months ago

    Can't believe a it's been a year since this vid

  • weston lowrey
    weston lowrey 5 months ago +1

    Getchu a friendship like theirs

  • Sepnando Pratama
    Sepnando Pratama 5 months ago

    idola gw dua2nya anjay

  • valentina sinaga
    valentina sinaga 5 months ago

    With postmas. Waw

  • f. c. barcelona
    f. c. barcelona 5 months ago

    I love his reaction, its a good friend

  • f. c. barcelona
    f. c. barcelona 5 months ago +1

    A beautiful gift glow like dat

  • Jency VVS
    Jency VVS 5 months ago

    This should be an actual version

    BLACK KING 5 months ago


  • abdul muiz
    abdul muiz 5 months ago

    When i look this, i'm crying i proud you bro

  • bang MN Mn
    bang MN Mn 5 months ago

    Brian Imanuel crazy guy from Indonesian,,fuck l Miss him

  • OREO G
    OREO G 6 months ago


  • Dinosaurdldl2 Vlogs
    Dinosaurdldl2 Vlogs 6 months ago

    Post malone and rich chggia do song

  • Daniel Culas
    Daniel Culas 6 months ago

    -Monka s moment-
    where gambino at?....

  • Mongmameen Miller
    Mongmameen Miller 6 months ago

    Wanna hear “glow like dat” in full version of this cover

  • Raskirf
    Raskirf 6 months ago +2

    Rich brian from Indonesian

  • Mahad
    Mahad 6 months ago

    glow like dat

  • 吴又昌
    吴又昌 6 months ago

    i was so scared of the cake would fall down 😂

  • Ima Salmaa
    Ima Salmaa 7 months ago

    Can't believe that post malone is tall

  • Ima Salmaa
    Ima Salmaa 7 months ago

    Rich brian is so lucky, got a surprise from post malone!

  • Reyhan Ardhana
    Reyhan Ardhana 7 months ago

    Post malone wow

  • Lil Will
    Lil Will 7 months ago

    why post so sweet and wonderful, goodness ( ˘ω˘ )
    i'd lose my ever loving shit if somebody did this for me

    it's my fucking birthday too, fuck . . .

    well when you all know me, it'll be amazing ♡

  • lais regina
    lais regina 8 months ago

    My love ❤❤❤

  • natasha simpsons
    natasha simpsons 8 months ago

    post malone looks like a dad making a birthday surprise for his son (brian) 😂❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • 471 .s
    471 .s 8 months ago

    selamat ulang tahun a...a..a..a

  • Desmon Simangunsong
    Desmon Simangunsong 8 months ago

    Rich Brian from Indonesia

  • Netox Mocker
    Netox Mocker 8 months ago

    a fuckin yellow doesnt knows a thing about this shit.. go press buttons on a console

  • Oprahsides Side
    Oprahsides Side 8 months ago

    Those are gospel singers cussing wow

  • Trapo Culiao
    Trapo Culiao 8 months ago

    wea linda por la chucha

  • GE User110505
    GE User110505 8 months ago


  • E딕스
    E딕스 8 months ago

    Glow like dat Rich B
    Hap birthday

  • rydimap
    rydimap 8 months ago


  • KaTe Channel
    KaTe Channel 8 months ago

    Indonesian Here??.

  • Foon
    Foon 8 months ago

    *Skrt! Skrt! Skrttt!!*

  • Kairo Ferreira
    Kairo Ferreira 8 months ago

    o Brian ali td sem jeito kkkkkkkkkk

  • Maria Lai Alesova
    Maria Lai Alesova 8 months ago

    Omggggg so cool!!!! Can't wait for song of that two guys!!!! Happy birthday rich brain 😎😊

  • 度 大頽
    度 大頽 8 months ago

    Two cool rapper guys

  • RichBull
    RichBull 8 months ago

    Proudd, its cool dont forget with you country.

    STEELMAKER STUDIO. 8 months ago

    Sick present !!!

  • Ing Kai wee
    Ing Kai wee 8 months ago

    We have 664 suckers.

  • Trisha Laren
    Trisha Laren 8 months ago

    the love was returned 😻🙊😻 I can't get enough of these two 👥

  • Tsa M
    Tsa M 8 months ago

    He is so young like me

  • Fatur Rahman
    Fatur Rahman 8 months ago

    I love her song

  • MVadly Channel
    MVadly Channel 8 months ago

    Nice friendship

  • Gusher Steez
    Gusher Steez 8 months ago

    um what are they singing

  • Coffee GROUNDS
    Coffee GROUNDS 8 months ago

    Ruby's just there like

  • farhan ari
    farhan ari 8 months ago

    To many legend in that video

  • 妲己
    妲己 8 months ago

    I wanna be post malone friend too

  • agness anderson
    agness anderson 8 months ago

    Post and Rich look like father and son

  • Its Radit
    Its Radit 8 months ago +1

    Selamat ulang tahun

  • multiple gaming
    multiple gaming 9 months ago

    They should make a song together

  • leo pratama
    leo pratama 9 months ago

    Dude WTF this My boy post malone

  • Achmet Shüsh
    Achmet Shüsh 9 months ago

    Post be my father please.

  • 柯宜伶
    柯宜伶 9 months ago

    Someone come and help him hold the cake😂