Ghoul Trooper *RETURNS* to Fortnite Store! (NEW SKINS)

  • Published on Oct 22, 2019
  • Fortnite Chapter 2 HALLOWEEN skins!
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Comments • 2 384

  • Ali-A
    Ali-A  Month ago +1022

    Who else is hyped for all these Halloween skins! 👻🙌🏻

  • Alec Larue
    Alec Larue Day ago

    I love that skin

  • Young Zombie
    Young Zombie 17 days ago

    You are a bot

  • DontAddMeNoobs
    DontAddMeNoobs 26 days ago


  • H3adsh1t
    H3adsh1t 27 days ago

    Lo encontre por google

  • Chris Samayoa
    Chris Samayoa Month ago

    3:26 it's in save the world too

  • Pupet the Plush
    Pupet the Plush Month ago

    exactly 1 week later, it returns

  • Chris Allen
    Chris Allen Month ago

    Plz give skin my name is mrego213

  • Asema
    Asema Month ago

    I dont know what Halloween is

  • Seseq Xx
    Seseq Xx Month ago

    Gift me Epic is seseq

  • Pupet the Plush
    Pupet the Plush Month ago

    If GT comes back, I’m going to ITF’s video and rating the item shop 5*

  • Michael Griffiths
    Michael Griffiths Month ago

    Bro I need it

  • Hamza Sayed Atta
    Hamza Sayed Atta Month ago

    You are cool

  • Altaccfora fortnitepro

    I'm getting goultrooper

  • Hamza Sayed Atta
    Hamza Sayed Atta Month ago

    You are cool

  • Scampy YT
    Scampy YT Month ago

    Man is still clickbaiting

  • Life On The Road
    Life On The Road Month ago +1

    Use code joogie when buying ghoul trooper

  • Gari Garic
    Gari Garic Month ago

    like for ghoul trooper back in shop 30 october!!!

  • Michele Lee
    Michele Lee Month ago

    btw LaunRl stole the thumb nail he's doing a live stream at the time of this comment was added

  • Bernard Sanders
    Bernard Sanders Month ago

    ali a bad

  • Valasjoten
    Valasjoten Month ago

    Im goated on the keys!

  • jr_noah_ _
    jr_noah_ _ Month ago

    Who looked and wondered why is he on pc

  • RNG Silents
    RNG Silents Month ago

    I’m hyped for Ghoul trooper to make her return to the item store

  • CoudyTMK JABATE18
    CoudyTMK JABATE18 Month ago

    And candy. Axe

  • CoudyTMK JABATE18
    CoudyTMK JABATE18 Month ago

    I am going to get ghoul trooper

  • Lil Pumprecords
    Lil Pumprecords Month ago

    I want it

  • Goomba Rule
    Goomba Rule Month ago

    6:29 It’s not the Scarlett Sickle it’s the skull sickle 🙄

  • Goomba Rule
    Goomba Rule Month ago

    Wait I haven’t watched Ali a in like 5 months
    Does he play on PC now?

    • Goomba Rule
      Goomba Rule 21 day ago

      I know it doesn’t matter, I just asked

    • Flor Zamora
      Flor Zamora Month ago

      I don't know and who even cares,he makes content and he is family friendly and that's all that matters

  • 다니엘
    다니엘 Month ago

    888 ( which is the amount of views)is a lucky asian number mostly in Chinese

  • Hugh Bissland
    Hugh Bissland Month ago

    I like wrath

  • Ferret45
    Ferret45 Month ago

    The OG variant looks terrible

  • luke Friend
    luke Friend Month ago

    Iv got the white skull trooper

  • Emperor Goro
    Emperor Goro Month ago

    I hit the like button twice. Implying I didn't like the video at all

  • Phantom Viper
    Phantom Viper Month ago

    I have ghoul tropper and the pink version. Hope they never re release the skin, skins should be rare, if everybody has everything it makes buying skins kind of lame. I dont have renegade raider and that's what makes it rare, I hope I never have access to it. I'm cool with having the ghoul trooper

  • EnVy Assault
    EnVy Assault Month ago

    I want decaying dribbler but I wanna wait to see if ghoul is comingggg

  • KillerPotatoZ
    KillerPotatoZ Month ago


  • The CrazyMonkey
    The CrazyMonkey Month ago +1

    Who else got the pink version of the ghoul trooper? ONLY OG’S CAN LIKE

    • Filip Kyrk
      Filip Kyrk Month ago +1

      The CrazyMonkey don’t have ghoul but i wish my mf merry marauder got a special og version.

  • Bhakti Patel
    Bhakti Patel Month ago

    If you a huge fan of alia Hit the subscribe button turn on the notification bell and give the video a huge big fat thumbs up
    If your a fan of MrFreshAsian Subscribe hit the notification bell and give a huge thumbs up to the video

  • Ryder Hart
    Ryder Hart Month ago

    me got ghoul trooper but i only use fish stick

  • Jamie Paton
    Jamie Paton Month ago


  • It's Alfaro
    It's Alfaro Month ago

    Epic needs to stop re-skins they take a skin and change the color I don't like paying for a skin that I already have just to get the new color

  • Monty Denton
    Monty Denton Month ago

    I hit the like button 9000000000000000000000 times

  • Buckle87
    Buckle87 Month ago

    I hit the like button so many times it ended out grey

  • Do you have 90 minutes?!?

    Teef Delirium

    F1R3 BAL3NCIAGA'S Month ago +1

    Please help me because I dont know which one to buy Ghoul Trooper or Skull Trooper

  • Angelique Bouwer
    Angelique Bouwer Month ago

    I love the dark rex, raptor, dark tricera ops and ghoul trooper

  • Ashton Reid
    Ashton Reid Month ago +1

    It will ruin ghoul trooper

  • Ashley Campbell
    Ashley Campbell Month ago

    I want the ghoul trooper

  • Squidkid _97
    Squidkid _97 Month ago

    Just because there’s a style doesn’t mean there’s proof it’s coming back. Think about the renegade raider

    CRABSY6 Month ago

    You should have said return to the shop soon

  • Ghost Rider
    Ghost Rider Month ago

    Check out channel GhostRider112405 and subscribe for new daily fortnite streams

  • Jazmin Usher
    Jazmin Usher Month ago

    I think that each season your refund tickets should reset like the amount ive spent which should of gone on rare skins that have come out is annoying :/

  • Yung-Henas
    Yung-Henas Month ago

    Lvl 114 Jesus u don’t go outside

  • purushottam vyas
    purushottam vyas Month ago +1

    Ali a- “it looks very zombie like”
    me- I say not

    • Blue Rabbit
      Blue Rabbit Month ago

      purushottam vyas I was first to like🙂

  • Minta
    Minta Month ago

    ali a is the best for a fortnite youtuber

  • Megamatt207
    Megamatt207 Month ago

    I want it so so much

  • BL 2509
    BL 2509 Month ago +1

    Small channel trying to grow! Only hv 18 subs. Plz check it out if ur interested.

  • BOSSNinjaking35
    BOSSNinjaking35 Month ago

    Who is getting the reaper picaxe to

  • Damian Martinez
    Damian Martinez Month ago

  • OvrCkdChkn
    OvrCkdChkn Month ago

    Is it just me or are the Halloween skins the best