How 'Bright' is Deadly Radiation?

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • I was curious how bright a deadly dose of radiation would be after I watched Chernobyl. Hopefully this video helps you visualize what a dangerous dose of radiation would look like.
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  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. Month ago +2995

    It's all fun and games until your skin starts peeling off and your DNA gets irrepairably damaged

    • mike WIZZ
      mike WIZZ 15 days ago

      Its only 3.6 roentgen

    • Galejro
      Galejro 16 days ago +1

      Skin peeling off is one thing. I'd personally wouldn't wanna get a total digestion tract necrosis. It gets into your head to know your entrails are already dead and rotting away while the rest is still alive... Literally dying inside.

    • Desmonetisação
      Desmonetisação 16 days ago +1

      @J Gilly how about you read 11 more comments?

    • J Gilly
      J Gilly 17 days ago

      @Desmonetisação no you really don't

    • Qexilber
      Qexilber 24 days ago

      could you do the same for cellphones and WiFi, Radio and other everyday items? Would be very interesting how those compare to lightbulbs etc.

  • Oskar Wyrwa
    Oskar Wyrwa 2 days ago +1

    435k views? Not great... Not terrible

  • Aaron Jumper
    Aaron Jumper 2 days ago

    I loved Chernobyl, it was the best tv series I’ve ever watched with the science and the entertainment!

  • joel arseneault
    joel arseneault 3 days ago

    It's good to see someone being scientific about the effects of radiation instead of using fear to attract attention.

  • Bob German.
    Bob German. 4 days ago +1

    Imagine a field trip to cherynoble. Teacher : and on our right we can see the elephants foot.

  • David Rissanen
    David Rissanen 4 days ago

    That was educational and u may not have blown anything up in the vid but you still blow my mind

  • nonothebot
    nonothebot 5 days ago

    Really very intersting and instructive. Thank you.

  • BMT 79
    BMT 79 5 days ago

    1:28 what is this editing

  • Ender Shadow10
    Ender Shadow10 6 days ago

    1:28: It's not actually on his computer lol

  • Professor_Chimp
    Professor_Chimp 6 days ago +1

    0:19 bIg OoF

  • Kirito
    Kirito 7 days ago

    I like your Nintendo 64 t-shirt

  • martinvarghese
    martinvarghese 7 days ago

    "i dint blow up anything today"

  • Direction and Magnitude

    Long story short that family died. 3:09

  • Omni king Zeno
    Omni king Zeno 10 days ago

    Ummm that thumbnail was very suspicious like LOOKS LIKE ONE OF MY RITUALS I DO ON A DAILY BAsis......

  • talon55130
    talon55130 11 days ago

    There are three main protections from radiation. Time, Distance, Shielding. Think of a large campfire. The closer you are the hotter it feels, The longer you're near it the hotter you get. If something gets between you and the fire the heat disappears. A camp fire is infra red radiation. Nuclear radiation? Get are far from it as possible with as many barriers between it and you.

  • Kapkan
    Kapkan 12 days ago

    Why is the thumbnail so cursed?

  • Josh Noneyabuissness
    Josh Noneyabuissness 12 days ago

    Its kinda a rule of thumb of mine to stay away from things that glow and I dont know why its glowing.

  • Bee friendly Or not
    Bee friendly Or not 13 days ago

    Y is the thumbnail 4 kids doing black magic on a light bulb

  • Hakeem Olijahwun
    Hakeem Olijahwun 13 days ago

    I am a computer freak 24 / 7 thanks to this video my eyes has BAGS and I am still young

  • mike WIZZ
    mike WIZZ 15 days ago

    0:56 Ahh i see, a man of culture

  • Steve Spivey
    Steve Spivey 16 days ago

    Now, you need to blow up a watermelon with radiation.

  • Rekt Excalibur
    Rekt Excalibur 18 days ago

    Why are there childs standing around me?

  • Nazar Derkach
    Nazar Derkach 18 days ago

    Well, I weigh 68 kilograms...
    Are you really telling me I'll get radiation poisoning after absorbing the equivalent of enough energy to heat 16.2 grams of water up by 1 degree Celsius?

  • awddrifter 02
    awddrifter 02 18 days ago

    Search "The Demon Core" on youtube. It was an accident during the Manhattan project that caused a small core to glow very bright, and gave several scientists lethal doses of radiation in less than a second. There's a good reenactment of the event in the movie "Fat Man and Little Boy"

  • Altiagr
    Altiagr 19 days ago

    Yeah, I can see TheXvid taking this down, finally having a reason.

  • ̷ ̴ ̸ɢ̸ʟ̶ɪ̸ᴛ̶ᴄ̶ʜ̷ ̶ ̶

    Should has said that this is only true for gamma radiation. Beta is not reaching ~1m and alpha radiation is not even reaching 3cm. For those two kinds of radiation the air is like a really dense and dark fog.

  • sShockin
    sShockin 19 days ago

    Everybody Gangsta Until The Radiation Start Glowing

  • Koton Bads
    Koton Bads 19 days ago +3


    Kids on their underwear and also wears safety goggles

  • Ollie
    Ollie 19 days ago +1

    What was that thumbnail

  • Weatrisk 2008
    Weatrisk 2008 20 days ago

    Wait so that thumbnail. Oh those kids are basically standing around a Core that’s in a reactor

  • MegaMase
    MegaMase 20 days ago

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  • Fizz
    Fizz 20 days ago

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  • Boo yah Boy
    Boo yah Boy 20 days ago

    3:08 he smiles the entire time he tells the story...

  • MrMegaloco14
    MrMegaloco14 20 days ago

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  • meme god
    meme god 20 days ago

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  • Nav Jordaan
    Nav Jordaan 20 days ago

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  • The Young Mans Trains And Reviews

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  • disturbeddemons1
    disturbeddemons1 20 days ago

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  • The Emerald Pickaxe
    The Emerald Pickaxe 21 day ago

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  • Diego Ramos
    Diego Ramos 21 day ago

    Why are the kids there WHY ARE THEY THERE

  • gustavo jacobina
    gustavo jacobina 21 day ago

    My chemistry teacher used to work in Goiânia, I think he told us the story about the accident about 10 times when he was teaching about radiations. It's quite emotive

  • Bryson kendall
    Bryson kendall 22 days ago

    Can you fill a water balloon with mercury

  • Random GUYS
    Random GUYS 22 days ago


  • ringhunter 100
    ringhunter 100 24 days ago

    That is why you do not put a bunch of highly enriched plutonium close together the blue light

  • Mark Ahman
    Mark Ahman 24 days ago +2

    5:01 I'm sorry, what? "Rotten gens" 😂😂

    ANONASSASSIN08 25 days ago

    These videos are so short and interesting but they get to the point at the same time

  • The God Of Pepsi
    The God Of Pepsi 25 days ago

    Is the man on the frame on the thumbnail our lord and savior, Lenin?

  • Claudy_Focan
    Claudy_Focan 26 days ago

    Take a look in a TRIGA reactor... it's bright, but it's safe to watch !

  • Andy Song
    Andy Song 26 days ago +1

    when i saw the movie and did not see the beam

    BENJAMIN BOWLBY 26 days ago

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  • B
    B 26 days ago

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  • david tappe
    david tappe 27 days ago


  • Stanton - Yee
    Stanton - Yee 27 days ago

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  • brent's life hax and shit

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  • Cheesy King910
    Cheesy King910 28 days ago

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  • Daynger
    Daynger 28 days ago

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  • Joshua Carulli
    Joshua Carulli Month ago

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  • Berkay Akdag
    Berkay Akdag Month ago

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  • A Shadrick
    A Shadrick Month ago


  • GeekMustHave
    GeekMustHave Month ago

    Very nice video that explains radiation in a simple to understand set of visuals. Where were you when I was taking science classes. Keep broadcasting!!