I Tried To Re-Create These Hand-Pulled Noodles • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • "Why did you let me do this? This is a bad idea!"
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Comments • 3 581

  • SMG10
    SMG10 Day ago

    is it me or does andrew act differently when rie is around

  • Cain Ravenlock
    Cain Ravenlock 2 days ago

    Finished the video. Can you confirm if the last recipe was the final recipe? And can you confirm the resting time. I want to do it during quiet hours in the kitchen tomorrow. Been trying to master this now and then for a year now and I'd love to try your final recipe even though we don't have cake flour to my knowledge in Norway it's at least closer to the goal I feel. Maybe just some extra resting time perhaps water.

  • Cain Ravenlock
    Cain Ravenlock 2 days ago

    Haha the water oil part has been my way of fooling around with the dough when I fail.

  • Courage and Kindness

    Day 3 being a month later is such a mood 😂

  • Tropical pineapple Slimes 21

    I made homemade noodles once and it called for eggs

  • poulome panja
    poulome panja 5 days ago

    The best thing about cooking that this channel actually shows if the number of failures that are often hidden by the culinary industry. It is assuring to see how the experts face cooking issues too. But, at the end the dish speaks for all the efforts. Much love to you all🥰

  • Mckayla Kim
    Mckayla Kim 5 days ago +1

    I'd like to see a broth video, Andrew's Noodle World.

  • Nana Liolet
    Nana Liolet 5 days ago

    Can you try making booza's ice cream.? That stretchy and gooeyy

  • Ezzeldin mohd
    Ezzeldin mohd 6 days ago

    why do you want to make me crave one of my favorite restaurants that is not where I now live WHYYYYYYY

  • Adhirsh K Madhu
    Adhirsh K Madhu 6 days ago

    So much wasting of food

  • janie kim
    janie kim 6 days ago

    "Adam! Screw u" throws dough

  • janie kim
    janie kim 6 days ago

    Now I just did.

  • janie kim
    janie kim 6 days ago +2

    I have never seen Andrew smile or laugh.

  • Kaleb 5321
    Kaleb 5321 7 days ago

    Rie is best girl in Tasty tbh

  • EmIsMe 369
    EmIsMe 369 7 days ago


  • Helena Saputri
    Helena Saputri 7 days ago +1

    Okay water
    WATER you doing 😏

    Lol im usually bad at making puns :/

  • Rodrigo Santos Valeriano

    Who measures water in grams? It's water, you can say the volume.

  • Kota Dagnino
    Kota Dagnino 8 days ago

    3:53 water you doing. YES, my life is complete.

    BTS FOLLOWER 8 days ago

    Can you guys plz try to make milk tea?

  • Pug Nado
    Pug Nado 8 days ago

    We made we made in the time laps it looks like you were doing nothing

  • Vy Lê
    Vy Lê 8 days ago

    andrew's determination and patience absolutely wild and i love it

  • Vy Lê
    Vy Lê 8 days ago

    rie is such a perfect big sister figure

  • Francisco Cruz
    Francisco Cruz 8 days ago

    Maybe he was stretching it too far. He kept trying to go to his full body and arms length but I feel like that just wouldn’t work. I also think that he could of made multiple batches of the same dough and combined them so that the dough could look similar to the dough in the video. Also after a while he stopped using the oil which probably wasn’t essential in the first place but you never know. If you think about it, you don’t knead it to stretch that far. Maybe I’m just noo-dwelling on it too much. I should probably just take a relaxing broth to get my mind off of cooking for a while. Sorry that was a stretch😂(pun intended)

  • Laurenlittl3
    Laurenlittl3 9 days ago

    We need a broth recipe please

  • Amanda Mei
    Amanda Mei 10 days ago

    “You know chokers? This is a dough-ker”

  • Windy Hawkins
    Windy Hawkins 10 days ago

    Honestly Adam is so relatable. Like he is kinda akward but when he isn’t on camera is is talkative.

  • Lourdes Duggineni
    Lourdes Duggineni 10 days ago

    Andrew never ate his noddles smh

  • Literally Dasein
    Literally Dasein 11 days ago

    Imagine getting payed for playing with ingredients.
    Wait a second...

  • Phương Linh Tran
    Phương Linh Tran 11 days ago

    Andrew:* using dough as a necklace*
    Me: Andrew, it's food! Not toy!!

  • Arfa Meah
    Arfa Meah 11 days ago

    Andrew:does 10mil temps
    Rie:1 go

  • Omni : One Existy Boi
    Omni : One Existy Boi 11 days ago

    tHaT's a fUckInG nOoDle, RiE!!1!!1!!

  • :D :D
    :D :D 12 days ago

    *rie, casually making noodles* (:

  • Shefali Pati
    Shefali Pati 12 days ago

    Rie and Andrew 2019

  • Sofía Alayón
    Sofía Alayón 13 days ago

    "grams of water" so weird, millilitres of water

  • nadine wang
    nadine wang 13 days ago

    Damn.. I don't wanna know how much ingredients they had to use..

  • The PrinceE15
    The PrinceE15 13 days ago

    rie is so gorgeous

  • SicklePickle
    SicklePickle 14 days ago

    Imagine not cutting it smaller and just slurping a 10ft noodle lmao

  • After Life
    After Life 14 days ago +1

    Rie is so frickin cute. Fight me.

  • BillyTheBurgerBurke
    BillyTheBurgerBurke 14 days ago

    Broth Broth Broth come on

  • Mei Snow
    Mei Snow 15 days ago

    andrew likes it thicc

  • Joyful Warrior *
    Joyful Warrior * 15 days ago +1

    "Adam screw you!"😂😂😂

  • balciunaite agne
    balciunaite agne 15 days ago

    The best part of the video when they put up the cat's photo

  • Suan Jeong
    Suan Jeong 16 days ago

    3:19 adam screw you 😂

  • C it’s Me
    C it’s Me 19 days ago +1

    “Noodle sized noodles” best description ever

  • Conner Rathbun
    Conner Rathbun 20 days ago +1

    4:56 wurwurwurwurwurwurwur
    Yep that’s the sound a slug makes

  • Ek'Aay Cloudyoni
    Ek'Aay Cloudyoni 20 days ago

    Rie so cute with those earrings 😍🤩😍

  • Excluded_ Star
    Excluded_ Star 21 day ago

    10:26 made me cackle

  • Kush Minister
    Kush Minister 22 days ago +1

    "it just wants to break, maybe need that delicate touch"
    Rie-"hold my beer"

  • Alex Silva
    Alex Silva 22 days ago

    It’s gotten so tight -Andrew

  • WaLuEn0527
    WaLuEn0527 22 days ago

    Andrew making dough 6 : "Let's just follow his recipe exactly"
    Also Andrew : *Adds more water
    Peace guys!

  • Alfi Shahrin
    Alfi Shahrin 22 days ago

    Why is Andrew sooo funny..!?😭❤
    Loveee Andrew so much❤

  • Hugo Lopes
    Hugo Lopes 22 days ago

    I just love Rie

  • The Shady Boi
    The Shady Boi 23 days ago

    Andrew is just so much fun to watch idk why

  • Shashank kumar
    Shashank kumar 24 days ago

    So basically which batch is perfect noodles...?

  • Bee Bomb
    Bee Bomb 24 days ago

    i know so little about adam and yet... my heart is full of love for him.

  • Tooba Khan
    Tooba Khan 24 days ago

    So much of waste 😡😡

  • You got no jams
    You got no jams 25 days ago +1

    I'm at 8:33 and this is getting really sad

    EPOCH 26 days ago

    Anybody else watch the entire video just cause you think that guy's like really hot? 🖤😂

  • kattt x
    kattt x 26 days ago

    Rie is like everyone’s mam

  • Charles Zhu
    Charles Zhu 27 days ago +1

    It should be swing and slowly pull, trust me I'm Chinese.

  • elmer macandog
    elmer macandog 27 days ago

    10:25 Rie arrived and makes a noodle at the first time while andrew attempted to do it for days. Thanks Rie 😂😂😂

  • lau 06
    lau 06 27 days ago

    10:48 that voice when you're so focused you can't express any emotion even when you fail yet again😂

  • itz___ mia
    itz___ mia 29 days ago +3

    "He's currently trying his hardest not to lick his-"
    And I Oop-

  • Ricky Ramierz
    Ricky Ramierz Month ago

    I have feeling that rie loves him

    /MANGO SEED\ Month ago

    Mommy rie😙

  • Karolina Trujillo
    Karolina Trujillo Month ago

    Why is he measuring water in grams and not milliliters?

  • Lamian makaron z Lublina

    Co za gówno .

  • Nuha sayed
    Nuha sayed Month ago

    “DoUgH fIgHt”

  • Mira Mouasher
    Mira Mouasher Month ago +1


  • MrTargenor
    MrTargenor Month ago +1

    looool him: lets ad more water SPLASH.... her: lets ad more water DRIP DRIP