I Tried To Re-Create These Hand-Pulled Noodles • Eating Your Feed • Tasty


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  • Ken Man
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  • Mark Timothy Quinns


  • Alexander Jameson

    9:49 that was a very slav "ойойой"

  • Jon Sumida
    Jon Sumida Day ago

    I want to try eating your feed so badly

  • Alejandro hernandez

    6:03 is that ned?

  • potato baniya
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  • RobiEzekiel 05
    RobiEzekiel 05 Day ago

    “Water come back here water, Water you doing” 💦
    OHhh my gahd
    Water you saying hahahaha💦

  • Evan Turner
    Evan Turner Day ago +1

    How much flour did you waste?

  • nate moore
    nate moore Day ago

    This dude just said we’re in a dry stage rn in Cali but it’s literally rained for weeks lol

  • Alx
    Alx Day ago

    Is he a chef?

  • j For Fun
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  • JeonNochu
    JeonNochu Day ago

    I'm at how Andrew literally took a month to make the noodles and Rie just did in seconds hhh

  • yeet howell
    yeet howell Day ago

    “Okay water, water you doing?”

  • Hobi Hobi
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  • CSVeXterityPH
    CSVeXterityPH Day ago

    i like it when Rie outplays everyone

  • Hobi Hobi
    Hobi Hobi Day ago

    Rie’s crusty uwuwuwuw

  • Tyler Dao
    Tyler Dao Day ago +1

    What are "Noodle sized noodles."

  • Ella P.
    Ella P. Day ago

    Rie cringing for 13 minutes 😂

  • Colson Nemo
    Colson Nemo Day ago

    totally make a broth vid.

  • Alonzeyah Mae
    Alonzeyah Mae Day ago

    Noooo the video was Slave For You. 😂😂

  • Nicole Jose
    Nicole Jose Day ago

    And then a few months later, andrew is back to recreate this with the chef in the video reference..

  • clara nathania
    clara nathania Day ago

    Water u doin

  • Yunxiao Zhuang
    Yunxiao Zhuang 2 days ago

    Rie is in every video.

  • unbelieBUBBLE
    unbelieBUBBLE 2 days ago

    I want to be Wellington

  • Settealldaway
    Settealldaway 2 days ago

    “Comeback here water. Okay water. Wat-er you doing?” HAHHAHAHA

  • Mike Gray
    Mike Gray 2 days ago

    I can't do oriental noodles. But I'm Hell on Wheels with European noodle recipes.

  • Meredith Madura
    Meredith Madura 2 days ago

    take a shot everytime andrew says noodles

  • Janiya Redd
    Janiya Redd 2 days ago

    You should make an oversized churro or a oversized funnel cake ♥️😁

  • M MMM
    M MMM 2 days ago

    Her name is actually Lie.

  • AwesomeNyanCat1594
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  • 86Drifter
    86Drifter 2 days ago

    Grams of water - Andrew 2019

  • Darcie Merriweather
    Darcie Merriweather 2 days ago

    More respect for the grand pulling noodle Masters!!!

  • Nylle
    Nylle 2 days ago

    broth video!

  • Kajetán Bílek
    Kajetán Bílek 2 days ago

    how does water in grams taste like?

  • Jeem Muhammad
    Jeem Muhammad 2 days ago

    Love u Rie 😍

  • Dzni
    Dzni 2 days ago

    I need to marry a Rie in my lifetime

  • BellaKat Unicorn
    BellaKat Unicorn 2 days ago

    Also, try shaping sugar candy by hand on sticks. It’s really cool!

  • BellaKat Unicorn
    BellaKat Unicorn 2 days ago

    I want to see a broth video

  • Mushu
    Mushu 2 days ago

    i love everything about this episode.

  • ujusogay
    ujusogay 2 days ago

    andrew: takes one month to make noodles
    rie: touches the dough and makes a noodle

  • Thunder Rhododendron

    This was just lazy and unfunny. He clearly didn't want to even try properly, so maybe next time stay behind the camera and let Rie do her thing ie be entertaining without any effort.

  • bouchebka rayane
    bouchebka rayane 2 days ago

    Im 14 yrs old and. I made noodles but i used the machine not the stresh

  • Adrian Böhm
    Adrian Böhm 2 days ago

    Who measures water in grams or pounds for that matter

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 2 days ago

    Rie is like the mom of Tasty or that sweet teacher everyone likes at school

  • Ana Moraes
    Ana Moraes 2 days ago

    the sticker behind the computer is cute

  • MASUu
    MASUu 2 days ago

    where is your gay friend

  • Tiranasaur Tiranasaur

    End of the day huh?? On day 4

  • Al N
    Al N 2 days ago

    damn it Rie....marry meeeeeeeee

  • zebilix
    zebilix 2 days ago

    This video did not teach me anything (other than this person doesnt know how to follow a recipe and gives up at random points rather than trying again)

  • Chenggong Lee
    Chenggong Lee 2 days ago

    Rie is so damn adorable

  • lolo galaxy
    lolo galaxy 2 days ago

    Come back here water ?
    Ok water .
    Water are you doing?
    (I’m dying i love his line😂😂)

  • Rakha Landika
    Rakha Landika 2 days ago

    I think an drewshould be udon making not noodles,since he is good at it.

  • Nakoa Fukushima
    Nakoa Fukushima 2 days ago

    Try to make a mozzarella onion rings it’s basically search it up on YT

  • Yefan Ma
    Yefan Ma 2 days ago

    feel like mike chen had a video on this

  • Celine Gui
    Celine Gui 2 days ago

    Can u make boba

  • Chhavvi AJ
    Chhavvi AJ 2 days ago

    OMG this was posted on my birthday!!! I love this

  • Hân Nguyễn
    Hân Nguyễn 2 days ago

    Foods is not a toy

  • Anfrari
    Anfrari 2 days ago

    I would like to see how to make various soup stocks.

  • Pranjali Agrawal
    Pranjali Agrawal 2 days ago

    Hello Tasty Team,
    I like your videos very much and I watch almost all of them. But there are many videos like this where you keep on wasting the food items by either throwing them on garbage or playing with them, or by not utilising it.
    I think you people have the power to make other viewer act like you. I would really appreciate if you utilise the things that went wrong and viewer's will learn from you. Or you can create some stuff to either feed the animals. In India we believe god is in everything even in food so try not wasting it. It require a lot of time to grow the grains and other foods and vegetables. It's my sincere request that please stop wasting the food. There are many people in some or the other part of world who are not getting even a single meal in a day. I hope you will act on this.
    Thanks for listening to me.

  • Joseph Gile
    Joseph Gile 2 days ago

    Can this guy even baked
    His not good and don't know what to do

  • conpoet
    conpoet 2 days ago

    take a drink everytime andrew says water

    don't do that you'd die.

  • Stephan Ginther
    Stephan Ginther 2 days ago

    AAAAAh the nostalgia! I lived in south western China for almost 10 years. The one town we lived in had this little hole in the wall restaurant, other then drinks, they sold two things and two things only. Fried hand-pulled noodles and hand-pulled noodle soup. The man who did it had wads of dough prepaired and pulled the noodles *per bowl to order* . Suffice to say we went there at just about every opportunity. Almost 15 years later and I've yet to have better noodles.

  • CutUr BullShit
    CutUr BullShit 2 days ago

    Its ok. even gordon ramsay couldnt master it in one go.

  • Sarah Loy
    Sarah Loy 2 days ago

    I ship Andrew and Rie

  • Nicole Tan
    Nicole Tan 2 days ago

    Turn the tables and make Adam cook something difficult

  • Jeungri Oppa
    Jeungri Oppa 2 days ago +1

    “one of the driest seasons in california”
    Rain : hold my beer

  • Roman Bobak
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  • Törtel
    Törtel 3 days ago

    Eating your feet

  • Lucho Pop
    Lucho Pop 3 days ago

    I want the broth episode 7u7

  • Andreas Warren
    Andreas Warren 3 days ago

    t h i c c n o o d l e

  • free herpes
    free herpes 3 days ago

    3:05 aw he broke the noodle :(

  • Miranda V.
    Miranda V. 3 days ago

    YES BROTH!!!

  • what about elle
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  • T Stormer
    T Stormer 3 days ago

    copying bon appetite

  • planetwasabi
    planetwasabi 3 days ago

    8:12 was that adam shouting? LOL if so, LOVE xD

  • ajith rav
    ajith rav 3 days ago

    only reason to watch this RIE ! who cares about noodles making

  • RisGames
    RisGames 3 days ago

    B r O t H

  • sophie n
    sophie n 3 days ago

    roses are red,
    violets are blue,
    the part u all came for is at

  • PinkAnimator
    PinkAnimator 3 days ago

    This channel has more subscribers than Shawn Mendes. #goals

  • picantesworld77
    picantesworld77 3 days ago

    Lots of respect to you my bro 👊

  • ••**MarbleMolly **••

    This is all Adam’s Fault.

  • Damndoodpk
    Damndoodpk 3 days ago

    What a fucking waste of ingredients

  • Nooran Elmostafa
    Nooran Elmostafa 3 days ago

    good job andrew

  • emadoesntcare
    emadoesntcare 3 days ago

    Rie is wearing the same thing

  • Sousy M
    Sousy M 3 days ago

    No Niki :-(

  • Capitalist Anonymous Memer boi

    Instructions clear: instead of making noodles, I spilled the flour and sniffed it. And the police pulled me over.

  • Leanne Gabrielle Quilat

    Who watchin dis drunk too wer my ppl at

  • Bernice
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  • Flare
    Flare 3 days ago

    Andrew probably kept using water when shit went wrong cause its a universal SOLVEnt..... badum tsss*

  • Nicolás Doldán
    Nicolás Doldán 3 days ago

    "Feels like Britney Spears! What's that video? Toxic?" haha

  • progamer gamer
    progamer gamer 3 days ago

    Why the hell buzzfeed doesn’t make a competition about the best producer (Adam will win)

  • your DNA
    your DNA 3 days ago +1

    *These noodles are ThICc*

  • night mark
    night mark 3 days ago

    Let me sum this white guy attempt to do something and do horribly. Let the asian girl correct him and do all the work, then have the last cut on him doing it after all the work is done. Lastly take all credit for it.

  • Sarah james
    Sarah james 3 days ago +1

    I want andrew to have his own youtube channel he's so weird i love it. Its kinda like me lol

  • VannessaOG *
    VannessaOG * 3 days ago

    Niki is at the end btw

  • Tira Ji
    Tira Ji 3 days ago

    Hi Andrew

  • Aditya Venkat
    Aditya Venkat 3 days ago

    You guys are just wasting good ingredients. Like you could have been a bit more serious, but no. This is just sad.