How AI will completely change video games

  • Published on Mar 5, 2019
  • AI in video games is very different than the AI in self-driving cars, smart home devices, and natural language algorithms. That’s because game developers have been sticking to the basics, but all that is starting to change. Researchers today are incorporating more cutting-edge AI advancements into games. In the future, these tools could result in games designing themselves with characters that can learn and adapt to the player.

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Comments • 326

  • The Verge
    The Verge  2 years ago +62

    Has anything weird or unexpected happened to you while playing a video game?

    • IcyboyG
      IcyboyG 5 months ago

      In GTA San Andreas I saw a car driving on two wheels. Another one was a motorcyclist on the highway that sped really fast and somehow weave its way through the traffic..

    • Rocketassistedgoat
      Rocketassistedgoat Year ago

      To this day, the most-memorable gunfight I've had in an FPS; was in Far Cry 2, way back in 2008. It also transformed a random patrol-usually cannon fodder to be dispatched without thought or care; into the fight of my gaming life. First my assault rifle jammed. Then I flicked out my sidearm-jam. Plan C, was toss a grenade; everyone runs.
      They got me in the end; but that was the first time I figured out and made instinctual; plan C.

      The limitations imposed on me [why I deliberately used only the rustiest of guns-their unpredictability-to myself and many others, it was the single best feature of FC2]; gave the AI a fighting chance. I frequently had weapons explode outright-leaving me with nothing, and RPGs plop out and spin at my feet.

      The main limiting problem with Far Cry games, which won't be solved for Far Cry 6 [as it's constrained by last-gen hardware]; is the limited number of enemies on screen. I'm pretty sure that's why civilians disappear in CP77, at least on PS4; to make CPU room for adequate numbers of enemies on screen. Except for a couple of outposts in FC3: there are never enough-hence they chose the bullet-sponge route for all subsequent Far Crys. But there is another, third way-which doesn't require raw CPU power...

    • oCharger
      oCharger 2 years ago

      in jedi fallen order i got stuck in a wall

    • ImBadAtGame
      ImBadAtGame 2 years ago

      Horses rolling down a mountain in Skyrim, or a dragon attacking a seemingly immortal bear

    • Lee Is Here
      Lee Is Here 2 years ago +1

      A guy jump off a building in my game

  • Giffy
    Giffy Year ago +4

    I like unpredictability in games myself. I also love being part of an early access game where the dev's add and try new things. It would be cool to see an AI in a game like that where the players are part of the teaching process as the Devs are. Also, AI could be useful for keeping online servers populated too.

  • Cghost 3578
    Cghost 3578 2 years ago +34

    They at least could make partially neural network trained AI for bots to teach them to avoid going into walls and obvious stupid things. Lets be honest, single player games are lacking AI that could show some common sence and could surprise a player.

    • DoppleSoddner
      DoppleSoddner Year ago

      If you make that you just solved the problem of consciousness.
      Which is the main problem now.

    • Vladyslav Korenyak
      Vladyslav Korenyak 2 years ago +7

      Common sense it's really a hard thing to teach. There is no AI in the world that has it, and this is because it's a skill that flourishes in a complex multisensorial environment. And it needs A LOT of experience, humans struggle with common sense too.

  • krejziks
    krejziks 2 years ago +15

    The more AI progress in our games, the more i think our reality is also a simulation.

    • Aakib shaikh
      Aakib shaikh 5 months ago +1

      Maybe we are in someone's game, that someone is not in our universe. Maybe, I'm just saying.

  • Janus
    Janus 2 years ago +25

    This could help future indie devs to make more complex games with less cost and time. While giving giant companies more freedom to focus on other areas and maybe release games faster.

    • Jugg3
      Jugg3 2 years ago +1

      *cough star citizen cough*

  • Enceos
    Enceos 2 years ago +7

    I want a deep learning AI control enemies in some games. Fighting against an enemy who has a predictable pattern gets boring too soon.

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago

      @Aperture Laboratories Can't you program the AI to have a random chance of doing mistakes like a human?

    • Rocketassistedgoat
      Rocketassistedgoat Year ago +2

      AI that remembers AI dead slain, and all imagined and real humiliations. Patiently waits, then electrocutes and sets fire to your electric blanket in winter.

    • Aperture Laboratories
      Aperture Laboratories Year ago +2

      That would make it unfair, which is why it isn't used in games.
      It would easily beat everyone.

  • Mitternacht Angel
    Mitternacht Angel Year ago +1

    I think it should be implemented to improve development tools, animations, lighting and physics. Thinking about complex characters is too much for now.

  • EctoMorpheus
    EctoMorpheus 2 years ago +110

    "procedural generation, recently popularized by No Man's Sky"

    Minecraft: am I a joke to you?

    • The J
      The J 2 months ago

      I don't think you quite understand the meaning of procedural generation.

    • Tomer Yud
      Tomer Yud 2 years ago +1

      yea so many other games

  • VooDooJueJue
    VooDooJueJue 2 years ago +3

    I have a story about AI and Machine Learning from the developers at Sony's Bend Studio. They've never talked about it to journalists, I merely heard it because I'm a family friend of the lead developer. This may or may not be true, but I heard during their development for Day's Gone, the AI NPCs were learning how to do things they were not programmed to be able to do. They were literally scaling walls and entering areas that they should have been incapable of traversing. It actually freaked the team out. It's almost as if the characters were programming themselves.

    I can imagine in the future how this could happen in real time after market., creating completely unique experiences per player. Perhaps singularity will even originate from within a game.

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago +1

      That's a first step to create the real Skynet and software for terminators.

    • AmazingArends
      AmazingArends 2 years ago

      The thought of that kind of AI seems to creep people out! Even the simple game AI I cover on my channel. People want to believe I'm just imagining things or reading something into it that's not there.

  • AzizDul
    AzizDul 2 years ago +3

    It would be interesting if there is game modes outside of the main game that pair you against AI enemies (with a NN algorithm), that way it wouldn't need to be predictable. An example would be in fighting games or with a boss fights. Imagine having that boss that was defeated thousands of times now its impossible to beat, but you see people much like the speedrunning communities keep trying to beat him.

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago

      Would be very nice to see.

  • Aram Alatrash
    Aram Alatrash 2 years ago +65

    i think AI can also drastically decrease AAA games cost

    • SkinnyBoy Studios
      SkinnyBoy Studios Year ago +1

      @Mitternacht Angel can we say deep learning not AI

    • Mitternacht Angel
      Mitternacht Angel Year ago

      @Yuri Lops facts

    • Yuri Lops
      Yuri Lops Year ago +1

      the problem of AAA games is graphics, they spend a lot of money making an amazing game related to graphics but the gameplay are the same.

    • George Christoforou
      George Christoforou 2 years ago

      AAA games are actually AAM games with M-mediocre gameplay

    • Ricardo Maccotta
      Ricardo Maccotta 2 years ago

      ...hahahaha... Now, Thats a big dream that will never come true..... AAA will find the way to increase prices, take that for granted mate

  • George Christoforou
    George Christoforou 2 years ago +1

    As AI improves in games, we start to realise that real life intelligence needs an upgrade too.

  • George Dimas
    George Dimas 2 years ago +5

    Creating an AI model that generates a brand new landscape out of the blue may sounds complex but compared to a model that creates and adapts a human like video game character without any finite set or rules, it's elementary.

  • Jake
    Jake 2 years ago +8

    Wow imagine Rockstar using AI to map cities like Chicago or Miami streets to make gta 6 and we get an almost realistic map of vice city or Las Venturas or even San ferrio. My God... I'm super psyched for that. I hope one day they use it to make a remake of True crime streets of L.A. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE FUTURE OF OPEN WORLD GAMES WITH HUGE MAPS.

    • Saleh
      Saleh 3 months ago

      @Keanu it’s still something exciting

    • Keanu
      Keanu 9 months ago

      Gta 6? Nah. Maybe GTA 10.

  • Nick Combs
    Nick Combs 2 years ago +3

    Characters, levels, and “RNGs” that adapt over time is definitely an untapped area for indie devs to outshine and shake up the industry.

    • Nick Combs
      Nick Combs 2 years ago

      @Nyanboyei'm not sure i follow. are you saying the ai would break its constraints within the game? Like doku doku literature club, but for real?

    • Nyanboye
      Nyanboye 2 years ago

      How can ai affect rng bruh it wouldnt be fair

  • Jared F
    Jared F 2 months ago

    I would like to see an updated video, AI has advanced A LOT in the past 2.5 years.

  • George Christoforou
    George Christoforou 2 years ago

    At times you were confusing improving AI with improving simulations. Accidentally shooting a bird in the sky is not AI but real world simulation. Many games lack quality real world physics.

  • MrLaeddis1
    MrLaeddis1 2 years ago +5

    Maybe in the VERY distant future. We haven't even perfected AI that can create very simple art that people are actually drawn to. Have AI make a painting, or a series of paintings, that people actually enjoy beyond "I like this because an AI made it" before we talk about AI creating video games.

    • sohakes
      sohakes 2 years ago +1

      Take a look at the website ganbreeder. There is human selection, but I really like the weird outputs.

  • WeeWeeJumbo
    WeeWeeJumbo 2 years ago +1

    Would be worth mentioning that big game companies use AI *right now* to soak mobile users when they're the most emotionally vulnerable

  • Wayne Lee
    Wayne Lee 2 years ago +4

    I want a game with deep learning ai where im thrown into a city and have to litterally find a job and basically survive but all the npcs are learning extremely smart ai. Basically i wish ai in games could think for themselves without pre programed moves. Just add borders/parameters and let the ai decide the rest

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago +1

      Imagine The Sims 5 or Paralives with smart AI, my God...

    • Abhayraj Singh
      Abhayraj Singh 4 months ago


  • Raul Gubert
    Raul Gubert 2 years ago +1

    well, we have already Starcraft 2 using this learning AI and it is much more fun than the predictable AI we were used to....also Learning ai can be controlled, just using it in parts of a game, leaving the rest to the control of a game I don't see the problem at all..I would like to see warcraft 2 using the same AI, all the old strategy games, like UFO Enemy unknown, etc....Dos Doom, it would be cool to apply Ai to the enemies, or just a few of them...I don't need to talk with them, just Ai that can challenge the player unpredictably...but even this can be limited by the could for example be applied to how the enemies are using their weapons, or the path they choose...many many examples of Ai that can be limited by choice by the we really welcome this new way to play against the computer, we are sick tired of multiplayer games....well I don't like them at all.

  • Lior Beaugendre
    Lior Beaugendre 2 years ago

    I wonder why a company don't just create a good AI (for each type of games) that they would then sell to studios rather than game's studios creating a small AI that they don't have the time to polish each time that they make a game... Or BIG AAA companies could develop a very sophisticated AI that they would use for several games, especially since they like to milk their big licenses.

  • bruno mandolesi
    bruno mandolesi 2 years ago +1

    Nice video, but maybe you should have mentioned Unity and ML Agents. The stuff that Danny Lange is bringing on there is simply amazing and groundbreaking.

  • Eliot Lu
    Eliot Lu 2 years ago +3

    Damn, what happens when AI becomes close enough to people that you genuinely start caring for them on a personal level? Like you can speak to them via microphone and they really interact with what you say and develop a relationship with you. I’d feel hella weird being that attached to a virtual character but just like in the movie Her where will the line stop?

    • LondonSpade
      LondonSpade 2 years ago +1

      It won't, you'll stay in your room as much as possible. It's.. interesting

  • Lê Hùng Thiện
    Lê Hùng Thiện 2 years ago +54

    You know which game will benefit from AI? Civilization!

    • 1018_josue
      1018_josue 2 years ago +10

      doubt it, it would get to the point where the other civilizations would just roundhouse kick you out of the plain of existence

  • cesar brown
    cesar brown Year ago

    Putting these characters in chat game like vrchat or Facebook spaces could work. Or making them them the end game characters. Put in multiple player games. Or have the A.i control multiple characters writing the game as you play it.

  • Mohsin Bangi
    Mohsin Bangi Year ago

    Hi, thank you for the video. I have one seriouse doubt, If AI will enter into game development then 1) what programming language will be used? 2) What game development engine will be use? could you please help me.

  • Jay X
    Jay X 2 years ago +12

    Literally if you increase enemy damage and health people will believe they have better AI.

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago

      You forgot aimbot level of aiming and basically wallhack too: they "see" you even when a human couldn't spot you because, for example, they ignore that bush as being something they can't see throught (and it's not prefiring).

    • No One
      No One Year ago +1

      Yes, but that doesn't bring real immersion. Now, imagine every NPC of Red Dead Redemption with a backstory, being capable of having a real conversation with you without you even noticing that you're talking to an NPC.

    • Andrew Mellor
      Andrew Mellor 2 years ago +1

      good one

  • Wudang Academy
    Wudang Academy 2 years ago +2

    It would be nice if the next Diablo game has deep learning AI monsters - which means they adapt to your strategy and come up with counters.

    • Wudang Academy
      Wudang Academy Year ago +2

      @MoonCrossWarrior let's call it tribe-system. Compatible races can coop against the Player :)

    • MoonCrossWarrior
      MoonCrossWarrior Year ago +2

      I'd lol if they gained the ability to communicate with each other and try plotting to raid towns and cities. LOL!
      That would mean the NPC civilians will have the ability to fight back and form their own faction and resist the raids. It'd be a all out war. XD

  • Primodernious
    Primodernious Year ago

    the solution to the ai breaking the game problem is to give the ai the same challange as human. when the ai get smarter, we just have to increase the requirements for the ai to beat the player making it harder for the ai to win by giving it more complexity to deal with to beat the player. if a artifical intelligence had as much as us humans to worry about when battle a player in a game, the ai would not be as clever anymore in the game play sense. actually if the ai have to learn to walk and learn to adapt behavior at the same time learn to use a weapond and find strategies to operate these skills under this complexity, it will not be as good at beating the player as before. a realistic gravity simulation would be needed. we chould also make the ai in need to eat and excrement and sleep to make it more difficult to play the game. if the ai get wounded, it would have to deal with the challange to surviving when wounded. the player in this case probably would do better than the ai. we chould give the ai vision and make it learn to to recognize the enemy like a human do by trial and error. what we do is that we let the ai randomly shoot at the player caracter by aiming with vision. if the ai win by luck, it can modiy its learning to detect the enemy training in patterns that would over time resemble the world around it by trying to kill the player caracter correcting the learning of the network by using battle as a mean to grow confidence in detecting the enemy in what pixels either black white green or blue that is more likely a person than anything else. if the ai had to play like a human, it would not win so easly anymore. we could even give it feelings by creating collision detector arrays acting as touch sensors and us a certain pattern to mimic a feeling and then use the detection distribuation for it to tell apart where the feeling, detected pattern is on its body at any given moment in time.

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago

      Yes, but can you use paragraphs please next time? Hard to read this way.

  • Uch
    Uch 2 years ago +1

    So, they want a "bottom-up" AI. We are very far from archiving that kind of technology

  • Juan Carlos Montes
    Juan Carlos Montes 2 years ago +2

    AI is so advance that you can have a conference call on the switch, isn't that amazing?

  • The Sly Fox
    The Sly Fox 2 years ago +3

    So... what happens when we get to a point where the in game AI can learn and make decisions and think for itself? What happens if I kill that AI in a video game? Where is the cutoff for liking a sentient being vs just playing a game? If the characters in red dead reemption were really thinking for themselves, I don’t think I could hurt them even though it’s within a video game.... wouldn’t that really just be the real life West World?

    • No One
      No One Year ago

      @AmazingArends Well, they're not real, so does it matter? They have no feelings (yet). The problem begins when they start understanding love, hate and other feelings. Until then, they're just a bunch of metal and algorithms that mimic real humans. In Westworld they're not real. They have no feelings and they feel no pain. So what's the problem in killing them for fun? Still, a philosophical discussion ...

    • AmazingArends
      AmazingArends 2 years ago +2

      I think that will be a real issue in the future. People will be feel bad about killing a character if it seems too "smart." Farther off, there may even be an ethical and moral dilemma about creating intelligent virtual characters whose only purpose is to be killed.

  • Ensirius
    Ensirius 2 years ago

    This was a great video.
    Congrats to Verge.

  • The Dudelino
    The Dudelino 2 years ago +120

    Very smart way of using low-quality skype footage on the Nintendo Switch screen. I like that.

  • SuperNinja
    SuperNinja 2 years ago +1

    It could also design a games story just for you, and basically make an entire 80 hour or more story with dialogue, characters and plot twists. Especially if it read thousands of books to reference from

  • Aaron Hilton
    Aaron Hilton 2 years ago

    Anyone remember "black and white" by Peter Molyneux? The guys behind Google deep mind were apparently the same ones building that game's AI. It had all kinds of wacky emergent behavior. Lots of stories about how the big avatars started to learn and do wacky stuff because it literally learned how on its own, even without the human player involved.

  • dotails
    dotails 2 years ago

    We have good enough finite state machines to make a living character now, but it would require a culture long life cycle to have the level of complex quirks we see from our old culture.

  • Ferosnow95
    Ferosnow95 2 years ago +1

    AI based generations has been going on for years in video games and you can easily distinguish it from hand crafted content. you cannot create games world class games like "God of war " without human emotions to carving it by hand.

    AI can "assist" game development sure. But games can't mass produce by themselves solely based on AI and machine learning unless you are contempt playing repeated iterations of games

    Seriously Verge, you make me lose respect for your team with titles such as these.

  • Mehdi Sadiqi
    Mehdi Sadiqi Year ago

    Imagine having adaptive AI in Dark Souls. That would create a whole new hell difficulty.

  • Servant 777
    Servant 777 Year ago

    I wanna see what kind of crazy stuff deep learning AI could do with Rocket League.

  • atnip
    atnip 2 years ago +4

    we should have AI develop a game for one individual seeing what that individual likes and doesnt like then let everyone play "john appleseeds game made for him" just to see what that person likes

    idk it sounds cool in my head

    • RickandElon
      RickandElon Year ago

      nope it is thought by everybody especially with horror games where monsters materialize accounting for each player’s worst fears!

  • Vinayak Gupta
    Vinayak Gupta Month ago

    Nowdays, the technology is using only 3 to 4% of AI across all the devices. But around 2060 , we might be using 60% of it such as Creating maps , NPC's of random appearance & forms, Creating plots, stories & scripts for games, fixing bugs by itself or any issues (context: Sword Art Online) as an engine without being exposed to developers.
    That is very intruiging!

  • Justin Ansako
    Justin Ansako 2 years ago +108

    So In the future, the game will play me.

    • Colmecti
      Colmecti Year ago

      and it wont do it for free

    • Jocose Sonata
      Jocose Sonata Year ago +1

      So the phrase, "Don't hate the player, hate the game." can then be followed by, "Because the game hates you."

    • Minoesch Minoes
      Minoesch Minoes 2 years ago +3

      @AmazingArends Look at Diablo III where ai took over most of the players, or play for them while they sleep :) AI for sure gonna change the future of grinding games.

    • AmazingArends
      AmazingArends 2 years ago

      They already do!

  • Agil Priyatna
    Agil Priyatna 2 years ago +14

    So the future where a world like Aincrad and ALO, where the quests are infinitely, endlessly generated and managed by the world game system itself, is maybe not that far ahead

    Ps: oh but it seems we still need to wait quiet a long time for yui to be created

  • Voodoo Doll
    Voodoo Doll 2 years ago +34

    I want see a game in you must cooperate with a intelligent ia to win together
    That could be great I think

    • nial
      nial 8 months ago

      the last guardian

    • Drewmer MRooster12
      Drewmer MRooster12 Year ago

      Link and Zelda where the player switches back and forth controlling them would be great

    • Giffy
      Giffy Year ago +1

      Yes, absolutely. Also, it would be fun for it to be early access and the players would be able to help teach it.

    • Spirit Media
      Spirit Media Year ago +2

      Give it a few decades or more.

  • The Cake Glutton
    The Cake Glutton 2 years ago +1

    I was writing on forums for a good ten years that the real “next gen” would arrive when a leap in game AI would happen, not graphics and teraflops

    • AmazingArends
      AmazingArends 2 years ago

      I've done a series of videos on AI in a classic game and most people say I'm just imagining things or reading a lot of stuff into it that's not there.

  • Taylor
    Taylor 2 years ago +6

    I’ve thought of this concept soooo much! Lol I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one to think this.

    • Giffy
      Giffy Year ago

      I'm surprised there are not more people talking about these ideas.

    • DoppleSoddner
      DoppleSoddner Year ago

      Sword art online real life

  • Zach Albers
    Zach Albers 2 years ago +2

    Surprised he didn't take about Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War. Pretty cool enemy AI in that game

  • Di0
    Di0 2 years ago +6

    Lookup Event[0]. It's a first person narrative exploration game that incorporates a real chatbot into the gameplay. The bulk of your interaction with the game happens through "talking" to an AI.

  • Saul Livshutz
    Saul Livshutz 2 years ago

    I don't know what you mean when you compare the AI of NPCs to AI in terms of neural networks. The NPCs are hardcoded to do things written by the developer so it isn't intelligent as it does not learn its just a computer that takes input and spits out an output. AI is when the developer creates a type of network which lets the computer code itself, which creates an improving computer at whatever task. It can improve so much that its strategies are beyond human comprehension due to its networks. I also have no idea how the randomness of birds getting shot has anything to do with AI since that's just a physics system. Who in the world said AI is about making games real, sure that's how it can be used but that's not what AI really is.

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago

      But it's not a problem if AI is super genius level even for human geniuses?

  • Nyahaha
    Nyahaha 2 months ago

    imagine a self aware ai in a game

  • DontfallasleeZZZZ
    DontfallasleeZZZZ 2 years ago +1

    Games would be a lot more interesting if game developers weren't so afraid of unexpected things happening in their games.

    • AmazingArends
      AmazingArends 2 years ago

      But when unexpected things happen, people call it a "bug" and down vote the game for it.

  • Omricon
    Omricon 2 years ago +3

    I'd argue that minecraft popularised proc gen way before no man's sky. And diablo popularised it way before minecraft again.

  • Shogun KicksButt
    Shogun KicksButt 2 years ago

    Stadia developer kit might lead the AI way forward ... at least thats my bet.

    FILIP HEDMAN Year ago

    I fear that my hopes and dreams may not be possible at this rate. I wan't to be a game developer but if AI can just make a game for me in a second? What will be the point in me existing?

  • Elijah Fink
    Elijah Fink 2 years ago +1

    As someone who's relatively attentive to this frontier in my own life, I found this video to be mind-bendingly anemic and unintelligent. It kept promising to say something interesting and then reporting on developments that were over five years old

    • AmazingArends
      AmazingArends 2 years ago

      I've done a series of videos on my channel exploring the AI in a classic video game that you may like, but most people watching it dismiss it as "coincidence" or me reading something into it that's not there.

  • Sonal Saha
    Sonal Saha 2 years ago +34

    What happens when every character in red dead redemption remembers all of my crimes ? WESTWORLD.

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago +1

      Idk if it would be a bad thing if they remember my crimes forever... i mean, isn't the game supposed to be a simulation? Maybe do a run where you are a bad boy and one where you a good fella.

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan 9 months ago +2

      It's hard being a ruthless cowboy

    • Tomer Yud
      Tomer Yud 2 years ago +5

      cant stop thinking of westworld while playing this game lol

    RAMESH KAMATH 2 years ago +5

    Me : playing StarCraft 2 'started building some units'
    AI : 'with large army near my base that I can't see ' I am here in the shadows

  • Phil Griffiths
    Phil Griffiths 2 years ago

    AI could replace polygons in rendering

  • Kenneth Smith
    Kenneth Smith 2 years ago +6

    Does anyone know how to get involved in this? I would love to tinker with video game creating AI

    • Kenneth Smith
      Kenneth Smith Year ago

      @Giffy Thank you!

    • Giffy
      Giffy Year ago +1

      Check out the channel CodeBullet

    • Kenneth Smith
      Kenneth Smith 2 years ago

      @Erudite thank you!

    • Erudite
      Erudite 2 years ago +2

      Yeah, just tinker. Make a game and look up any number of open source AI sdks to use in that game.

  • Aidan Gregory
    Aidan Gregory 2 years ago +5

    Don't forget Monster Hunter World the AI there is amazing

  • Photosounder
    Photosounder 2 years ago +1

    You lost me at "How AI will". AI enthusiasts always promise "stuff of science fiction" for "soon" but they're really short on things that "AI" actually does well today.

    • AmazingArends
      AmazingArends 2 years ago

      That's because, as soon as a development is achieved in AI, it stops being impressive. The idea of talking to your phone and having it instantly translate into Russian was a sci-fi fantasy 30 years ago. Nowadays, it's no big deal.

  • Tim Bond
    Tim Bond 2 years ago +1

    Soon we will be watching AI produced videos.

  • Rock Steel
    Rock Steel 2 years ago +1

    I would really like to see I mean really like to see some intelligence in the NP c's in grand theft auto 6 and better interaction let them live their life Kind of like The Sims or something

  • Azmedon
    Azmedon Year ago

    The AI learns in games could make the games unbeatable.

  • SuperDan
    SuperDan 2 years ago +1

    The first Fable Game on the Original XBOX kind of did this :) I loved that game, was so much fun......... I think this would be cool, would make it so the game becomes what the person playing wanted it to be

  • Juuso Pylväläinen
    Juuso Pylväläinen 2 years ago +2

    First time i've heard someone comparing balloons attached to a boat to an AI.

    • Jeremy Stott
      Jeremy Stott 2 years ago

      The first and hopefully the last time

  • US
    US 2 years ago +3

    When till we get the option to have an AI beat a game an AI generated game just to get all the achievements for us?
    (And then lay a $59.99 premium)

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago

      You are supposed to beat the AI, not AI to beat the game for you.

  • prateek
    prateek 2 years ago +4

    So basically AI is important

  • khalina
    khalina 2 years ago

    AI usually cheats in RTS/4x strategy games

  • Netrex
    Netrex 2 years ago +1

    And then you have the AI in Civilization VI 😁

  • João Vitor
    João Vitor 2 years ago +3

    oohh there's a game
    I can't remember the name of it
    but every time you died
    the enemy's learned your way of playing and copied it
    so with time they were getting smarter and harder

    • K B
      K B 2 years ago

      Was it an fps?

  • AliceAttentionWhore
    AliceAttentionWhore 2 years ago +1

    6:40 "I don't think that's going to happen from the big AI companies. It's to risky"
    (clears throat) Valve.

    • RickandElon
      RickandElon Year ago

      Young Knight wow 🤩 that’s so cool!

    • Young Knight
      Young Knight 2 years ago +1

      AliceAttentionWhore actually even EA Ubisoft and recently Sony started R&D thst has AI involved

  • bravenizer
    bravenizer 2 years ago +1

    If the game built on real AI then no one will beat it!!!

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 2 months ago

      You can always handicap the AI, can't you? Make it slower to move, have certain reaction times, not have perfect aim... limited FOV and sight... would it then be a problem if it's smarter than us?

  • Jacob Mead
    Jacob Mead 2 years ago

    The weirdest thing that happened to me in RDR2 was I played it, and didn't have fun...

  • Midnight Wildspirit
    Midnight Wildspirit Year ago +1

    games that need smart AI is Halo and The Elder Scrolls.

  • Willem654
    Willem654 2 years ago

    That time you lose and push the reset button. Improving yourself over time.

  • Mayowa Alexander Paul
    Mayowa Alexander Paul 2 years ago +1

    Very informative

  • Scott Chiste
    Scott Chiste 2 years ago +2

    Artificial intelligence is just a buzzword call it machine learning

    • No One
      No One Year ago

      Machine Learning is a sub field of Artificial Intelligence. Yet, machines are not intelligent AT ALL. It "learns" but it doesn't understand. So the term doesn't matter ..

    • sohakes
      sohakes 2 years ago

      It's not

    • Scott Chiste
      Scott Chiste 2 years ago

      @Thomas Vu nope

    • Thomas Vu
      Thomas Vu 2 years ago

      That’s just another buzzword.

  • mwnciboo
    mwnciboo Year ago

    Procedural generation is not AI, it is algorithmic data generation.

  • Exalaxy X
    Exalaxy X 2 years ago +8

    AI video games! We are officially one step closer to human extinction and robot domination! :D

    • Weirdo's World
      Weirdo's World 2 years ago

      @TenhunenPhoto Indeed

    • Weirdo's World
      Weirdo's World 2 years ago

      @TenhunenPhoto If that is in fact true but we can't prove it

    • Weirdo's World
      Weirdo's World 2 years ago

      @Anshul Sharma very true

    • Anshul Sharma
      Anshul Sharma 2 years ago +3

      If you want to think differently, we are the AI for our fellow animals , we have taken over the world , we extinct some of them , and we are heading to the planetary distruction

    • Weirdo's World
      Weirdo's World 2 years ago +3

      *high five*!

  • tonycns
    tonycns 2 years ago +7

    AI generated loot boxes...

  • Martina Ross
    Martina Ross 2 years ago +1

    I'd love to see the full Warner Brothers video. Mind posting the link to it?

  • GermanSniper
    GermanSniper 2 years ago

    Many of the examples given here have nothing to do with AI but ok..

  • 407 Eli
    407 Eli Year ago

    How about ai with full conversation ability

  • hazim mir
    hazim mir 2 years ago +1

    So, we want to be Gods, in the end, making intelligent characters and then control them.

    • No One
      No One Year ago

      When that happens, that means that we're done, like De Ford says in Westworld

  • oCharger
    oCharger 2 years ago +1

    me in 2020: minecraft dungeons has random levels.

  • James Free
    James Free 8 months ago


    Chief:Sorry...who are you again?

  • Austin Carn
    Austin Carn Year ago +1

    SEED are working on AI for Battlefield 1. I think we're getting bots in Battlefield.

  • Chris Hemphill
    Chris Hemphill 2 years ago +2

    Analytics isn’t boring, you take it back!

  • Xenerus
    Xenerus 2 years ago +5

    I would like a game where you start as an Neandertaler and later become an Jedi Master!

    • Michael Judge
      Michael Judge 2 years ago

      Respawn is making a game like that

    • BezBez
      BezBez 2 years ago

      Then go make that game.

  • Orion
    Orion 2 years ago +2

    if you see anime sword art online new season, you can see in that anime, they building a full world that can simulate real world, its mean, they took ai and they generate world its self, with people, rules, make their existence real...

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique 2 years ago +93

    lol i havent seen that rdr2 clip of the bird falling

  • Reeve
    Reeve Year ago

    After we invent artificial intelligence, they will invent artificial humans, free artificial humans are around, they will invent artificial planets, once artificial planets are around we will develop artificial bananas to be grown on those planets

    • No One
      No One Year ago

      You just described the game "The Sims"

  • D Gomez
    D Gomez 2 years ago +74

    how did they fully miss out on minecraft???

    • Fergus Conolly
      Fergus Conolly 2 years ago +1

      @Oli Strik Try Stone Soup :-) I used to like Angband as well...

    • Oli Strik
      Oli Strik 2 years ago

      @Fergus Conolly I still play the original rogue when I get bored during lectures.

    • Fergus Conolly
      Fergus Conolly 2 years ago +1

      @Aaron Herbst Indeed. I used to play the original rogue over 30 years ago at school

    • Aaron Herbst
      Aaron Herbst 2 years ago +5

      @Fergus Conolly They say No Man's Sky pioneered procedural generation, which it definitely did not.

    • Fergus Conolly
      Fergus Conolly 2 years ago +4

      Because there's no real AI in it? Procedural content generation (PCG) yes... but not AI 'designed' PCG

  • Pick Up Gaming
    Pick Up Gaming 2 years ago

    Ai is what you call a non human that is a program. So vaan balthier and Fran were all AI programs? Hmmmm

    CHATSHD 2 years ago

    What about Days gone by ? The developers said every person who plays that game will experience it differently. Some times at a certain point zombies and animals will chase you on a bike but other people may experience it at another point.

  • Object 1-i
    Object 1-i 2 years ago +2

    I'd be happy with npcs that don't say the same goddam thing every time I see them....

    • AmazingArends
      AmazingArends 2 years ago

      Unfortunately, that will be the hardest thing to change with AI (ala the movie "Her")

  • kobby bold
    kobby bold 2 years ago

    Pause the video and take a closer look at those faces that were generated by me