• Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Anneka flies to Cape Town to meet Nicole Gerstenberg of TauTonga Rhodesian Ridgebacks in order to find out everything there is about living and caring for one of these majestic canines who have a history of protecting their family from lions.
    TauTonga Ridgebacks: www.tautonga.com
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    Filmed by Dominic Houghton
    Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb
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Comments • 688

  • Scott Steward
    Scott Steward 2 hours ago

    I started with 2, found out there was a pack of coyotes around, so I found 3 more. The coyotes no longer come around 😁. No dogs were harmed. You know what else is no longer seen? Empty space on my sectional couch! And if a human decides to sit on the couch, be ready for your lap to be filled with rhodesian ridgebacks 😁😍 training involves repetition, rewards, and a positive response.

  • Marie Howard
    Marie Howard 2 days ago

    My baby Darla is Rhodesian mixed with Shar Pei. But she is more on the Ridgeback side. Everything they have said is true. If you come in the house and she has never met you, you have to pet her and love on her. If you dont its very bad.... For you. And she is very very smart not just saying that because she is mine.

  • The A Lister
    The A Lister 2 days ago

    I thought it fought against the lion by itself, but apparently they fought against the lion in a group. Hmm..., Disappointed.

  • Chris D'oulmeth
    Chris D'oulmeth 4 days ago

    I met a not so well behaved ridgeback many years ago in France at some family friends house, I was a kid then, but this dog would behave and not chase you if you just walked normally around it, but if it saw you run (like most kids like to do) it would chase you, so whenever i forgot about the dog and ran around the garden, it would come after me every time and i had to jump in the pool, one time it caught up to me and bit me in the arse and i still have the scar lol. It ws a huge ridgeback too, it was up to my chest when i stood beside it.

  • Eugene Livingston
    Eugene Livingston 7 days ago

    Nice dogs, but I love my Boerboels.

  • Rafael Recometa
    Rafael Recometa 8 days ago

    I Love You

  • Mario P.
    Mario P. 8 days ago

    Current owner, only thing you have to make sure is that you have them socialize with other dogs, otherwise they’re the cutest most energetic dog you’ll meet 😅

  • Ryan Munzlinger
    Ryan Munzlinger 8 days ago

    I have a ridgeback she is extremely smart I was able to teach her tricks she listens she’s calm and when ever someone she doesn’t know comes around the property she would go wild and into attack mode extremely loyal dog I miss her so much I can’t wait to get back home and see her

  • Eduardo Landolt
    Eduardo Landolt 8 days ago

    Hi, says Kai, from Joyes in South Africa

  • XCatfishX
    XCatfishX 9 days ago

    I will have 1 of these dogs...

  • Flora
    Flora 10 days ago

    My dream dog 😓😓😓love from germany i am allone a
    Love the dog 😞😞😤😤😤i have no man and have anyhgy allone 😫😫😫

  • woodensurfer
    woodensurfer 12 days ago

    I had two RRs girls for 14 years. I want to have another one, this time may be a boy.

  • Rick Patton
    Rick Patton 16 days ago


  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 19 days ago

    It's a running dog more than anything, bred to run and hunt over long distances

  • Kung and Chris Channel

    Wonderful Movie, Hisani our Rhodesian Ridgeback approves.

  • El El
    El El 21 day ago

    Love my Ridgebacks!!! Lil smart asses sometimes but I wouldn't give them up!

  • peace and love
    peace and love 21 day ago

    Does this breed herd?

  • God Is In The Details
    God Is In The Details 24 days ago +2

    know someone who has had several, they're an incredibly impressive breed

  • Joindque05
    Joindque05 25 days ago

    My ridgeback was with me for 13years , have not been able to get another dog since i lost her ,been 8 years , still fell the lose today but if i ever get another dog would only be a ridgeback . You made me cry thinking about her .

  • Samwell Ciborowski
    Samwell Ciborowski 25 days ago

    My grandfather has a Rhodesian. He is so gorgeously calm and watchful. The only time i ever had trouble with him was the day he decided as a puppy he wanted to play tag with the rescue chickens. Didnt go too well with me, only time I’ve ever genuinely shouted at a dog (just to disrupt his attention and get him to focus on me), and then brought him back. He always shadowed my grandfather, watching closely around him. He was quite aloof at first, but he loved a good game of fetch. Can’t wait to visit him again soon.

  • Lesley Shipley
    Lesley Shipley 25 days ago

    My mum is getting one and a French bulldog for our family!!!! I can't wait!!!

  • BT C
    BT C 26 days ago

    Absolutely gorgeous dogs, extremely high energy, loving, and a great dog for the active type..these are great dogs for runners. These dogs aren’t for the majority of people..they are HIGH maintenance! I loved Shona, but my lab and yorkie were much smarter, more loving, and less hassle. Also- adopt, don’t shop!

  • Chris Birch
    Chris Birch 28 days ago +2

    Some idiot had this dog on their top 10 most dangerous dogs list. I've only seen a few in real life and they were all very friendly.

    • CatLover Fortnite
      CatLover Fortnite 25 days ago

      Well I have one myself and yes they are great dogs but you need to tell them who is good and bad. Overall they are very sweet.

  • Evie’s World
    Evie’s World 28 days ago

    I have a ridgeback too and they are so nice❤️

  • Gary Trevor
    Gary Trevor 29 days ago

    Love love my precious Rhodesian Ridgebacks, smart, loyal, and love families and very protective

  • whitexchina
    whitexchina Month ago

    We just met a Ridgeback in the forest. My doggy lives him. They had a lot of fun together.

  • BRS_Gaming
    BRS_Gaming Month ago

    I have a ridgeback rn and he is very well behaved, protective, loyal, and very intelligent. If I can recommend a breed, I would recommend a ridgeback.

  • Alex Fu
    Alex Fu Month ago

    I am pretty sure Ridgeback would be my next dog if I were to have one. It is one of my favourite breeds plus I don't think I can go back to having a Weimaraner or Labrador which was my previous generation of dogs. In particular, the Weim, both are too deeply ingrained into my memory and I would hate to consciously or subconsciously compare dogs which is very hard to do when you are looking at a dog of the same breed. I think if I started off having multiple dogs of the same breed then things might have been different. So, I think is only fair for the new dog whereby I can devote all my love to the guy.

  • Cheese Smoke
    Cheese Smoke Month ago

    I have a rescued ridgeback x unknown and she moves like a goofy slinky with legs

  • Spanish John
    Spanish John Month ago

    i thought it was a dragon

  • Elizabeth Okonkwo
    Elizabeth Okonkwo Month ago

    They are sooo beautiful!

  • Berit Pohlmann
    Berit Pohlmann Month ago

    We live in Germany and we have an 8 years old rhodesian Ridgeback female. Yes, they are perfect protecting dogs... For our house (incl the houses of our neighbours) and for their pack. Our dog ist perfectly trained and I agree, they are not dogs for everyone. High intelligent, very strong and they need a lot of work for their brain. And they have a special sense for people and situations. When we See people or dogs far away, they sniff in the air, are focussed and 'tell' US if the person or the dog is fine, nice or instable. It's amazing, they are everytime right! Love this breed. Met them, when I stayed in South Africa... And decided later to get one. Best choice ever!

  • Don Ravenscroft
    Don Ravenscroft Month ago

    When we lived in Rhodesia we had a great Ridgeback. Rusty was a superb watch dog, as well as a good family pet

  • Olivia Parker
    Olivia Parker Month ago

    My favorite dog we had a female for about 14 years and she’s still missed my faithful old girl was at my side and new to guard my daughter that was legally blind and she knew somehow and would get between her an any car are threat I loved her nature and my heart has never gotten over her they aren’t in this area of Southwest Louisiana USA do you sale the puppies?My ole girl had a name of A,R. He gave her to my husband as a pup for my daughters an our family.

  • Daniel Hoffmann
    Daniel Hoffmann Month ago

    This woman is ...

  • Farmer Fpv
    Farmer Fpv Month ago +8

    Ridgies go full throttle right up until they pass out asleep and then repeat, well at least my girl River is like that, she's a nut, lol

  • Robert Estevan
    Robert Estevan Month ago

    Ridgebacks are an amazing breed we have a ridgeback mix. She is loyal loving and very fast when she gets off the leash. She also tries to catch birds out of the air.

  • Dr Death
    Dr Death Month ago

    Ive been blessed with 3 Rhodies in my life and you have a clear understanding of the breed. Your dogs are beautiful, kudos

  • Noah
    Noah Month ago

    This woman is insufferable

  • Jacques Hughes
    Jacques Hughes Month ago

    These two Ridgies are stunningly beautiful.

  • Chizo5791
    Chizo5791 Month ago

    Can someone tell me if they shed a lot of hair ?

    • Chizo5791
      Chizo5791 Month ago

      @Chelsea Moulton thank's 👍🏼

    • Chelsea Moulton
      Chelsea Moulton Month ago

      I have one. She doesnt shed alot but yes they do.

  • john asshat
    john asshat Month ago

    I had an uncle with a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Sweetest girl in the world with him...very scary without him in the room.

  • Bellystraw
    Bellystraw Month ago

    My best friends family had a Ridgeback/Lab mix and he was the sweetest little guy. He always wanted to snuggle with you on the couch but he was so big that we were always squished together. RIP Bassi, you will be sorely missed

  • Tatjana Papic
    Tatjana Papic 2 months ago

    So true I had a black lab/Rhodesian Ridgeback lady, she was a couch potato but once we went outside she could run for miles :) and she did not like to be left alone for too long, whenever I did that I would come back to eaten books or shoes :)

  • Brian Gibbs
    Brian Gibbs 2 months ago

    I have heard of these beautiful creatures and their fearless nature. To watch these lovely Rhodesian Ridgebacks up close is truly something to behold. To see the obvious love that they give to their humans,is again something to behold. You only have to look into their eyes to see the intelligence that is there. What I believe sets these particular beauties apart from some of their counterparts, for example a doberman or rottweiler, is that they respond to the respect from their humans and their humans love for them. Personally I would not say they are a large dog but a medium size. That in no way detracts from their obvious athleticism and power. It would be a wonderful privilege to have one of these beautiful furry friends as a companion.

  • sleddog8
    sleddog8 2 months ago

    You seem to be uniquely qualified to answer this question. I have had Malamutes my whole adult life, but now that I have moved into a more populous area where people let their dogs off leash on the beach, when the unfortunate time comes to adopt a new dog, the Malamutes' gender bully tendencies will be tougher to deal with. The RR seems to share a lot of the Mally's other personality traits, with the bonus of MUCH less shedding. But, accounts differ on their aggressive towards other dogs. How does their interactions with other dogs compare with the Malamute?

  • Ahw1231
    Ahw1231 2 months ago

    I have a RR and mine is most definitely not aloof to strangers. Mine goes wild and loves meeting new people that I let in the house. But he is very protective, especially while he is outside, he will watch other dogs and people like a hawk, and if they walk on my yard at all he gives them a warning bark. For anyone looking to buy one, I will warn you, these dogs are very hard to train. What I mean by that is they are very stubborn, mine will listen to commands now but it took so much positive reinforcement, more than any other breed I have ever owned to train. They are very awesome dogs though, if you have the time to train them and a big yard for them to run around in, or take them on plenty of walks if you live in town.

  • player2204
    player2204 2 months ago

    Which feed you Feed? The RR have an great coat

  • Red Mantis
    Red Mantis 2 months ago


  • Valeria Peters
    Valeria Peters 2 months ago

    I Have a Ridgeback and he is the Best dog in World ♡

  • Dr. Jé
    Dr. Jé 2 months ago

    I had a pitbull Rhodesian mix. He was physically a massive pit, with the signature Rhodesian raised hair down his back. I miss him :(

  • iiMystiq_ Møøn
    iiMystiq_ Møøn 2 months ago

    I used to have a ridgeback mix and at the time I didn't know and I thought she was special because of the line on her back 😆 anyways she was something else almost human like very smart and affectionate she used to hug me (no other dog has done that) anyways she is my kamila and will always be my baby may she rest in piece 💔

    • Michael Sealey
      Michael Sealey 2 months ago

      We lost our Rigdeback Sheyna over 2 years ago and my heart is still broken, she meant the world to me. So fun and loving and loved giving kisses also very sassy and we argued everynight, I miss the laughter and smiles. If I could walk up to heaven and bring her back I most definitely would!

  • Patrick
    Patrick 2 months ago

    I have a 50% ridgeback and he's the best dog and my best friend, everywhere I go he goes with me 24/24h 7/7 or with one of my family members. Also he has an auto-immune sickness since puppy and all the difficult times makes me love him even more. He's a very smart dog, good protector but still very friendly with everyone and he doesn't fear anything. Don't get one if you leave in a city, the dog needs vast open spaces, taking him to the park is not enough (I leaved in a city his first 2 years ) and since I moved to a big house with a big land he's another dog, more happy. Also at first (since it was my first dog) you can be shocked and scared by the way they play and sadly other people too, you have to explain that's the way they play nothing wrong with that.

  • Joe.B.
    Joe.B. 2 months ago

    I thought Cape Town was dangerous

  • Innocent Manjoro
    Innocent Manjoro 2 months ago

    we have pleant of them in our streets in zimbabwe { formerly known as Rhodesia}

    • Plumpstery
      Plumpstery Month ago

      Innocent Manjoro I think Rhodesia was headed for great things with a non racial state. Of course their were some racist laws, just like America had in the 60s and 70s. But if Rhodesia continues its course I believe that Rhodesia would have become a successful non racial state like the us

    • Innocent Manjoro
      Innocent Manjoro Month ago

      @Plumpstery From which angle are you taking this conversation from, as for me i can't wish for something which i never experienced,though i can't deny that currently Zim is being mismanaged

    • Plumpstery
      Plumpstery 2 months ago

      bet you are wishing it was Rhodesia again lol

  • Innocent Manjoro
    Innocent Manjoro 2 months ago

    Why do you call them Rhodesian when they originated in southAfrica cant you see you are trying to distort history

  • MultiPorkpie
    MultiPorkpie 2 months ago

    Nice Dogs Zimbabwean ridge back

  • RHP9898
    RHP9898 2 months ago

    I had a RR for 13 years, the key point is these are NOT dogs for everyone, they're high demand dogs, big, heavy and very protective of their family. They're not cuddly house dogs. The eyes are dark but they have a deep, deep stare as they're assessing your character and motives. Honestly folks, this is a nice video but the next video on Dashunds will be the same, you don't get a full understanding of the RR from watching someone gushing over how cute the puppies are.

  • Andrea Miller
    Andrea Miller 2 months ago

    My grandfather used them as cattle dogs and guard dogs for years. Have always thought they were beautiful. They were mostly friendly dogs except for one. All the grandkids knew not to try to pet Cocoa. He liked no one but grandpa. My grandmother's guard dog Smut was a big softy and lived for petting.

  • Karin Shah
    Karin Shah 2 months ago

    Love Rhodesians! You should do an episode on basenjis, as well!