Top 20 F1 Team Radio Clips of 2019

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
  • The airwaves were filled with smooth operator, steering wheel discussions, plenty of *LOUD NOISES* and Lando Norris being Lando Norris... here's our top 20 radio clips from 2019!
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Comments • 1 875

  • Zelo.iOS
    Zelo.iOS 3 hours ago

    If you’re claustrophobic then f1 isn’t for you

  • Jackson Barretts
    Jackson Barretts 8 hours ago

    lando in belgium is a mood

  • IsaiahTheGaming King
    IsaiahTheGaming King 21 hour ago

    Someone explain number 13 to me? I think I got it but I could be wrong lol

  • Tristan Lazaro
    Tristan Lazaro Day ago

    And Charles Leclerc was also screaming 3:37

  • Tristan Lazaro
    Tristan Lazaro Day ago

    Pierre Gasly was screaming 5:07

  • Edwin Verschoor
    Edwin Verschoor 2 days ago

    14. Lando Norris should be on one. What a great radio was that! Pure emotion from a top guy!

  • MusicByDeeY
    MusicByDeeY 3 days ago

    Gasly's, Leclerc's and Norris' radio gives me tears of joy 😭 three young driver who got a bright future ahead 🤗

  • Cam Perkins
    Cam Perkins 3 days ago

    He JuSt CaMe BaCk On ThE tRaCk LiKe An IdIoT: does the same thing to the toro rosso.

  • Top F1
    Top F1 4 days ago +1

    Carlos: Did I go for it? Did I send it? Or did I don't.... didn't send it? AHYAYAY

  • Su Chi
    Su Chi 4 days ago

    So I’m new too F1 but why do they get so excited if they finish in P9 or P10. Shouldn’t you be going for P1?

  • pee pee poo poo
    pee pee poo poo 5 days ago +3

    *"are you crying ? ha ha haa"*
    *"Ha ha haa"*
    *"Jarv frickin' crying ha ha ha"*
    *"I think im crying"*

  • RD F1
    RD F1 5 days ago

    *“To whom it may concern, F*CK YOU”*

  • DY Donkyee
    DY Donkyee 7 days ago

    Toto: We nearly ****** our pants!
    Toto's mom: It's time to buy you new Pampers!

  • DY Donkyee
    DY Donkyee 7 days ago

    1:39 Why Jarv is crying?
    Answer: He cutted an onion.

  • DY Donkyee
    DY Donkyee 7 days ago

    0:19 Never expected, that he has got the Steering wheel...

  • Reza Herdiansyah
    Reza Herdiansyah 7 days ago

    0:45 make me laugh .. Weeeeeeee🤣

  • Alex_ Crimean 2019
    Alex_ Crimean 2019 8 days ago

    I love f1 for this moments!

  • AdustPack7881
    AdustPack7881 8 days ago +1

    Carlos Sainz: "Did i send it or did i... don't... didn't send it?"
    Grammar: "Am i a joke to you?"
    Me: 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vitor Sparkliu
    Vitor Sparkliu 8 days ago +1

    3:19 the best for me

  • Sebastian Bae
    Sebastian Bae 8 days ago +3

    2019 radio: earrape edition

  • LordDownUnda
    LordDownUnda 9 days ago

    Damn f1 mics are like that one friend in party chat that keeps buying from target

  • Jeff Carroll
    Jeff Carroll 10 days ago


  • Dino Skate
    Dino Skate 11 days ago

    Earrape 2.0 when you win or crash or lose

  • AkutoUK
    AkutoUK 12 days ago

    How is ‘ARE YOU CRYING!’ So low!! That was an epic moment!

  • Larissa Moura
    Larissa Moura 12 days ago

    The best sport ever! So emotional!

    AYAM PABJI 12 days ago

    Ferrari:came tO circuit
    Also stroll:back oN circuit like idiot

  • Catalyst
    Catalyst 13 days ago

    Carlos "Send it" Sainz

  • Aulia Nasution
    Aulia Nasution 13 days ago

    Are you crying HA HA HA! From Norris

  • Alvaro Rolaça
    Alvaro Rolaça 13 days ago

    The Kimmi and steering wheel saga....

  • Dimas Mahardika
    Dimas Mahardika 14 days ago

    0:59 lance stroll 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

  • Francisco Gifre
    Francisco Gifre 14 days ago

    Absolute earrape

  • Maximilian Nguyen
    Maximilian Nguyen 14 days ago

    Stroll: the Ferrari just came back like an idiot
    Gasly: the Force India just came back on track like an idiot

  • RonanNotRyan
    RonanNotRyan 14 days ago

    *_"To whom it may concern, FUCK YOU!"_*
    I'm using that next time.

  • TheHorab -
    TheHorab - 15 days ago +3

    2017 radio : F**k Yes!
    2018 radio : NOOOOOO
    2019 radio : Im moving up and down side to side like a roller coaster

  • Dominik Dominik
    Dominik Dominik 16 days ago

    Where is Kubica and him: " Paul i'm really know what I need to do " ??;)

  • tankte 5
    tankte 5 16 days ago

    Ok, where's the Kvyat's podium radio?

  • Haibz. Carl
    Haibz. Carl 16 days ago

    Mein gott muss das sein so ein aber auch

  • F1_Crashes
    F1_Crashes 17 days ago

    Vettel: mein gott muss das sein?!
    Leclerc: yes yes yeeeeees yes yes.... yes

  • Purple_Tech Oofer
    Purple_Tech Oofer 17 days ago +1

    I'm confused for example Hamilton is Mercedes so it blue is the blue words the crew or hamilton?

  • Charles Leclerc
    Charles Leclerc 18 days ago +2

    Where is im moving side to side like a rollercoaster

  • Mr. Baseball
    Mr. Baseball 18 days ago +1

    They also missed Kvyat's Austria clip that went a little something like: What the ****** was that?! I almost killed someone!

  • Mr. Baseball
    Mr. Baseball 18 days ago

    "Carlos check the radio, we seem to have picked up some dodgy music channel again." "Naa na na naa Naa na na na naa." "Better?" "Er, Maybe?"

  • All Things F1
    All Things F1 18 days ago +1

    Vettel completely shunted into $troll’s car as payback from Malaysia 2017

  • Arnold Kim
    Arnold Kim 19 days ago

    Casually having conversations going 100+ mph. I had anxiety watching this but can’t complain.

  • Msd Smti
    Msd Smti 20 days ago

    So did kimi get his drink or what?

  • Loke Martin
    Loke Martin 20 days ago

    0:50 Stroll doning the EXACT same thing as the Ferrari he just complained and 😂

  • Subham Jyoti Biswas
    Subham Jyoti Biswas 20 days ago +1

    Should've included "James, it's Valtteri" too.
    And also, "enoff means enoff" (Gunther Steiner, Canada 2019)

  • Volts
    Volts 21 day ago

    Dude hungary was tense I watched the whole thing

  • Davor s
    Davor s 21 day ago

    Thas is smooooooooooth operatorrrrrrrrrr smooooooooooth operatorrrrrrrrrr

  • Lyte Gacha
    Lyte Gacha 21 day ago

    Norris:Are u CRYING?!*laughters*

  • Unknown Paws
    Unknown Paws 21 day ago +3

    Random guy: You’re
    Leclerc: YEEEEEEES

  • Sai K
    Sai K 21 day ago

    Pure emotions on this video.

  • Jehan Firdhans
    Jehan Firdhans 21 day ago

    GASLY: woowaaaaaaaa yaaaaaaahhh. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhaaaaa

  • Bartlomiej Janicki
    Bartlomiej Janicki 22 days ago +1

    Hey we're is Norris song?

    ZEHAR TALIBANI 22 days ago

    Thumbnail be like top 20 nooooo

    RAFAA KHANZA 22 days ago

    I loooooooove this... Sometimes its better than the race itself 😉

  • Nik Efimov
    Nik Efimov 22 days ago +3

    “We seem to have picked up some dodgy music channel again”
    - continues singing

  • OGC Good_B_Boi
    OGC Good_B_Boi 23 days ago

    Kimi doesn't even care the name of the guy who hit him, he just calls him "Same Idiot"

  • Hugo Martínez
    Hugo Martínez 23 days ago

    Smooth operatorrrrrrrrrrrrr(Sainz) (Hungary 2019)

  • Dannon Woodard
    Dannon Woodard 23 days ago

    3:40 ear rape