Differences Between CHAMPS & Normal Golfers! With Sir Clive Woodward and Dan Grieve

  • Published on Oct 20, 2019
  • Huge thank you to Clive and Dan for taking the time out to help deliver this great advice and experiences with you guys! Clive Woodward has helped world class athletes all his career from winning the Rugby World Cup with England to helping return record medal hauls for Team GB at consecutive Olympic Games. Dan Grieve coached Open champion Georgia Hall and many other top pro golfers. For more information on Tee to Cup visit here teetocup.golf/
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Comments • 82

  • damiansonofsantana
    damiansonofsantana 9 days ago

    That was f&cking great 👍🏻

  • Jason Thompson
    Jason Thompson Month ago

    Great viewing

  • jason w
    jason w Month ago

    worse putter on you tube,

  • Leslie Hines
    Leslie Hines Month ago

    Great video. More like this please.

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Month ago

    Great video. Bet it was a privilege to meet and spend time with them.

  • touristguy87
    touristguy87 Month ago

    Oh come on man, the biggest difference between a great player and a regular player is that they will shoot par on a course and from tees that a regular player would have trouble even breaking 100. How is that not butt-fucking obvious to you?

    Here's what I'd love to see you and the Twinklevoss Twins at Me & My Golf and Mark Crossfield and anyone else who considers themselves to be "TheXvid Golf professionals" do: Try to qualify for the US Open. You can come to the US in the summer and try to qualify in any "local qualifier" as long as you have an official USGA handicap of 1.4 or lower.

    In the meantime you can research to see how many amateurs have an official handicap under 1.5...

  • Jamie Meiklejohn
    Jamie Meiklejohn Month ago

    #youwinoryoulearn best saying ever.

  • Stephen O Reilly
    Stephen O Reilly Month ago

    Another putter change Pete?

  • Russell Thorburn
    Russell Thorburn Month ago

    Wow. You're moving up in the world Pete to have those two gents in your video. Well done again. Great video.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Month ago

    With the ferns and rhododendrons in bloom, it looks like this was filmed in the spring. Great looking course.

  • Steve Best
    Steve Best Month ago

    Liked the speeding up before the shots... great video!

  • Bustaferrari
    Bustaferrari Month ago

    Like playing here in Seattle...trees!!!!!

  • John B. Richardson
    John B. Richardson Month ago

    That place looked like Sir Lancelot could ride out at any moment...

  • Josh Harris
    Josh Harris Month ago

    You have changed putter?! spider x custom was nice!

  • Andreas Lossius
    Andreas Lossius Month ago

    Comfy chairs.

  • Neil Gardner
    Neil Gardner Month ago +1

    Go on Clive - gives us a smile

  • Joe Bluhm
    Joe Bluhm Month ago

    PETER! What happened to your beloved custom Spider putter?!

  • The 2nd9
    The 2nd9 Month ago

    I should probably wait to watch more than you first iron shot to ask, but I'm American and tired (which means my narcissism is at full peak)... So, my question is, "are those still the Tiger Irons in you bag?!?!?"

    • The 2nd9
      The 2nd9 Month ago

      Thanks for the reply. One more question please.... do you still have those amazing irons in your possession?!?! I was really impressed with how well you hit them. I play blades and I hit the P-7TW’s, they are a different animal. Not easy to play. Cheers Amigo!

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf  Month ago +1

      Filmed this earlier in the year

  • Lonnie Land
    Lonnie Land Month ago

    Incredible video, thank you for sharing that Peter.

  • Erick Bauer
    Erick Bauer Month ago

    We have a course here that is tighter and taller trees with huge elevation changes on every hole. Nothing flat anywhere.

  • Erick Bauer
    Erick Bauer Month ago

    If you ever get close to Kentucky USA I would like to play a round of golf with you.

  • Pete Swanson
    Pete Swanson Month ago +1

    What is the best golf website to find great quality gear at a great price?

  • David DiFonzo
    David DiFonzo Month ago

    That was a very un-Finch video...I wonder who edited it.

  • Ronnie D
    Ronnie D Month ago

    Finch you're very modest about your abilities

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf  Month ago

      Not at all! Just know my deficiencies and where I want to be

  • Michael Birenbach
    Michael Birenbach Month ago

    Peter: I'm glad you didn't hit that root and wreck your wrist. I did something similar a month ago. Mostly better now, but still feel a bit of a ting on the follow through stopping the club.

    • Wally17
      Wally17 Month ago +1

      Michael Birenbach He had that happen a couple years ago if I remember correctly. As you know, it doesn’t feel good.

  • Daniel Parham
    Daniel Parham Month ago

    If I was to play 18 holes on this course i would need about 52 golf balls in my bag.

  • action figure
    action figure Month ago

    The last putt.…..

  • Mark Roper
    Mark Roper Month ago

    Great vid, loved it.....and Im an All Black Supporter. Have a greater respect for Sir Clive!

  • Rob Biles
    Rob Biles Month ago

    It is such a mind game at the top level but something us commoners could learn from.

  • Bainy Boy
    Bainy Boy Month ago

    That last putt 😂👏🏼👏🏼

  • ian campbell
    ian campbell Month ago

    Bad shots - I’m going to try the Tiger 10 step rule.

    • Eric D
      Eric D Month ago

      @Robert Court 😂😂😂

    • Robert Court
      Robert Court Month ago +1

      My problem is that I quite often only hit it 8 steps in front of me 🤦

  • Si Brier
    Si Brier Month ago

    Just 1 hole? Boring!

  • M S Carter
    M S Carter Month ago

    Great episode!

  • Ola Hedlund
    Ola Hedlund Month ago

    Always gets awkward in the intro when your guests don't get to speak. Always quiet, Finchy rambling on... There you go Peter, abit of feedback, you're welcome. I'm enjoying it anyway. 😁

  • Steve Lewis
    Steve Lewis Month ago

    Fantastic video PF, that is one tight course to play on, no good for me at the moment lol... This is one I will definitely watch more than once there is a lot of excellent information here that I can work into my own game. A great insight into a game winning mentality and some great golf too... Many Thanks

  • Kav Coatman
    Kav Coatman Month ago

    Great video Pete, that second shot on the first hole was so good

  • Marcos Esquer
    Marcos Esquer Month ago

    Not sure you saw this Peter, seems like a growing issue in the UK. www.golfmagic.com/golf-news/eight-golf-clubs-uk-have-now-shut-down-october

  • Shane Jenkins
    Shane Jenkins Month ago +1

    I really love it when the grass is cut to almost a true line to the middle of the fairway. Always good to take advantage of the straight lines.

  • brian kurek
    brian kurek Month ago +1

    Pete, Sir Clive is a god. Give him any sportsperson and he will make them a winner. I was there in 2003, what he did was incredible. He can make you an open winner if you wanted it. Great video, clive almost had you guys too.

  • Frank Brickle
    Frank Brickle Month ago +2

    That course is like something out of a Stephen King novel -- "The Green Tunnel." I grew up playing courses like that and it took years to overcome the kind of timidity they train into you.

  • RedTail 69
    RedTail 69 Month ago

    "Bud" to a knight...!

  • Ollie George
    Ollie George Month ago


  • Jordan Purol
    Jordan Purol Month ago +1

    "I just wanted to make filming easier" 😂🤣😂💯

  • Thomas Davies
    Thomas Davies Month ago +1

    new putter?

  • Robin Mitchell
    Robin Mitchell Month ago +2

    Terrific video - really enjoyed those insights

  • Stacey Albowicz
    Stacey Albowicz Month ago +3

    What happened to the new putter and the claw grip?

    • Peter Finch Golf
      Peter Finch Golf  Month ago


    • Dylan Champney
      Dylan Champney Month ago +1

      If I had to guess it’s probably a video he filmed a while ago and is just releasing it now

    • Allen Cox
      Allen Cox Month ago

      Stacey Albowicz I was wondering the same thing

  • Joseph Newcomb
    Joseph Newcomb Month ago +5

    Very cool way to do the video with the interview in between holes

    • Mula Mula
      Mula Mula Month ago

      Couldn't agree more - awesome

  • Marko J
    Marko J Month ago

    Really interesting video, Peter... And what a beautiful golf course!

  • Joe Wilkes
    Joe Wilkes Month ago +4

    You still playing the tw blades "?

  • Saad Sajidul
    Saad Sajidul Month ago

    Peter , what is your home course

  • Drew Ferguson
    Drew Ferguson Month ago +2

    Gone away from the spider putter ??

    • Jordan Purol
      Jordan Purol Month ago +1

      Maybe its older footage from before the new putter??

    • Allen Cox
      Allen Cox Month ago

      Drew Ferguson I was wondering the same thing.

  • Neil Cavendish
    Neil Cavendish Month ago +1

    I'm sure you've got qualifying for the open nailed ⛳

  • Vincent Sheetz
    Vincent Sheetz Month ago +2

    This video just started and I’m already excited

  • John Day
    John Day Month ago +1

    Nice one👍

  • J McSloy
    J McSloy Month ago +3

    "2000 year old Viking/Danish wall" ... now we know why you're a golf pro!

  • Alex Deel
    Alex Deel Month ago +1

    Excellent video as always.

  • anand mccullum
    anand mccullum Month ago +1

    Nice vid

  • Hutch Ten
    Hutch Ten Month ago +1

    I love your vids