Lunch Run - SNL

  • Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • An overeager intern (Harry Styles) volunteers to get Popeyes chicken sandwiches for the entire office.
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Comments • 1 683

  • Nonny Way xS
    Nonny Way xS Day ago

    My dumbass actually went to Disney+ just in case the movie was actually there!...

  • Dana Cam
    Dana Cam Day ago

    The "Now Available on Disney +" KILLED me

  • Dana Cam
    Dana Cam Day ago +1


  • blake moneé.
    blake moneé. Day ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 YO!!! who wrote this lmao thank you so much , it would’ve been so much better if they said Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. 😂😂😂

  • Jackelin Valentin

    I thought they were gonna mention CFA chicken sandwich as well!!! HAHAAHAH

  • MrProofMan
    MrProofMan 4 days ago

    Snl referenced a MadTV cast member. Oh how times are changing.

  • Ashley Downey
    Ashley Downey 6 days ago

    Yall should keep your mouths shut about what you call racism when you make sketches like this

  • k. rich
    k. rich 7 days ago


  • Howie
    Howie 8 days ago

    Yea. I didn't get it either.
    Are they saying white people drink seltzer water, and back people eat chicken?
    So if your white don't buy the chicken, because black people will get upset?
    Is it too dangerous for white people to go to Popeyes?
    Don't wear a long coat if your white, because that makes you a shooter?
    I dunno.
    How about they just focus on the fact that it's a bunch of ghetto people doing all the stabbing, and fighting? People that are unhappy with their deficient lives. And the only happiness they get out of life is getting a stupid chicken sandwich.

  • Tachanka Main
    Tachanka Main 8 days ago +1

    lol this sketch is actually really funny

  • Emanae Emanae
    Emanae Emanae 9 days ago +1

    Harry kept on his rings 😂

  • Ridhi Shikha
    Ridhi Shikha 10 days ago +1

    Harry looks like the big brother of will from stranger things!!

  • Brianna Johnson
    Brianna Johnson 11 days ago

    Harry, don’t ever cut your hair that short

  • Daniel Shannon
    Daniel Shannon 12 days ago +1

    Kenan is brilliant

  • Nolan LeMay
    Nolan LeMay 13 days ago +2

    This has Che written all over it

  • High Heel Knight Reviews

    A skit that has Heidi Gardner has a 90% chance getting a thumbs up from me. XoXo
    When we get to see her wearing stiletto pumps ON SCREEN during the skit, then the percentage jumps to 99.9999999999999999%!!
    If a skit has those two aspects but earns a thumbs down, then the comedy would have to be tremendously, spectacularly, inexcusable awful.
    This skit got a THUMBS UP from me, in case you were curious. LOL

  • WadeInnRoad
    WadeInnRoad 15 days ago

    Louis haircut 💇🏻‍♂️

  • EL Gundie
    EL Gundie 15 days ago

    Love the new music!

    ETHAN BILLS 15 days ago

    Black people get first dibs on everything

  • D J
    D J 15 days ago

    Why is the guy wearing nail polish lol

  • rukeyser
    rukeyser 15 days ago

    Popeyes doesn't currently list the chicken sandwich on their website, but the company did confirm to Healthline several nutritional facts. Each sandwich contains: 690 calories.
    The numbers in a nutshell:
    440 calories.
    19 grams of fat.
    4 grams of saturated fat.
    1,350 milligrams of sodium.
    2 grams of fiber.
    28 grams of protein.

  • bitch harrys daddy youre not

    maaarrrrccceeeellllll, what are you doing on my suggested pageeeeeeee

    (inspired by @angelstyles)

  • Sean O'Malley
    Sean O'Malley 16 days ago

    Ah, subtle racism. Classic.

  • Lisa Alisa
    Lisa Alisa 17 days ago

    Heidi got a really slim , perfect body 😏

  • Tayo
    Tayo 17 days ago

    Good sketch, could have beem funnier

  • Saeeda Samed
    Saeeda Samed 17 days ago +2

    Is it just me but... does anybody else think that Harry (Marcel) looks like Jeffrey Dahmer 😂

  • Ella Carroll
    Ella Carroll 18 days ago

    I’m British and to be honest I didn’t really get this. Idk if this is some American thing. To be honest I don’t even really know what pop eyes is

  • Fivefootnothin Chardè

    Intern Robert e lee woooow lol

  • Monica Pattera
    Monica Pattera 18 days ago +1

    I had to look him up, I have to get out more. 🤦🏻‍♀️ he cute!

  • fiesta51
    fiesta51 18 days ago

    I don’t get it.

  • Marit Ørndal
    Marit Ørndal 18 days ago

    i don't get this one

    • Trey Friedley
      Trey Friedley 13 days ago

      Marit Ørndal it’s a white boy going to the hood to get a Popeyes chicken sandwich and the black people in the skit are warning him not to go cuz he’ll die 😂

  • RandomAsRainbows
    RandomAsRainbows 18 days ago

    I'm English and I'm not getting any of this 😂

  • Savannah JoBeth Lee
    Savannah JoBeth Lee 19 days ago


  • Sophie Wood
    Sophie Wood 19 days ago

    Its funny being English watching this and thinking why are they mad

  • Hojo4
    Hojo4 19 days ago +1

    SNL made a funny skit?! Great job

  • M.D Records
    M.D Records 19 days ago

    Go get is son. 🐏

  • Nhia Lee
    Nhia Lee 19 days ago

    Harry could play young Elton John.

  • Diego Beltran
    Diego Beltran 19 days ago +1

    Oh, you sweet summer child, no.

  • Belle Vie _
    Belle Vie _ 19 days ago +1


  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus 19 days ago

    waited 3:36 to at leadt gave up. maybe last 3 sec saved it; I'll never know.

  • Greta S
    Greta S 19 days ago

    Why does Harry have such a weird accent in this?? He’s British and he’s playing a British character 😂

  • Joe Kaho
    Joe Kaho 19 days ago

    Yooooo the interns name is WHAT!?!?!?!?

  • FlashakaViolet
    FlashakaViolet 19 days ago

    Wow I’ve never felt more European in my entire life

  • Biscuit Gidoni
    Biscuit Gidoni 20 days ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 20 days ago

    Just look up "knock out game" is you think Black people don't feel like they should be at the front of every line. Give me a break. Look at the FBI crime data by race.

  • Isabella Grace
    Isabella Grace 20 days ago

    I feel like the joke is that I don't get the joke

  • Cristalyz Santos
    Cristalyz Santos 20 days ago +1


  • Emani Safiri
    Emani Safiri 20 days ago

    that kid was never seen again

    PRAISE KEK 20 days ago

    Can't trust a negro, they ruin everything.😉😏😼👌

  • Dean Summers
    Dean Summers 20 days ago

    How does referring Popeyes as lunch is racist lol wtf .... would it be racist if you refer taco Bell if the office was full of Mexicans lol 😂😂 this world omg thats what the beginning felt

  • Imelahe Kh
    Imelahe Kh 20 days ago

    The brand new Marcel

  • Agent cj
    Agent cj 20 days ago

    Did anyone else get a red light flashing. and as harry kept going it just got bigger, brighter, and louder to the point of a nuclear level.
    Me: abort the mission I repeat abort the mission immediately. death is eminent
    Harry: sorry I have to
    Me: nice knowing you, I tried, all well, bye bye

  • likemecuzudo
    likemecuzudo 20 days ago +1


  • Noelle K
    Noelle K 21 day ago

    Ok i got scared when he said Fredrick Douglas blvd smh

  • Phenomenal Woman
    Phenomenal Woman 21 day ago +1

    That's just selfish

  • Tim V
    Tim V 21 day ago +1

    It's funny because it propagates a stereotype?

  • Arc GX
    Arc GX 21 day ago

    Getting the Californians vibes from everything in this episode

  • jpmarie9
    jpmarie9 21 day ago +1

    🤣🤣🤣I cant believe this SNL skit was funny! I havent been watching in a loong time but this one was funny!

  • Valor Art
    Valor Art 21 day ago +1

    I can't find it on Disney plus.

  • Janina Perez
    Janina Perez 21 day ago

    He needs Blackup,and quick!