I Tried 18-Hour Lipstick

  • Published on May 24, 2017
  • I've been hearing about Lipsense liquid lipstick for months, and I finally got to try it out for a full EIGHTEEN hours! I put it through a few tests and really tried to push it to the limit (within reason, lol). What do you guys think?
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    I got my Lipsense from Melissa Collins:
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  2 years ago +8857

    HELLO LOVES! i've been wondering about lipsense for so long, i finally tried it out! how are you guys doing? would you ever try this? also, let me know if you got a notif for this video!!

    • The Master Of Ugliness
      The Master Of Ugliness Month ago


    • Billies black tears
      Billies black tears 2 months ago

      Wow 500th comment

    • Nikki Abercrombie
      Nikki Abercrombie 2 months ago

      Safety Yes, I Love lip sense. I love that color in the video. I have the shades Cocoa, Roseberry, Purple and Sherry Berrie. I also own Orchard gloss which is a pink glitter gloss, the Glossy gloss, and Sand Gloss.

    • Aubrey Christensen
      Aubrey Christensen 4 months ago

      I have one and it is basically paint

    • krazzywolf .2
      krazzywolf .2 5 months ago


  • Aprilia Nindy
    Aprilia Nindy 8 hours ago

    6:02 freaks me out. I thought it was a ghost. It's midnight now 😂

  • Joya Breems
    Joya Breems 9 hours ago

    A lot of my dance friends use this for performances

  • Paige Bailer
    Paige Bailer 17 hours ago

    Hey safiya the pain you felt was BECOUSE it plums your lips I know I put a lipstick for my mom and it stings because it’s pluming it and who you thot it was swollen it was just plumed

  • Hannah Van de visch

    Wait... Has anyone else ever realized that when Sophia gets married, her channel name will change?
    Sophia Nigaard= Sophia Williams

  • Aditi Bathla
    Aditi Bathla Day ago

    That ONE DIRECTION moment tho...
    All the DIRECTIONERS hit like 😉
    (I am watching this video again btw, watched this before too)

  • AimeeLou Cooper
    AimeeLou Cooper 2 days ago

    Is it just me or does Tyler look a lot like BooBoo Stewart

  • Ayla Lindsey
    Ayla Lindsey 3 days ago

    4 and 18. Those numbers are pretty off.

  • CrescentMoon productions

    So a few years ago, my cousin hosted this party where there were these ladies who were advertising these lipsticks. And my mom bought me one with lip gloss. Apple cider color. This was the first lipstick I've ever owned.

  • shriya kulshrestha
    shriya kulshrestha 4 days ago

    Ninja proof 😂

  • MermaidKaylaMako's Vlogs

    i know this was uploaded two years ago but the sting is normal because its the healing agents starting to heal your lips. My aunt works with Lipsense. That's why i know about it! Have a good one!

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 4 days ago

      LipSense is an MLM. Sorry to tell you this and your aunt might not be aware of it herself, but it’s a scam and not safe. No "healing agent" should ever hurt. No LIPSTICK should ever hurt.

  • 1_Takoyaki _1
    1_Takoyaki _1 5 days ago

    I recently learned Lipsense is a MLM (Multilevel marketing) or also called a pyramid scheme. All I know is to avoid Lipsense. I hope Sayfia acknowledged this and says something about it.

  • CrackNote
    CrackNote 5 days ago

    Is that a mlm?

  • Shurti Singh
    Shurti Singh 5 days ago +1

    Omg I have that lip stick

  • glow in the dark star stickers

    As a synchronised swimmer, I just use normal lipstick. It only has to last about 5 minutes, and usually lasts fine.

  • Kittycat 6762
    Kittycat 6762 5 days ago

    Is the lipstick wear-proof?

  • Zoee
    Zoee 5 days ago

    Are we taking the walk on a long or short pier

  • Lizzy Beth
    Lizzy Beth 5 days ago

    Ik someone who works there

  • Cheska Diacosta
    Cheska Diacosta 6 days ago

    Lol Tyler’s dance

  • Adventures With Layla

    My mom has those and I use them and it dose sting for like a few seconds and you need to use the gloss so it doesn’t stick

  • Averie and kelcie Playzzz

    I meant YOU put it on wrong

  • Averie and kelcie Playzzz

    You got bad results because I put it on wrong, your not supposed to talk while it is drying, and the gloss help it stay on

  • Sister squad
    Sister squad 8 days ago

    8:03 - 8:15 Tyler playing in the background

  • Natasha Romanoff
    Natasha Romanoff 9 days ago

    Could you do a “I bought the first five things from Pinterest ads”?

  • Adaliz M. Colon
    Adaliz M. Colon 9 days ago +1

    I hated lipsense "lipstick". I'm a pretty well-informed consumer and I expected just a very matte, very full-coverage, staining liquid lip, which is why maybe it was so long lasting. I was very surprised is a very thin, alcohol based formula that was so pungent. I really hated the smell and feeling on my lips. Worse, because it's so thin, it's impractical because you need SO MANY COATS to reach the color seen in their lip swatches. You also need wait between each one dries, subjecting your lips to that alcohol drying feeling, I'm sorry, that CANNOT be good for your lips.
    That's when I realized why they promote their "glosses that lock the formula" and scrubs so heavily and why it is so hard to find the lipsense swatches WITHOUT gloss. It's because a super dried up lip looks extremely unattractive. I was also underwhelmed with the gloss, lasted less than 30 minutes. I was also upset that when I pointed this out to the distributor (wanting a return) she just kept repeating that you "have to get used to it", use the "beginners gloss" and that "it's not a lip stain" over and over, while sending memes made by other distributors titled "Lipsense is not a Lipstain". I was like, the smell of alcohol is extremely obvious. Clearly, if they have the "memes" ready to go, I'm not the first one with the complaint. You can also tell from just looking at the ingredients list.
    They have other products that are objectively very good (although IMO extremely overpriced) and I only buy from friends because I have serious reservations about MLMs.

  • Addison Tan
    Addison Tan 10 days ago

    I use lip sense all the time and it stings because your lips are chapped

    • ももこ〜
      ももこ〜 4 days ago

      Yeah, that doesn’t make it a safe product. No lipstick should ever sting

  • Ally _1119
    Ally _1119 10 days ago

    I have that lipsense🤯😂 I actually hate it though😂

  • Anyssa Downes
    Anyssa Downes 11 days ago

    My mum works for lipsense and I help out sometimes........
    Edit: I’m just letting u know sad that the lipstick hurts/stings because your lips were dehydrated. It is supposed to be put on when you have hydrated lips (love you saf)

  • Brooklyn Sharp
    Brooklyn Sharp 11 days ago

    I have the shade Pink Champagne and I loveeee putting it under shade Candy K of the Kylie Kit

  • Ro Ludena
    Ro Ludena 12 days ago

    I use the lipstick for dance competitions Because it does not smudge on white costumes, plus it doesn’t come off after sweating because during quick changes, I don’t have time to re-apply lipstick

  • moes Silva
    moes Silva 12 days ago

    She should do a challenge where she can’t wear anything dark 30 review and she do it

  • Flaming Roses
    Flaming Roses 13 days ago

    1:05 chapstick also

  • Purple Pug
    Purple Pug 13 days ago +1

    Saf: Everything proof
    Me: Bullet proof?

  • Vyjayanthi Rachuru
    Vyjayanthi Rachuru 13 days ago +2

    95% : Lipsense is a pyramid scheme..........
    4% : Other things
    Me : lol I love Tyler's dance 8:03

  • Sarah Cervantes
    Sarah Cervantes 13 days ago

    Can we just get it over with and call these Lipsense "distributors" dealers?

  • Alethea Simon-Finley
    Alethea Simon-Finley 14 days ago

    Wow you finally kissed

  • Emarie Reisig
    Emarie Reisig 14 days ago

    2:19 me when I here someone and I'm home alone

  • 6 Dogs
    6 Dogs 14 days ago

    Okay, I told my mom about this when it first came out, she bought because she loves long-lasting lipsticks. When she bought it she tried it on, “it hurt like a bitch” she said, and I realized it was from MLM and I told my mom, she instantly wiped it off and told me what 99% of the comments are, she still buys MLM things to try them out and usually throws them out, saf please don’t support these places!

  • Jaclyn F
    Jaclyn F 15 days ago +1

    My aunt sells them and I wear them sometimes they last forever but you have to add the clear coat every one in a while

  • salwa is a directioner forever


    Her face! I dont know what to say.😢😪

  • Nolan Dolan
    Nolan Dolan 15 days ago +1

    My mom loves this stuff! It works soooo well! My mom's a distributer I know I'm late. Also, yes it does sting it happens everytime

  • Sub To Pewdiepie aka God

    mom and dad kissed
    (here are replay buttons)
    4:37 4:37 4:37 4:37 4:37
    4:37 4:37 4:37 4:37 4:37
    4:37 4:37 4:37 4:37 4:37

  • Linalarity
    Linalarity 16 days ago

    Gotta stick to Liptint

  • megalaughawesome #1
    megalaughawesome #1 16 days ago +1

    My sister is one of those distributors!

  • Mia Ironstone
    Mia Ironstone 16 days ago

    This video is old as heck, but seriously don't buy this again. MLMs use shady ingredients, and the busines model is really preditory.

  • Angel L
    Angel L 16 days ago

    It is amazing 😀

  • emma elain
    emma elain 16 days ago

    *the butthole slayer*

  • MayaFox Studios
    MayaFox Studios 16 days ago

    I really don’t think lipstick should have alcohol in it. Lipstick should be cute and fun not stinky and painful. Revlon seems to have a better dupe. Stay safe y’all 💋

  • Nibbles and Chump
    Nibbles and Chump 17 days ago +3

    She kind of looked like Miranda Sings in the thumbnail 😂😂

  • EinTheNoob
    EinTheNoob 18 days ago +2

    “Ninja proof”
    I honestly heard her say “Ninja Poof”

  • Mimi and Arlow
    Mimi and Arlow 18 days ago

    I have the lip sense
    If it stings on your lips you should put witch hazel on your lips before you do the lipstick
    There not the best ...

  • Peter’s palace
    Peter’s palace 19 days ago

    She’s so close to 8 million subs

  • Hadxd
    Hadxd 19 days ago


  • Megan Humphry
    Megan Humphry 19 days ago

    please tell me why my roommate came in right when saf talked about this being the butthole slayer

  • Antoinette Marlow
    Antoinette Marlow 20 days ago +1

    18 hours - like lip stain? I think the patchiness you mentioned is because you didn't apply the lipstick in the same direction every single time - like, pick a direction and do it all 3 times. Hmmmmm, go to bed, make love to Tyler and wake up with raisony lips! YES! And WHOA! You look really beautiful in the middle of the night without makeup! Truly - Good on You!

  • Theo Taylor
    Theo Taylor 20 days ago +9

    if your lipstick is patchy and literally hurts to put on, it best not be worth $50.

  • Charlee Ryan
    Charlee Ryan 20 days ago

    props on getting it off cause I use the maybelline one and I cannot get it off!! I think its off and i'll blow my nose the next morning and guess what, there's stuff still coming off!!

  • jas loves emma
    jas loves emma 20 days ago

    my mom sells for senegence and i genuinely don't like them because when they pressure you into buying things and can't sell them and then try to return them you just lose all of your money so.

  • Oh ok Bye
    Oh ok Bye 20 days ago


  • Libby Gibson
    Libby Gibson 20 days ago

    I used this for my theatre makeup, and it was nice for that only, but it does sting and is really hard to get off

  • Katie B.
    Katie B. 21 day ago

    FYI for the people who still want to try it. There are plenty of groups on facebook that sell "under cost" and you can find it new/sealed on ebay as well.
    BUT: the best removal I have ever found was actually a wet microfiber makeup remover cloth. (MakeUp Eraser is a name brand I've used, but amazon has them for cheap)
    You can also slap on other lipglosses. Like they say "Other glosses will break down the color." it will. and then you can wipe it RIGHT OFF without that disgusting flavor on your lips.
    HOWEVER not all glosses are made alike and some DO work the same way as lipsense glosses.
    EOS glosses will seal and hydrate for cheaper than lipsense, without messing up the wear time too much. (I've heard a few other brands work too, but I got lucky the first time with the plain old EOS so I didn't bother testing more.) It can get me through aggressive taco eating so I'm happy with it.
    (Though some greasy foods will just always break that shit down.)

  • Amanda Q
    Amanda Q 21 day ago

    My younger brother walked over when she said “I also think my butthole is pretty covered” and he looked so scared 😂

  • daphne hunter
    daphne hunter 22 days ago

    my boyfriend calls you the butthole lady hahahaha we both love your videos ❤️

  • pana lover
    pana lover 22 days ago

    I have 24 hour one and it takes me 2hrs to get it off i hate it

  • Kylan 876
    Kylan 876 22 days ago

    Kinda sounds like an MLM to me....

  • jillbean Tabler
    jillbean Tabler 22 days ago

    6:18 is couples goals and the most relatable thing ever

  • Ashley Dailey
    Ashley Dailey 22 days ago

    Lol that company just came to my school trying to sell stuff. They smell like alcohol. It’s basically like nail polish for lips also in the demo she said if you make a mistake then use the oops remover in the area and she said this is the official makeup of drag queens

  • Mizz Bellum
    Mizz Bellum 23 days ago

    Keep this for your wedding!

  • Olivia Kukahiko
    Olivia Kukahiko 23 days ago

    Isn’t Lipscence an MLM?