Everything GREAT About Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation!

  • Published on Jul 28, 2018
  • Mission: Impossible Fallout is finally here! I'm sure I'm just extra amped up because I've been watching all of these for past few months, but the 97% RT score doesn't hurt. Although to be honest it's tough not to like a Mission Impossible movie. So here's everything right with the one that directly set up Fallout, Rogue Nation!
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    Outro Music: "Rise of the Heroes" by Jon Wright
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Comments • 1 648

  • alwaysxnever
    alwaysxnever 3 days ago

    5:50 you are a class act sir. Well done. lol

  • alwaysxnever
    alwaysxnever 3 days ago

    With my first viewing I was severely disappointed in this film the first time around so much that I decided to buy it on dvd instead of blu ray as I wanted to have the complete set but didn't think it was worth the added ducats. After seeing fallout, it is a welcome companion piece as that film is not only a direct sequel but such an effective call back to many elements of the series. Without the main villain in this film , Fallout wouldn't be able to exist .

  • VonWenk
    VonWenk 5 days ago

    The first Mission: Impossible is my favorite of the series, but Rogue Nation moved up to my second favorite when we found out the Syndicate's origins. Also, I really liked, if I recall correctly, that there was no music during the initial car chase. I downloaded the soundtrack mainly on the strength of "Meet the IMF." And having seen Hitchcock's Notorious, I have no problem disliking M:I 2.

  • sumedh waryam
    sumedh waryam 8 days ago +1

    I love that when Ilsa pulls the vanish trick you can actually see her getting up through the people.

  • Dee Jaay
    Dee Jaay 14 days ago

    can't be everything GREAT, iirc the movie is over 2h long

  • Dimorix
    Dimorix 15 days ago +2

    “Coolest paper laptop ever,” as if there’s other paper laptops out there to compare it to 😂😂

  • N cM
    N cM 18 days ago

    Imagine if John wick was in this movie in place of Ethan hunt.

  • Sarat Chandra B
    Sarat Chandra B 19 days ago

    2:32 Are you fucking kidding me with that shit bro?.....at 53......

  • Peter Degtjarewsky
    Peter Degtjarewsky 27 days ago

    The plane stunt was extremely dangerous, not just because of falling. Tom Cruise mentioned that a fly hit him and at that speed it felt like a rock or bullet taking a wack at his face. Also he’s positioned right behind the propeller/jet exhaust which he was breathing in. The opening is a great stunt, especially an actor doing it.

  • Hugo Georges-Burger

    4:18 That's actually how you're supposed to do the "hand kiss". Nearly everybody does it wrong by touching with the lips.

  • Edgy Artist
    Edgy Artist Month ago

    4:12 Why do people not put phones up to their ear when they talk through an ear piece like this? They could at least pretend to be on the phone. It's like their trying to get caught.

  • Anna Thomas
    Anna Thomas 2 months ago

    @11:03 - thematic reference to the first Mission: Impossible, the Debrief scene at the end of the first act, with Kitridge. Particularly the expression on her face when Lane explains that aspect of his plan. Also, the plot twist with the memory stick echoing the verification scene with Max.

  • Brennan Hearn
    Brennan Hearn 2 months ago

    Watching this again reminded me, I didn't ask when this video was new...Casablanca when?! My favorite movie, and I don't even like romance movies.

  • Ventoplus
    Ventoplus 2 months ago

    How that worked out with Nemo?
    [Also glad i wasnt the only one]

  • PDX LockPicker
    PDX LockPicker 2 months ago

    1:10 oh snap! Solomon Lane is already in the music store?!?!

  • Geoff DB
    Geoff DB 2 months ago

    'Positive theater experience'
    What, did you get a Handjob >_

  • Patrick Fouhy
    Patrick Fouhy 2 months ago +1

    Rogue Nation and Ghost are my two favorites for sure. I liked the Hoffman and his work as such a great villein. The short time after Ethan's "death" when he was disorientated was one of the most unexpected and surprising parts of the series. Tom doing physical comedy, something new for the series and it was grea.t

  • Tranny Bane
    Tranny Bane 2 months ago

    I personally add a win for the briefing method in this movie because this was how the first episode of the original series began: using a record that self-destructed

  • namelesschnitzel
    namelesschnitzel 2 months ago

    4:24 as an austrian, that´s not true. not true at all unless you deal with politicians or something dumb like that. people here even kiss both your cheeks as a welcome.

  • Monochrome
    Monochrome 2 months ago

    11:48 if you watch it frame by frame, you can see her getting up and leaving. Really neat that.

  • creator Space
    creator Space 3 months ago

    We made it well.

  • Josh Bautista
    Josh Bautista 3 months ago

    There will never be anyone as crazy and ballzy as Tom mother fucking Cruise

  • kamenriderreaper
    kamenriderreaper 3 months ago

    Chasing a car on a motorcycle is ridiculously stupid 10:10 proves that, but using a motorcycle to get away is actually smarter as it can fit through alleys and streets a car couldn’t necessarily fit through

  • Ducky
    Ducky 3 months ago

    Why is Simon Pegg not always a win?

  • Ali Azhar
    Ali Azhar 3 months ago

    Here's why Tom Cruise is the best Actor in the world
    and better than Sharukh Khan!!!
    Believe that!👊👊

  • adamsbja
    adamsbja 3 months ago

    Something I remember from back in the theater; at the time of this movie a lot of folks were really getting into shakey-cam. In contrast every action shot here is silky smooth and easy to track.

  • SPQSpartacus
    SPQSpartacus 3 months ago

    I read about Cruise’s breath-holding techniques and have done some experimenting when possible. My record underwater is now 2,5 minutes, although that’s without moving. It’s harder psychologically than physically, as my dad body proves. When you believe you don’t have to breathe in yet, you find out you really don’t.

  • Sam Menhinick
    Sam Menhinick 3 months ago

    Please do the DaVinci Code!

  • Braeden Leland
    Braeden Leland 4 months ago

    What of M.I 7 takes an Infinity War twist and the IMF loses for once

  • Minh-Kha Nguyen
    Minh-Kha Nguyen 4 months ago

    “This one is special, opening the film with Ethan captured.”
    Er - are we forgetting that Ghost Protocol literally opened with Ethan in Russian prison?

  • Doug Stewart
    Doug Stewart 4 months ago

    Rogue Nation was my favorite. Then they brought him back for Fallout and oh hey new fav!

  • Katherine Seward
    Katherine Seward 4 months ago

    Ethan is king! Reacher's duel with Courtney would've looked less cheesy if his gun had jammed instead of throwing it down on the ground as a challenge to see who's "the best man". Still an amazing fight scene;D

  • celticwolff
    celticwolff 4 months ago

    Hermione Corfield is definitely a win.

  • Gold Just Gold
    Gold Just Gold 4 months ago

    Hey, have you done "Everything great about Looper"? Yet? No?

  • Julián Murillo
    Julián Murillo 4 months ago

    You know, I'm used to hearing that guy from cinema sins trashing movies and being mean. You are better.

  • Zamin Cagar
    Zamin Cagar 4 months ago

    Do you know that opera scene was set in CGI?

  • Ear Elephant
    Ear Elephant 5 months ago

    13:56 actually put him in a box like he said he would

  • Ear Elephant
    Ear Elephant 5 months ago

    Reacher for the win btw

  • Mark Boos
    Mark Boos 5 months ago

    You can actually see her leave the seat

  • 丶野凉橙
    丶野凉橙 5 months ago

    i just like to watch ppl saying how good M:I and Tom are. because they indeed are

  • John Smith
    John Smith 5 months ago

    Please do V for Vendetta~!

  • mg19cal
    mg19cal 5 months ago

    Seen this movie about 20+ times and never knew Lane was in the record store just chill in as Ethan walked in

  • AsSeenOnTV
    AsSeenOnTV 5 months ago

    Wait, you think they spend millions of dollars to do practical stunts then would decide to use CGI to hide Benji in grass?? Huh??? You’re fucking retarded dude.

  • Mohadeseh Shahoseini
    Mohadeseh Shahoseini 5 months ago

    This is my dad’s fave in the franchise. He introduced me to the franchise👌👌👌👌

  • Mynx Maine
    Mynx Maine 5 months ago

    5:45 yeah no Tom Cruise is a little bitch who has a clause in his contract that he must be made taller than his female costar

  • Kevin Martinez
    Kevin Martinez 5 months ago

    Hey I know this might be a bit different than the type of movies you usually do but can you do an episode on coach Carter?

  • David Solomie
    David Solomie 5 months ago

    5:50 F**k me...

  • Arshad Khuhawar
    Arshad Khuhawar 6 months ago

    How could you miss
    Benji: she tried to kill me
    Ethan: that doesn't make her a bad person
    Benji: let me guess presumed dead?
    Ethan: well tonight I made it official.

  • Loud
    Loud 6 months ago

    Are there sarlacc pits of life
    Bro all sarlacc pits are "of death"

  • Merkstreet
    Merkstreet 7 months ago

    That Rutger Hauer / Dolph Lundgren younger face line totally caught me off guard. There are moment, good sir, where your comments are nigh on perfection.

  • theodore j
    theodore j 7 months ago

    Huntress' not hunt girls

  • Eric Wu
    Eric Wu 7 months ago

    There's actually a fun story behind the guy who played Lane. The actor, in getting cast, said he wasn't really a franchise kind of actor, and Cruise and the director both asserted that MI villains always die. But then when they finally figured out the ending, they turned to each other and said, "Yes this works! But Sean Harris is going to be mad that he didn't die." And lo and behold, they brought him back for the sequel.

  • Joshua C
    Joshua C 7 months ago

    Have you done a fast & furious installment yet. You should (n’t)

  • Blinded Bliss - Diana
    Blinded Bliss - Diana 7 months ago

    I made it the80 seconds of underwater time of this.

  • Cooldude100
    Cooldude100 7 months ago +1

    You should do how to train your dragon 3 soon I loved that film

  • StanchestSword
    StanchestSword 7 months ago

    11:43 for just 4 frames you can see her face in between some people as she moves out of frame. Use < and > to change frames

  • Emperor Mouse
    Emperor Mouse 7 months ago

    This movie and Infinity War have been the only two movies in a long time that I felt like was worth the price of admission at the theater. Don't get me wrong, there have been other great movies, but they don't have to be seen on the big screen. This one does.

  • LMJ Jenkinson
    LMJ Jenkinson 7 months ago

    M:I Coaches:
    Directed by
    LOL ❤️😅❤️😅❤️

  • Napoleonic S
    Napoleonic S 8 months ago

    that traffic during motorcycle chase clearly looks CGI.

  • DoopStudios
    DoopStudios 8 months ago

    Simon Pegg is always a win.