Michael Gove interview on truth, lies and Brexit

  • Published on Nov 20, 2019
  • Cabinet minister Michael Gove speaks to Scotland Correspondent Ciaran Jenkins.
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Comments • 1 044

  • John Ross
    John Ross Day ago +1

    Gove is far too smart for the lefties

  • danofthedead1979
    danofthedead1979 4 days ago

    Car crash. The mendacious deceit on overdrive, Gove earning his corn. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • DogAte MyPlums
    DogAte MyPlums 8 days ago


  • Plato 77
    Plato 77 12 days ago

    Words fail me to describe someone like Gove!

  • Andrew Walker
    Andrew Walker 12 days ago

    Voila! Le Spaffmonkey Formidable!

  • Peter Stretch
    Peter Stretch 13 days ago

    He is an odious toady. I almost couldn't watch.

  • martin s
    martin s 13 days ago

    Gove squirming.

  • martin s
    martin s 13 days ago

    Gove should be in prison along with Johnson. This is similar to 1930s Germany.

  • PyroANTIC
    PyroANTIC 14 days ago

    It's really painful to watch Gove try to worm his way out of the questions from Jenkins.

  • Chicken Coop
    Chicken Coop 15 days ago

    Just answer the question! talk about evasive.

  • edward kent
    edward kent 15 days ago

    Gove....the David Brent of British politics.................

  • taochiapet
    taochiapet 15 days ago

    the more he spews bullsh*t, the more the cows around him object.

  • parsleylion unk
    parsleylion unk 15 days ago

    Gove.....so slimey and slippery he can be spread straight from the tub.

  • Nicholas McCloskey
    Nicholas McCloskey 16 days ago

    Fantastic to see a journalist exposing these liars for what they are.

  • bytejuggler
    bytejuggler 16 days ago

    Fast talking bs'er. Pfff. Divert and deflect, that's all that he could do. Trying to reframe and pretend Ciaran was asking and doing something that very clearly wasn't. ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTIONS Michael. Grief. Useless. For shame. -- We had *better* vote these buggers out in this election and stop this slow motion trainwreck. (If I may say so to anyone reading this, please please please consider where your vote will be best spent, perhaps consider: tacticalvote.getvoting.org/ )

  • Stephen Lodge
    Stephen Lodge 16 days ago

    When did pointing out what someone as said been classed as Left wing, it only goes to show how easy the rest of the media have been on the Tories if that is what Gove takes from the interview.

  • ewanstefani
    ewanstefani 16 days ago

    We see the mask slip on Gove in this clip. CCHQ were apparently LIVID that BBC, ITV and C4 dared to draw attention to the fact that Conservative press Twitter account had been made to look like FACT-CHECK during the first leaders TV debate. This is the politics of Trump, designed by spin doctors such as Damon Poole and sanctioned by senior members including Gove.

  • Jordan Wood
    Jordan Wood 16 days ago

    Becoming minister for no deal preparations does not equate to desiring a no deal scenario.

  • Alex De
    Alex De 16 days ago

    I cannot believe people can vote Tory. They are crook. They sound like the GOP in the USA saying every lies possible

  • Diamond Space
    Diamond Space 17 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/NO2zT9-B2X4/video.html Did you mislead people? No No No No No

  • Earth Man
    Earth Man 17 days ago

    Despicable person

  • Adrian Dobbie
    Adrian Dobbie 17 days ago

    Gove squirms

  • Drinkin dat Hemlock
    Drinkin dat Hemlock 17 days ago

    Remember when Gove said people using food banks only have themselves to blame for not managing their finances? (Sep, 2013)

  • Ladynipchick2
    Ladynipchick2 17 days ago

    Oh dear ...

  • Advark Merrygoround
    Advark Merrygoround 17 days ago

    michael gove arsehole alert

  • calico kitten productions

    Vote him out.

  • calico kitten productions

    Where were this fact checking when that bus told us
    £350 000 would be spent on the NHS every week, lol

  • love finder
    love finder 18 days ago

    Biggest Snake in politics

  • Farrukh Babazade
    Farrukh Babazade 18 days ago +1

    He probably takes 10 showers a day to wash out all that natural slime his body produces!

  • Duncan Strachan
    Duncan Strachan 18 days ago

    It’s not right to misrepresent yourself and try to fool the public

  • stephen vail/iow
    stephen vail/iow 18 days ago

    Well done Michael.

  • stephen vail/iow
    stephen vail/iow 18 days ago

    Channel 4. Great interview as usual by the reporter. A bucket of rubbish trying to build a bar of gold. FAILED AGAIN. His objective is to get people to vote labour. Kiran you will soon be looking for another job. HiHo!!

  • Matthew Taylor
    Matthew Taylor 18 days ago

    Fukin little worm

  • knersi kners
    knersi kners 19 days ago

    Q: 'How can one tell if a Tory MP is telling a lie? A: Easy, every time you see them moving their lips!

  • Luke Thompson
    Luke Thompson 19 days ago

    What an absolute and utter shambles of a man Gove is.

  • Paul Wood
    Paul Wood 19 days ago

    Gove is a creepy chinless wonder. Lies just drip from his mouth.

  • Robert Kay
    Robert Kay 19 days ago

    Well done Mr. Gove for standing up to this cretin masquerading as a journalist. This isn't scrutiny but harassment, something the loony left excel at. Michael Gove rightly points out that Channel 4 have a left-wing agenda so any Tory is likely to be savaged on their circus show..

  • Michael Thomas
    Michael Thomas 20 days ago

    Something smells - and it's not the cowsheds in the background.

  • AlexxiaElena
    AlexxiaElena 20 days ago

    It's telling how Gove reacts to being asked objective questions and scrutinised on the Tories' record.

  • d Gtm
    d Gtm 20 days ago

    No no no no no he is sooo argumentative. Did you hear cow 🐄 following his voice , the cow probably got fed up with his lies and tell him get out of my house 😂😂

  • Simon Valsler
    Simon Valsler 20 days ago

    And of course Mr Johnson would never say anything that was factually incorrect would he???

  • TribalAli
    TribalAli 20 days ago

    A vote for the Tories is a vote for Putin and his oligarch cronies - And Johnson has decided to deliberately hide the Independent report on Russia meddling in the Brexit referendum. Putin is as smart as they come and he's massively strengthened his position by installing Trump in the Whit House and paying vast sums to help the financiers to sell the UK off to the highest bidders - the UK electorate have been totally hoodwinked into voting for their own demise.

  • susan ferrie
    susan ferrie 20 days ago

    Watch the way he pushes that iPad Tory scum

  • Bart Perry
    Bart Perry 20 days ago

    Why is this man anywhere near power? Better yet... HOW?

  • genaugenaugenau
    genaugenaugenau 20 days ago

    I've never liked Gove one bit, but this really is puke-making. Disgraceful stuff. Good attempt by Ciaran Jenkins to hold him to account though.

  • Simon Inniss
    Simon Inniss 20 days ago +1

    How? How in the name of all that's good are they ahead in the polls?

  • Terry Arnold
    Terry Arnold 20 days ago +1

    Fabulous direct interview, should be shown on TV every night at prime time just to reveal just how low, mean and despicable an individual politician can be, he really is a low life, It's disheartening to see just how easy lies fall from the mouth of Gove and how he seems to despise being taken to task on his previous comments. Thank you for posting as i missed it first time round...It feels strange for me, i can't see myself voting for a party that would reward and promote an individual as repugnant as Gove( one of many) but it don't feel that i can vote for Corbyn either....

  • Dimitri Godhead
    Dimitri Godhead 20 days ago

    I hope Twitter shuts them down it would serve them right

  • kurt morrison
    kurt morrison 20 days ago

    I had no idea channel 4 news was leaning towards the left?

  • lewesmariner
    lewesmariner 20 days ago


  • Kevin Buckley
    Kevin Buckley 20 days ago

    Twas brillig Ciaran,and the slithy Gove.Did gyre and gimble in the wabe.

  • James Rogers
    James Rogers 20 days ago

    Anyone saying “which is fine” this much knows that, in fact, it is not fine.

  • K R
    K R 20 days ago

    Gove adds a little more bullshit to the farmyard....

  • Iolis
    Iolis 21 day ago

    A journalist doing his job and doing it well. Well done Mr Jenkins for allowing an odious politician educated beyond his intelligence to dig a hole for himself with his own mouth!

  • sayeed hossain
    sayeed hossain 21 day ago

    gove is synonymous with lies. how many times has he changed sides.

  • gerrabath
    gerrabath 21 day ago

    Booji Boy on the ropes.

  • Oliver Clark
    Oliver Clark 21 day ago

    Powder to the people.

  • mark bennett
    mark bennett 21 day ago

    mr gove is a very clever man,how i wish he was p.m.

  • A Soler
    A Soler 21 day ago

    I think being a politician is actually an illness now...spin, twisting and turning, lying wíthout remorse

  • MrMigraine
    MrMigraine 21 day ago

    I’m gonna call Gove the L-word!