1. Introduction to Human Behavioral Biology

  • Published on Jan 31, 2011
  • (March 29, 2010) Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky gave the opening lecture of the course entitled Human Behavioral Biology and explains the basic premise of the course and how he aims to avoid categorical thinking.
    Stanford University
    Stanford Department of Biology
    Stanford University Channel on TheXvid

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  • Jesus Quiroz
    Jesus Quiroz Year ago +32712

    Lectures hit different when you’re not pressured by grades.

    • C M
      C M 5 days ago

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    • MAJED
      MAJED 9 days ago

      this is Stanford

    • J koerner
      J koerner 10 days ago

      Or losing out of 50k of hyper inflated American education

    • Paul Flemming
      Paul Flemming 12 days ago

      Watching these lectures before starting university. So thankful for uploading.

    • Randomi a
      Randomi a 12 days ago

      Yeah, of course 😢
      I wasted 12 years of my life grazing for grades

  • aletter1718
    aletter1718 3 months ago +1600

    honestly, Its crazy how much easier information is retained when you voluntarily seek it. When i was in school i would have never listened to this and would have been dying to get out of there. Now that i have the ability to learn on my own time I retain and look for information on a much higher level. Incredible.

    • Safwaan
      Safwaan 2 days ago

      @ElFlow66 some side effects in society would probably be: people are more social and interact with others more, no more education insitutions, only universities which function as like areas to get more education in fields you want to learn more about and do as a career, not sure how this would affect the industrial and work like system we have today as life isn't all about having fun, there are some things you'll have to do that will be challenging, annoying and tedious but once you finish it you'll feel a lot better with the finished product

    • Safwaan
      Safwaan 2 days ago

      @ElFlow66 wholeheartedly agreed, it would be great if school wasn't "sit in a room and be like a robot, don't act human at all and be forced to learn something that's not important and your not interested in" instead it would way way better if school was basically like showing and letting you do the things you want to and are interested in, and stuff that's not included can be shown to you by other means (courses, online tutorials, etc). Just curious how will the school system work then? If all you do is learn stuff you want to then how will going up school systems work? Cause I mean it's gonna get boring doing guitar or other classes for 20 years straight, also I think some changes would help like they're could still be a history or other class to learn but it's mainly just doing stuff for fun.

    • No Name
      No Name 9 days ago

      Kids don't like being forced or told to do something but when they are interested in something they can more than they already are

    • Manish Kapoor
      Manish Kapoor 24 days ago +1

      The art of not wanting
      Backwards law

  • B. W.
    B. W. 3 months ago +396

    Relevance 0:15
    1. Physiology and behaviour 3:17
    2a. Categorical thinking 🪣 7:27
    2b. Multi-level approach 20:22
    3. similarities, repurposing, peculiarities 33:06
    Course structure 41:05
    Organizational matters 42:50

    • Kon
      Kon 6 days ago +1

      Anything past 41:05 isn't relevant for those who are simply watching this online.

    • Isa
      Isa 2 months ago +1


    • Khola
      Khola 2 months ago +2

      yes, yes, yes

    • Zannah Martell
      Zannah Martell 2 months ago +3

      You gem! 😊

    • Alex Mayes
      Alex Mayes 3 months ago +7


  • Kaitlyn Kregel
    Kaitlyn Kregel 3 months ago +364

    This professor is wonderful, I’ve been in a lot of lectures and the way he immediately captured my attention, held it, injected humor, and made me like him- was fantastic. Intro to human behavior indeed.

    • Jen
      Jen 2 months ago +1

      do you know if there is a website to get the lecture material

    • x y z
      x y z 2 months ago

      takeaway from this course?

    • Saskia Scott
      Saskia Scott 3 months ago +3

      Yeah the intro story was genius.

  • Sabrina ibas
    Sabrina ibas 3 months ago +118

    I really hope that Professor Sapolsky knows how many people all over the world he captures through the screen with his amazing ability to teach 🙌

  • Erica Blanco
    Erica Blanco 2 years ago +25112

    The fact that we can access this lecture without having to attend Stanford is mind-blowing. What a time to be alive!

    • Sky Cloud
      Sky Cloud 17 hours ago

      It's good in getting a heads up on a course before actually doing it.

    • C M
      C M 5 days ago

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    • Daniel Hajdinjak
      Daniel Hajdinjak 2 months ago

      @JNash AHHAHAH you're in the comments of literally "free" education video from Standford.....

    • Golden Peanuts Apperception
      Golden Peanuts Apperception 2 months ago +1

      yes they have deleted multiple channels we created , deleted all of his work , my channel has preserved some of it, check out the 9 Phactor and Omicron videos if you want, thank you for being open.

    • Khola
      Khola 2 months ago

      @Golden Peanuts Apperception account terminated due to TheXvid guidelines!

  • Morally Gray
    Morally Gray 4 months ago +184

    I'm literally in middle school yet I'm able to follow this to an extent, really makes it obvious that this professor's great at his job

    • Mary Ann King
      Mary Ann King Month ago +1

      He was in middle school when he started his career...check out his bio. Do understand that all sciences are facts...until they are disproved. 🤪

    • Morally Gray
      Morally Gray 3 months ago +9

      @aarondavid826 Welp, im not looking to understand this, im an artist, i played this in the background while i drew lmao

    • Icicle man
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    • Olivia Sharp
      Olivia Sharp 3 months ago +7

      It’s cool you’re interested in it!! enjoy all of your schooling ahead of u!! :)

  • Ingrid Rodrigues
    Ingrid Rodrigues 2 months ago +43

    I'm so grateful for living in an era where this kind of content is available like this. I'm from Brazil and I wouldn't be able to listen to this amazing classes if Stanford and professor Sapolsky weren't so kind to make it available online. Thank you.

  • Jin Park
    Jin Park 4 months ago +81

    If I had the honor of being a student of Dr. Sapolsky, I would have been an enternity student, not because I would fail the subjects, but because I would want to listen to him for the rest of my life and absorb just an ounce of all the knowledge he has!

    • BreakingBoundaries
      BreakingBoundaries Month ago

      @Donnyjah Bridges
      and where do you think he gets his truths from?
      Knowledge is more than suppositions and feelings
      What can we trust if not established scientific fact?

    • Donnyjah Bridges
      Donnyjah Bridges Month ago +1

      No once u forget to question ones views and have true thoughts of your own u are lost nobody has all the answers and he can only give u his view not the truth

  • curmudgeon
    curmudgeon 3 months ago +32

    This is an absolutely amazing lecture because he doesn't just dive into the subject. He outlines the way to approach it without thinking in boxes. Its a refresher for scientific and critical thinking abilities. Designed to help unravel a very complex and challenging subject. I think I'm going to be spending some quality hours here with the Dr. One of his lectures on KoKo the gorilla brought me to this playlist.

  • Stanislas Nicolau
    Stanislas Nicolau 6 hours ago

    Coming back on that lecture, you're an absolute gem Robert Sapolsky. I've discovered this video a year ago, searched my way through the infite possibilities of life, finally started my bachelor in psychology, and I head on becoming a researcher in evolutionary psychology or something like that if things go well and if I still like it. Hopefully I see you some day at Stanford University

  • Inquisitor Crashdive007
    Inquisitor Crashdive007 2 months ago +14

    This is the best and most engaging first class of a coarse I have ever seen. Well done sir.

  • chinmay chandraunshuh
    chinmay chandraunshuh 3 months ago +24

    i am so grateful that this piece of gem is available on the internet for free! i was attracted to click on this video because of the sheer amount of views it had, I thought," what could be so great about this video?" now while watching this I realised that it is quite insightful and informative piece which is presented beautifully! Thanks Stanford for uploading this great lecture by Mr. Sapolsky.

  • Bryant Givens
    Bryant Givens 26 days ago +2

    Life changing and thought provoking, thank you for your passion in the subject !

  • New Age
    New Age Year ago +2200

    This lecture is an example of how you are drawn to certain subjects in school solely because of the way it was taught. One can develop interest in any discipline just by learning from the good teachers. God bless you for making these lectures publicly available.

    • Larry Paris
      Larry Paris Month ago

      Your god had nothing to do with Prof. Sapolsky or Stanford providing these lectures.

    • King of Honokawai
      King of Honokawai 4 months ago +1


    • iUFOm
      iUFOm 5 months ago +1

      I agree up to the last sentence.

    • D B
      D B 9 months ago +2

      @Dark Star King Then that’s why you either go to med school, complete residency & etc and become a psychiatrist, or complete a master’s and PhD and become a licensed psychologist. Or just become a teacher. Psychology has a lot of fields that it can work at: businesses & organizations, schools, government bodies, hospitals, etc. Especially since more people are open about mental health and willing to seek help which makes this occupation one of the better ones during these times.

    • Jason Dashney
      Jason Dashney 9 months ago +1

      I was bombing my grade 12 geography course. 30%. Then I dropped out of it and took it by correspondence. I got an A. I loved learning from the book. It was like reading National Geographic and I loved it, and finished in 7 weeks. The book was SO much better than my teacher.

  • MasterChief
    MasterChief 3 months ago +5

    I think we all underestimate the importance of teachers like professor Robert Sapolsky. A teacher, like him, not only tries to listen, see, and understand his students, but to also engage, educate, motivate and inspire his students. A great teacher wants to learn from his students and wants his students to ultimately surpass him and his work. He doesn't gatekeep, but enlightens others, seeks and invests in their full maturity and development. You can see he has passion and a sense of purpose and wants to guide others to their own success.

  • Katherine Uribe
    Katherine Uribe 3 months ago +6

    I'd forgotten how much I love psychology and education. This is a wonderful course. Thanks for posting!

  • Insane
    Insane Month ago +3

    This has been on my recommendation for over a year and I wish I clicked on it sooner!!!
    He is extremely articulate and engaging, quite similar to Professor Jordan B. Peterson.

  • Fran
    Fran 4 months ago +9

    It's been a while since I've been in a class. But I think I've never been so hyped for the next session. This teacher really makes you interested about this subject, being a biochemist I love this matter but I think everyone can get into it just by watching this video

  • uwucatxd
    uwucatxd Year ago +15698

    i've completed the full cycle of procrastination, going so far into the depths of not doing homework that i end up taking a stanford intro class on youtube

    • DnaSoup
      DnaSoup Month ago


    • paulitza9
      paulitza9 Month ago +1

      Hahahaha ... I like your thinking ...

    • Jean charles
      Jean charles Month ago

      @Stephen Owesney I Wait. 60 years to Learn The influence of. Chimie and. Biology
      On pur. BRAIN ..

    • Jean charles
      Jean charles Month ago

      Vous n’aviez pas les IRM. (. Last. Génération)
      Pour Étudier le Cerveau. Des Enfants élevés avec un Parent. Absent. …
      Qui ne Fabrique pas les Cellules qui vont rendre plus Fort face à la Vie. …
      But You. Know That. ! Thank . U. For the
      Work. !

    • O-Ren Ishii
      O-Ren Ishii Month ago

      Loool, being here now, doin that 😄

  • esther wiskel
    esther wiskel 6 days ago

    Love the professor 😍👍👏👏 He is very stimulating and makes me want to sit in his classes for several subjects

  • The AI Epiphany
    The AI Epiphany 2 months ago +3

    Amazing teaching skills, and this whole course is a gold nugget! I'm approaching the course from the AI perspective and looking for what I can get out from this diverse set of related fields.
    35:36 Wellesley effect - likely not a fact, all experiments seem to be disputed because of flaws

    RETRO INSPECTOR! 3 months ago +7

    This man is brilliant truly an inspiration to see a person with passion for what they’re doing for a greater good no less

  • The AI Epiphany
    The AI Epiphany 2 months ago +3

    Amazing teaching skills, and this whole course is a gold nugget! I'm approaching the course from the AI perspective and looking for what I can get out from this diverse set of related fields.
    35:36 Wellesley effect - likely not a fact, all experiments seem to be disputed because of flaws

    • Dave Evans
      Dave Evans 2 months ago

      The same for me, its also the case for animal studies,people have attempted to replicate the findings from the 80s but to no avail.
      Interesting how ( if any one knows a specific word for this please tell me) previously valid information makes its way into society but over time is found out to be wrong.But we never become aware of the change and still hold certain ideas to be true.
      My head is full of these false notions
      An example being we only use 10% (or a small %age) of our brains which possibly has its origin in Dale Carnegie’s-How to Win Friends and Influence People. Or a least seems to be popularised by the book

    • Sharanya Dumbre
      Sharanya Dumbre 2 months ago +1

      Ya it was concluded in 2013 that it doesn't exist but this video is 11 years old, so it was recorded even before that. Also i was searching for some to comment on this cuz i had the same reaction!!

  • anomaly P
    anomaly P 3 years ago +4119

    I'm not only in awe of his knowledge, but about his speaking skills as well. This was 1 hour of him constantly speaking without using any 'uuuhs', stopping words or hesitations in forming sentences...like he was reading out a book! Insanely good

    • ditta07
      ditta07 3 months ago


    • 4philipp
      4philipp 10 months ago

      He has got no time for uhhs and ahhs. He is trying to compress a fraction of his knowledge into just 57 minutes.

    • Freedom Forever
      Freedom Forever Year ago

      Brillance in motion💪

    • Zachary Nolan
      Zachary Nolan Year ago

      51:19 ***

  • ffic4life
    ffic4life Month ago +2

    So thankful that I can listen to this and learn on my own time. Seriously such a great idea and so helpful and useful. Thank you all involved

  • Kruti Bhavsar
    Kruti Bhavsar 26 days ago +1

    I am a person with an academic background in plant sciences, have no idea how this field works but this lecture....!
    This lecture is pretty old, however, I discovered it lately, fortunately. And I'll turn up for each single lecture by this person posted here! Awesome experience.....!

  • FullMetalP0tat0
    FullMetalP0tat0 4 months ago +5

    Absolutely amazing lecture, thank you for sharing. Totally fascinating and what a great lecturer.
    I miss this at times, the pure joy of learning from someone like this.

  • Stir Of Echoes
    Stir Of Echoes 3 months ago +6

    This tutor is amazing. I was an English lit student haha... and I'm now here enchanted. He explains things so that they're understandable to all... I could take very many classes if he was my tutor

  • viralnetwork
    viralnetwork Year ago +2156

    What a good lecturer. Tone changes, speed changes, jokes in interval, all while delivering succinct info

    • Liviu
      Liviu 6 months ago

      @First Edition hello, where do I find the opposite?.

    • Banana Warrior
      Banana Warrior 11 months ago

      @metningsnivå grow up

    • Beckett
      Beckett 11 months ago

      seriously! he’s great at lectures. i would not be bored by this at all.

    • metningsnivå
      metningsnivå 11 months ago

      Jokes in interval is actually a technique perfected by the KGB.
      Which makes sense, since most of these Uni professors are marxists

    • James Miller
      James Miller 11 months ago

      Yes ,great character,just one problem,,, catagory#5 these great personality traits & or # 5,tend too be serial killers !! Oh, wait-- Cereal eater's, slightly different 🤗

  • ditta07
    ditta07 3 months ago +2

    I'd love to be able to get full access to this course. The professor is very likeable and what's more, he seems to care deeply about getting all the knowledge and information across to whoever is interested in having it. I think he is right in saying that this should be thought to everyone ( preferably not at gunpoint :D). At this moment I feel jealous of everyone who has had the chance to take this course.

  • d
    d 4 months ago +8

    Starting from 7:11 if you heard until then. It is at this moment the professor breaks it down in such a poetic answer, making you want to finish this lecture with intense attention

  • Joshua Owens
    Joshua Owens 3 months ago +6

    Alot of great insight coming from this professor, hes charismatic with his speaking but not in a scripted way, I can generally tell he enjoys whats he is doing and believes in his course.

  • Ch JA
    Ch JA 3 months ago +1

    This guy is such an amazing teacher! I now know what I missed out on not having attended Stanford. He is totally engaging, funny and interesting. It is like watching a Ted Talk. I can’t imagine him being this good on a daily basis. Lucky students!

  • Tom Wiggins
    Tom Wiggins 2 years ago +2142

    I am a Stanford grad. Biology of Behavior with Sapolsky was my favorite class. High recommendation to "take" this class here on youtube. And you won't have to take notes or do the readings or take the exams either...just absorb the information.

    • ditta07
      ditta07 3 months ago

      For those of us who have been unfortunate in having missed out on attending Stanford, would you be able to post the reading list somewhere? Just thought I'd ask.

    • Prog Rocker
      Prog Rocker 3 months ago

      @Mark Ellermets - i just saw this for the first time, so sorry that i am answering so long after your post.... I am with you, in believing that there are free-will aspects to our lives (the universe needs some randomness). however, there are so many tiny things that you would think are free-will actions, yet, even when we make a choice to do something outside of our pre-programmed biology, it is our pre-programmed biology that decides what that 'something' different might be. LOL
      my favorite proof is the twins example -- where the 2 twins who had been separated their whole life had some strange quirks that were unique to them (such as needing to flush a toilet twice). it's really odd how such a trivial act can be so set in humans due to our biology. ;)

    • Prog Rocker
      Prog Rocker 3 months ago

      @Sylvia Skinner - Hi. I don't think anyone answered you, so even tho it's been so long, i will. The prof asked the question as if he didn't expect anyone to agree with evolution because he didn't want to lead (aka bias) the class into thinking he expected them to agree with evolution. A student who doesn't believe in it will assume the college professor does, and therefore would be reluctant to admit non-belief. however, given the prof asks it in a way that sounds like he expects someone to not believe, a non-believer would feel safe to raise their hand.

    • Sir Laughsalot
      Sir Laughsalot 3 months ago

      @Serpentine S how does nature vs nurture remove the individuality of a human? Even ants are individuals.... or wait, what category are you thinking in at the moment? Do you mean individuals as in being able to think for ourselves, transcending our nature and nurture due to our complex conciousness, or individuals as in DNA? Or individuals as in having different facial features?
      There's a fuck ton of ways to see ourselves as individuals.... so what category do you fit in?

    • Sir Laughsalot
      Sir Laughsalot 3 months ago

      @Will Sani But his entire class is something very complicated boiled down to a simple category... Human Behavioral Biology 🤣
      Nuanced would be listing genetics, biochemistry, physiology, etc all the categories within human biology that helps determine behavior. Saying a simple/lazy mind will fight complexity is simple/lazy minded since there's an evolutionary and logical reason to why humans generally favors simplicity. I assume you are smart enough to know what I'm talking about.
      There's also danger in over-complicating things....

  • Emma Major
    Emma Major 3 months ago +4

    This was an incredible biology lecture, I WISH I had this class/ course. This professor seems So amazing, I truly wish I had him as my professor. But, I’m going to community college for my Associates of Biology but, can’t take a bio class till next semester.

  • Jimi Smith
    Jimi Smith 3 months ago +1

    I started the day with this lecture then listened to the following lectures for the rest of the day.
    This guy is brilliant.
    I really encourage everyone to follow through with the rest of these lectures.

  • Angela M. Stovall
    Angela M. Stovall 4 months ago +7

    I'm an Accountant that's "taken" LOL all of the free TheXvid courses by this Prof (I've watched ALL if his this series two or three times) & various others SEVERAL TIMES over the years. Thank you‼️

  • Charles Winsett
    Charles Winsett 2 months ago

    I would absolutely enjoy taking this course. Props to this professor.

  • lou
    lou 5 months ago +2007

    The fact that the fall semester just finished and I was stressing out about school so happy it's finally over, then the next day I'm sat here voluntarily watching this whole thing speaks volumes to how good this professor is

    • Sherry M.
      Sherry M. 4 months ago +1

      This is so impressive. I love it so much.

    • marcia
      marcia 4 months ago +2

      @Sara Garcia it starts again soon 😢 dread

    • Sara Garcia
      Sara Garcia 5 months ago +7

      I'm currently doing that same thing right now hahaha

  • Isaac Clodfelter
    Isaac Clodfelter 2 months ago

    One of the best lectures I have listened to. Endlessly engaging, at least to me.

  • Gelisa Walker
    Gelisa Walker 4 months ago +1

    I am so excited to have found this! I am really, really looking forward to watching the lectures! Thank you very much for sharing!

  • Sheila Mayfield
    Sheila Mayfield 3 months ago +3

    I would have loved to have a professor like him when I was in college.

  • TobiramaTime
    TobiramaTime 2 months ago

    I'm a first year psychology student and this course is a blessing! I was looking for behavioral biology explanations for things we as humans do and why we do it. first lecture has opened my mind not to think in categories and everything here is beneficial! Thank you very much for uploading this, I'm looking forward to listening to more. I have no doubt that this is going to be a very advantageous for my professional growth.

  • Fungunomus
    Fungunomus 5 months ago +4093

    I started watching this playlist some five years ago... I'm now a grad student... in neuroscience. Sapolsky... this very video, actually... was my first introduction to the field... that field became my life. Returning to this is a crazy experience.

  • Alex Deinek
    Alex Deinek 3 months ago

    Human Behavioral Biology is one of the best and influential university courses I have ever encountered. Thank you Dr. Sapolsky, thank you Stanford.

  • Laurent Ponce
    Laurent Ponce 3 months ago +1

    Amazing. Thanks TheXvid for keeping score of this, you are a true treasure to humanity. Thanks Stanford for sharing all this for free , you are showing the way. And of course, thanks professor, you have this rare talent to make knowledge and sexy and uncanny. You scream intelligence and humbleness combined. Wish I had science teachers like you in my youth…

  • Sky Blaze13
    Sky Blaze13 3 months ago +3

    This guy is one absolutely cool teacher. I would love to be in his class.

  • Jojo Jojo
    Jojo Jojo 3 months ago +8

    This is a gem of a lecture, what a joy !

  • Bradley Baker
    Bradley Baker Year ago +1488

    The fact that this is available to anyone who has an internet connection is what it means to be truly connected to the rest of the world and its knowledge. and also, this guy probably kills it at social gatherings.

    • Alexander Johnson
      Alexander Johnson 6 months ago

      Key being having an internet connection. Not everyone has the priviligie to have one oor have a reliable one.

    • 4philipp
      4philipp 10 months ago

      Don’t tell Americans. They want the degree without attending

    • Nicholas Wiewiora
      Nicholas Wiewiora Year ago

      @awejelo15 Social anxiety sucks. Props to you for doing such an excellent job. Keep it up! :p

    • DiDi 2.0
      DiDi 2.0 Year ago +1

      @Chaotic floral arrangement butterfly affect 🥰

    • kara sprouse
      kara sprouse Year ago

      Yes it is a great breakthrough and allows for many to get a better education if they deem to do so. but some will be reluctant like this tommy tooter who called DR. Sapolsky a ghoul for his stance on religion and said he was in Kenya carving on gorilla brains.. in several of his delusional videos. last one being a female child was born. They do not go by biology instead they will to believe anything off tumblr

  • Robby Simz
    Robby Simz 3 months ago +2

    I watched this video when I was in high school and it was the reason why I decided to take AP Biology. Today I'm almost done with medical school. Dr. Sapolsky, I owe you more than you know!

  • KimbwiththeBIGDICK
    KimbwiththeBIGDICK 3 months ago

    I really appreciate the free access to these wonderful lectures. Thank you so much for the education

  • April love
    April love 3 months ago +3

    The way he explains everything 🙂 Awesome teacher!! ❤️Makes wanna go back to school….

  • Christopher Wall
    Christopher Wall 4 months ago

    Sapolsky profoundly brilliant lecturer..crystal clear layering of intellectual thinking

  • BassHeadsProduction
    BassHeadsProduction Year ago +5225

    this guys looks exactly like what you'd expect a professor of human behavioral biology would look like

    • David Schwarz
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    • bob jameson
      bob jameson 3 months ago

      It's a copy cat syndrome of fitting in with like minded peers.
      Cops have crew cuts or bald etc
      Where you live also same like minded mimic attire

    • innosanto
      innosanto 5 months ago

      You would expect so muscular?

    • matheus Santhiago
      matheus Santhiago 9 months ago +1

      @silverbackhayabusa nooo, not our little precious fragile and endangered traditional thinking :c

  • M N
    M N 8 days ago +1

    Blessed to be able to listen to these lectures! Thank you so much!

    • Rodeo Vegas
      Rodeo Vegas 7 days ago

      ON Instagram

    • Rodeo Vegas
      Rodeo Vegas 7 days ago

      i strongly recommend him he's trustworthy he ship to any location man he got all kinds of psychedelic product

  • Dominik Ewald
    Dominik Ewald 3 months ago

    OMG - I study in four different countries biotechnology but no teacher gets me on board in the first round! Perfectly explaining!

  • Theron Wolf
    Theron Wolf 2 months ago +1

    I just stumbled on this. I'll be following the rest of this series, so well presented. I had read 'Chaos' years ago. Now I'm retired and have some time for re-acquainting myself with a number of fields.

  • SisBoom Bah
    SisBoom Bah 3 months ago

    In a more ambitious period of my life, I aspired to be a psychology professor just like this. The best teachers are ones who are excited about their specialization. They have an enthusiasm that feels so much more authentic.

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      @Liz Calas that’s called Aura it’s a human sense you can detect weak people or Alphas or leaders in a group just by the way they carry themselves

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    • Mike
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      @gingerbill128 - Same here. I usually follow up things like these with "For example" or "Like, if.." and give a real life scenario or situation.

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    As a native speaker of Finnish, I can refute the example given by Sapolsky here. We in fact do differentiate between the sounds of b and p. We call the former the hard p and the latter the soft p. The confusion must be because of the letter b doesn't naturally occur in Finnish but we do have few loan words that have that letter/sound in them or alternatively the particular dialect the person in question had been grown in that Sapolsky was talking to didn't differentiate between the sounds of b and p. I'm a Southern Finnish speaker and an example of we differentiating these sounds would be banaani (a banana) and paeta (to escape). You wouldn't pronounce the letters b and p in the same way here at all. But in a more similar manner as would any English speaker do. P having a much harder and harsher quality to it and b having a much softer and thicker quality to it.
    I think a more appropriate example of this phenomenon would be Japanese not differentiating between the sounds of r and l that are found in so many other languages, including English. That is why the English words pray and play would both be romanized as プレー (puree). The sound represented here as p and r would aurally sound a mix between the sounds or l and r.

    • Desmond Carolan
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      If you take Spanish, at least that spoken in Spain, Spanish people cannot distinguish between B and V uttered at the beginning of a word.. I have pronounced 'viaje' (voyage or journey) with both a b sound and a v sound at the beginning of this word and Have been told by Spanish speakers that there is no difference.

    • Truemmerprinz
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      Thanks for the info!
      I was researching this right after the part. I actually don't know a lot about the Finnish language, other than that I like what it sounds like. However I was well aware of the fact that "p" is used a lot in the Finnish language. I couldn't find a lot words including "b", but in those I found, the "b" was pronounced like it is in the English language. Furthermore, since I already knew that Finnish uses the "p"-sound like the English language does, I was a bit confused at the thought of why, as a Finnish person, you should mispronounce "pear" as "bear". It would make much more sense the other way round, if "b" is the less common sound. So this story either had nothing to do with the person he talked about being Finnish, or it's made up for entertainment purposes (which I wouldn't find that bad, some of my professors did this too, and it often was obvious that it's made up).
      I find these lectures very interesting, but there were other points that, unfortunately, take away some of the credibility of this man. Like that the theory and studies about synchronizing ovulation in hamsters and especially humans have been doubted, couldn't often be reproduced and seem very flawed.

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      "Most of us" seems to be a rather ignorant, or maybe just ignorantly hopeful, proclamation. There's certainly no proof here.

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      I have a sister seeking a masters in western psych. She herself is an addict and her kids all have sexual identity issues as well as suicidal tendencies. She claimed not to be ABLE to go to her exes wedding bcuz she felt it unfair for him to be in a happy life when he was the reason she didn't have a happy life now....she's one who tries to fit in and so when in the home of those who care not to fit in she attempts to remove babies from their loving mothers in demand that they will not thrive socially....this is venango county Pennsylvania

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    25:27 Joonie: "Cooler"
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    35:23 Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 🖤
    10:32 Hopi: "Sweeter" A6Ta

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    Dr_ SELGHARI 2 months ago

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    • Skye Chambers
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      @MADHAV the_ebullient_storm SARAF heres anothers perspective. The Finish guy told him to practice doing testiclar biopsies on a bear. The Finish social/cultural/psychological programming had taught his hearing not to catagorise the diff between the sound of p & b. So he could only imagine he was saying "practice on a pear" when in actuality he was saying "bear". Language filters can cause a barrier to hearing sounds correctly and many other forms of sense data.
      Our brain often categorises incorrectly according to socially indoctrinated filters. This means we also sometime lay an incorrect catagory over sensately experiential facts and are unable to discern that we have done so. Thus we often cannot hear or see or smell etc actual facticity because we arent free of catagorical barriers.

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    What a great professor.

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      @Senor Lopez I don't think any of us "puny humans" can fully grasp the concept of God. If we could, then we too would be gods (in theory). The part where it's insinuated that religious people aren't intelligent, is where you say" I assume most educated people are agnostic". Not giving themselves totally and unconditionally to a single loving God. I'm aware of how the Bible was comprised, and who put it all together. Sometimes things don't make sense to us, but to the supreme controller, everything is understood by he/she. We are but mortals, talking about things which we do not fully comprehend. I consider the evidence, and formulate my "opinions" from that, I also don't try to force my beliefs on anyone, or put them down for their own beliefs. When I was young I used to believe in greek mythology. Maybe all religions are based off of the tablets of Thoth...? Idk, anything is possible. I believe in God, but upon the existence of new evidence, I could be interpreted as "agnostic" also. I hate putting any one thing into a single box. Lot of variables, and 2000 years is a long time for something to get lost in translation. But if there is a creator, I'm sure the book He has intended for us to have, is the one that He also produced. Even if it was through us "puny humans". Have a great day 😎

    • Senor Lopez
      Senor Lopez Year ago

      Agnosticism is a belief that the existence of a god or God is unknowable or unknown, nowhere does that insinuate they aren't religious.

    • Senor Lopez
      Senor Lopez Year ago

      @It's_All_Fugazi Where did I say that intelligent people don't believe in God? I'll elaborate on my point since it doesn't seem to have hit the mark I wanted it to, educated people are more likely to be open to other ideas rather than the blind "faith" that the church would prefer you to have.

    • Athmane Ouadah
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      I also want to go back to school for almost the same considerations

    • Jake Bredthauer
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  • MJ D
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    Lecture One Notes
    57 Minutes
    Minutes 1-10:
    - Professor describes a circumstance in which a male with no history of inappropriate behavior begins to act out of character. He acts in a way that displays violence, illegal sexual activity and rash decisions that lack logic. The professor justifies the presence of this behavior by attributing it to a genetic mutation.
    - The Professor presents four subjects and asks the class what they all have in common.
    1. A woman being on her period
    2. A brain tumor
    3. Junk food
    4. Anabolic Steroids
    - The thing the four topics stated above have in common is that they have all been used as reasons to justify murder in a court of law
    - The point of this example is to present evidence that the actions of the body directly affect the actions of the brain and, thus, contribute to behavior
    1. A woman being on her period (hormonal changes lead to aggressive behavior)
    2. A brain tumor (Effects on the amygdala lead to behavior that is typically out of character)
    3. Junk food (Causes dangerous changes in blood sugar level which lead to behavioral alterations)
    4. Anabolic Steroids (Large scale hormonal changes which lead to behavioral alterations)
    - Professor ends first ten minutes of lecture by stating the point of the course. The point of the course is, in part, to understand the relationship between the brain, the body and behavior under various complex circumstances.
    Minutes 11-20:
    - The next ten minutes is spent discussing an issue that arises when one attempts to understand the relationship between the brain, body and behavior. That issue is singular categorical thinking. Categorical thinking is approaching the situation and only considering one variable that may be attributing to behavior.
    - The benefit of categorical thinking is at times it can give humans needed structure to approach a topic.
    - The negative side of categorical thinking regarding this course are as follows:
    “When you pay attention to categorical boundaries you do not see big pictures.”
    “When you think categorically you underestimate how different two facts are when they fall in the same category.”
    “When you think in categories you can overestimate how different two things are when there is a boundary in between them.”
    Minutes 21-30:
    - Professor begins the next ten minutes of class by reiterating the goal of this class “The goal of this class is to take this big complex issue of behavior without falling into thinking in categories.”
    - The professor then gives examples of people who thought categorically and the flaws that followed because of such.
    • “ Give me a child at birth from any background and let me control the environment in which it is raised and I will turn him into anything I wish him to be whether doctor, lawyer, beggar or thief.” John Watson
    John Watson was one of the founders for the school of behaviorism.
    He believed that you could dictate a person’s development via their environment. However, the professor points out the obvious flaws in this train of thought.
    • “Normal physic life depends upon the good function of brain synapses and the mental disorders appear as a result of synaptic derangements. Synaptic adjustments will then modify corresponding ideas and force them into differing channels. Using this approach, we obtain curers and improvements but no failures.” Antonio Egas Moniz (Famous Portuguese Neurologist who developed and received a Noble Peace Prize for developing Frontal Lobotomies)
    Synaptic Adjustments= Frontal Lobotomies
    The speaker of this quote did unnecessary damage to the brains of hundred because he was thinking in a singular categorical fashion.
    • “The selection for social utility must be accomplished by some social institution if mankind is not to be ruined by domesticated induced degeneracy. The racial idea is the basis of our state and has already accomplished much. In this respect we may, and we must rely on the healthy instincts of the best of our people; for the extermination of elements of the population loaded with dregs.” Conrad Lorenz (One of the founding fathers of the Ethology/Nazi Propagandist)
    The errors in Conrad Lorenz Nazi styled categorical thinking patterns are obvious given the mass genocide that followed similar categorical thought patterns.
    - After these three examples are given the professor clarifies that this is not the way in which we will approach analysis behavior.
    - The way in which the professor states behavior needs to be analyzed is as follows:
    1.) Address what the behavior looks like.
    2.) Address what went on neurologically one second before the behavior took place.
    3.) Address what environment stimuli provoked that neurological response.
    4.) Address what hormone level was presence for the organism to be affected by the environment int hat way.
    5.) Address the gene that was coded for that hormone and how the structure of that gene may affect that hormonal response.
    6.) After accessing genetic coding note how pre-natal development may have affect that genetic coding.
    - The idea is to not get caught in a singular categorical way of thinking, but to see the overwhelming nuance and various factors of why an organism behaves in the manner it does.
    - The professor concludes this segment of ten minutes with depositing the question of what is the purpose of a chicken? The answer being that the chicken is just the eggs way of creating another egg.
    Minutes 31-40:
    - The professor uses this segment of ten minutes to address the three intellectual challenges you as a student may have in not thinking categorically. The three challenges are as follows:
    1.) Understanding and Accepting that man is just like any other species.
    • The professor gives the example of how female hamsters and homo sapiens have menstrual cycles that will sync up when in close living conditions. The name of this phenomenon is called the Wellesley Affect and the McClintok Effect.
    2.) Accepting that as a species we have a similar physiology to other species, but we utilize it at times in a way completely different from any other species.
    • The example that is given to support this is the way in which calories are burned. A chess player can burn the same number of calories as a full-grown chimp killing a predator. Same physiology but, at times, utilized in a completely different way.
    3.) As a species we have similar physiology to other species but, at times, completely different behavioral patterns.
    • Example given to support this point is the mating ritual of homo sapiens versus that of hippos.
    Minutes 41-50:
    - Professor describes that the first portion of the course will be identifying each category used to dissect behavior.
    - Professor describes that the second part of the course will be used as an opportunity to use the categories you just learned to explain and ration various human behavior.
    - Books assigned:
    • “Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers” Robert Sapolsky
    • “Chaos” James Gleick
    - This segment of ten is concluded with the professor promoting Chaos by saying that it perfectly communicates the concept that human behavior is not something you can understand and fix by breaking it apart into its most small pieces and putting it back together but must be understood in the way a the structure and function of a cloud is.
    Minutes 51-57:
    - Last few minutes of the class are the professor detailing the structure of the class for the following semester.

    • peps
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      *actions of the brain directly affect the actions of the body, thus contributing to the behavior.
      Everything else is on point 👌

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    I've never felt more at home than I have sitting back and listening to his lectures reminding me that my tribe is out there somewhere sharing the same understandings I've felt so isolated possessing in a region like the bible belts Appalachian Mountains.

  • Funky Sagan Cat
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    35:29 He is right in pointing out that often humans are just as ordinary as any other species but this specific example is still being debated today

  • Catalina Aragon
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    I thoroughly enjoyed this. I have been a dog groomer for nearly 30 years and in the process of teaching them to cope with a process that can induce fear and anxiety of which that is the most unnatural process one species can perform on another.....while awake and aware - and whom is the most unnatural species on the planet as genetically they are the wolf......well, they have become my gurus and have taught me not just dog psychology but help me understand and make sense of human psychology and also behavior. Boy, that was one long sentence!! Tried to get as much info in as possible.....what I am trying to say is - dogs have taught me more about being human than any human....well, other than myself and learning to read the patterns of feelings, emotions and how my gut instinct, vagas nerve, pituitary and amygdala interact with the dogs same systems well, is absolutely amazing. Beast on beast interaction but with me coaching, encouraging and instilling calm and stability. I never blame a dog for any behavior they give me thus I feel the same with ppl.....fear, unmet needs, isolation, depravity, environment, genetics and epigenetics play a huge role in triggers of behavior. I am curious about human behavior.....innately so! Curiosity is where it's at!! I found Sapolsky utterly engaging and would have loved to take the course or have an in-depth conversation. Will look for his book.....

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