CHEFS "REMOTE CONTROLLING" NORMALS! | Leftovers Recipe Challenge

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
  • What happens when a chef remote controls a normal in the kitchen? Do you actually reckon a decent dish can be made? Or will carnage ensue? See for yourself in this BRAND NEW format from Sorted. No pressure guys….
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Comments • 2 091

  • Koneko Ray
    Koneko Ray Day ago

    I may be a lesbian, but I would be damned if I didn't admit to I absolutely loving James.

  • Matt U
    Matt U Day ago

    Id like to see this when the chefs can’t see anything that’s going on

  • Cheryl Reilly
    Cheryl Reilly Day ago

    Come to my house and do that! I live in Paris...Texas! Oh well it was worth a try! God bless!

  • Brad Scarp
    Brad Scarp 3 days ago

    How about this for a twist: Normals Controlling Normals

  • Charlotte Brett
    Charlotte Brett 3 days ago

    They need to do a chefs controlled by normals and the chefs not allowed to do what they know is best and having to follow what they are being told.

  • Sadie McKenzie
    Sadie McKenzie 3 days ago


  • samantha glover
    samantha glover 3 days ago

    Mike >>>> James
    Jamie >>>> Ben

  • donavan tshuma
    donavan tshuma 5 days ago

    3:04 .....hilarious

  • khaxjc1
    khaxjc1 5 days ago

    Pass it on with Jamie in the kitchen and the others controlling him for their turns then leaving him to finish under his own devices. >:) mha-ha-ha

  • Wannabe_Baby
    Wannabe_Baby 7 days ago

    Give Ben a walkie-talkie and he thinks he's a tank commander. :D

  • Raice
    Raice 7 days ago

    Can't believe I missed this when it came out! Super fun to watch!

  • NazgulWitchKing
    NazgulWitchKing 7 days ago

    They should do this more again but switch sides

  • Umbra1219
    Umbra1219 8 days ago

    I’d love to see the chiefs give instructions without seeing the normal at all

  • Tia
    Tia 8 days ago

    Everything is funnier when I played it 1.25x!!

  • Lance Summers
    Lance Summers 8 days ago

    “Anything that hasn’t been diced, I’m eating” caught me at a spiritual level

  • gamrage
    gamrage 8 days ago

    I really like how respectful Barry is to James in contrast to how silly Ben is to Jamie.

  • JonDoe Dlooney
    JonDoe Dlooney 8 days ago

    Ooh ooh ooh! Up the level....
    No visuals for the chefs.
    They gotta walk through the others only through questions

  • Cryptid Gaming
    Cryptid Gaming 8 days ago

    Normals controlling chefs with a blindfold as a wild card

  • videoqueen111
    videoqueen111 8 days ago

    You should have the normals control the chefs.

  • Alexcide
    Alexcide 8 days ago

    Jamie should control James and Mike control Ben, that would be hilarious to watch

  • Cat DeMarce
    Cat DeMarce 9 days ago

    Jamie and James
    Mike and Ben

  • Irma Gonzalez
    Irma Gonzalez 9 days ago

    Hahahaha Barry killed it, but Jamie killed me 😂😂😂😂

  • Hi Friends
    Hi Friends 10 days ago

    I think that Jamie should control James, and Mike should control Ben. I think those combinations would cause the most mayhem xD

  • Lexter Victorio
    Lexter Victorio 10 days ago

    Poor Barry was feeling a little extra tense this time around. Good job, though.

  • Morgan Cornell
    Morgan Cornell 10 days ago +1

    I kinda want to see the chaos of the normals controlling the chef's....

  • Zevonfan524
    Zevonfan524 10 days ago

    I would watch an entire series of James & Barry just doing this

  • hashbrown beok
    hashbrown beok 10 days ago

    jamie and ben is the funny combo here 😂

  • Alina Aziz
    Alina Aziz 10 days ago

    Great idea guys! Mike's idea was good, it would be fun to see James and ebers losing their shiz xD

  • sahil gangwani
    sahil gangwani 10 days ago

    Why haven't you guys done normals controlling chefs video yettt?!!!!

  • Hannah Hartung
    Hannah Hartung 10 days ago +1

    I like this! I think it’s nicer than the shocker ones. But I think it’d be much funnier if chefs were only allowed to see from one camera angle near their face so the normals really have to describe EVERYTHING

  • Lunay LeZarde
    Lunay LeZarde 11 days ago

    Next time round, I say...
    Jamie controls Ben, just for revenge's sake and the lols
    Mike controls James, see if all that gentility with either implode or create something awesome.

  • Dhairiya Sundar
    Dhairiya Sundar 12 days ago

    More of these please. Maybe the normals tell what the chefs must do!

  • tha vvolf
    tha vvolf 12 days ago

    Only way this would be better is if baz and Jamie were wearing the shockers.

  • Kayleigh Lehrman
    Kayleigh Lehrman 12 days ago

    Chef directs chef, normal directs the other two normals; impartial judge?

  • Douglas Jackson
    Douglas Jackson 12 days ago +1

    That’s ham

  • Erik Åkerback
    Erik Åkerback 13 days ago

    I like your content on this channel, but this is by far the best video you’ve made! More of these please!

  • minecraftcharlie
    minecraftcharlie 13 days ago

    This was amazing!! Please do more of these! Bring back curveballs??

  • y2jdingo
    y2jdingo 13 days ago

    Suggestion: chefs are in the same kitchen, so they can taste & feel, but are blindfolded. Instruct the normals as normal.

  • LexiEyesUnicorn
    LexiEyesUnicorn 13 days ago

    Do more of these challenges

  • fatmaneatingacactus
    fatmaneatingacactus 14 days ago

    chefs to cook next time

  • Rachel Feinstein
    Rachel Feinstein 14 days ago

    I loved that and I would love to see more remote control- especially with normals controlling chefs!

  • Anna Eskola
    Anna Eskola 14 days ago +2

    Barry and James sound like Barry is giving birth and James is the considerate and caring partner ❤️😆😘🤗

  • ssi1991
    ssi1991 15 days ago

    God...I’m getting fanfic vibes from James and Barry... 😦

  • Jordan Lee
    Jordan Lee 15 days ago +3

    ‘I’m running out of snacking turkey’ never felt more relatable with Jamie 😂

  • Disala
    Disala 15 days ago

    That was one of the best new formats on the channel. I would be stoked to see more.

  • Githa Valentine
    Githa Valentine 16 days ago

    Please please do this again. I loved this

  • Jessica Mitchell
    Jessica Mitchell 16 days ago

    this video was absolutely the cutest video ever. this is one of the most hilarious and heart warming vid i think that they have put out. 11/10 recommend.

  • Sayuri Rivas
    Sayuri Rivas 16 days ago +3

    Now, imagine if the chefs couldn’t see what the normals were actually doing and still having to give the instructions. 😈

  • Macsyourguy
    Macsyourguy 16 days ago

    also i love tht jamie went for the blue cause that one looked the most colourful to him

  • Macsyourguy
    Macsyourguy 16 days ago

    we learned tonight that James is a top and Barry is a bottom. I mean, we all KNEW that, but this confirms it. also I'm surprised 6:14 didn't have subtitles :P

  • TheSeranath
    TheSeranath 17 days ago +1

    Might be the best format yet. The reverse might be even better though

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu 17 days ago +1

    Ah. So this is how Barry can win a challenge. He just needs a chef.

  • D. Ritchie
    D. Ritchie 17 days ago

    More of these! What a laugh 😂😂😂

  • Aliya Huet
    Aliya Huet 17 days ago


    Ben: I know how much you like polenta.

  • Ivy Lee
    Ivy Lee 18 days ago +2

    I'm running out of snacking turkey lmaaooo me too D:

  • Chopper
    Chopper 18 days ago

    We want more Vids like this! Maybe change it so the normals are in control too. Also bring mike!

  • remus89
    remus89 18 days ago +2

    Please, more episodes like that. Also blindfold the chefs.

  • Fiama98
    Fiama98 18 days ago

    I absolutely want to see this in reverse.

  • Sophie Joseph
    Sophie Joseph 18 days ago +1

    Baz and Ben
    Jamie and James
    I genuinely feel like this would be the FUNNIEST combo. Can't wait for the next one.

    Btw! SORTEDFood Starter Kit gift was a genius idea. My mom and brother are obsessed! Thanks guys!

    JULIEN SOON BO EN 19 days ago

    Normals guide the chefs