surprising my BESTFRIEND with apple AIRPODS !!

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
  • surprising my BESTFRIEND with apple AIRPODS !!
    for todays video i surprised my best friend ava with AirPods !!
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  • Erin Burke
    Erin Burke Day ago

    You are such a cutie kaci I love you and dad v girls coco bear is so cute

  • Neli May
    Neli May Day ago

    kacis buying her friends airpods and i’m over here with my friends not even giving me a smile

  • C_ Rx
    C_ Rx 4 days ago

    This is bare cute

  • C_ Rx
    C_ Rx 4 days ago

    My friend don’t even reply to my snaps🤣

  • the stinger
    the stinger 5 days ago

    I dont know where you are but i will find you, and i will marry you.

  • Reece Hilburn
    Reece Hilburn 6 days ago

    how many times did she say like 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Sumayya Moledina
    Sumayya Moledina 9 days ago +1

    So nice to do for ur friends

  • Saloua Algam_
    Saloua Algam_ 10 days ago

    So sweet

  • OrangeMz
    OrangeMz 11 days ago

    Why would you buy her airpods

  • Lily Smith
    Lily Smith 13 days ago

    cries in poor

  • Kathleen Delaney
    Kathleen Delaney 14 days ago

    My best friend suprised me with I Phone 11 pro max and a week later I suprised her with the exact same Phone

  • SweatyBandits
    SweatyBandits 16 days ago

    so kind off you to give her them some good friends out there

  • Jessica LAVIN
    Jessica LAVIN 19 days ago

    like she is like gonna like know like

  • Skye Parkes Ferguson
    Skye Parkes Ferguson 20 days ago

    Can you do shout outs?

  • Hawra Datoo
    Hawra Datoo 24 days ago

    5:44 was so cute but I felt so bad for that Chloe girl 😂😭

  • Veronica Donnelly
    Veronica Donnelly Month ago +1

    Come on get Kacy to 1 mil

  • jarrell
    jarrell Month ago

    :) godbless

  • Mia Newton
    Mia Newton Month ago

    Can you be my friend please xx

  • Elihle Mangena
    Elihle Mangena Month ago

    I wish I had friends like this

  • Anna Cooper
    Anna Cooper Month ago

    You are such a nice friend xx

  • Harry Mccue
    Harry Mccue Month ago

    How many times does she say like


    How many times like was said in here


  • Sick Flash
    Sick Flash Month ago

    What does 1-0 mean

  • Olivia Mcconnachie
    Olivia Mcconnachie Month ago

    Oops I did it again

  • Fatma Ali
    Fatma Ali Month ago

    Wat city are you in i know ur in the uk but wat city

  • Gg H
    Gg H 2 months ago

    How many times did she say like

  • h a o w i e
    h a o w i e 2 months ago


  • h a o w i e
    h a o w i e 2 months ago

    y’all so cute

  • Jason 999
    Jason 999 2 months ago

    Soo. much saying like you dum asss

  • M Bash
    M Bash 2 months ago

    That was so sweet of you

  • Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith 2 months ago

    Your a amazing friend 😝

  • Ava Slocmbe
    Ava Slocmbe 2 months ago

    My name is Ava too!

  • Umar Mohamed
    Umar Mohamed 2 months ago +2

    How much do you want to bet that 1/10 of our friends wouldn’t buy us AirPods

  • Lily xx
    Lily xx 2 months ago +1

    I also wish I could get my step sis airpods she really wants them

  • Julianna Bartolome
    Julianna Bartolome 2 months ago

    omg u look like one of those women soccer players that play in the nwsl that’s girlfriends with Rachel Daly her name is Kristie Mewis u guys look alike !

  • kobe hatcher
    kobe hatcher 2 months ago

    here i am commenting....

  • KoziDays
    KoziDays 2 months ago +1

    I BROUGHT? Her AirPods or I bought her AirPods

  • WAE_Josh
    WAE_Josh 2 months ago +1

    are you d8ing bobby clark

  • toby th
    toby th 2 months ago +1

    Air pods pro are out

  • Aliya Boomer
    Aliya Boomer 2 months ago +1

    You are such a generous friend

  • Ellie Sherlock
    Ellie Sherlock 2 months ago

    Kaci says like so many times in the intro

  • Holleigh Grinham
    Holleigh Grinham 3 months ago


  • Awaiz Khan
    Awaiz Khan 3 months ago

    Why dose she keep on sayin like like like

  • Yom Yo
    Yom Yo 3 months ago +1

    Kaci out here getting her friends AirPods whereas my best friends can’t even remember mine

  • Ashmita Laksyanaa
    Ashmita Laksyanaa 3 months ago

    I wish i had a friend like KACI

  • Ava Delaney
    Ava Delaney 3 months ago

    My name is ava😲

  • Asuna Zamora
    Asuna Zamora 3 months ago

    Random but what pretty wrapping paper

  • pineapple squad
    pineapple squad 3 months ago

    I only bought the new iPhone 11 for 2 of my friends and bought an iPad for myself

  • Ellie Kol
    Ellie Kol 3 months ago +1

    Hi kaicy you are amazing just believe In your self love you byexxx

  • Gracie Gilmour
    Gracie Gilmour 3 months ago

    Then they fall out and she asks for them back 😭😂

  • Makeupby_Emilysimpson
    Makeupby_Emilysimpson 4 months ago

    Feel so bad for that other girl when kaci is hugging ava

  • Turkan Altun
    Turkan Altun 4 months ago

    Her friend gets AirPods however my friends don’t even come or say happy birthday

  • Harry Seal johnson
    Harry Seal johnson 4 months ago +2

    The amount of times she said like in this video

  • Snowyy Bruv
    Snowyy Bruv 4 months ago


  • Kelly Woodhead
    Kelly Woodhead 4 months ago +1

    Your so amazing and pretty

  • Keironkewi2
    Keironkewi2 4 months ago

    How many like did you you say lol

  • team 10 fan
    team 10 fan 4 months ago +1

    :O oh no! i got a 🤢🤮 walking down 🏡🏠🏠🏡🏠 spreading all my flees everybody is like what you got i am like S.T.D you to f* up i'm calling the police (its a tik tok song lol XD)

  • Meinir Collyer
    Meinir Collyer 4 months ago

    You'r soooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice im your biggest fan I live on england

  • malvika agarwal
    malvika agarwal 4 months ago

    Kaci is soooooo nice 💕

  • Ciaranorris
    Ciaranorris 4 months ago

    aw this is so cute