An UNPOPULAR Opinion - Huawei P30 Pro Review

  • Published on Apr 22, 2019
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    Is Huawei becoming a real player in the mobile space? Well, one way or the other, I don't feel like I can ignore them anymore...
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Comments • 4 480

    GERMARDOU MEDIA GROUP 11 hours ago

    keep your phone huwawei

  • 桜木明
    桜木明 14 hours ago +1

    ‘’The benefits of Android is being open source’’.

    Huawei: why ? Let’s be *Apple*

  • Sea Creature
    Sea Creature Day ago

    Still better than Apple 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Sohaib Mahagri
    Sohaib Mahagri Day ago +2

    why do you sound like a little bitch for real and remove the earrings be a man for once goddamit

  • Mark Villanueva
    Mark Villanueva Day ago +1

    Hey Linus, can you do an episode on Huawei regarding the banning from Google Apps?

    • Jimmy Bon
      Jimmy Bon 11 hours ago

      He should do that! I knew eventually that the issue on China and trade will have a deep impact on tech stuff!

  • Vector Corp
    Vector Corp Day ago

    And the Huawei p30 pro with its 50x zoom lems is now the standard issue spy long distance spy telescope for James Bond's forecoming missions. No wonder.

  • Ted H
    Ted H Day ago

    LINUS Can you comment on the recent Huawei phones being BANNED by Google? I own two Huawei phones. Love them both. I have a Mate SE that I gave to my son and he loves it. I got a Mate 20 Lite. I did have a One Plus 6 with 8GB Ram and 256GB Storage and I hated the One Plus 6. Bad battery life, bad audio, terrible display, and horrible camera. Most of this stuff in my opinion was software related but One Plus refused to fix it. I bought the Huawei Mate SE and actually liked it better than my One Plus 6 and so I sold the OP6 for a huge loss and then I got the Mate 20 Lite. But I've been waiting for the Android Pie update and the EMUI 9.0 update and it sounds like I might not ever get any updates and IF I do, then I could lose Google Play and the suite of Google Apps and Tools. I am within the return window for my Mate 20 Lite and I can get something else but I really like my Mate 20 Lite. I want to keep it under $300. The Motorola G7 Power is the only other thing I can find but the display and camera aren't near as good. Are all Chinese phones banned from Google, or just Huawei? This is such a sad story. Please help with your suggestions. Do a video on phones under $300 that work in the USA. I need AT&T LTE Bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 17. In the USA, we have a selection of the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone or the Pixel. I hate the Galaxy and the iPhone and the Pixel is WAY overpriced. This is ridiculous.

  • niksack
    niksack 2 days ago

    Watching this after the US sanction on Huawei

  • Vasboss Gaming
    Vasboss Gaming 2 days ago

    I really enjoyed the background music in the video

  • L樣們の遊戲日常🤔?
    game over.

    DAVID GREGORY KERR 2 days ago

    There is a stick on knob that you can grip while you operate the controls.

  • Rj M.
    Rj M. 2 days ago

    I'm so confused with why some people bitching over notch?? You could change the view without seeing the notch.

  • Sagres d'Amor
    Sagres d'Amor 3 days ago

    Huawei also don't let you install apps to SD card. So... No thanks.

  • Cass Zhang
    Cass Zhang 3 days ago

    Why, just why do they include headphone jack in lower models like p30 but not the pro version?

  • coffee_sgr
    coffee_sgr 3 days ago +4

    I mean no hate but why do English speakers pronounce Huawei as "wah-wei"?
    There should be an "h" sound.

    • Abbad 707
      Abbad 707 Day ago

      Idk but I can hear huawei lol

  • Atif Shaikh
    Atif Shaikh 4 days ago

    Zenfone 6 review please....

  • Hydanz Topboi
    Hydanz Topboi 4 days ago

    The ad is strong with this one

  • mitos meios
    mitos meios 4 days ago


  • Tiny Bruiser
    Tiny Bruiser 4 days ago

    Well I got enough reason to tell to my younger cousin he did wrong choosing p30 instead of waiting for one plus 7 pro

  • Daniel Yousouf
    Daniel Yousouf 4 days ago

    USB type C headphone jacks can let you drive headphones that would normally need a headphone amp to sound their best. get a pair of KZ zs7's and a KZ USB type C cable and play your music with something like the paid app neutron player from the android store and you wont miss the headphone jack at all. as for the p30 pro's camera I think most people aren't understanding whats good about it. Try this video here to understand the p30 pro's camera.

  • lordgregz
    lordgregz 5 days ago +3

    Hey linus... Love your videos, the way you review things is amazing..
    Can you Pls review the LG Z6 Pro 12GB Ram 512gb rom SD855 the first 5G phone and Liquid Cooled thank you...

    • Abbad 707
      Abbad 707 Day ago


  • kamal kant
    kamal kant 5 days ago

    Its a shit phone at the price of 71000 indian rupees.. And what i heard? No bootloader unlocking!!!! Its a shit phone at this price tag with so many lackages... Just wait for this year ending.. M sure samsung n apple r not far from 10x zoom

  • Ali Rafiei
    Ali Rafiei 5 days ago +1

    *1.2 million people **_get yeeted_** by ginger guy*

  • Sudarshan Pujari
    Sudarshan Pujari 5 days ago

    9.27 welcome to a totalitarian state

  • 0101 1010
    0101 1010 5 days ago +1

    Yours not a production model

  • Dayiz
    Dayiz 6 days ago +1

    And can't access music streaming services while it's locked

    • Dayiz
      Dayiz 3 days ago

      +Cass Zhang thanks

    • Cass Zhang
      Cass Zhang 3 days ago

      +Dayiz Do u use face ID? It's a hidden feature to hide your privacy info until u scan your face.just go to setting, security and privacy, faceID, and disable smart notification

    • Dayiz
      Dayiz 3 days ago

      +Cass Zhang the music plays but you can't see the name of the song or change the song from the phone while it's locked

    • Cass Zhang
      Cass Zhang 3 days ago

      Never had that problem

  • The Spark
    The Spark 6 days ago +1

    I just sent an A70 back to my carrier, probably getting this instead.

  • Shane Davis
    Shane Davis 7 days ago

    4:33 white nationalist symbolism confirmed, LTT is a fascist.

  • MaHmOuD H
    MaHmOuD H 7 days ago

    to ANDROID fan , I'm considering buying new cellphone , but I hear some manufacture companies doesn't install or allow full android OS in their devices , so my question is this :
    what are the devices in the market which can give me a full android OS experience ??

  • Arda Vila
    Arda Vila 7 days ago

    I have a P20 Pro and it has been the only phone im satisfied with after years. I don't see enough reasons to upgrade to P30 Pro but maybe to P40 Pro in the future.

  • James Stetson
    James Stetson 7 days ago

    Should I get the note 9 or the p30? The s10 is too expensive for me

  • RichWithMemes
    RichWithMemes 7 days ago


  • RichWithMemes
    RichWithMemes 7 days ago


  • RichWithMemes
    RichWithMemes 7 days ago


  • RichWithMemes
    RichWithMemes 7 days ago


  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 8 days ago

    8:03 = why 1080p on any phone that costs more than 300 dollars is outright offensive.

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 8 days ago +1

    Switching cameras while recording is not a feature, it's a requirement. If my 100 dollar secondhand LG V20 (with a 6500mah extended battery by the way) can do it, so can a 600+ dollar modern phone.

  • Jerry Ament
    Jerry Ament 8 days ago +2

    Why is that dude making a White Power hand gesture in your video? 4:33

    • bobsauce100
      bobsauce100 6 days ago

      I honestly can't tell if this is bait or not.

  • ExuberantRaptor
    ExuberantRaptor 8 days ago

    What's this about factory reset with SIM? When you transfer your SIM over to a new phone it's already factory. If you've never had that phone before why would it be like you've used it for months and so get mad when it factory resets when first putting in you SIM?
    With various cloud services, Google/Samsung accounts and SD card storage, Google Play etc you can import/download everything again. It's how it's always been with smartphones. Am I missing something? Everything was intact when I switched phone, could've restored everything or start from scratch. I always start fresh with new phones though and only get back what I still need and the rest is saved elsewhere anyway to access if I need it. I always before factory reset make sure everything I wanna keep is also exported to my computer. You don't want everything you had on your previous phone anyway. Not me at least.

  • Will HArrison
    Will HArrison 8 days ago

    wow dude WTF?!?!? Why is the dude in the photo making a White Power hand gesture?

  • Alex Simon
    Alex Simon 8 days ago

    Dbrand sucks balls because it only does skins for flagships so I had to got for an alternative option

  • Natural Titanium
    Natural Titanium 8 days ago

    plz Huawei make a new software

  • Joe Doe
    Joe Doe 8 days ago

    great review, but skipped all the commercials inside :)

  • Mozzman
    Mozzman 8 days ago

    Garbage phone.

  • RickJason
    RickJason 8 days ago

    Not getting instant messages is really bad. Not acceptable.

  • Olimpio Amoes
    Olimpio Amoes 8 days ago

    11:41 Alright Linus!!

  • barsaa barsaa
    barsaa barsaa 8 days ago

    What's up with the hand sign ... ?

  • killerhase88
    killerhase88 8 days ago

    Damn at 4:40... I looked :(

  • CC
    CC 8 days ago

    Leave it to Linus to skim off the marketing hype and give us an honest opinion that's not just read right off the promo script. Kudos.

  • Kobe Bean Bryant
    Kobe Bean Bryant 8 days ago

    Note9 user. Should have wait to s10, p30 and note10

  • dirtrider88
    dirtrider88 9 days ago

    4:35. it took me till the third zoom to notice it. how many did it take you?

  • L' italiano
    L' italiano 9 days ago

    Huawei P20 Pro? Cool Camera but No! Huawei Mate 20 Pro? Better Camera but No! Huawei P30 Pro? Much better Camera but still No! Why? Because I’ve bought the y530 by Huawei in 2014 and therefore Huawei won’t be able to get me back to them! Even if they announce the P100000000000000 Pro I’ll stay away from Huawei...

  • Mr Tordse
    Mr Tordse 9 days ago

    I think all android phoned should be able to unlock bootloader

  • Jung K
    Jung K 9 days ago

    Its Huawei with H in it and they spelled it like that in "translation" because you pronounce the H lmfao

    • Jung K
      Jung K 8 days ago

      +coolhirako ikr but I guess marketing team decided to keep it waawei in NA

    • coolhirako
      coolhirako 8 days ago

      Wowwei ? Haha

  • Frank Feng
    Frank Feng 9 days ago

    Finally a renowned TheXvidr like LTT mentioned the software restrictions. Why buy a Chinese Android phone when you can't even install Nova Launcher?

    • WhiteEuphoria74
      WhiteEuphoria74 7 days ago

      As I understand it, the software restriction doesn't mean that you cannot install launchers.
      I think it means that you cannot install custom ROMs.

  • Hertzel Armengol
    Hertzel Armengol 9 days ago +1

    Note9 is life!!

  • Rupesh Kharat
    Rupesh Kharat 9 days ago +1

    legend has said it fuck display notches and live long headphones jack

  • Juan Atilano
    Juan Atilano 9 days ago +2

    Am I the only one that NEVER uses the phone speakers? Like use headphones man. No one wants to hear what you are watching. Unpopular opinion?

  • Evokyr
    Evokyr 9 days ago

    Seriously tho, i own this phone (well the normal P30), and i have none of this issues adressed. I can literally change anything i want, no agressive apps or closing. Still the best battery life in years.

  • Anton Zinn
    Anton Zinn 9 days ago

    My iPhone 5s runs IOS 12. Deal with it.

  • Metro Lima
    Metro Lima 10 days ago

    your right! mate. this is what i wanted to hear because no dought in my mind samsung is the best when it come to android.

  • Joseph J
    Joseph J 10 days ago

    Who still uses Hangouts?

  • Samarth Kikkeri
    Samarth Kikkeri 10 days ago

    why are you comparing it with the note 9 and not the s10

  • oga buga
    oga buga 10 days ago

    so basically dont buy huawei shits
    cause no rooting

  • You Mu
    You Mu 10 days ago +5

    Mi 9 still the underrated flagship phone this year

  • Darz Vidz
    Darz Vidz 10 days ago

    3:50 they got you XD

  • liquidmist81
    liquidmist81 10 days ago

    Look at 1:53, that little spec landing on the phone is Ant-Man. He's preparing to time travel via the quantum realm and kick Thanos's ass....

  • BLASTARD royale
    BLASTARD royale 10 days ago

    I'm using emui and I love it 💯

  • Cool Pup Gaming
    Cool Pup Gaming 10 days ago

    Huawei is just a shit Chinese brand fuck em.

  • Dikka Do
    Dikka Do 10 days ago +1

    Ooh man I missed IR blaster on high end phone like my LG G2 once was....

  • Pippaass Crack
    Pippaass Crack 11 days ago

    That annoying voice he has just like the talkative spiderman😂

  • PumpkinPie
    PumpkinPie 11 days ago

    I was thinking about this phone but I don't know how I can part ways with my chop to flashlight Motorola :(

  • Dav1208
    Dav1208 11 days ago

    I just can't belive USA is really try ban Huawei, while it does better phones than Apple. I'ts just basic battle who is the better, but i'm not here to rant Apple users, just...some americans who buy Huawei phones, they look shocked how great it is acually.

  • Nanashi
    Nanashi 11 days ago

    How does this cunt have 8.5M subscibers with a voice like?

  • D H
    D H 11 days ago

    Very good points. What phone has the best overall community support in your opinion? Thanks mate!

  • einat1622
    einat1622 11 days ago

    And it has NFC
    (Hawaii & Xiomi phones used to not have these. PS- it that usefull in the US?).

  • Paulo Alexandre
    Paulo Alexandre 11 days ago

    Been using the P30 Pro for over a week now, and here are my biggest pros and cons:

    1) Battery is better than advertised. It charges faster than any other phone, and has a battery that lasts for over 2 full days of use.
    2) Best main camera for auto photos
    3) best looking phone rn

    1) Can't unlock bootloader
    2) Can't make 3rd party launchers persist over Huawei Home and EMUI is disgusting
    3) Camera is not that good for videos
    4) No jack AND single speaker? Disappointing
    5) Screen is not as good as other flagships released the same quarter
    6) Front facing camera not great
    7) OEM bloatware is overwhelming

    Selling it for 750€ and buying a S10+. This was a bad investment. I frankly feel let down by most influencers and reviewers, so thank you Linus, thank you for being honest here.

  • Nicolai Mølgaard Poulsen

    Linus. You net to set the app managing correct. You have to switch it over to manage manually on the app you want . Then you wont have problems. :)
    Settings - battery - applaunch - and find the app you want og switch it to manage manually. The the problem is solved

  • Douglas Karlsson
    Douglas Karlsson 12 days ago

    But the normal p30 has a headphone jack so is that one better?

  • Darshan Shah
    Darshan Shah 12 days ago

    Thanks for the extremely thorough review!

  • MrThepwnstar
    MrThepwnstar 12 days ago

    Huawei phones are really poor. Camera is poor, screen is poor, general build quality is poor, had to send my P20 pro to be fixed under warranty 4 times and I've only had it for one year.

  • KeonXD
    KeonXD 12 days ago

    Honestly, I will pay to get newer Huawei devices unlock, it will be worth it in a Long run

  • W B
    W B 12 days ago +1

    The mic and video recording is brilliant. In fact it's not quiet, I'd say it's almost too loud. Except at concerts, in which it's clear and undistorted.
    Beats the pixel 3 hands down and goes toe to toe with my LG V40 and older note 9. Also switching cameras during video is actually a massive plus as most phones I know of won't allow it.
    Your opinion isn't unpopular it's just wrong.

  • mstickle89
    mstickle89 12 days ago +49

    Long live the headphone jack 😇

    • dirtrider88
      dirtrider88 9 days ago +2

      long live hi fidelity audio, and not having to worry about more batteries.

  • Yas Barrientos
    Yas Barrientos 13 days ago

    The aggressive app killing of Huawei in P10 convinced me to never go back to Huawei. The cameras are great, but all the hassle and no control on your apps, Makes it a headache. Plus it is already struggling during games after 1.5 years? Never again.

    • W B
      W B 12 days ago

      Apps don't close in the background and I haven't had an issue with any game at all except that android games are crap haha

  • Josef Aguilar
    Josef Aguilar 13 days ago +2

    Linus logic: Mac is slower than PC
    Video: Shows Mac is faster than PC
    Why wouldn't the same Linus logic be at play here. I'm tired of the sensationalist titles.

  • Falocc
    Falocc 13 days ago +1

    4:32 his hands ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • mikeandersonwa
    mikeandersonwa 13 days ago

    The camera was impressive, but I actually liked my iPhone X pictures better. Also the software interface for the camera was horrendous. One of the biggest things that annoyed me was that when you click the thumbnail to view the photo you just took, there is absolutely no way to get back into the camera without closing the app and then opening it again, which is very annoying.

  • Moe Chams
    Moe Chams 13 days ago

    Which phone would you recommend Oneplus 6T or Huawei P30 Pro ? Or perhaps you recommend something better that would last me a long time with minimal lose of performance ? @
    Linus Tech Tips

  • MegaLeoben
    MegaLeoben 13 days ago +1

    Its all stolen technology.. as usual ..

  • Tengsal Sangma
    Tengsal Sangma 13 days ago

    Watching on Note 9 😎😎😎

  • Schneephil
    Schneephil 13 days ago

    Why would i want to activate the camera with the volume down button? If i need to turn the volume down because i'm watching a video and someone want to ask my anything i want the volume go down and not open the camera.

  • Wild Racoons
    Wild Racoons 13 days ago

    11:35 you da real MVP

  • Lucian Popa
    Lucian Popa 13 days ago

    This is a pretty good review, in line with what I think of the P30 Pro. Good job, Linus.

  • The Mblue
    The Mblue 13 days ago

    Can you please review the p smart 2019

  • GodKing804
    GodKing804 14 days ago


  • Daruko
    Daruko 14 days ago +1

    No rooting is a deal breaker for me!
    I tend to use my phones for about 4 years or so, and rooting/installing a custom rom helps me survive the last bit before the battery eventually gives up on me.

  • Leander Herman
    Leander Herman 14 days ago

    I love Huawei i'm a Huawei

  • Marcos Sanchez
    Marcos Sanchez 14 days ago

    the music hahaha

  • FlipsideFish 41
    FlipsideFish 41 14 days ago

    Mate 20 pro is better