• Published on Aug 16, 2019
  • Cheaters get duped, a new Saints Row game is coming, Splinter Cell's future is questionable, and more stuff in gaming that happened this week.
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    Cheaters get hacked

    New Saints Row
    Dead Island 2 exists

    Xbox cloud controller

    July NPD

    Need for Speed Heat
    New Doom movie trailer ugh
    Monday gamescom live
    SPLINTER CELL: sort of
    Video game price hike follow up
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  • YT_mitt_c
    YT_mitt_c 29 days ago


  • James B
    James B Month ago

    If prices go up in america because of trumps dumbass tariffs the rest of the world better not fucken suffer. Over here games are already expensive enough. $100 on release (yes i realise currencies have different values, but it still amounts to more than america even after shipping/currency)

  • North Southy
    North Southy Month ago

    To all the cheaters, friendly uncle Jake says be careful. I say suck it down you cheating bitches!!!!!

  • Benjamin Franklin
    Benjamin Franklin Month ago

    Maybe you can host a game, with a room card for online viewers to play together

  • kipferno
    kipferno Month ago


  • unoteworthy
    unoteworthy Month ago

    Would love a deals of the weak

  • Ioganstone
    Ioganstone Month ago

    Phone accessories are a good idea in theory, but have the worst branding IMO

  • Dániel Mátyás
    Dániel Mátyás Month ago

    Give us a new spliner cell, fuck mobile games, give us a normal game. And yes, spend all of your money on it ubisoft because at the moment that is the best franchise you have

  • N N
    N N 2 months ago

    Did jake just say that saints row isn't a GTA clone? lol

  • Jason Kidwell
    Jason Kidwell 2 months ago

    If I had to guess, I'd say you were under new ownership, Jake.
    I can just here it now, "we need to connect with the younger audience.... You're missing your mark and not landing the ratings we want to see."
    There is approximately 10 classic flavors of ice cream. Those flavors are immutable. Sure, rowdy startups will conceive of new flavor combinations. Both disgusting and delightful in turn.
    But mint chocolate chip must never be tampered with. Are you mint chocolate chip Jake? 🍦🍦🍦

  • KiraOnii Chan
    KiraOnii Chan 2 months ago

    Saints Row went down hill after the 2nd game

  • Trip
    Trip 2 months ago +1

    2:39 🤣

  • SCARlet_DRaKox13
    SCARlet_DRaKox13 2 months ago

    Well.. they deserve it

  • Tom 123
    Tom 123 2 months ago

    On that giveaway bit the URL doesn’t work. Put mine in and it says it’s invalid. Had a TheXvid account for over a year now :S

  • sam garbutt
    sam garbutt 2 months ago


  • Vip3r011 Fo3niXZ
    Vip3r011 Fo3niXZ 2 months ago

    noobs will be n00bs

  • Raoul Duke
    Raoul Duke 2 months ago

    You're a cool guy 👍

  • Walter
    Walter 2 months ago

    What about a hair cut? Lolz jk

  • Declared Snow
    Declared Snow 2 months ago

    do a game of the week for all platforms? doesn't have to take long. just a quick list. still some indie gems out there that I need to know about! let me start. Darkest Dungeon. Totally missed that game but it is so good. 100 hours in now!

  • Bj Schnauzer
    Bj Schnauzer 2 months ago

    Making a discord, full community feedback as well as ideas on that can be put up on a “drawing board”

  • LooseSkreww LuhKyro
    LooseSkreww LuhKyro 2 months ago +1

    Saints row was never a GTA rip off Clone

  • Exploding_Cat
    Exploding_Cat 2 months ago

    Plz deals of the week

  • Zephyrian
    Zephyrian 2 months ago

    thin and lights are stupid. need to mix thin and light and personal computing into one entity, the margins for a company running thin and light is massive

  • TheWhiteMamba3000
    TheWhiteMamba3000 2 months ago

    I think a category that would be great would be that once a month, Gameranx tries a new game and gives a short review / summary of the game and do a bunch of genres over many months.

  • PaNDaSNiP3R
    PaNDaSNiP3R 2 months ago

    Need For speed wants.. just hook up the radio to pandora or something . the same music over and over sucks especially if you don't like it.. pandora / I heart radio / local radio whatever.. cant be that hard

  • Terry Bishop
    Terry Bishop 2 months ago

    3 years and i still have not win this channel's latto. reported. consumer abuse.

  • that feel
    that feel 2 months ago

    Man Jake look like he had a few cold ones by the end of the vid

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 2 months ago

    Don’t change anything about the news, it’s direct, info packed and swift. It’s fine.

  • Dildo Shwaggins
    Dildo Shwaggins 2 months ago

    You would have to be an insanely immature and pathetic individual to think identity theft is an appropriate response to people cheating in a video game

  • Petite Siren
    Petite Siren 2 months ago +1

    Why is there the mask action figure on the desk behind you?

    • Djorgie Silverhands
      Djorgie Silverhands 2 months ago

      why?? More like, where can I get this The Mask action figure?

  • thomas thompson sunshinescopes

    I would love deals of the week! I'm a "thrifty gamer" so I'd love to know when things are on a special sale ps access doesnt do enough

  • Samuel Jackson
    Samuel Jackson 2 months ago

    Cover more of the cooler indie games.

  • Christopher Perkins
    Christopher Perkins 2 months ago +1

    idea for Friday show. do a office raffle or whatever, and whoever wins does a segment on niche games they loved.

  • C.R. Wolf
    C.R. Wolf 2 months ago

    Longer show would be great! Always love longer videos but I can see why some people wouldn't. Personally I'd prefer longer and I'm so hyped for a new Saints Row! And why can't Ubisoft just make Splinter Cell into another open-world "Ubisoft" game. I'd much rather have that than a mobile version

  • Nick Calleja
    Nick Calleja 2 months ago

    Armando you lucky son of a bitch.

  • Damian C
    Damian C 2 months ago

    I like the longer shows btw. :)

  • Nick Calleja
    Nick Calleja 2 months ago

    Deals of the week yes boi!

  • Berzerk0566
    Berzerk0566 2 months ago

    Don’t change the show

  • Space Emperor Karl
    Space Emperor Karl 3 months ago

    Cheaters get Hacked???? There is justice in this world XD

  • Dustin's Distractions
    Dustin's Distractions 3 months ago

    Dont cheat at live games. If you cant gg then quit playing it or try harder losers. Servs you right and if i have uploaded malware i would have just fried anything you try to cheat on. Apex should just put all the cheaters in a cheaters only server and not let them play with non cheaters.

  • Dylan Forword
    Dylan Forword 3 months ago

    What a wicked web we weave.

  • reptileminer
    reptileminer 3 months ago

    You guys should do gem of the week e.g. finding hidden cheaper games that are worth a buy. Also do different platforms weekly like this week steam this week xbox one switch and so on.

  • Jacek M
    Jacek M 3 months ago

    Yeah, onyly paid cheats are safe. Remember guys if you want to use cheats go find paid cheats.

  • Difa Abdussalam
    Difa Abdussalam 3 months ago

    Perhaps a "Hidden Gem" section? Weekly or monthly idk but it would be interesting to try those game tho

  • Teriyaki Chicken666
    Teriyaki Chicken666 3 months ago

    I miss saints row 2

  • jacob miller
    jacob miller 3 months ago

    Dude I'd pay to see jake drunk rate movies and games😂

  • InFmouS
    InFmouS 3 months ago

    You guys should do the friday show eating pizza.

  • Andre Doss
    Andre Doss 3 months ago

    0:01 is Jake practicing for reenacting 80s you commercials

  • zzooyyoorrk
    zzooyyoorrk 3 months ago

    Love in the chat for new saints row plus I saw a video for the game session looks promising thumbs up!

  • Jesse Holland
    Jesse Holland 3 months ago

    I think I would love a deals of the week video!

  • Michael Tenbroeck
    Michael Tenbroeck 3 months ago


  • plazmabeam gameing
    plazmabeam gameing 3 months ago

    why cheat tho so dumb

  • Cotton Daniels
    Cotton Daniels 3 months ago

    I really wouldn't mind a longer show

  • Andrej Tornjanski
    Andrej Tornjanski 3 months ago

    Really interested fo the deals of the week!

  • A K I R A
    A K I R A 3 months ago

    Maybe do just the "drink" part and do what you wont!!! 🍻

  • Yuri van Beynen
    Yuri van Beynen 3 months ago

    Bring in some of the other guys once in a while.

  • Rustum Laattoe
    Rustum Laattoe 3 months ago

    Saints Row AND Time Splitters!? Miracles apparently do happen.
    Friday News is great as it is. I'm sure some people have ideas for improvement so look to them for that. What I'd like to see is an occasional let's play. You guys always mention what you're playing but we never see it. Doesn't have to be long or you guys pwning noobs or something. Have an in office competition, who can make the best minecraft house and let us vote. You guys have been around long enough that we're (well i am) just interested in seeing how you play things.

  • Doug Dozier Jr.
    Doug Dozier Jr. 3 months ago

    I want to play Halo on every screen I can

  • Jaydapp
    Jaydapp 3 months ago

    Feedback?? Dude I've seen you guys respond to a comment MAYBE 10-20 times in the years I've been watching you!!!

  • Go On
    Go On 3 months ago

    Try to make this show more identifiable in my subscription box. I don’t watch every video but this is my Philly D show for video games. Thank you.