I Got Custom Foundation From An App


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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Year ago +7935

    Hi loves!!! Happy thursday! Hope you all are having a great week ~ what do you think of the app? Would you use it?! EDIT: there aren't any options to customize the formula, and yes i know i need to get me to a beach asap!

    • Lilah Grove
      Lilah Grove 19 hours ago

      Glad it works? Lol, luv u, thanks

    • Taryn Welsh
      Taryn Welsh 22 days ago

      Safiya Nygaard I think it looks great on you & looks like you aren’t wearing foundation.

    • Jacky Ramirez
      Jacky Ramirez Month ago


    • Isabella Nola
      Isabella Nola Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard love ya safiya ❤️❤️

    • Kaylee Winters
      Kaylee Winters Month ago

      Safiya Nygaard you said baking powder instead of setting powder lol 😂

  • Greg Stolz
    Greg Stolz 16 hours ago +1

    James Charles left the chat

  • Lilah Grove
    Lilah Grove 19 hours ago +1

    You look like a perfect porcelain doll!

  • kat chirstian
    kat chirstian Day ago +1

    3:26 her correct pronunciation of her name

  • Alyssa Brodsky
    Alyssa Brodsky Day ago +1


  • Ruery Arts
    Ruery Arts Day ago +1

    It's definitely lighter than your base colour

  • Maddy More
    Maddy More Day ago

    I need to try this. I have like 50 foundations, NONE match :(

  • Jovie Wallace
    Jovie Wallace 2 days ago +1


  • Celestýn
    Celestýn 2 days ago

    does james charles know about this app?

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 3 days ago +1

    Her phone background 😂

  • farah morsy
    farah morsy 4 days ago +1

    Who else thinks it may be helpful for James Charles 😂😂😂

  • Srahwezant
    Srahwezant 5 days ago

    She should have went to sephora to see if there was a foundation that matched that one

  • Cadence
    Cadence 6 days ago

    You should have compared this to getting scanned at the sephora beauty bar to see which foundation is a better match

  • antifreezeresearcher

    every time yyou did a foundation check video lil selfie, i died bc you are literally so gorgeous!!!!!

  • Pretty Fit Curvy
    Pretty Fit Curvy 8 days ago

    Lol it looks great and you are so funnyyyy ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Emily Amaro
    Emily Amaro 10 days ago

    Tyler's face on her phone background. Omg.

  • Ana Gómez
    Ana Gómez 12 days ago

    I don't use any kind of make up on my face... I feel like a weirdo because everyone knows about fundations and yeah... does someone else feel like this?

  • selim reza
    selim reza 12 days ago

    Sistah James would like to have this app😂😂😂😂

    If you know what I mean😂😂😂

  • k godc
    k godc 12 days ago +1

    Excuse me,but why isn't James Charles using this???????????

  • megalopolis2015
    megalopolis2015 15 days ago

    It did a very good job. Scary how smart these machines can be. :0)

  • Sarah Thies
    Sarah Thies 16 days ago

    I literally use concealer as foundation 😂

  • Felysia J
    Felysia J 19 days ago

    Safiya i have the same pillow

  • Amanda Campanelli
    Amanda Campanelli 19 days ago +1

    I think this is the best matching foundation I have seen you wear. You look great!

  • cindland
    cindland 19 days ago

    This is a SUPER old video. Bored and catching earlier videos...this shade is beautiful on you. It’s very natural. You look like you, without a “made up” look. You can wear a lot of tones, from yellow to pink. But this is great for an everyday look or a more demure made up occasion.
    Did you keep using it??

  • Georgia Ceravolo
    Georgia Ceravolo 20 days ago

    R u at Disney land😉!

  • ankaMynx
    ankaMynx 21 day ago +1

    Make up for ever is $43. ..is the extra $7 really breaking the bank?

  • Olivia Haese
    Olivia Haese 21 day ago

    You filmed this video on my birthday two years ago!!! Thank you!!

  • Victoria Douglas
    Victoria Douglas 21 day ago

    This MUST be recommended to James 😂😂😅😘😘

  • sophie coad
    sophie coad 22 days ago

    When she said “$49 is expensive for foundation” I was shook and then I realized she doesn’t live in Canada where high end foundation is $49.

  • Layla and Frank
    Layla and Frank 22 days ago

    it is 2019 now and you still have not posted that much at all and your my favorite youtuber so I get bored

  • Millie Robbins
    Millie Robbins 23 days ago

    “i apologise, cousin of siri”

  • Sarah Chay
    Sarah Chay 24 days ago

    James needs to try this!!

  • cherry pop
    cherry pop 24 days ago +1

    i think she really likes it and doesn't really realise!

    • cherry pop
      cherry pop 24 days ago

      it's the colour we all wore in the 90's, it's very pretty so it's no wonder she's smitten with the look.

  • Falguni B
    Falguni B 24 days ago

    Tyler's Photo In The Background . . Lol

  • mindy buckingham
    mindy buckingham 24 days ago

    I'm 7 and I have the same t-shirt as you when you were gonna take the foundation off and I love your vids

  • Destiny Villareal
    Destiny Villareal 25 days ago +1

    The app is write... because its your exact skin tone color...

  • Mercedes Killeen
    Mercedes Killeen 25 days ago

    This is your shade for sure! I worked for years as a cosmetician, so a big part of my job was helping people match their foundation to their skin tone. This is perfect: especially since it’s hard to find the right balance between warm and cool tones when your parents have different backgrounds (I have the same issue since I’m half Latina and half Irish).
    A good tip if you’re in a store is to match the foundation to your neck rather than your hands.
    Great video! Love the channel :)

  • Sophia george
    Sophia george 26 days ago

    I love your nachral face with out makeup

  • Kaylee Calhoun
    Kaylee Calhoun 26 days ago

    I love how she’s not a clickbait you tuber lol

  • Jäïïï Äüšťìiñ


  • Phoebe Evans
    Phoebe Evans 26 days ago

    The film Passengers is well good!

  • Tuna Lasagna
    Tuna Lasagna 27 days ago

    I love her >:(

  • Devyani Sarin
    Devyani Sarin 28 days ago

    omfg this is one of the best foundation matches i've seen on you. it's definitely a win it looks way better than your other foundations. it's a great match!

  • Disa Roy Barman
    Disa Roy Barman 28 days ago

    The foundation is perfect

  • Zahra Waseem
    Zahra Waseem 28 days ago

    It was expensive. But it was a truly match plus looking good on the cam. Loved the evil siri a joke. Plus the pensieve joke from Harry Potter.

  • Madi K
    Madi K 29 days ago

    Hey we found what James Charles needs

  • Aaron Cyro
    Aaron Cyro 29 days ago

    I'm curious if this would make it so I can finally find a foundation pale enough for me, but at the same time I'm broke.

  • Ellie Brownlow
    Ellie Brownlow 29 days ago


  • Edjali Viloria
    Edjali Viloria 29 days ago +1

    James charles should try this 😂

  • Kxsumii
    Kxsumii 29 days ago

    After seeing your beautiful phone home screen, it inspired me to update my wallpapers and organize my apps into folders

  • Jessica West
    Jessica West 29 days ago +1

    Her background is Tyler! Cute!!!

    • Ellie Brownlow
      Ellie Brownlow 29 days ago

      Well they are getting married so it makes sense

  • mini donutplier
    mini donutplier 29 days ago +1

    Suggest this app to James Charles

  • Aimee Wilson
    Aimee Wilson Month ago +1

    I do have a lot of problems getting a foundation that not only matches my pale ass but is full coverage and won't break my wallet. If you have any recommendations feel free to comment

  • Emma Elizabeth
    Emma Elizabeth Month ago

    I love how whenever Saf get costum makeup or someone does her makeup for her they always us a lighter shade and she gets upset/complains about how much lighter she is than how she thinks she is meanwhile I'm over here using 0.5 shade foundation and anything darker makes me look like a burnt potato

  • alyiseatingfood
    alyiseatingfood Month ago

    James Charles should use this

  • AnimeJunkie56
    AnimeJunkie56 Month ago

    It's gorgeous and perfectly your color.

  • Melissa DanielsMyers

    Baking powder?!? 😬😱🤨Are you trying to make a cake on your face????? Please please tell me you were not actually using baking powder....please tell me that was actually setting powder

  • Rosie Mayer
    Rosie Mayer Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks James Charles should try this lololol

  • Mia maven
    Mia maven Month ago

    I definitely think the matchco looks best on you. It made you look flawless.

  • Esther Rodriguez
    Esther Rodriguez Month ago

    Are we all just gonna ignore her home screen? 😂😂😂

  • EunBin Taerin
    EunBin Taerin Month ago

    James Charles need to use this app 😂

  • Heidi Lucia D
    Heidi Lucia D Month ago

    We don’t get this in Canada :( I have such a hard time looking for a proper foundation, and so far only one that matches me the most is my Mac and even then it’s off a little. I just want the perfect foundation, I’d love to try this but unfortunately I cannot. Lancôme came to Canada with custom foundations but only In Toronto and I am not even close to there.

  • Kayley Joy
    Kayley Joy Month ago

    make sure your holding the phone level
    make sure your holding the phone level
    make sure your holding the phone level
    make sure your holding the phone level

  • LoolooArts
    LoolooArts Month ago +5

    Omg 😮 that looks really good on you!!! I wish I had 50 pounds to spend on that foundation !!!!!

  • lama Baayoun
    lama Baayoun Month ago +1

    James NEEDS THIS

  • V Soo
    V Soo Month ago +3

    (Pretend that im imitating safiya's voice) Hello Safiya, and you just got a new subscriber!

  • Jose Romero
    Jose Romero Month ago +1

    Her music choice for her videos are PERFECT! Lol

  • Dino Pixures
    Dino Pixures Month ago +1

    James Charles needs this

  • Taylor M
    Taylor M Month ago +1

    James Charles needs to do a review on this app someone contact him

  • mrs. zawsome
    mrs. zawsome Month ago +1

    I love Saf's screensaver LOL

  • Marnie Kilbourne
    Marnie Kilbourne Month ago +1

    It seems like that should have asked if you are oily, normal, dry, combo then it should be your perfect foundation. Also they could ask the coverage and finish you want.

  • Collette Wood
    Collette Wood Month ago +1

    That foundation is amazing on u Saf!

  • Alice Herts
    Alice Herts Month ago +1

    James Charles should use this.

  • madilove323
    madilove323 Month ago +1

    it looks like perfect on camera. i’m not sure how it compares in real life, but it matches PERF in the video. also you’re absolutely gorgeous no matter what. and very good at making youtube vids because of your lovely genuine personality. love you saf!’n

  • Lauren Blanchard
    Lauren Blanchard Month ago +1

    You look like a hot Severus snape 🐍

  • 10,000 subs without any videos? ꧂

    James Charles needs this lol

  • YumiBarnes BishDaBish
    YumiBarnes BishDaBish Month ago +1

    Omg Siri came on during class 😂

  • Gols N' Troels
    Gols N' Troels Month ago +1

    i think bare minerals bought this app/technology

  • jung hoseok
    jung hoseok Month ago +2

    james charles should have used this app

  • Taimur Chowdhury
    Taimur Chowdhury Month ago +1

    why does have more than 300 likes on their comments!!!

  • Nicky Zaman
    Nicky Zaman Month ago +5

    James Charles needs this.

  • Bailey DeNunzio
    Bailey DeNunzio Month ago +5

    James Charles is quaking

  • piper hill
    piper hill Month ago +1

    8:45 james charles has joined the chat

  • Industrial Glory
    Industrial Glory Month ago

    James Charles needs to use this app 😂

  • wioleta itrych
    wioleta itrych Month ago

    1:27 the background tho

  • Philo Ambrosia
    Philo Ambrosia Month ago

    this was literally SPOT ON perfect for you and now I want some !

  • Xochitl Helguera
    Xochitl Helguera Month ago +86

    James Charles should have got the foundation for the app for his latest video trying to ding his perfect match of foundations👍 if agree

    • Nil
      Nil Month ago +1

      Xochitl Helguera ikkkk i hope he does smthng like this

  • Unknown Alien
    Unknown Alien Month ago +1

    That's the perfect foundation your other foundations make you look a bit yellow

  • Rabia Pektas
    Rabia Pektas Month ago

    Shouldn’t James Charles use this app?

  • adriana15 fox
    adriana15 fox Month ago

    You should do an app made custem makeup for a day😎

  • VchanceU
    VchanceU Month ago

    that pic of Tyler on your home screen is a legend 🤣👌

  • Natasha Branch
    Natasha Branch Month ago

    anyone else notice when she opened the foundation the first time and it wasnt even full. you could see through some of the plastic at the top :'( r.i.p

  • Palak Chhaira
    Palak Chhaira Month ago

    Man I noticed that Safiya looks so different in this video and I couldn't put my finger on what exactly it was and I realised she hasn't winged her eyeliner... damnnn that makes her a whole new person 😱

  • lilly slattery
    lilly slattery Month ago

    you have the same tone as me!

  • Planet Mateo
    Planet Mateo Month ago +3

    *sends this video to james charles 60 times*

  • Kaydence Taylor
    Kaydence Taylor Month ago

    I love her so much omg. She doesn’t just assume the foundation is wrong she questioned if maybe she wasn’t picking foundations right
    Also the color was PERFECT it was great

  • Chloe The Flapjack Face

    Okay but why are we not talking about her background...

  • Lauren
    Lauren Month ago +3

    The 1.2k dislikes are all the evil Siri’s out there

  • Itzel Velasquez
    Itzel Velasquez Month ago +1

    Sister James needs this app😅😂

  • MC Kasandeula
    MC Kasandeula Month ago +1

    James Charles should try this