tom holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 46 seconds

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • editsbyrebecca
    editsbyrebecca  Month ago +6481

    2% of the comments: *talks about parts of the video*
    98% of the comments: “tHiS iS cLicKbAiT, yOu’rE oNe SeCoNd oFf”

    • Adrienne Sophie
      Adrienne Sophie Day ago

      Well it is kinda weird that the title and stuff shows in the video for a lil bit and you promote your merchandise for a little, but that's just me being critical

    • Aracely Mendoza
      Aracely Mendoza Day ago

      It was actually more hahah

    • Ms Matrix 2
      Ms Matrix 2 5 days ago

      Dude has 69k subs

      Me: nice

    • DatDogeDude
      DatDogeDude 8 days ago


    • Emma W
      Emma W 11 days ago +1

      it's because you wasted like 20 seconds doing the damn spider-man shit with the shirts

  • Ellise Raber
    Ellise Raber 3 hours ago

    tom holland is the best freaking dork

  • Tsjuran
    Tsjuran 6 hours ago

    4:10 but not in the mcu...

  • Bunny Beary
    Bunny Beary 11 hours ago

    It’s actually 12 minutes and 45 seconds

  • abby cd
    abby cd 11 hours ago


  • Tended Table
    Tended Table 12 hours ago

    J boner jameeson

  • Random Clips
    Random Clips 13 hours ago

    #SaveSpidey #SaveSpidermanFromSony

  • Daniella Kaplan
    Daniella Kaplan 14 hours ago

    Tom: They will be a 3rd Spider Man movie
    Sony: No

  • Charlotte Duverger
    Charlotte Duverger 20 hours ago


  • Noah Kinnett
    Noah Kinnett Day ago

    Tom: I bet you can guess who this is
    Tom:This is Nick Fury
    Me: Well... I feel stupid

  • Noah Kinnett
    Noah Kinnett Day ago

    Tom: there will be a third film
    It just won't be MCU

  • Anaximandro TV
    Anaximandro TV Day ago

    -If there is a third spider man movie...
    -Which there will be ;)
    Well I guess not cause of fucking sony :(

  • BeccaDoesArt
    BeccaDoesArt Day ago

    7:01left me dead😂

  • Origami Girl
    Origami Girl Day ago

    Zendaya: Does Spiderman have a spidey-sense?
    Me: Yeah it's called his Peter Tingle!!

  • Deana and Lily's Disney You Tube

    -realizes I’ve watched this video 20 times-

  • Jena Priem
    Jena Priem Day ago

    Died at 6:50 😂😂😂

  • Katie Raffety
    Katie Raffety 2 days ago


  • Ms Matrix 2
    Ms Matrix 2 2 days ago

    Live action multiverse comfirmed by tom holland

  • Orange juice Apple juice

    Rip spider man mcu

  • Brooke Hogan
    Brooke Hogan 2 days ago +1

    Love how this is a video about Tom but I get an ad about Chris Hemsworth.... sad

  • diane morgan
    diane morgan 2 days ago

    when he likced jakes hand I DIED OF LAUGHTER

  • Audrey,kel&annema Talks

    Jacob Batalon Laugh 😂😂❤️❤️

  • Ronnie Clarkson
    Ronnie Clarkson 2 days ago +1

    “Does Tom Holland have a spider sense”? No he has a Peter tingle

  • fatoumata cisse
    fatoumata cisse 3 days ago

    That f***in scared the s**t out of me at 1:39 i was not expecting that

  • fatoumata cisse
    fatoumata cisse 3 days ago

    Aww, i feel so bad for Chris Hemsworth cuz when he asked tom who his favorite person whose last name is Hemsworth was. Tom kept other people's names and I think Chris was hoping that tom said his name lol

  • Addison Petrosky
    Addison Petrosky 3 days ago

    Tom i think this is very good time to say

    i love you 3000

  • E. R
    E. R 3 days ago

    At 1:35 my heart stopped for a secobd

  • Mia Asadi
    Mia Asadi 3 days ago

    Spidey sense more like petter tingle

  • Bal Drum bunker
    Bal Drum bunker 3 days ago

    Tom Holland being a dork for 12:40

  • thatshydork 1
    thatshydork 1 3 days ago

    This one time my crush did the thing where Spider-Man shoots out his webs and said something like “I’m Spider-Man” and then I replied, “you’re not Tom Holland” and he replied “I’m hotter” and I was just like “Ok”

  • Riffle 44
    Riffle 44 3 days ago


  • thatshydork 1
    thatshydork 1 3 days ago

    4:02 what is Jacob doing?😂😂

  • Alicia Cnrm
    Alicia Cnrm 3 days ago

    Sooo this is what felix likes to see in his spare time

  • Poonam Chaubey
    Poonam Chaubey 3 days ago +1

    Anyone here from Pewdiepie👊

    PPULSEY 3 days ago +1

    Normal Videos 5 min* *Tom Holland* 12 Minutes hmmm?

  • Alicja K
    Alicja K 3 days ago

    tom holland looks like my friend ex and i can't stop thinking about it

  • Crimson Gaming
    Crimson Gaming 3 days ago



  • Vihas The Viper
    Vihas The Viper 3 days ago

    1:36 to 1:39 is the best part

  • Jaedy 98
    Jaedy 98 3 days ago

    I want to have J.Bone-Ah Jameson for myself pleaseeeeeee I love him so much 😭😭😭😍

  • Alex De Chavez
    Alex De Chavez 3 days ago +1

    Oh hello Fellow Dorks!😹😹😹

  • Anissa Knight
    Anissa Knight 3 days ago

    Lmao the watch mojo thing 😂

  • That One Zelda Kid
    That One Zelda Kid 3 days ago +1

    6:57 RAWOO

  • Rasha Romano
    Rasha Romano 3 days ago

    tom: *starts taking off jacket*
    zendaya: *being the protective girlfriend she is* uh uH BITCH-

  • End my Life please
    End my Life please 4 days ago +2

    I was drinking milk and milk came out of my nose!!!!

  • Hudson Brinton
    Hudson Brinton 4 days ago

    tom holland!!!

  • Nami Kudo
    Nami Kudo 4 days ago

    1:38 I've been losing my lungs for five minutes now and I don't think I can get past this part XD

  • hęllish
    hęllish 4 days ago

    “this is 🅱️eter 🅱️arker”

  • Ellie-Mae Field
    Ellie-Mae Field 4 days ago

    He’s the baby of marvel

  • Drake Windham
    Drake Windham 4 days ago

    9:45 You would to think it would have been the other way around

  • KitariKitsune
    KitariKitsune 4 days ago

    To be fair when is this guy not a dork??? (and I mean it lovingly)

  • Rangers Fan!
    Rangers Fan! 4 days ago +2

    Tom and Jacob fangirling over the watch Mojo girl is everything

  • Ms Matrix 2
    Ms Matrix 2 5 days ago

    Me: i demand a sacrefice.
    Shows iron man
    Me: i said a real sacrefice
    Shows jacob “i’
    Me: perfection

  • Rosie Gibb
    Rosie Gibb 5 days ago

    welcome to watch mojo
    Tom and Jacob: DIES

  • Potato Head
    Potato Head 5 days ago +2

    Tom: I'm a little thick skinned when it comes to being scared by stuff
    Jake: aAaAh
    Also Tom: * putting fists up * activate instant kill

  • Emaan msp
    Emaan msp 5 days ago

    I love Tom Holland he’s funny and good at acting I’m number 1 fan

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith 5 days ago

    I love Tom Holland he my hero.

  • Bal Drum bunker
    Bal Drum bunker 5 days ago

    How’d he make that sound at 6:52

  • Ashley Pierson
    Ashley Pierson 5 days ago +1

    7:00 the arms killed me 😂

  • Sam Zink
    Sam Zink 5 days ago

    I don’t think he knows he’s famous

  • America’s Ass
    America’s Ass 5 days ago

    Me and my brother are Tom and my parents are Jake

  • a l t h e a ‘ s w o r l d

    I’m NoT a DoCtOr, I’m An AcToR
    -EvErY AcToR oN gReY’s AnAtOmY

  • Meryem and Ayesha
    Meryem and Ayesha 5 days ago

    LOL! dat thumbnail 😂😁😝

  • Qtoots Live
    Qtoots Live 5 days ago

    So Tom Holland being Tom Holland

  • wolf *
    wolf * 5 days ago


    THE ALPHAWOLF 5 days ago

    Ending with
    Was funny as hell

  • Alexia damarvelfan
    Alexia damarvelfan 5 days ago +10

    10:54 "Does Tom Holland have a spidey sense?"
    Me: No.

    He has a Peter tingle.

  • Amanda Kim
    Amanda Kim 5 days ago

    After the intro said 12 mins 45 sec..... who checked to see if it actually was 12mins and 45 seconds?????

  • Seren Platt
    Seren Platt 5 days ago

    jake scared tom, scared me, which lead to my dad asking if im okay

  • RagingGaming
    RagingGaming 6 days ago

    kwasont -tom holland 2019

  • Nicole Hernandez
    Nicole Hernandez 6 days ago

    @ 11:59 I hear quake son instead of crossiant

  • darcy ¿¿
    darcy ¿¿ 6 days ago


  • Didi 1205
    Didi 1205 6 days ago

    9:56 that little « please »

  • Hammad Shahid
    Hammad Shahid 6 days ago +1

    Actually for 12 minutes and 37 seconds

  • kaitlyn kristine
    kaitlyn kristine 7 days ago

    i lose my shit everytime he does crow

  • Beatriz  Araújo
    Beatriz Araújo 7 days ago

    Why do I choose to do this to myself at 1am, when I am in clear need of sleep and want to sleep but can't?!