tom holland being a dork for 12 minutes and 46 seconds

  • Published on Jul 12, 2019
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  • editsbyrebecca
    editsbyrebecca  6 months ago +11437

    2% of the comments: *talks about parts of the video*
    98% of the comments: “tHiS iS cLicKbAiT, yOu’rE oNe SeCoNd oFf”

    • Dalynn Anderson
      Dalynn Anderson 6 days ago +1

      But you're not

    • Pink Giraffe
      Pink Giraffe 6 days ago

      Yes it really doesn't matter

    • CloudKlaus
      CloudKlaus 8 days ago

      editsbyrebecca lmao

    • Eliot Namba
      Eliot Namba 10 days ago

      Marina da Rosa Vilani “an scholarship”??? I don’t know about that

    • Eliot Namba
      Eliot Namba 10 days ago

      nO itS aCTuAlly 25 SeCOndS OfF
      (The mercy thingy)
      Just a joke

  • Sunita Oberholzer
    Sunita Oberholzer 3 hours ago

    That chris Hemsworth scene

  • Maura Moreira
    Maura Moreira 5 hours ago

    ill never get tired of seeing this

  • Akemi Ninja
    Akemi Ninja 8 hours ago

    Toby! We miss you

  • Armando King
    Armando King 9 hours ago

    It was interesting beecuz..............😕
    That was hilarious💩

  • DorkVengers
    DorkVengers 10 hours ago

    Is he even real

  • S0lstice
    S0lstice 13 hours ago

    Tom “what does this button do” Holland 💕

  • Marcel McFadden
    Marcel McFadden 13 hours ago

    The Welcome to WatchMojo voice is as hot as the voice

  • Dylan Bussell
    Dylan Bussell 21 hour ago

    Bruuuuuuuh get hit with that WATCHMOJO.COM type beat. I’m disappointed

  • Chim Kookie
    Chim Kookie 22 hours ago

    At 1:38 when he screamed. It scared me too

  • AlabamaAWESOME
    AlabamaAWESOME Day ago

    RoB a BAnK

  • April Brown
    April Brown Day ago

    I want rdj's phone number

  • Kate Carlisle Vlogs


  • ScoopOop_Angel
    ScoopOop_Angel Day ago +1

    I’m British and only a week ago I realised Tom was British ...

  • JustStuff
    JustStuff Day ago +1

    To the people who said you are one second off
    He used a second to show his merch in the middle


  • The Sacc Pancake
    The Sacc Pancake 2 days ago

    The title is incorrect, the ads took up time

  • Neal
    Neal 2 days ago

    Them geeking out over watch mojo is awesome. I too like their top 10 vids.

  • Man Shark101
    Man Shark101 2 days ago +1

    (Read more plz)
    Chris Hemsworth:"who's ur favorite actor in the whole world?"
    Tm Holland: : Liam Hemsworth is up there..."
    Chris again: "any other hemsworths?"
    Tom:"Luke Hemsworth"
    Chris: "if u were to have any other hemsworth, any, would start with a C..."(talking about himself)
    Tom: "Indiea Hemsworth has potential"
    Chris: *waiting to hear his name*
    Chris: "Okay lets move on"

  • Wyatt Bauman
    Wyatt Bauman 2 days ago

    4:57 look at his eyes
    10:08 *IM WATCHING PORN*

  • [ᴄ.ᴀ.ғ.] ᴛʀᴇᴇ

    Correction, 10min and 45 sec

  • Røse Diablø
    Røse Diablø 2 days ago

    What’s funny is I had a ad called centr with Chris who is a actor who has a app now LOL

  • Shanononon
    Shanononon 3 days ago

    1:39 1:40

  • Kylie Brooke
    Kylie Brooke 3 days ago

    Am I the only one who jumped?

  • Survivor Ash
    Survivor Ash 3 days ago

    Imagine getting 3mill views just to get copyrighted

  • Skitty Dragontail
    Skitty Dragontail 3 days ago

    Tom pretty much never sits normally

  • JenniferReactz
    JenniferReactz 3 days ago


  • Tori Rose
    Tori Rose 3 days ago

    Tom- And that's how I got jacked!
    Zendaya- ...
    Everyone else- ...
    Zendaya- Did he tho?

  • Tori Rose
    Tori Rose 3 days ago


  • Rykie Gay
    Rykie Gay 3 days ago

    At 1:38 i scared myself and threw my phone at my face and made my nose bleed. Nice

  • Kurt Lim
    Kurt Lim 4 days ago

    11:00 HAHAHAHAHA 🤣
    He got startled 😂

  • AbsoluteKazvto
    AbsoluteKazvto 4 days ago

    "Interesting, interesting.." *hangs up*

  • Seren_ dipitous
    Seren_ dipitous 4 days ago +1

    Ma, I'm in love 🤣

  • Sleepyzzz
    Sleepyzzz 4 days ago

    A collection of videos cobbled together from other videos already long available on youtube, with adverts for crap merchandise in the middle. Its not clickbait its just a video created specifically to sell your heavily discounted (and therefore unwanted) goods.

  • weirdo vlogs
    weirdo vlogs 4 days ago +1

    not spidey sense it’s peter tingle

  • RubyRose01
    RubyRose01 4 days ago

    "This is Nick Furry"

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 4 days ago

    Bitch I bet you could write a novel about this guy. Don’t know jack shit about spider-man though. The actor is English and y’all lose your shit. Give it a fuckin rest fan girl

  • Corey Peltier
    Corey Peltier 4 days ago

    It says he's being a dork for 12 minutes and 46 seconds but it's only 12 minutes and 45 seconds long

  • Abi Cruise
    Abi Cruise 5 days ago

    I so say quackson so like I died when he was they were like bullying him

  • Kyoka Jiro
    Kyoka Jiro 5 days ago

    He’s such a dork 😂

  • aly rodriguez
    aly rodriguez 5 days ago

    1:39 why did that make ME jump lmaoo

  • Michelle Van Ness
    Michelle Van Ness 5 days ago

    when tom and jacob fanboy over watchmojo I died

  • Michelle Van Ness
    Michelle Van Ness 5 days ago

    lol tom holland is me as a celebrity except im not so its not cute when im a dork XD

  • M&M vlogs
    M&M vlogs 5 days ago

    I jumped when we got scared

  • Felicity Smoak
    Felicity Smoak 5 days ago

    And the end zendaya kept saying get outta here 😂

  • Miss Minchin
    Miss Minchin 5 days ago


  • Not Sharp
    Not Sharp 5 days ago

    12:45 with ads

  • Fante Berra
    Fante Berra 6 days ago

    The cringe is real! 😂😂😂

  • Chloë Volckaert
    Chloë Volckaert 6 days ago

    7:29 is just Dan doing Toriel from undertale

  • Sarah Sabri
    Sarah Sabri 6 days ago

    1:39 I felt like he was gonna say you fuc**ng bi**h

  • Allyson Cook
    Allyson Cook 6 days ago

    Tom with dog:...
    Tom:I KnOw ItS KiLlIN Me

  • Hello
    Hello 6 days ago

    ok let’s move on...

  • Jerry Xiong
    Jerry Xiong 6 days ago

    What is the music? i always hear this but cant find the name of the song 😅

  • Fortnite Mobile By Myself

    Tom straight up looks like he wants to cum

  • Ame-Gengar
    Ame-Gengar 6 days ago

    I like Spiderman but I LOVE Tom Holland!!!🤣

  • Ellie Bear
    Ellie Bear 6 days ago

    6:30 you're welcome

  • MT Physics
    MT Physics 6 days ago

    I was watching the vid and I saw a pikachu come out of nowhere and was like what the fuck. Then I remeber that it was my shimeji that I hid like 5 minutes before.

  • Anusha Saha
    Anusha Saha 6 days ago +1

    no one:

    Tom Holland: *breaks cardboard*
    also Tom Holland: "ThAt'S hOw I gOt JaCkEd!!!!"

  • Anusha Saha
    Anusha Saha 6 days ago

    love this vid! but is no one gonna talk about tom's singing at 12:29 ???

  • liliana thompson
    liliana thompson 6 days ago +1

    he’s just vibin

  • Victoria Tse
    Victoria Tse 6 days ago

    i am jake getting weirded out and horrified