• Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • It’s bulletproof but is it bowling ball proof?
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  • Mackie P
    Mackie P 11 months ago +6793

    Thanks for the pin

  • Golden Gamerboy
    Golden Gamerboy 3 days ago

    We will pin ya

  • Milk Splash
    Milk Splash 3 days ago


  • xSoundOut
    xSoundOut 4 days ago

    3:30 that just looks bloody

  • George Smith
    George Smith 5 days ago

    The glass is upside down

  • Lachlan Wilson
    Lachlan Wilson 5 days ago

    “Indeed it is a boy” HAHAHAHAHA

  • Lachlan Wilson
    Lachlan Wilson 5 days ago

    The glass looks like my phone screen lol

  • Vikram Bhat
    Vikram Bhat 5 days ago

    U should've put the damaged layer on top ,so then undamaged layer will get damaged

  • Kai Dickey
    Kai Dickey 5 days ago +1

    I subbed and got that bell on

  • steakfries 311
    steakfries 311 7 days ago

    Its ballistic glass so it just obsorbs the kenetic energy,thatw why it didnt bounce that high
    Btw im only 13

  • GamingPheonix
    GamingPheonix 7 days ago

    55 kilos

  • Jacob S.
    Jacob S. 8 days ago


  • Rain Puddles
    Rain Puddles 9 days ago

    Ok!! Now I can see how this would really stop a bullet!!! I never really believed it would really work. That's CRAZY!!!!!!!

  • Ashton Thompson
    Ashton Thompson 9 days ago

    Should have turned it upside down

    DERPY DOG77 10 days ago

    U should drop the table on the dart

  • Louis Zheng
    Louis Zheng 11 days ago

    god is peeing on you

  • Charlotte Sole
    Charlotte Sole 11 days ago

    too heavy

  • muldy avacado
    muldy avacado 12 days ago


  • muldy avacado
    muldy avacado 12 days ago

    You had the glass upsidedown

  • Coco Coco
    Coco Coco 12 days ago

    This is why the military uses bullet proof glass
    Bowling balls dont break it

  • SuperLinkBear
    SuperLinkBear 15 days ago


  • stupid vlogs of zach
    stupid vlogs of zach 17 days ago

    Best youtuber

  • Jacob White
    Jacob White 17 days ago

    Top lay isn't glass probably polycarbonate

  • laureen padua
    laureen padua 18 days ago


  • pug god
    pug god 18 days ago +1

    Roses are red and white and pink
    Violets are *purple*
    Go too 8:20 its probably the part you came for
    No need too like its free

  • Amon Roberts
    Amon Roberts 18 days ago

    200 pounds

  • Violet Colburn
    Violet Colburn 19 days ago

    800 pounds

  • Cory Day W
    Cory Day W 20 days ago

    gonna go out on a limb here and say i dont think the top layer is glass guys... lol.

  • Fatlum Kastrati
    Fatlum Kastrati 20 days ago +1

    Beacuse the force of the bowling ball had energy or power that i act like a boxing that your power would flow the other side or down

  • Nicolas Gattorno
    Nicolas Gattorno 21 day ago

    The first layer is plant I second is glass

  • 0MN1GH02T YT
    0MN1GH02T YT 21 day ago

    The bottom and middle absorbs the force

  • fortnite gaming
    fortnite gaming 21 day ago +4

    Anybody already seen this in 2018 and came back in 2019 to watch it again

  • Joshua Pearson
    Joshua Pearson 21 day ago

    I will say more thin your din mom

  • Jason Leon
    Jason Leon 21 day ago

    you sure the top level isnt just thick plastic

  • James Battle
    James Battle 22 days ago

    126 lbs

  • Levi Warren
    Levi Warren 22 days ago


  • Elmer Stoltzfus
    Elmer Stoltzfus 22 days ago

    The guy with the orange hoodie looks like Barack Obama

  • milana Sinicina
    milana Sinicina 22 days ago

    There is no crack in the front glass because it's a stronger glass better than the other glass

  • Jurassic Cousin
    Jurassic Cousin 22 days ago +2

    I can slightly explain the breaking of the bottom layers first.
    Glass is fairly brittle.
    The bottom bends more than the top slightly.
    More of a bend=more force absorbed
    More force=more bending
    More bending=more fracturing
    The lower you go the more a material needs to bend to not shift along such layers.
    Bulletproof glass can bend more due to being able to absorb more energy and force without breaking, so hope this explains your question.
    Reply if you want to prove me wrong

  • Gaming Unicorn
    Gaming Unicorn 23 days ago

    The reason the bottom breaks and not the top is because the pressure from the ball pushes against the side and has to much pressure To contain so it breaks but the top bends down so the bottom bends out and the top bends in so it gives all the pressure to the bottom

  • Mostly Heartless K-Trash

    I think its 123kg

  • Shitposting Kralie
    Shitposting Kralie 23 days ago

    Tldw: the glass doesn’t break

  • Dylan Donohue
    Dylan Donohue 23 days ago

    150 pounds

    TEKNAD O 24 days ago


  • Emily Morgan
    Emily Morgan 25 days ago

    the top layer didnt break because it was some sort of plastic

  • Desmond Owers
    Desmond Owers 25 days ago

    180 lbs -- 82kg

  • Crimson Doubles
    Crimson Doubles 26 days ago

    130 pounds

  • Arjuna Balla
    Arjuna Balla 27 days ago

    55 kg?

  • MotionMind
    MotionMind 27 days ago

    You guys should get one of those zombie torso/ heads with the brain and blood like from 'zombiegoboom' and drop stuffo on it

  • Topkittycat 87
    Topkittycat 87 27 days ago

    Did any

  • Topkittycat 87
    Topkittycat 87 27 days ago

    One see the kangaroo at 0.30

  • Johnathan Gunter
    Johnathan Gunter 27 days ago

    The reaaon the top is not broken is because the top is a type of plastic.

  • Jarrett Leverett
    Jarrett Leverett 27 days ago

    250 pounds

  • princesspeach53 the undertail reactor channle

  • Terraria Guy
    Terraria Guy 29 days ago +1

    129 kg

  • Emin Nokic
    Emin Nokic 29 days ago

    100 kg

  • pro_gamer 156
    pro_gamer 156 29 days ago

    So close to 444k c mon

  • MysteryGamer
    MysteryGamer 29 days ago


  • Arther Albers
    Arther Albers 29 days ago


  • Camden and jace 79
    Camden and jace 79 29 days ago


  • Isabella H
    Isabella H Month ago


  • bark perfect
    bark perfect Month ago

    Anyone notice how they said lets get 444k likes and we'll make a giant dart vs. bulletproof glass vid. They only got 416k likes and they still made the vid lol

  • Kougar Gamer 97
    Kougar Gamer 97 Month ago

    I recon the only bullet proof layer is the to layer ay mate

  • Chris Clayton
    Chris Clayton Month ago

    The glass is about around 100Ibs

  • Vicki Tyree
    Vicki Tyree Month ago

    Two Hundred pounds

  • CoolBoy77
    CoolBoy77 Month ago


  • CoolBoy77
    CoolBoy77 Month ago


  • DidYouSeeThat 23
    DidYouSeeThat 23 Month ago

    100kg Thanks for the pin!

  • Hilario Nava
    Hilario Nava Month ago


  • Marius Bartkevicius

    200lbs (sorry not kg)

  • erin whalen
    erin whalen Month ago


  • Elissa Moe
    Elissa Moe Month ago

    50 pounds

  • Isabella Webb
    Isabella Webb Month ago


  • Ayden Keithley
    Ayden Keithley Month ago

    76 kg

  • Brian Van
    Brian Van Month ago