• Published on Sep 21, 2018
  • It’s bulletproof but is it bowling ball proof?
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  • Mackie P
    Mackie P 23 days ago +3587

    Thanks for the pin

  • Jonathan Liew
    Jonathan Liew 9 hours ago

    The top layer is a clear plastic layer

  • Vijay Pratap Singh
    Vijay Pratap Singh 9 hours ago

    Is the first layer of different material? You kept the bullet proof glass upside down

  • 레tv파
    레tv파 9 hours ago +1


  • Pashto Lara
    Pashto Lara 10 hours ago +1

    start from 3:14 and save your time

  • lepou daso
    lepou daso 10 hours ago

    Can we manufactured a thick outer layer as a bullet proof guard. It will be a titanium.

  • Kabir Khan
    Kabir Khan 10 hours ago

    Bowling ball vs bowling ball

  • 곽상권
    곽상권 11 hours ago

    나만 한국인임?

  • Siva Kumar
    Siva Kumar 11 hours ago +1

    I think the makers of this glass have done more acid tests than this.

  • 송지석Song Jiseok
    송지석Song Jiseok 11 hours ago


  • Pradipta
    Pradipta 12 hours ago

    "Higher i go, heavier it feels"

  • Quick Mafs
    Quick Mafs 12 hours ago

    That's lot of damage

    REVERSING HOUSE 13 hours ago


  • Jordan Mcfarlane-Rofe
    Jordan Mcfarlane-Rofe 14 hours ago

    Looks like the glass is the wrong way around that's why the top layer wasn't smashing

  • Alvic David
    Alvic David 14 hours ago

    8:15 and 10:02........ Wait for it

  • cak pis
    cak pis 15 hours ago

    Its acrylic on the top i think.

  • rwplm
    rwplm 15 hours ago

    Video starts at 5:23

  • ricky 앙 x lil pump
    ricky 앙 x lil pump 15 hours ago


  • Aidan R MacGregor
    Aidan R MacGregor 16 hours ago

    Drop more on it until it breaks!!!

  • Audi Ray
    Audi Ray 16 hours ago

    Anyone else curious as to what the glass was rated for?

  • EmilyDerp1234
    EmilyDerp1234 16 hours ago

    8:20 your welcome because al the other ones are far down

  • Boston Lnw
    Boston Lnw 17 hours ago

    Try giant dart vs bulletproof glass

  • Blood Rider
    Blood Rider 17 hours ago

    Note down the manufacturer.

  • Shandeisal1000
    Shandeisal1000 18 hours ago

    Bullet proof glass? No kidding! 🤣

  • Giovanni
    Giovanni 18 hours ago

    3..2..1.. *AD*

  • prasanth
    prasanth 18 hours ago


  • Source Film-Maker
    Source Film-Maker 18 hours ago

    1st drop at 5:28
    2nd drop at 6:38
    3rd drop at 8:20
    4th drop at 10:05
    Thank me later 🤟

  • Patrick Ghanem
    Patrick Ghanem 19 hours ago

    Just get straight to the point!

  • yBad
    yBad 19 hours ago

    next time use an anvil

  • HC B
    HC B 19 hours ago

    starting 4:20

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 19 hours ago

    Who would like to see the bullet proof glass vs the giant dart??

  • Stupid stuff With joe
    Stupid stuff With joe 20 hours ago

    Giant dart vs bullet proof glass

  • AKKI The Rider
    AKKI The Rider 20 hours ago

    I will done the same who do mine.. 😊

  • Brianna Paul
    Brianna Paul 20 hours ago


  • Cortez Harris
    Cortez Harris 21 hour ago

    At i thought at 4:00 he was going to sit under the table when they dropped the bowling balls ;) that would have been terrible though.

  • Paul Richardson
    Paul Richardson 21 hour ago

    👏👏 well done lads you put the glass upside down. well done three magical minds of pure fuckery.

  • Bengottaavit
    Bengottaavit 21 hour ago

    Maybe next time put something under the glass to see the force impact and depth of the shards, balloons filled with spray paint, jelly, layers of paper, just a suggestion, other than that keep up the 👍🏽 vids YEEEEEEWWWWW🤙🏽

  • backpocket philosopher

    I can't be forced or told to look up or get out. You shouldn't give imperatives except to those who are legitimately under your authority, such as a man to his wife or children. This basic knowledge used to be common in showing deference towards reverencing your fellow man's innate free will.

  • Aria AS
    Aria AS 21 hour ago

    geniuses , you put the glass backwards you idiots it supposes to protect people on the other side

  • Cyphon Gamezr
    Cyphon Gamezr 21 hour ago

    5:30 for the drop

  • Suzan Faisal
    Suzan Faisal 21 hour ago

    not gonna sirvive

  • Evan Rolwes
    Evan Rolwes 22 hours ago

    40 plzplzplzplz

  • Noah Ingram
    Noah Ingram 23 hours ago

    120 pounds

  • Mason Monster
    Mason Monster 23 hours ago


  • Mason Monster
    Mason Monster 23 hours ago


  • The great Papyrus

    It’s funny cuz your trying to hit the top and all that’s doing is smashing the bottom of the bullet proof glass

  • Griffonwing4
    Griffonwing4 Day ago

    the glass spreads the shock through each layer while protecting the top making tons of cracks like that

  • BOOM
    BOOM Day ago

    What drugs are these guys on? They are always HAPPY!

  • slm slm
    slm slm Day ago +1

    1:11 That were funny if the glas got broken boyy

  • The Homie Smokey

    What about a giant dart??
    Edit: nvm I saw the like thing

  • Ian R
    Ian R Day ago

    I just learnt to never underestimate buleet proof glass against a balling ball what a waste of time

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith Day ago

    absolutely awesome video guys

  • Fords4life 91
    Fords4life 91 Day ago

    I would keep it and make it a table!!

  • KaTsuKE 72
    KaTsuKE 72 Day ago

    selui ou c elle qui et fr like

  • Gustavo Santana
    Gustavo Santana Day ago

    Vidro à prova de bola

  • Jack Hammer
    Jack Hammer Day ago

    See if the dart can go through the glass

  • Luka jo
    Luka jo Day ago

    H. U.

  • Miguel Ángel  Ramírez Dorta

    Unbearable to hear those guys talking

  • Aziz
    Aziz Day ago

    5:39 that's a lot o'damege

  • Harry Saini
    Harry Saini Day ago

    Top layer seems to be rubber

  • Xmattskillz
    Xmattskillz Day ago

    9:09 i have been laughing at the way he says "that is amazing" for the past half hour

  • Xmattskillz
    Xmattskillz Day ago

    9.09 i have been laughing at the way he says "that is amazing" for the past half hour

    LUCIFER BRO'S Day ago


  • XRagnorak X
    XRagnorak X Day ago

    150 pounds

  • Dadskybox No
    Dadskybox No Day ago

    It is upside down your top layer is more plastic than glass the bottom is supposed to be the plastic like side

  • Shehbaaz Memon
    Shehbaaz Memon Day ago

    The top doesn't let anything penetrate inside. That's the purpose of bulletproof glass....

  • Gavvin Surmo
    Gavvin Surmo Day ago

    The glass is 250

  • 김민기
    김민기 Day ago

    It is interesting

  • The Beast Hub
    The Beast Hub Day ago

    150 kg

  • 이경태
    이경태 Day ago +1

    한국사람? ...

  • Ti pion
    Ti pion Day ago +1

    영상 설명란 번역ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Argiris Gkekas
    Argiris Gkekas Day ago

    130 kg

  • Geralda Alivio
    Geralda Alivio Day ago


  • Gagan Kumar
    Gagan Kumar Day ago

    Go to 8.20

  • CooIGuy
    CooIGuy Day ago

    하여간 씨발 양키새끼들 하나같이 질질끌어 씨발진짜

  • Mankaran Singh
    Mankaran Singh Day ago


  • jasmeet kaur
    jasmeet kaur Day ago +1


  • Savio James
    Savio James Day ago

    5:30 ; 8:20 : 10:07 you are welcome

  • Øystein Vasaasen

    60 kg

  • Warner Robins
    Warner Robins Day ago +2

    Well I guess you will be safe if the assassin is throwing bowling balls at you.

  • AR15
    AR15 Day ago

    Bulletproof glass doesn't means its crack proof.

  • Faded Soul
    Faded Soul Day ago

    *I need this glass on my phone*

  • John Paddy
    John Paddy Day ago

    Save yourself 11mins of your life. 8:20

  • arish maknojia
    arish maknojia Day ago +1


  • Ggh_the_legend
    Ggh_the_legend Day ago

    The top isn’t glass it’s plastic and plus the energy would pass through the plastic because it can break it so it breaks the first bit it can aka the 1st layer of glass.

  • Donna Kahlbetzer

    110 kg

  • 10 years
    10 years Day ago

    50 pound's

  • Jezrell ugto
    Jezrell ugto Day ago +1

    1 sack of rice

  • George Smith
    George Smith Day ago

    12 kg

  • Prajwal Jadhav
    Prajwal Jadhav Day ago

    These Guys Need To Spit Whatever They’ve Got In Their Mouth And Then Talk!

  • Imam Mahruz
    Imam Mahruz Day ago


  • Thomas Hannah
    Thomas Hannah Day ago

    Top taker is like clear rubber or plastic

  • hudboy 09
    hudboy 09 Day ago

    50 pounds

  • Superyacht 123
    Superyacht 123 Day ago


  • Lester Jones
    Lester Jones Day ago

    What lb where the bowling balls?

  • brently300
    brently300 Day ago


  • brently300
    brently300 Day ago

    Thumbs down for THREE FUCKING ADS for the SAME DAMN THING!!!

  • Prabu Prabhu
    Prabu Prabhu Day ago

    Heart touchable ad

  • 워로봇하트님팬

    왜 제목에는 한국어로 적혀저있는데 왜 방성은영어일까?