I Gave A Subscriber An Extreme Body Makeover (PCOS)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Thank you SO MUCH to Wix for partnering with us on this video and supporting Kristi's journey! To create your own website for FREE, go to www.wix.com/go/michellekhare
    For the first time ever, I gave a subscriber an Extreme Body Makeover! I learned so much from Kristi and was extremely honored to be a part of her journey. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted! Our team is looking forward to which subscriber we can work with next!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  9 months ago +8415

    Your outpouring of love in these comments means the WORLD to both me and Kristi. I also wanted to update you guys -- in the few weeks since we finished filming this episode, Kristi's glucose levels have normalized since the first time since her diagnosis, AND she lost another half inch off her waist through her nutritional work with Brandon.

    • DJ_ Lifestyle_
      DJ_ Lifestyle_ 3 months ago

      What part of the trail is that from Griffith park ???

    • Amanda Dooley
      Amanda Dooley 5 months ago

      This episode is kick ass! Would love to see a check in in season 2 or a later episode!!!

    • Mariam ibari
      Mariam ibari 6 months ago

      Michelle Khare can you help me I want to get abs. I’m a huge fan inbox me please please 😭.

    • Melissa Escutia
      Melissa Escutia 6 months ago

      can we get an update on her nutrition? I have PCOS and found this video very informative. Thanks girl

    • Lynn Hathaway
      Lynn Hathaway 6 months ago

      Go Kristi!!!

  • Geeta Nair
    Geeta Nair 12 hours ago

    Hi Michelle... you’re really kind to give ordinary people a chance to better their life in a healthy clean way. I’ve been watching these extreme makeover episodes and I’ve noticed that you too are benefiting from this. You’re skin looks better snd more gorgeous since the first episode when you started out with your best friend. Your body looks amazing too.

  • Rachna Arora
    Rachna Arora 2 days ago

    I am vegetarian pls make video on this diet. I reduced 10 kg. Pls I want to gain muscle loose fat.but nothing is working out.pls help

  • Remy Ortiz
    Remy Ortiz 2 days ago

    I know this is about weight loss and such but the Wix plug is SO thorough and necessary for the video. Thank you for including it, showing more improvements in Kristi's life, not just her weight loss journey (which is a tremendous feat on its own).

  • Victoria Fagundes
    Victoria Fagundes 3 days ago

    Aww she’s beautiful before and after ❤️❤️

  • Antoinette Pierre
    Antoinette Pierre 4 days ago

    We should petition for Michelle to be a trainer in the biggest loser lol she would do a much better job

  • Susannah Carhart
    Susannah Carhart 4 days ago

    Kristi’s is so cute i love her

    CNH HNC 5 days ago

    My doctor keeps blowing me off when I try to ask about getting tested for PCOS. She keeps telling me to lose weight (like 75 pounds FOR STARTERS) but I’ve been trying to workout and diet on my own but no luck. When I asked her to test for it she gave me a woman’s wellness result from 2 years ago. I wish I had guidance.

  • Mia Rojas
    Mia Rojas 7 days ago

    this hits home bc my mom has the same illness and she found a way to get fit and healthy but not before she had a still birth

  • huzaifa rasool
    huzaifa rasool 8 days ago

    I suffer from pcos and I have been on a fitness journey.This really motivates me😘

  • Fatmah Sadeq
    Fatmah Sadeq 8 days ago

    Thank you so much Michelle! ❤️ Recently, I've started researching PCOS diets and workout routines, and I found this video. I will definitely use it as a reference to build my own plan.

  • monique blane
    monique blane 9 days ago

    just wanted to say that's not something you can give other ppl they have to earn it.

  • Brandi Mariah
    Brandi Mariah 9 days ago

    Love the video. Happy for her------

    Where do I sign up for lightsaber fencing?

  • audrey steinberg
    audrey steinberg 10 days ago

    Michelle’s body language and attitude was bitchy throughout the video. I wish people like kristi had more power in the world.

  • Ana Morgan
    Ana Morgan 10 days ago

    Hi there,
    I love how you helped someone make that transformation. I need help. I had a total thyroidectomy in 2004 and have been battling with my weight since then. I have been married for the past 2 years and my husband is attracted to someone who is thin, takes care of themself and looks good. I am 47 and I want and need to look and feel amazing or I am in fear of losing my husband and feeling good about myself as well. I am about 80 lbs over weight. I have over the past 2 years lost about 68 lbs, but have those 80 lbs left to feel myself and look amazing. Please help me.

  • Makeda Cox
    Makeda Cox 12 days ago

    I have PCOS 🤚🏼 (also thyroid issues, depression and anxiety lol but I’m happy to be alive)

  • Martha Matamoros
    Martha Matamoros 13 days ago

    Michelle i love this video and Kristi amazing JOB this is amazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS.

  • Chiara Joosten
    Chiara Joosten 14 days ago

    Omg I just wanna hug this girl she seems so cute and sweet. She did a great job🙊☺️

  • Chiara Joosten
    Chiara Joosten 14 days ago

    I’m just discovering her TheXvid channel (I knew her from buzz feed of course) because I didn’t want to wax on my own (watched her hair removal video and I just started binging her vids ). And I just find myself smiling at every video of her. She’s so cute love her ❤️😊

  • Edwin Rodriguez
    Edwin Rodriguez 14 days ago

    She is awesome. Bruce lee is awesome too.

  • Haven Grace
    Haven Grace 14 days ago

    This is probably my favorite series on TheXvid

  • Shadow Angel
    Shadow Angel 15 days ago

    Michelle, this is why I love your channel and your videos. You find things and issues that are either misunderstood or not even really known about and bringing them into the spot light. Those invisible diseases as you called them. My ex goes through mental health issues, so thank you for what you do. Please don’t stop doing what you do.

  • Veevi D
    Veevi D 15 days ago

    She's so sweet. I love her.

  • Maah N
    Maah N 16 days ago

    8.06 the guy in the background LOL

  • Ana
    Ana 16 days ago

    This was the sweetest, most wholesome story. I cried a lot and I'm just so happy for Kristi. Also gurl, you can do a 1-minute plank! That's already super amazing! I can barely go like 30 secs without wanting to die lol.

  • Sassy Sulli
    Sassy Sulli 18 days ago

    She started crying, I started crying... aye! Why am I so emotional right now lol. This is so amazing, great job and keep inspiring others!

  • Kassie Mae #LifeWithKas

    How kind!! 💯🙌🏾

  • Gracie Marie
    Gracie Marie 22 days ago +6

    when she said “my upper body is just nonexistent” i felt that

  • Bella Jay
    Bella Jay 23 days ago

    michelle kara I do not no if you will give another subscriber a makeover, but if so would you be willing to help me? I am 4'11 and 166 pounds I try to loose weight but I constantly loose motivation. It would be amazing if you would help me. I can't give you the full background of my history, but I am extremely self consiouse because I am fat. my snap is princess224589 if you can get into contact wit me another way that would be amazing!

  • Hey Rina
    Hey Rina 24 days ago

    Her skin and hair improved dramatically! 👍🏽

  • krissy smelser
    krissy smelser 24 days ago

    i need to do this

  • Kristin Dulay
    Kristin Dulay 25 days ago

    I have Endometriosis and PCOS...and I LOVED this video. People just assume because your not a size 2 that you don't eat healthy and have an active life style...they don't know how much your hormones, insulin and inflammation effect your weightloss. It's incredibly frustrating. Also it's hard to maintain a routine because Chronic pain and all the symptoms that come with these syndromes are unpredictable. Every day you don't know what your gonna get. This gives me hope and is comforting that at least someone out there understands. I've always wanted to get my hormones tested and I'm thinking maybe this is something I should push my dr for.

  • raquel
    raquel 25 days ago

    the best episode of the series.

  • Yuki Sha
    Yuki Sha 27 days ago

    This series helps people realize that it doesn’t happen overnight and that it’s achievable to lose weight

  • Deal_With_It
    Deal_With_It 28 days ago

    Got my diagnosis for PCOS today. Yay

  • VSV
    VSV 28 days ago +1

    Please give an update on how she is doing right now. I want to know if she was able to continue in losing all the weight. Thank you.

  • Sydney Tonkin
    Sydney Tonkin 28 days ago +1

    Bruce Lee is my inspiration too honestly

  • Shahd Tarek
    Shahd Tarek Month ago

    0:07 " some people can lose 2 pounds in a week"

    I meaaan I lose 6 pounds a week but I cut down sugar and I exercise every day (check out Chloe ting's Chanel ) I do three of chloe's wourkouts

  • monicas madhouse
    monicas madhouse Month ago

    I got rid of #PCOS by cutting out junk food, fast food, sugar, soda & eat healthy portions & not being a couch potato in a month

  • Smriti Tikoo
    Smriti Tikoo Month ago

    I am proud of you kristi . Being someone who has struggled with the same lifestyle disorder (pcos) i too have been through years of weight loss and weight gain with studies and job striking a balance is tough and i can surely relate to what you have been through. But as it's said try and try until you succeed because a fitter body embodies a fit mind and makes you live life to the fullest without fears of drowning in depression and sadness. More power to you kristie. Wish you fit body and happy mind and soul.

  • Антоанета Колева

    The first time the woman showed herself to the camera she looked so different then when she appeared after some time working out. She glowed and looked totally different and great💋😍😍😍❤❤

  • Francesca Vergopia
    Francesca Vergopia Month ago

    Wait this is so pure

  • Seba Okami
    Seba Okami Month ago

    She is so cute

  • Lizeth Daniela
    Lizeth Daniela Month ago

    Thank you very much I will put it into practice with the following, it has worked very well I recommend it ...

  • sky gameing23
    sky gameing23 Month ago

    Please let me do this I need help

  • Brittany Nicole Nichols

    I need one bad, this is the biggest I’ve ever been. I’m going to start my journey

  • Maggie Wetzel
    Maggie Wetzel Month ago

    That dog looks so fluffy and cute!!

  • Krystal Everett
    Krystal Everett Month ago +1

    I would cry if this happened to me. I’ve been struggling with weight my whole life.

  • Carolina Morales
    Carolina Morales Month ago

    Okay pero like.... how can I apply because the lord knows I could use someone like Michelle to encourage me to exercise

  • Aliciathegreat Aguilar

    Wait what are her socials

  • Mills Jones
    Mills Jones Month ago

    She's so cute

  • Abhinai Kollapudi
    Abhinai Kollapudi Month ago

    Michelle watching all your videos.. you have an challenging personality and watching this episode I felt you have really good aura around you inspiring people🙂 keep on doing videos dear😍😍

  • Dixie Buaas
    Dixie Buaas Month ago +1

    At 8:08 the guy in the back made me laugh so hard 😂

  • catherinereadsalot
    catherinereadsalot Month ago +1

    Do you plan on making follow up videos?? I would love to see if people keep going! & As a person with PCOS I really appreciate this video ❤️

  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Month ago +1

    I LOVE that Michelle does this with them, instead of just dropping the subscriber off with the trainer and food man

  • sona yarmohammad
    sona yarmohammad Month ago

    am I not normal? I am trying to lose weight as well and I'm losing 3 or more pounds everyday I started as 180 and now I'm 162 in 1 and a half week

  • Saima Nayen
    Saima Nayen 2 months ago

    Omg I wish I lived in LA I want an extreme makeover

  • Nihi Ananya
    Nihi Ananya 2 months ago

    Plz can uh give a makeover for me also... I also really wanna transform myself....

  • carol vazquez
    carol vazquez 2 months ago

    14:36 I can’t stop staring at your cute sleeping dog 🥰 my dream dog

  • Robyn Smith
    Robyn Smith 2 months ago

    'I'm afraid of failure.' aren't we all? I'm not overweight at all (grateful for that), I just have some parts with some extra fat that I want to lose. (obvss belly and thigh and butt!!) but for the last 4 weeks I've just tried to tone up and workout and eat healthy. And I noticed actual progress yesterday after a full 4 weeks. I also struggled with being sick for a week and it is all during exams and stress🙈 I'm going for another 2 weeks (until my birthday party (swimming party!!)). To anyone out there, you can do it!! I also suggest Chloe Ting for good workouts🌸