I Gave A Subscriber An Extreme Body Makeover (PCOS)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Thank you SO MUCH to Wix for partnering with us on this video and supporting Kristi's journey! To create your own website for FREE, go to www.wix.com/go/michellekhare
    For the first time ever, I gave a subscriber an Extreme Body Makeover! I learned so much from Kristi and was extremely honored to be a part of her journey. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted! Our team is looking forward to which subscriber we can work with next!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  2 months ago +6910

    Your outpouring of love in these comments means the WORLD to both me and Kristi. I also wanted to update you guys -- in the few weeks since we finished filming this episode, Kristi's glucose levels have normalized since the first time since her diagnosis, AND she lost another half inch off her waist through her nutritional work with Brandon.

    • TheWNK
      TheWNK 11 days ago +1

      YEAH, Kristi! Way to Go Girl! You both are inspiring and I hope you continue to do what you do. We need more people in this world who are dedicated, committed, positive, empowering and strong-minded like both of you! Have a great day! 😀💪🏼👏🏼👍

    • Koda l
      Koda l 15 days ago

      great job for making your friends Associates and all your subs happier with themselves :-)

    • Elissa Haddad
      Elissa Haddad Month ago

      How long was this transformation?

    • Amy Hernandez
      Amy Hernandez Month ago

      You should do this for another TheXvidr. Like me! Please. It's just Amy Hernandez and it's my other account. I love you so much and I am so inspired by everything you do!😁

    • Abigail Jacob
      Abigail Jacob Month ago

      Yeah go Kristi!!

  • Jackie Wacky
    Jackie Wacky Hour ago +1

    She is doing so well!! I’m very proud of her motivation too👍🏼

    POP TART 3 hours ago

    Come to London and give me one 😭😭

  • Miriam Nieves
    Miriam Nieves 6 hours ago

    I would really like to see someone do this challenge who is a vegetarian or vegan! I love these videos but since I'm vegetarian I can't really see what my options could be in terms of the meals because most of the ones I've been seeing so far involve meat

  • Beyonce Pereira
    Beyonce Pereira 19 hours ago

    I really wish she would do this with me i really really want this more than anything but it would neved be possible because i live all the way in pakistan

  • Audrey Maddox
    Audrey Maddox 22 hours ago

    Please soo many more of these!

  • yari milvel
    yari milvel Day ago

    Same Kristy I have pcos. And it is so damn difficult to lose weight. I have been trying so damn hard.

  • Aisyah Zharifah
    Aisyah Zharifah Day ago

    14:50 the dog r very cute though...

  • HeatherBink
    HeatherBink Day ago

    I was diagnosed with PCOS about 15 years ago. I struggle with my weight and other PCOS related hurdles every day. I cried a couple times watching this video because I know exactly how she feels.

  • Hailey Goodman
    Hailey Goodman Day ago

    You should do a body makeover to a kid and see what the difference is

  • Ashley May
    Ashley May 2 days ago

    I admire her Kristi much, I've been having problems with my weight since i was 14. before that I would do a lot of sports and I was super active, but I became depressed because one of my parents being sick and then dying and also overall problems in the home. I later started working on my mental health and I lost weight, but then my friend committed suicide and I was right back at eating unhealthy and not moving at all. this was 6 months ago and I gained all the weight back. I am planning on working hard again and I hope it will work out. I'm sure it will definitely work out! I WILL WORK OUT hahaha. I really admire Kristi so much and I am glad she got help from you Michelle. You both are such an inspiration. by the way Michelle, you really look like my niece and her name also is Michelle!

  • Shilynn Skinner
    Shilynn Skinner 2 days ago

    Canny plz help me loose wait I’m 156 pounds and I’m 11 in a half I really need your help

  • Gabriela Hull
    Gabriela Hull 2 days ago

    I have PCOS too, that's nice to see other people like me in this kind of videos.

  • TheCreativeOulet
    TheCreativeOulet 2 days ago

    She’s a kpop fan...GO KRISTI

  • Igot7 Army
    Igot7 Army 2 days ago

    I need Terry/Tyler in my life

  • Igot7 Army
    Igot7 Army 2 days ago

    My height is 4'9 or maybe 4'10
    Weight: 98 pound
    Age: 16
    Am I overweight?
    I tried eating healthy but I don't like meat or green.

  • Lunakittychu chuchuchu

    I'm only a kid I'm very (fat or cubby) but my sister and me are gonna be walking and running and I'm in to dancing and singing I'm better at singing so ya I'm about to be 10 So i better be ready

    24:01 i see a lot of fitness

  • Cristal Poon
    Cristal Poon 3 days ago +1

    As someone whose struggling with bad eating habits due to severe clinical depression I think it’d be cool to see a body transformation of someone who needs to gain weight as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle

  • Emelia Onichi
    Emelia Onichi 3 days ago +1

    True fact I had crush on Bruce Lee when I was younger =) And awesome site I heard good things =) And the trainer is really cool..for continuing on working with her for free of charge that really awesome.

  • Julissa DC
    Julissa DC 3 days ago

    I was so glad on how everybody wanted to help her, she looks like someone that deserves it

  • NerdElecktra
    NerdElecktra 3 days ago

    Thank you so much for this! I also have PCOS it was really helpful to watch this and have it recognized.

  • Kareem Moutez
    Kareem Moutez 3 days ago

    HEY MICHELLE! I hope you read this. Can you please, please do a Extreme Makeover with someone who struggles with a chronic condition like Multiple Sclerosis?
    I live with MS and it’s hardddddd to even workout. I’m physically weak and I’ve NEVER seen celebrity or high caliber trainers on how to work with a body that’s got chronic Inflammarion and that’s led to weak muscle and ultimately a vicious cycle of dehydration and overactive bladder along with pain, anemia, etc. Nerve damage apparently but there is a way to healing and I do believe in the body’s ability to heal. I don’t care what some docs say. The body can heal.
    I’m sure there’s a way as I read a lot on it but it would be SO COOL to actually see someone go through it!!!
    It’s hard as it is to workout and stuff.
    What’s harder is when your body is stuck in vicious cycle of inflammation that’s tied to emotional well being (myself) and just a perfect storm that’s had such an impact on my health in my twenties. Which is interestingly common with people with MS!
    So please do someone struggling with something chronic cause transformation is so much harder but definitely possible and it would be so cool to see someone work on that and see what trainers and professionals who know the science behind such things say about it.
    It’s painful as it is working out and having all these issues makes it harder cause sometimes the pain can kick in or make it difficult but it’s amazing cause working out the right way always helps anyone suffering from anything.

  • Marilynn Lopez
    Marilynn Lopez 3 days ago

    I want a chance

  • Emery Li
    Emery Li 3 days ago

    BAHAHHAHA DID ANYONE SEE THAT PICKACHU STICKER SAYING WALK AWAY OMG I LOVE HER WORK AND TYLER...ok so now i’m at the part where she gets fired and her work sucks now 😤☹️👎

  • Kelly Martinez
    Kelly Martinez 3 days ago

    23:04 THIS! OMG i have people around me telling me that i need to tey harder to lose weigh, I play a few sports, exercise regularly, and maintain somewhat a healthly diet yet losing a few pounds takes a while. Im so thankfull to stumble upon this video, and that its okay everyone has a diffrernt body. Nonetheless surely but steady im closer towards my goal.

  • yeet
    yeet 4 days ago

    She´s so sweet omg

  • sweet potato chip
    sweet potato chip 4 days ago

    Kristi has such nice personality. Hope she can achieve her dreams and stay healthy and happy

  • Ligнтz тнe fαrтιѕт

    she's so cute

  • Suzie Keuls
    Suzie Keuls 5 days ago

    I feel her. I have pcos aswel

  • enliven
    enliven 5 days ago

    I just love her voice!❤❤
    Its cute and sweet!🍒

  • Kirsten Hayes
    Kirsten Hayes 5 days ago

    This was very modivating and inspiring!!!!

  • Real Tracy Manson
    Real Tracy Manson 5 days ago +1

    I wish I can lose weight 😒😭😰

  • Rifga
    Rifga 5 days ago

    i have PCOS and this video made me subscribe to you! thank you!!

  • Annie Dotson
    Annie Dotson 6 days ago +2

    How did I miss this?! All this wholesome content I've been seeing is awesome

  • xoxox
    xoxox 6 days ago +1

    As a person who has pcos and struggles, this is really touching to see. I hope in the future you make similar content because these kinds of videos do nothing but to inspire! Thank you, this is wonderful!!

  • Madi P
    Madi P 6 days ago

    She is so inspirational

  • Tsu Tsu
    Tsu Tsu 7 days ago

    can I PLEASE have that chicken meal prep recipe >:(

  • Natasha Kohli
    Natasha Kohli 7 days ago +3

    this is so amazing. i love both of you so much!! kristi is the most relatable, lovable person omg

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl 8 days ago

    Please write a book!!!

  • sensei
    sensei 9 days ago +2

    My name is Kristie and I also have PCOS! I've been struggling with my weight since I started my period at 10 years old. It's so much more than weight gain and insulin issues (which leads to an increased risk of diabetes). He touched base on the hirsutism and infertility-- but it's so much more than that! PCOS is an endocrine disorder. The imbalance of hormones leads to an array of problems and comorbidity. Women with PCOS can struggle with intensely painful, heavy periods, can experience NO periods at all (which increases the risk of cervical cancer), and can suffer with menstrual migraines. PCOS is linked to anxiety and depression in women (lack of cortisol level regulation), thyroid issues, insomnia, acne/cystic acne, high cholesterol (increased risk of heart related issues), and other mood disorders. There is no cure.

    I've done so many different things to lose weight, but it's a vicious cycle-- I'll work my ass off to lose about 20-30lbs., stall for months, and fall back into another depression cycle (which makes is so, so hard to care about anything other than the mental fog I'm under). All my hard work will unravel at that point, as I forget to eat during the day and binge-eat when I remember I should be eating. It's also really hard to eat when you're poor and/or living with family who aren't dieting.
    The point is-- there are so many factors that can influence weight loss/gain, and I think we could all do with a little bit of empathy/sympathy when coming across someone who is overweight. People cast judgment on fat people so quickly because people believe they know the reason we're overweight and they don't know if we've dealt with eating disorders or mental disorders or chronic illness that makes losing weight secondary in the grand scheme. They don't know how much work we've put in and how hard we have to fight to get to a place that comes easily for them.
    To any other person who has PCOS, I wish you the blessing of healing physically, mentally and emotionally. You're doing so great!

  • mysterygirlmay
    mysterygirlmay 9 days ago

    go wix that's awesome yall. I love using yall !

  • Kura Nicole
    Kura Nicole 9 days ago

    Sign me up!!! Pleaseeeeeeee

  • Mariana San Mendoza
    Mariana San Mendoza 10 days ago +1

    Is she half asian and half latina?

  • Serena Ramirez
    Serena Ramirez 10 days ago

    This is exactly what I need! 😩

  • Nada TW
    Nada TW 10 days ago +1

    I love how Brandon holds the pencil

  • Masales Castrotv
    Masales Castrotv 10 days ago

    I love your channel Michelle you inspire me to workout more

  • Mia Nakano
    Mia Nakano 10 days ago +1

    I have PCOS too and been using RP vegan diet template since 2017. My body composition has really changed since then. I'm a lot leaner even when I'm still halfway through my 3rd cut.

  • Melanie C
    Melanie C 10 days ago

    I have a hard time watching videos like these because I could never afford to have a personal trainer. So happy this girl had this opportunity. I wish opportunities like this were available to everyone.

  • Diana Elena
    Diana Elena 11 days ago

    I balled my eyes out when Nick and Brandon offered their support free of charge to Kristi. I’m so happy for her journey!

  • Jessica Marie Smith
    Jessica Marie Smith 12 days ago

    How can I apply? Seriously this would change my life! I need to lose 50 pounds.

  • Azaliah Enaje
    Azaliah Enaje 12 days ago

    I love it that Michelle gave a platform to people like us who are as physically capable as others. I have congenital single kidney and I can't do as much as others because my side would hurt. I hope you continue to inspire people 😊 thank you Michelle 😊

  • Andrea Green
    Andrea Green 13 days ago +1

    I love this. I struggle with PCOS myself. Even when I was a fairly fit athlete playing field hockey and swimming twice a day, I struggled. I'm getting back into fitness and healthy lifestyle and this was inspiring. Thanks!

  • Sara Wijnhoven
    Sara Wijnhoven 13 days ago +1

    even tho she lost her job she looks sooo much happier and more confident than when her journey started off!

    • Corpus Ren
      Corpus Ren 10 days ago

      YES! Definitely so much happier now!

  • Cosmic Butterfly
    Cosmic Butterfly 14 days ago

    I love seeing women empowering women!

  • heidi___belle
    heidi___belle 14 days ago +1

    I’ve been fencing for five years now and i know how hard it can be to quit something that easily. Kristi you are a super woman! Keep going girl!

  • S.A.E. Sling
    S.A.E. Sling 15 days ago +1


  • Diya Bedi
    Diya Bedi 15 days ago

    You have such a good heart for doing this! Bless your heart :)

  • alisya weeks
    alisya weeks 16 days ago +1

    I have PCOS also. It altered my entire appearance, body, and health. I have stomach hair, longer face fuzzies that could potentially turn into a beard, androgenic alopecia, permanent back and hip stiffness and pain, cyst ruptures, SEVERE cramping, absent periods for months or periods that last months at a time, cystic acne, infertility, etc. at anytime I can have diabetes even if I’m healthy, I am at a very high risk for uterine cancer. It’s such a horrible syndrome that needs more attention. 1 out of 10 women have it. Some don’t even know it yet.

    • Corpus Ren
      Corpus Ren 15 days ago

      YES! I'm dealing with a lot of this. D;

  • AllColorsMe
    AllColorsMe 16 days ago

    She reminds me so much of zia let’s play

  • Rose Family
    Rose Family 16 days ago

    Are you going to be doing this again? It would be awesome to be a contestant on this show

  • Ashlee and Addy
    Ashlee and Addy 16 days ago

    I wish you could give me a makeover

  • Mumtaz Sajwani
    Mumtaz Sajwani 17 days ago +1

    I myself have PCOS and this video really inspired me and let me know that change can happen. I was diagnosed with PCOS almost a year ago at the age of 13 and I’ve been really struggling with my appearance. I get insecure about the excess body hair that comes with PCOS along with the excess body fat. Thank you for making this video and showing me that change can actually happen and inspiring me to embrace this condition I have. 💕

  • Naomi Raz Karterud
    Naomi Raz Karterud 17 days ago

    Can you do an extreme body makeover Where the person struggles with cellulite?

    MYJUICE 17 days ago

    So amazing that you are doing this ! big respect for both of you !!

  • Andrea
    Andrea 17 days ago

    You are amazing for doing this and helping out your subscribers!

  • Ofunne
    Ofunne 18 days ago

    Do Nicocado Avocado

  • Emily Tarbell
    Emily Tarbell 19 days ago

    Can u do more of these please

  • Livia Roy
    Livia Roy 19 days ago +1

    Kristi used to be a councilor at an after school program I went to as a kid. She used to be my favorite and we all loved her, it’s crazy to see her right now.

  • Purple Pluot
    Purple Pluot 20 days ago

    When she said, hi Christie, what's uuuuuuup! When she said up it sounded like a screeching cat. No hate, just my opinion.

  • Jenaya lewis
    Jenaya lewis 20 days ago

    I have PCOS as well. I’m 17 and I struggle with weight gain and I just moved to college which makes it even harder to be healthy. Thank you for helping to inspire me 😊❤️

  • Shannon Hicks
    Shannon Hicks 20 days ago

    You should find a veteran. A lot of us have both invisible and physical injuries that hold us back.

  • Nishie Boo
    Nishie Boo 20 days ago

    I have PCOS too and i am trying to lose weight

  • Sandra Carli
    Sandra Carli 20 days ago

    Dairy causes many cysts and other problems because the hormones of the mother cows are in the milk (estrogen!). To clean her system she should try a potato diet. Meat contains a lot of fat and doesn't keep us satiated so her brain would ask for more glucose and she would crave high caloric food like pizza etc.. It also causes inflammation in the joints etc. I started losing weight when eating carbs without fat and eating 3 spoons of some good fats (flax seeds, sunflower seeds) with fruits and veggies.
    Check out the G-Bombs we should be eating daily and Dr McDougall'starch diet.
    With workouts one can never improve a bad diet. The calories difference is huge. With a workout, you can burn only few calories, with a diet change with good food that satiate you, you can be full and at the same time reduce your calories intake by 400 cal. per day. And last but not least, the body burns max. 1 ounce of body fat per day! So losing weight is a long journey.

  • Sanne Kurvink
    Sanne Kurvink 21 day ago

    Love this video!

  • Lucy Takashima
    Lucy Takashima 21 day ago +1

    Aww I wish I could try the work outs, this gives me motivation to work out but not the things I need to know in order to work out

  • Mercedes Kirkpatrick
    Mercedes Kirkpatrick 21 day ago +1

    I recently found out I have PCOS. This video was really great to see. No one in my family really knows what it means to have PCOS and I've been thinking maybe it wasn't as a big of a deal as I thought it was, since I haven't really heard much about it either. I've struggled with my weight FOREVER and seeing this makes me feel more inspired. Thank you.

  • Lindsay Gillis
    Lindsay Gillis 22 days ago +1

    You and Kristi are both so inspiring. I loved watching you two work together to accomplish Kristi’s health and professional goals. I’m so happy to see this series continuing to help people pursue their health and fitness goals!

  • zahin alam
    zahin alam 22 days ago +2

    You are genuinely so caring. This made me tear up

  • lyndzee wamsley
    lyndzee wamsley 22 days ago

    Do shane dawson

  • Kelly V
    Kelly V 23 days ago +1

    I really wish I lived in the US so I could do a makeover with you!

  • Shenaquah Pantin
    Shenaquah Pantin 24 days ago

    I would like to be part of this makeover

  • Samantha Peka
    Samantha Peka 24 days ago +4

    Can you do a 1 year update on Kristi's journey?

  • elena hernandez
    elena hernandez 24 days ago

    Wow such a great video & message ❤️

  • Jéssica Ferro
    Jéssica Ferro 25 days ago

    Omg, she is so strong (inside and outside) and still so cute and calm
    I’m in love with this transformation 💖

  • Shannon Fern
    Shannon Fern 25 days ago +1

    Her personality is soooo amazing, I just want to be friends with her!

  • Gaby Acosta
    Gaby Acosta 25 days ago +1

    Kristi is such a beautiful woman!

  • Gaby Acosta
    Gaby Acosta 25 days ago +1

    Watching this video has motivated me to not give up and to really try to make myself work out because I want to live a happier and healthier life. It's hard for me because I get lazy and I tell myself that I'll never get to my goal. But watching this video has helped me to clear my mind and to not give up! :D you truely are an inspiration!

  • Gaby Acosta
    Gaby Acosta 25 days ago

    LMAO can i do this XD

  • ruth m
    ruth m 26 days ago

    i was also diagnosed with PCOS a few months ago, but fortunately, in my case, it never led to weight gain. it is so important to do the things that your body specifically needs, not just whatever you see other people doing. health is a very personal thing, and people should really know themselves better to understand the things they need to do in order to achieve the body they are most confortable with while being healthy

  • Felicia Wright
    Felicia Wright 26 days ago +2

    I like that Michelle is right there with her and working out

  • Rosa Sanchez
    Rosa Sanchez 28 days ago

    I need this please please I beg you 🙏🏼

  • BethanyAlice H
    BethanyAlice H 28 days ago +4

    Fancy coming to England for seven weeks and kicking me into gear? 😂😂

  • pandalover1234567896
    pandalover1234567896 28 days ago +8

    The fencing guy must've played a lot of Wii Sports Resort to bring lightsabers fencing to the world

  • CN chapin
    CN chapin 28 days ago

    I have the same thing. Cue "We're All In This Together" from High School Musical

  • Taj
    Taj 29 days ago

    Please help me in need of serious help smh

  • Gabriela Rincic
    Gabriela Rincic Month ago +1

    I have PCOS for 12 years now.. an it is so hard ! Kristi you are my inspiration now

    • Corpus Ren
      Corpus Ren Month ago

      IT IS SUPER HARD! But you've got this! You're my inspiration too.

  • Monkey Flavour
    Monkey Flavour Month ago

    Kristi is so cuteeeeeeee, love love her.

    • Corpus Ren
      Corpus Ren Month ago +1

      (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Yayyy~

    • Monkey Flavour
      Monkey Flavour Month ago

      @Corpus Ren AH- I didn't know you had a channel!! (Ack,, I didn't check the description well enough XD)
      Well, you've gained a knew subscriber!! >w

    • Corpus Ren
      Corpus Ren Month ago +1

      LOL. THANKS! :3

    •ANGEL DACHA• Month ago +1

    Michelle reminds me a girl in my school. They look SO familiar

  • Kaitlyn Budde
    Kaitlyn Budde Month ago

    The way this guy holds his pen while she tells him about her story is just disgusting

  • LadyHoozer
    LadyHoozer Month ago +1

    This is awesome!!! I love that this is an example where, in only 7 weeks, she was able to go from taking frequent breaks to being about to do a 1 minute plank! Super progress! Keep up the fantastic work!