I Gave A Subscriber An Extreme Body Makeover (PCOS)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
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    For the first time ever, I gave a subscriber an Extreme Body Makeover! I learned so much from Kristi and was extremely honored to be a part of her journey. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted! Our team is looking forward to which subscriber we can work with next!
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  5 months ago +7920

    Your outpouring of love in these comments means the WORLD to both me and Kristi. I also wanted to update you guys -- in the few weeks since we finished filming this episode, Kristi's glucose levels have normalized since the first time since her diagnosis, AND she lost another half inch off her waist through her nutritional work with Brandon.

    • Amanda Dooley
      Amanda Dooley Month ago

      This episode is kick ass! Would love to see a check in in season 2 or a later episode!!!

    • Mariam ibari
      Mariam ibari 2 months ago

      Michelle Khare can you help me I want to get abs. I’m a huge fan inbox me please please 😭.

    • Melissa Escutia
      Melissa Escutia 2 months ago

      can we get an update on her nutrition? I have PCOS and found this video very informative. Thanks girl

    • Lynn Hathaway
      Lynn Hathaway 2 months ago

      Go Kristi!!!

    • Reagan Cook
      Reagan Cook 2 months ago

      Your not crying... I am

  • Dearne Maree
    Dearne Maree Day ago

    I kinda wish we get to see as an update on the people you work with. A small segment on where they are now.

  • Terrariums and Tea
    Terrariums and Tea 2 days ago

    I hope she can keep it up and do an update! I didn't know someone with PCOS could lose weight without meds.

  • Hope Wilhite
    Hope Wilhite 4 days ago

    I have POS and body dysmorphia. I dropped 30 pounds my senior year of high school and as a sophomore in college I gained 45 back. Your videos are inspiring me to believe that I can do it!!!

  • The Rock
    The Rock 8 days ago +1

    Only a few minutes in and I’m already crying 😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • BlinkOnceArmy2012 ehh?

    I'm 13 and I've been wanting to go to the gym to get fit again but no one wants to help me pay for it so i can't it sucks

  • Tara M
    Tara M 8 days ago

    This is so much better than Revenge Body and that’s period🗣‼️

  • Purple Pansy29
    Purple Pansy29 9 days ago

    This was aaaawsooooome, I love it, keep going on Kristi, and never give up your happiness =) You're so amazing, and you Mmichelle too, so inspiring :)

  • DisneyDreamworks Dork
    DisneyDreamworks Dork 10 days ago

    I love Kristi! She’s an amazing role model , and seeing her doing all of this made me feel more motivated and confident in my ability to start my heath journey from scratch.

  • Danielle Steyn
    Danielle Steyn 12 days ago

    This meant the world to me to see this kind of reprisentation online, it makes you feel less alone in one's struggle - she is such an inspiration

  • Jasent Harrris
    Jasent Harrris 14 days ago

    This is the type of “reality tv” the world needs

  • Anahi Jerez
    Anahi Jerez 16 days ago

    I love these videos. I've been struggling with PCOS for years. When I was 18 I lost over 120 lbs, but I wasnt happy. I developed a eating disorder and I would be obsessed with LOSING weight and starving myself to stay skinny. After 4 years now I've gained all that weight back, and I'm struggling with body positivity, even when I was 'skinny' I still felt obese. I was constantly called fat even when I was 130 lbs. It felt like even if I was still 260 lbs or 130 people still saw a fat girl. I've recently been trying to love myself and also treat my body better. Started going back to the gym and eating healthier but I'm falling back into the same obsession, what tips can I get?? Every day I eat less and less and get obsessed with not eating to feel skinnier, I've been trying not to step on a scale because I know if I do, it will be worse..

  • Stephanie Lucas
    Stephanie Lucas 17 days ago

    MICHELLE😇. I'm in tears. This video was so important to me. It triggered my own suppressed feelings about my ailments. PCos, lower back injury, pancreatitis- I saw myself in Kristi. Thank you both. I needed to hear every msg in this video. I wish there were programs like yours here in Canada- after watching this I feel like I would have the courage to apply too! 🤗😭😍😇

  • Veronica Lobos
    Veronica Lobos 17 days ago

    4:15 the cyst are not the cause of the hormonal imbalance, high insulin levels are what lead to all the other problems that can be seen in this syndrome, www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15613682 "Insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is due to a postbinding defect in signaling that persists in cultured skin fibroblasts and is associated with constitutive serine phosphorylation of the insulin receptor (IR).", please read, keep yourself updated.

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 17 days ago

    Can i get the workout routine?

  • Bethany Leonard
    Bethany Leonard 18 days ago

    I have pcos, and have had 3 kids in 3 years (my first baby passed away) so I have 2 now. Even with running after them all day the weight is SO hard to loose! Almost impossible. Depression also takes a huge part. And eating out of boredom

  • Carolina Cardona
    Carolina Cardona 20 days ago

    Evidentemente no siguió un plan de alimentación saludable...

  • Keshia W
    Keshia W 20 days ago

    i want to take a moment and say that i think Michelle is totally awesome for shining a light on a condition like PCOS that is an invisible condition.AND SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Brandon and Nick for taking this moment to educate people about PCOS and highlighting the fact that it is a hormonal imbalance and because of that weight lose efforts have to be addressed and tackled differently to be effective. I have been battling with PCOS for almost 10yrs. i have been where Kristi is and some days i still feel just like she has. i felt depressed when i listened to and mentally rewind the convos that i have had with my doctors about my condition and its impact on my day to day life. There are physical changes that you want to conceal and hide from the world. this condition comes with weight gain, acne, hair growth and loss, infertility, insulin deficiency and an increased chance of developing diabetes, and so much more. the worse thing my doctor ever told me was there is no Direct treatment or cure for the condition, we can treat the symptoms individually but not all at once. and he recommended that i lose weight and then promptly reminded me that due to the condition weight lose is very difficult. being formally diagnosed felt like a double edged sword because on side i had a name and a diagnosis for what was happening with my body and on the other side i learned there was no direct cure or a treatment to get rid of it and make me better, make me; me again. i have tried dieting and working with a personal trainer and nothing worked and i felt defeated, but then i learned that women with PCOS metabolize foods differently and therefore traditional diets and training plans don't yield the best results. PCOS was a condition that i had NEVER heard of, but once i was diagnosed and starting sharing my diagnosis and talking about it i discovered that i know several women battling the effects of this condition and we were sharing the same feelings. I hope this video opens some peoples minds about invisible conditions and its impact on women and reminds people not to judge someone for being overweight and to dig deeper to get to the root of the problem. PCOS and other hormonal conditions, such as Hyperthyroidism can cause weight gain and other issues per individual so before being negative and talking about a persons weight try to be a positive friend in a persons life, offer to be workout partner, do research on the condition so you can help and be a positive motivator because conditions like these can make you feel like a prisoner in your own body. THANKS AGAIN MICHELLE for using your platform to highlight PCOS and GOOD LUCK TO KRISTI ON THIS JOURNEY!!!

  • Night Audio
    Night Audio 21 day ago

    I would like deadmau5 to take on this challenge

  • Kimo
    Kimo 21 day ago

    I have pcos, thank god I found this 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Shamiso Chigwende
    Shamiso Chigwende 21 day ago

    Y'all we need a extreme body where are the now

  • priyanka chodankar
    priyanka chodankar 21 day ago

    These people are so supportive.. the nutritionist is so sweet to help her free of charge. Such kinda content which shows realistic situations and please continue with these series..

  • indu yadav
    indu yadav 21 day ago

    Please please I need a makeover am trying to loose some a weight from my waist onlyitd bit weird because it’s a stubborn weight I run every day but I still fail to loose it please help please, rest of my body is slim

  • Keyser Söze
    Keyser Söze 22 days ago

    She's so sweet! You see though; everybody's body works differently. For some it is not as simple as eat less and do more. There are hundreds of intertwining and interacting hormones controlling every aspect of your health. From fat storage to blood sugar levels, energy expenditure, muscle mass and so on. And the truth is we really don't know how they all fit together or what can put an individuals' out of balance. If you are lucky to have a healthy metabolism, be thankful!

  • Jikke ten Cate
    Jikke ten Cate 22 days ago

    I love her boost in confidence trough out the video, for example: in the beginning she wore her hair covering half of her face and in the last shot she let het beautiful face shine. This also inspires me soooo much to work out and work on myself personally to become a better person and feel better in my own skin! Thanks for sharing her story!

  • Gia D
    Gia D 23 days ago

    I got officially diagnosed with PCOS just under a month ago. It’s so touching to see representation for it, and for it to be considered as an illness as well. Many of the people in my life upon hearing that I have PCOS wondered how that actually affected me and it’s so great to see not only how it can affect someone but also how you can overcome it.

    ZANA ROSE 23 days ago

    Kristi is so good at fitness! This is amazing.

  • OfficialStolenKpopMemes

    Literally come to london and help me!😂

  • BTS CHIM CHIM got no jams!!!

    ) . (
    | . |
    ( . )

  • Keya J
    Keya J 25 days ago

    Omg please I wish I could get a makeover

  • TrippiNine σ_σ
    TrippiNine σ_σ 26 days ago

    12:29 i love that he job supports her journey too.

  • alexandra silverstein
    alexandra silverstein 26 days ago

    Very moved by this, I totally cried. Kristi is so sweet and I hope she keeps going.

  • Kirby Pew
    Kirby Pew 26 days ago

    Great episode, thanks for supporting PCOS! I have PCOS and have been successful treating it holistically for 2 years now. A fabulous resource is the book 8 Steps to Reverse Your PCOS. Supplements are also huge! The book goes over supplements in depth. I also avoid sugar, dairy, and gluten. Hope this resource helps someone!

  • Jana Siljanoska
    Jana Siljanoska 26 days ago

    how on earth does she have only 1.5M

  • TellyTellyTaTa
    TellyTellyTaTa 26 days ago

    I suffer from PCOS too and this has inspired me alot!!!

  • Rose Moran
    Rose Moran 27 days ago

    I love that Michelle goes through these workouts and journeys with the subscriber. For a while I was really enjoying Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian, but this is so much better! I love it!

  • Kayla H
    Kayla H 27 days ago

    I know I’m months behind on this video but I cried as someone who is dealing with pcos thyroid disease and major back problems you are so inspiring helping anyone in general but putting invisible illnesses out there needs to happen more often. So thank you

  • Mallory's Outlet
    Mallory's Outlet 27 days ago

    Okay, my turn. Do me next.

  • Simona Karlova
    Simona Karlova 28 days ago +1

    I like Kristi. She just seems to be a wonderfull person ^^

  • Josie Hill
    Josie Hill 29 days ago +1

    I wish she could do this with me

  • god is dead
    god is dead 29 days ago

    She isn’t even the one who gives the body makeovers really, the celebrity trainers do it, she just stands there not even really talking

  • Amanda Lockridge
    Amanda Lockridge Month ago

    Is it just me, or does everyone's skin end up looking way better after the whole program?

  • Faith Madi
    Faith Madi Month ago

    I keep ending these videos off with a smile

  • tamy
    tamy Month ago

    Give amberlynn reid a full body makeover.

  • Mariana Garcia-Cortez

    I totally relate, I cried in the end with her. I have PCOS as well, the only problem is that they ended up removing my uterus and still struggling with weight loss.

  • Angela Manzer
    Angela Manzer Month ago

    I wish you came out to Arizona. I've always struggled with body issues, weight especially. To get a body make over would be a dream come true! You're such an inspiration.

  • chi shamsudin
    chi shamsudin Month ago

    Michelle is beautiful and kristi is cute and she kinda sounds like rebel wilson. Great personality too! Yall so good.

  • justgivemeanaccount1

    Way to go Kristi!!! Amazing! Love this video Michelle! So few fitness videos focus on patients that have underlying endocrine obstacles. It's wonderful to see a caring health team come together to not only shed light on these issues, but to work so hard in helping to change the life of one of your subscribers. Great work Michelle!

  • Pancake Master
    Pancake Master Month ago

    Kudos to Michelle for not only using the sponsors but in good taste. Excellent blend

  • Margit Kienzl
    Margit Kienzl Month ago

    wow I adore Kristi!

  • victoria Mesham
    victoria Mesham Month ago


  • Alondra.Elizabeth Herrera

    I love her attitude, so positive and likable.

  • Lyla Cin
    Lyla Cin Month ago

    I have PCOS too and endometriosis and hypothyroidism. So it's a triple whammy for me. I'm doing my best.

  • samantha ross
    samantha ross Month ago

    She did so freaking awesome. I also have PCOS and it is very very hard to lose weight. I also work night shift security and have 3 kids so its hard for me to even try to work out bc most of the morning hours im trying to catch some ZZZ's and then once i get up its full force mom mode. Im on my own weight loss journey now and i can only hope to see the results she got from this. Your doing a great public service here bc when you try to look up weight loss programs for women with PCOS, you find very little information if any at all. Thank you for doing this for her and us women struggling with this on a daily basis. Great job Sis!

  • Lily Pad
    Lily Pad Month ago

    I need one of these as well

  • mayelaar
    mayelaar Month ago

    Thank you Kristi, Michelle for this episode. I loved how you emphasized the fitness journey vs the weightloss aspect and how careful the Fit team were with working with a woman with PCOS. It's one shitty little bastard and makes working out/ eating healthy so hard because many times, there are no visible results so motivation has to be completely intrinsic. Thanks for showing it. Keep rocking, Kristi!

  • Ellisa Bell
    Ellisa Bell Month ago

    "FREE OF CHARGE!!!!!????????????" - ......lucky

  • Happyme!
    Happyme! Month ago

    Michelle is so sweet and supportive!

  • Katie C.
    Katie C. Month ago

    Thank you for shining light on the PCOS. I appreciate it more than you know.

  • MissNurki
    MissNurki Month ago

    The numbers might not have been insane, but it's visible difference for sure, and if she keeps going it's going to be a massive difference in no time. :)