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  • Epic_YT -ROBLOX
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  • Ssyru99
    Ssyru99 Day ago

    omg i just killed tfue omg omg i just i just kill tfue im the best yey....

  • Frederick McClure Jr


  • Arian Mladenić
    Arian Mladenić Day ago

    How old are you?

  • Yanethe Arriola
    Yanethe Arriola Day ago

    Tee - fee - you

  • Ninja
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  • mimoun fornite
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  • Attachh
    Attachh Day ago

    Umm he did have 50 hp. Hp is health he had 50 health and 50 Shield. Shield is different to hp lol

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor Day ago

    Omg I killed Tfue! Get over it, he’d smash you in a 1v1

  • Sahil Rajesh
    Sahil Rajesh Day ago

    this kid sure gonna be a virgin entire life

  • Samurai The Guy
    Samurai The Guy 2 days ago

    That sucks that tfue said he practically hates skeptic and skeptic loves tfue

  • Man Tran
    Man Tran 2 days ago

    Ur so good!!!!!!!!

  • Chris
    Chris 2 days ago

    I really dont care who is good or who is better, but i wished for once TFUE would just say GG and quit making excuses on why he died. You cant even shoot tfue without being lucky or trash. Its a game and youre never going to win 100% of the games you play. People make better plays and better decisions and every once in awhile you just get unlucky.

  • X
    X 2 days ago +1

    Holy shit that squeaker cringey voice, and you are 14, go fuck your selfe kid...... This is too cringey to be real...... fuck you squeaker

  • Rubber Pickle
    Rubber Pickle 2 days ago

    hop you get a million subbs

  • Super Banana
    Super Banana 2 days ago +1

    Sceptic is my mom

  • Kind Corner
    Kind Corner 2 days ago

    Thanks for blowing my ear drum!!!!!!

  • Sadd
    Sadd 2 days ago


  • the-ultimate blue squad

    Bra was true making excuses

  • Ahmed Får
    Ahmed Får 3 days ago

    wow tfue oh my god

  • Everything Tube
    Everything Tube 3 days ago

    Tu ninja ka chacha ka beta hai ki mama ka?

  • Zerpent Society
    Zerpent Society 3 days ago

    2:02 what....the fuck.... is he saying?

  • Trop1c Mini
    Trop1c Mini 3 days ago

    Swear to god this kid is full of himself and is garbage and try’s to say he’s better if tfue was trying he would took your ass to *heck*

  • Trop1c Mini
    Trop1c Mini 3 days ago

    This kid makes me wanna die

  • the_Real_ Jay
    the_Real_ Jay 4 days ago

    Bruh he sounds like fucking Alvin and the chipmunks and he’s 14!?!

  • Abraham & Sarah
    Abraham & Sarah 4 days ago

    Your so good at fortnight

  • BrownTownCurry 8
    BrownTownCurry 8 4 days ago

    I definitely know he is not 14 the fuck??

  • Toni Kvara
    Toni Kvara 4 days ago

    Can I friend you

  • The Alpha Returns
    The Alpha Returns 4 days ago

    U think he was stream sniping him

  • Little Turdle
    Little Turdle 4 days ago

    Honestly I think this kid is a bot at fortnite. Just my opinion

  • ved_ dev is the best

    don't think u kill tfue one time
    that mean u are better than him

  • Riley Harber
    Riley Harber 5 days ago

    It’s people like you that make me wanna not have kids

  • ツYTOneshotplay
    ツYTOneshotplay 5 days ago +1

    Tfue will shit on this kid .factss

  • Koko Kwikwi
    Koko Kwikwi 5 days ago

    you are very good in fortnite

  • DM_fusion YT
    DM_fusion YT 5 days ago

    He said he destroyed even though tfue had no shield or health he's a cocky scumbag

  • Pet rock face reveal at 50 Subscribers

    3:19, I mean.. he did only have 54 hp so he wasn’t too far off

  • Penguinsamin CP
    Penguinsamin CP 5 days ago

    I'm 14 and I assure you that I look like someone from 20's when comparing with this kid

  • SouthBayJay
    SouthBayJay 5 days ago

    Hey tfue fans... how about you accept that he lost instead of being a bunch of salty tumors

    AJKILLXX10 5 days ago

    Tfue trashhhh!!

  • Lancelotlol GT
    Lancelotlol GT 5 days ago

    If you killed him once,you think your better than him?

  • Lancelotlol GT
    Lancelotlol GT 5 days ago

    Try to kill him 5 times

  • gadgetorials
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  • A Gibbons
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  • DizzyGames MX
    DizzyGames MX 6 days ago +1

    I love you 😍

  • MemesGaming
    MemesGaming 6 days ago

    honestly you didn't destroy him.

  • PedroM
    PedroM 6 days ago

    Youre 14? Lol thought you Was 12

  • Tyler Sininsky
    Tyler Sininsky 6 days ago

    You think ur good ur doodoo

  • FanFreezeQ Q
    FanFreezeQ Q 6 days ago

    It’s only luck man you just build a one by one than you placed bounce pad and shotguned him he didn’t even know it was you dumbass how many times he said he destroyed true it was just luck man chill kid.

  • Andrei
    Andrei 6 days ago

    Esti bun rau smr

  • DogManSwag09 9
    DogManSwag09 9 6 days ago +5

    1:22 he is 14 100%

  • DogManSwag09 9
    DogManSwag09 9 6 days ago

    Your not 14 boi

  • Jkn
    Jkn 6 days ago

    I dont believe he is 14. He is very tiny. If so he must be bullied. sad

  • Angel Feliz
    Angel Feliz 7 days ago

    If He’s not a good of a player shouldn’t have tfue killed even with 55hp and 50 sheild

  • Toxic Yt
    Toxic Yt 7 days ago

    "Destroyed" Tfue had ow health, and you got a pump headshot. That's not "destroyed".

  • iNeon Gaming YT
    iNeon Gaming YT 7 days ago

    It’s called being “Lucky”

  • Noa Cacciatore
    Noa Cacciatore 7 days ago +1

    You love

  • ElapseGamer
    ElapseGamer 7 days ago

    3:29 well it is tfue so ur the trash one

  • Amir Ali
    Amir Ali 7 days ago

    Of tfue

  • Amir Ali
    Amir Ali 7 days ago

    Notice the name

  • No Way
    No Way 7 days ago

    Tfue wasn't even trying

  • La weezus
    La weezus 7 days ago

    Why in the goddamn fuck does this kid have more than 157 subscribers I'm losing brain cells here

  • V2 Sythe
    V2 Sythe 8 days ago +1

    How are you 14 you sound 7

  • This Man
    This Man 8 days ago

    A bunch of salty kids in this comment section

  • Jennyfer Gutierrez
    Jennyfer Gutierrez 8 days ago

    why u bully me

  • Albert Lung
    Albert Lung 8 days ago

    *message pops up saying how much wins sceptic has* Sceptic ends up ignoring it

  • McClellan gamers
    McClellan gamers 8 days ago

    You suck stream sniper

  • BezgyyyHD •c•
    BezgyyyHD •c• 8 days ago

    You noob tfue isnt a bot hes a player what da fuck i killed tfue 100000times

  • Lubna Bhayat
    Lubna Bhayat 8 days ago

    *ready im gonna try to be tfue*
    *fails in thar*

  • Lubna Bhayat
    Lubna Bhayat 8 days ago

    He is legit so excited for a dumb play

  • the awesome devil gamers 22

    He's was at 50 hp plus he wasn't trying

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude 9 days ago

    Let’s get duos wins

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude 9 days ago

    I play on ps4 thezombiechild

  • Gamer Dude
    Gamer Dude 9 days ago

    Sceptic you want to play some games of duos

  • Wendy Raygoza
    Wendy Raygoza 9 days ago

    This is fight because when true got killed, Sceptics fortnite name was player and then numbers

    • Wendy Raygoza
      Wendy Raygoza Day ago

      +Nightmare Master I never told you to reply

    • Nightmare Master
      Nightmare Master Day ago

      Wendy Raygoza assuming you meant to say fake and not fight you are wrong because they had streamer mode on

  • Edgar Cervantes
    Edgar Cervantes 9 days ago

    Boi you are shit

  • Tf Ue
    Tf Ue 9 days ago

    Tfue wasnt fighting serious so he did

  • Element Dope
    Element Dope 9 days ago

    When you say build fight but you’re the only one building

  • Milo
    Milo 9 days ago +2

    Tfue is better.

  • dato samxaradze
    dato samxaradze 9 days ago

    res in this vid?

  • Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong 9 days ago


  • Alvin Wong
    Alvin Wong 9 days ago

    Tfue is not even t

  • David Mclean
    David Mclean 9 days ago

    He was trying to make a nice play for his Donation, lol for all u haters who don't have a brain.

  • laura k
    laura k 10 days ago

    you are asome

  • God
    God 10 days ago

    14, still has a squeaky voice as if he never hit puberty

  • Alex Muntean
    Alex Muntean 10 days ago

    That is not tfue....he has a diferent name.....faker....

  • Omer Ozgur
    Omer Ozgur 10 days ago

    4:43 rip me headphones

  • Bymba TYMBA
    Bymba TYMBA 10 days ago

    sceptic go team play

  • Rob Edwards
    Rob Edwards 11 days ago

    This kid legit changes his hair color trying to copy ninja I hope he dies the fucking little rat

  • Kung Lao
    Kung Lao 11 days ago


  • Fortnite Random
    Fortnite Random 11 days ago

    Who’s watching after he got his account banned

  • Prisideum Vlogz
    Prisideum Vlogz 11 days ago +1

    Yo I’m 12 and I can clap sceptic

  • ZHQG Games
    ZHQG Games 11 days ago

    That kid is not even good lul

  • AzzOffical
    AzzOffical 11 days ago +1

    2019 Anyone???

  • Hilbert Gaming
    Hilbert Gaming 11 days ago

    Quick Attention: Voice does not matters,because he's gameplay is tough!
    Love ya Sceptics

  • SkyPugs v3
    SkyPugs v3 12 days ago

    I have never seen more of a virgin in my life

  • SkyPugs v3
    SkyPugs v3 12 days ago

    Stream sniped

  • Maelee Garza
    Maelee Garza 12 days ago

    Can you add me names woolcaribu176

  • Maelee Garza
    Maelee Garza 12 days ago

    Your better than tfue o my god can I add me user name is woolcaribu176

    THEDRAGONLEGEND7 YT 12 days ago

    Your trash