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  • Suhail Elias
    Suhail Elias 19 minutes ago

    You really 14 you sound like 8 gg tho

  • Broodje Griep
    Broodje Griep Hour ago

    Ur trash

  • KeepWheezing
    KeepWheezing Hour ago

    I bet u shoot down peoples buildings too, you "cum bag"

  • KeepWheezing
    KeepWheezing Hour ago

    i love how your whole comment section is negative.

  • the fucking F.B.I
    the fucking F.B.I 2 hours ago

    Prob 10 yrs old

  • Theninjakid11
    Theninjakid11 3 hours ago +1

    OMFG I JUST KILLED TFUE oh oh wait. it was only luck Shit....

  • david kim
    david kim 4 hours ago

    I want to watch sceptic vs tfue

  • Andy Kemnitz
    Andy Kemnitz 5 hours ago

    GG this time buddy but you're not better than Tfue

  • Team Storm
    Team Storm 6 hours ago

    Both tfue and sceptic are too cocky

  • OriginalGamer
    OriginalGamer 8 hours ago

    Hella high

  • Luis Lujano
    Luis Lujano 8 hours ago

    No disrespect towards tfue so I approve that your a god and I like you and your vids but your not 14😂

  • Briann Postema
    Briann Postema 9 hours ago

    You good at this game kid but damn I hope you good in school too

  • Xziel
    Xziel 11 hours ago

    ur 14 im 12 and i have a deeper voice than u lol

  • Stoneman22
    Stoneman22 12 hours ago

    awe what a nice kid, I feel bad tfue will probably never see this video..

  • Ryan Karwowski
    Ryan Karwowski 12 hours ago

    damn, this kids like 10 and is fire!

  • Giro TheGreat
    Giro TheGreat 13 hours ago

    Listen kid if ur 14 then how does highsky have a deeper voice

  • Clara Ionescu
    Clara Ionescu 14 hours ago

    you are not an idiot

  • Braeden B
    Braeden B 14 hours ago

    Lol it isn't "scummy" to knock down the base. If you are so focused on building so high, it is your own fault for giving them the chance in the first place. Plus all it is is taking advantage of the situation

  • Random Guy
    Random Guy 15 hours ago +1

    If this was my son I yeet him tf out of my home with signed adoption papers

  • JeffyUhUh
    JeffyUhUh 16 hours ago

    Why r u 9?

  • OscarZ
    OscarZ 16 hours ago

    To be honest id be surprised if you were 8

  • Mr G Gaming 2.0 Potato
    Mr G Gaming 2.0 Potato 16 hours ago

    This 14-year-old destroyed Tfue.
    Just say Your name.
    Borderline Clickbait material

  • iAm theDevil
    iAm theDevil 17 hours ago

    Was Tfue really bumpin Lil Peep??

  • gamer king
    gamer king 17 hours ago

    Since when does Timmy Turner play fortnite?

  • gamer king
    gamer king 17 hours ago

    I started dying when this kid said reeee omg my 2 year old cousin has a deeper voice then you

  • Merq __
    Merq __ 17 hours ago

    These comments r like 95% tfue lick ups who won't leave this kid alone for absolutely destroying him, I like tfue but I don't think he would even like his fans doing this

    II SXSUKEZ II 18 hours ago

    U cut tell Tfue wasn't trying tbh

  • DrZattrick
    DrZattrick 18 hours ago

    When karma hits you back

  • Dark Swgoh
    Dark Swgoh 18 hours ago +1

    Dam this 10 year old is lanky asf, eat some food and stop lying about your age.

  • Hurricane 911
    Hurricane 911 20 hours ago

    Why's everyone hating on this guy he said that and wasn't being cocky or anything

  • Matt Studios
    Matt Studios 21 hour ago

    Maybe your can hit tfue with a shotgun but u can’t hit puberty😂😂😂

  • Tyler Hanson
    Tyler Hanson 22 hours ago

    “Wanna build a 1 by 1?”

  • Tzmarq TEEZEE
    Tzmarq TEEZEE 22 hours ago

    Are u sure your 14

  • Jonathan Good
    Jonathan Good 23 hours ago

    This voice makes me so aggressive

  • Jonathan Good
    Jonathan Good 23 hours ago

    You‘re a fucking asshole.

  • Humilinxted EU
    Humilinxted EU 23 hours ago

    Can people plz stop saying hes not 14, just because he doesnt have a dark voice doesnt mean hes younger

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope Day ago

    Is it jus more or does he look like one of the kids from 2017 it the movie

  • super gamer
    super gamer Day ago

    Ur 8 years old Lol

  • Mr. Clean
    Mr. Clean Day ago

    "but he has nog ops so he goooood" lol he's still better than you you just got lucky

  • Javian R
    Javian R Day ago

    Jesus bro you are literally a stick and you 14 damn nigga

  • Gambino Gaming
    Gambino Gaming Day ago

    Why is he streaming he's supposed to be 13 and he says he's 14 he doesn't even look or sound 14 he sounds like a 10year old and he's a tryhard

  • Alder MARQUEZ
    Alder MARQUEZ Day ago

    Some players are actully lucky to kill tfue ninja or myth cause they maybe have no mats health or sheild cause if not he would of destroyed u like in title

  • Alex Duarte
    Alex Duarte Day ago

    Tfue is still better

  • Halo
    Halo Day ago

    Bruh your building a one by one max height that’s scumy. And your title is clickbait. Your acting like your better then him but just because u kill him doesn’t mean your better.

  • Nolan Krauss
    Nolan Krauss Day ago

    Y’all shut up he is good and stop hating you tfue wanna be he is good and you guys even wish you were as good as him so shut the fuck up

  • Bipolar Turtles
    Bipolar Turtles Day ago

    Lol all of that hate because he is younger and more talented than most of the people in this comment section

  • The firek Sisters

    He actually did have 50 Hp idk what the guy was pointing out 😂

  • Scaptic_ _
    Scaptic_ _ Day ago

    This little fuck thinks he is fourteen my brothers only 9 and his balls have dropped more. Do yourself a favour and quit bro

  • Scaptic_ _
    Scaptic_ _ Day ago

    Your so bad man you where clearly stream sniping your so bad man 😂😂😂

  • Erick Rodriguez Gonzalez

    Every streamer that gets killed thinks they got stream sniped

  • The Barring Black Knight

    And you say TFyue

  • The Barring Black Knight

    Sceptic what kind of name is that?

  • The Barring Black Knight

    But your a kid who fakes getting block off at the second build battle. Wow

  • Josh Medina
    Josh Medina Day ago

    Tfue salty

  • Coco Man
    Coco Man Day ago

    It’s pronounced “Tfoo” not “Tfyoo”

  • Nacho_gamer 2018

    La concha de tu hermana para que mierda hisite el ruido de minito 4:40

  • samEARRR
    samEARRR Day ago

    i like how he says “don’t shoot build fights down that’s scummy” when all he did when he gained high ground was 1x1 up until he felt an orgasm which is not a “build fight”

  • Alexis Curiel
    Alexis Curiel Day ago


  • Alexis Curiel
    Alexis Curiel Day ago

    Does it make a difference if it wasn't tfue

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts Day ago

    Kill ur self

  • MG VG
    MG VG Day ago

    wow so happy... tryhard

  • XXXTevationn
    XXXTevationn Day ago +1

    All these bitches giving u hate, keep doing your thing :)

  • sml ool
    sml ool Day ago

    Tufu is bolt shit at fornite this kid is way better

  • critsome
    critsome Day ago

    the voice of this kid.

  • Captain Duck64
    Captain Duck64 Day ago

    This kid is 11 I swear

  • Néokog
    Néokog Day ago

    This voice is for 9 years old

  • ElecTrO Toyson
    ElecTrO Toyson Day ago

    Balls haven’t dropped yet

  • Abenaash Sutharsan

    Why does he copy ma boi dae with the reeeeeee

  • GokuTv z
    GokuTv z Day ago

    No one gives a fuck about your kill

  • ShadowGHST Gaming

    I don’t even like tfue but it’s more scummy to build 6 higher to give the person no pint in build battling than to shoot it down....I would’ve dropped and shot it down too, you just made no point to try to get up to you

  • GTA _GUY_ 009
    GTA _GUY_ 009 Day ago

    DESTROYED first you shot him from the back second tfue was not even trying and last hes better than you soo

  • Santiago Sylvin
    Santiago Sylvin Day ago

    Your like 8 fucking schoolshooter

  • Ryan Doherty
    Ryan Doherty Day ago

    I love how he says he wasn't stream sniping when he goes full tryhard on tfue and barely tries against the next guy

  • Rise TG
    Rise TG Day ago

    YOUR NOT 14

  • mintykit_
    mintykit_ Day ago

    A damn , found another morgz channel. Aee you sure this guy is 14 sounds like a 9 yr old. I have a friend thats 11 and his voice is deeper than his like cmon now wtf is up with his voice. Go ahead hate on me what do i have to lose nothing so have fun wasting your fanboy breath in me UWU.

  • TheWhia89
    TheWhia89 Day ago

    It’s funny how tfue is like he wasn’t that good but he thinks he’s great dude trash get out of here. Always making excuses literally every time he dies he makes an excuse as to why he died.

  • Atem Thon
    Atem Thon Day ago

    Are we gonna act like this kid is not the best player in fortnite

  • Insxne
    Insxne 2 days ago

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  • Michael Desjardin
    Michael Desjardin 2 days ago

    This kid thinks he's good cause he can put on the renegade raider and be a try hard he actually a little eight year old who's bad at the game

  • Savage Gamer529
    Savage Gamer529 2 days ago

    Tfue is 10000000000000% better then u

  • Havok Beats
    Havok Beats 2 days ago

    Love all the haters ol boy just but hurt cuz he got killed by a kid haha keep slaying bro half the kids in these comment booboo anyway the other probably don't even play fortnite

  • Mskiani100
    Mskiani100 2 days ago

    So squeaky ur not 14

  • RVNG Creed
    RVNG Creed 2 days ago

    Not hating or anything but it’s not scummy to shoot someone down if they shoot you down after you build like 10 1 by 1’s up

  • Kelvin Playz
    Kelvin Playz 2 days ago

    Wait your 14 wtf

  • KadeKiller MLG
    KadeKiller MLG 2 days ago

    True is kinda cocky

  • _-V0LT4G3-_
    _-V0LT4G3-_ 2 days ago

    Edit Whyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

  • Jim Him
    Jim Him 2 days ago

    YoUr FoUrTeEn

  • xDeathRainz
    xDeathRainz 2 days ago

    Sceptic sound 6 or 7

  • Troxpy
    Troxpy 2 days ago

    u didnt fucking destroy

  • CRYPITC Games
    CRYPITC Games 2 days ago

    This kids voice is annoying but he’s killing TheXvid right now.

  • Maryan Jama
    Maryan Jama 2 days ago


  • meh meh navarro
    meh meh navarro 2 days ago

    I feel bad for the kid a guy that he probably looks up do dises him. Just wow.

  • Vallejo Kingz
    Vallejo Kingz 2 days ago

    tee Fue

  • Jaeden
    Jaeden 2 days ago

    Lol no way you're 14.

  • Charlie Fultz
    Charlie Fultz 2 days ago

    Why’d his voice so high though

  • Deity Clan
    Deity Clan 2 days ago +1

    Dont hate on the kid he's nice asf man

  • Mr SweetTea420
    Mr SweetTea420 2 days ago

    U are funny lil niqqa

  • rednoob
    rednoob 2 days ago

    Look at the name “tfue” sure

  • Winnie G
    Winnie G 2 days ago

    I like how he calls "this 14 year old" himself

  • ImAnOG
    ImAnOG 2 days ago

    Right it’s scummy to shoot someone down right? But how come you them down when link gaming killed you huh? Explain