Michael Says Prime Numbers for 3 Hours


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  • fLixyy
    fLixyy 6 hours ago

    T W I T C H P R I M E

  • Abelhawk
    Abelhawk 6 hours ago

    I know Michael is an odd fellow, but why would anyone really want to actually go through with something like this?

  • Zakir Sheriff
    Zakir Sheriff 6 hours ago +1


  • Ardy's OP
    Ardy's OP 6 hours ago

    1,254,617 is the view count when I clicked on. Guess what Bois. That's a prime number.

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 6 hours ago

    I can see your depression in your eyes

  • FannomacritaireSuomi
    FannomacritaireSuomi 6 hours ago +1

    He clearly hates the even numerals.

  • FractalPlay
    FractalPlay 7 hours ago


  • SirMan McDude
    SirMan McDude 7 hours ago

    I sat there and watched Nerdcubed do Desert bus for 8 hours, I got this!
    *ten minutes later*
    ........................... NUMBERS!

  • mcdan paul
    mcdan paul 7 hours ago +1

    it's 00:17 why am i watching this

  • Draglo
    Draglo 7 hours ago

    "Just one more video Mom!"

  • Harry Chu
    Harry Chu 7 hours ago

    See how many numbers ended with 69.

  • Emarati Gamer
    Emarati Gamer 7 hours ago +1

    Definition of insanity all in one video

  • Fernizzil
    Fernizzil 8 hours ago

    Okay the end with him staring at the camera for 30 straight seconds made me really uneasy. I was expecting a jump scare or something

  • hotsaucemagicbox
    hotsaucemagicbox 8 hours ago

    I wonder how much money this video has made, I am genuinely curious

  • Yox
    Yox 8 hours ago

    There’s gotta be a monitor displaying all these numbers to him

  • diagoras bakas
    diagoras bakas 8 hours ago

    would be interested if itmwas for charity

  • willo
    willo 8 hours ago


  • Genji Opz
    Genji Opz 8 hours ago


  • iShatInATuba
    iShatInATuba 9 hours ago +1

    Mr beast but he never loses enthusiasm...

  • ivan
    ivan 9 hours ago

    Yo Mrbeast,when did you get that Vsauce type of haircut?

  • Kayden 21
    Kayden 21 9 hours ago

    Why are sauce videos uploaded to dong anyway? Like seriously what do they have to do with eachother?

  • UndeRz
    UndeRz 9 hours ago

    Use all that patience on reading books

  • UndeRz
    UndeRz 10 hours ago

    Whats the purpose

  • Joshua Dees
    Joshua Dees 10 hours ago

    He REALLY has to pee towards the end

  • cchamsandwich
    cchamsandwich 10 hours ago

    I left this playing while I was out of the room and came back at 1:00:29

  • Jacob Seiler
    Jacob Seiler 10 hours ago

    2:44:18 That was a close one

  • ImOmniscient
    ImOmniscient 10 hours ago +1

    1:31:55 Oh OK, that's my favourite number.

  • benjamin fasken
    benjamin fasken 10 hours ago

    this is beautiful

  • SlenderMike _
    SlenderMike _ 10 hours ago

    My wait for [Heaven] is close to an end. In God's name, i will smite you!

  • L' Acchiappacolore
    L' Acchiappacolore 11 hours ago

    mr beast's disciple

  • I am a Pokerface
    I am a Pokerface 11 hours ago


  • Chris Greely
    Chris Greely 11 hours ago

    He sounds quite interested in what he's saying.

  • Cyborg Icarus29
    Cyborg Icarus29 12 hours ago


  • HerbAndri Music
    HerbAndri Music 12 hours ago

    I don't wanna know how much time he spent practicing this

  • HerbAndri Music
    HerbAndri Music 12 hours ago

    This is the funniest thing I've ever seen

  • kevi8991
    kevi8991 12 hours ago

    right at the end you can catch an inkling of a smile

  • Adri the banana
    Adri the banana 12 hours ago

    2 isn't a prime.. Oh wait it is okieee

    TOM FORCE 13 hours ago

    why's he always saying "and", it should be "fourteen-thousand five hundred thirty three" not "fourteen-thousand five hundred and thirty three"

  • Murtadha Arif
    Murtadha Arif 13 hours ago

    can you do for 3 hours pi digits please

  • YehetGirl
    YehetGirl 13 hours ago


  • Praveen Rajput
    Praveen Rajput 14 hours ago

    hats off

  • H u g o H e p w o r t h

    D depression
    O isn’t
    N always
    G obvious

  • RuMAN S
    RuMAN S 15 hours ago


  • duncan devera
    duncan devera 15 hours ago


  • Unboxing Sve
    Unboxing Sve 16 hours ago

    What a waste of TheXvid's database :D

  • darktip
    darktip 16 hours ago

    Pucchi, is that you??

  • jake turner
    jake turner 16 hours ago

    this is what i do at work

  • Whuh A
    Whuh A 16 hours ago

    What drugs did he take, like this is not human

  • ICantWanTap
    ICantWanTap 16 hours ago

    3:00:10 Michael.exe has stopped working, or ran out of batteries

  • nesh o
    nesh o 16 hours ago

    but why?

  • Renae Kate
    Renae Kate 16 hours ago

    watching this video is a form of self harm

  • Tahmid Ahnaf
    Tahmid Ahnaf 17 hours ago

    For a second there I thought the video was paused

  • Ayman Maani
    Ayman Maani 18 hours ago

    This is going to be the next meme on the internet ladies and gentlemen

  • Fadhlan Yassar
    Fadhlan Yassar 18 hours ago

    How can someone have this amount of patience

  • Giru Guru
    Giru Guru 18 hours ago


  • Tooth Frame
    Tooth Frame 19 hours ago

    *thirty-thousand nine-hundred and forty-one*

  • YoMyMojoSoDope23
    YoMyMojoSoDope23 20 hours ago

    Call of duty black ops 1.

  • EpicIdiot Loser
    EpicIdiot Loser 21 hour ago

    9:03 did you just make a mistake?

  • Yash Saraff
    Yash Saraff 21 hour ago

    How the hell is 999 prime number

  • Ludwig Van Bear-thoven

    Brought to you by "Adderall".

  • Unconscious
    Unconscious 22 hours ago +2


    • Warhammer Workshop
      Warhammer Workshop 6 hours ago

      That is disrespectful to Queen (the band, it's an album). Freddie is the only real god!

  • Brendon whatley
    Brendon whatley 22 hours ago

    i'm astonished he only drank one glass of water.

  • Dani Cocktail
    Dani Cocktail 22 hours ago

    Wow just wow

  • SPanunu
    SPanunu 22 hours ago

    He has to be reading this off a TelePrompTer, right? I can’t even imagine speaking for 3 hours straight, much less saying prime numbers for that long

  • AyyItsJoaquin Xxl
    AyyItsJoaquin Xxl 23 hours ago

    This immediately reminded me of the Black Ops 1 numbers☠️☠️

  • Saurab Prabhakar
    Saurab Prabhakar 23 hours ago

    could someone compile all the times where he stopped to drink from his cup thanks it'd be appreciated

  • SparkleCakez
    SparkleCakez 23 hours ago

    This gives me anxiety

  • Nutacus
    Nutacus 23 hours ago

    "The numbers Mason. What do they mean?"

  • KoderKat
    KoderKat Day ago

    This helped me get to sleep

  • Kevbo Kev
    Kevbo Kev Day ago

    I thought when you say large numbers, you don't add the "and" in there. For example, 25,321 should be read as twenty-five thousand, three-hundred twenty-one. Michael said, "twenty-five thousand, three-hundred AND twenty-one".
    DO OVER!!!!!!

  • Naruto Nanobot79

    I'm still angry at how he started when the second ticker on the clock reached twelve, which is not a prime number

  • Sir Shroomz
    Sir Shroomz Day ago

    anyone notice that smile at the very end

  • Kinoshi
    Kinoshi Day ago

    Wheres the jumpscare? I was soo expecting it

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas Day ago +2

    Lmao you can tell he just cbf anymore at multiple times in the vid

  • Dr4vec
    Dr4vec Day ago

    The numbers Mason...

  • TheMcFather
    TheMcFather Day ago

    He just saying the numbers to the broadcast in black ops 1

  • Jherman Morales
    Jherman Morales Day ago

    My father once told me, "Son, there are some things in life that we don't do for the love of God. We do them for the love of man."
    Now I know what he meant.

  • Cody Darveau
    Cody Darveau Day ago

    Please, I want this cleared, Michael. I respect you a lot, and believe that your intelligence isn't tied to the ability to recite numbers for hours.
    If this is an actual talent you have, versus you reading numbers from cards for 3 hours (both are which, in my opinion, difficult feats), I'm curious to know where your true talent lies: Crazy math skills or insane patience?
    My personal theory? You're reading from cards.
    My reasoning? You're VERY expressive about each number. You make it interesting to list each number, which I would consider a coping mechanism for being tasked with repeating a mundane task over and over again.
    The typical mind will add a rhythm or some otherwise personal expression to something mindless to them, I've found. I know nothing when it comes to the true study of human behaviour, but this is an interesting experiment you've conducted nonetheless, regardless of if I'm correct in my assumption.
    If you read this, I very much appreciate your brief attention.
    Thank you, and as always, rock on! \m/_>,..,

  • CryptoDaughter
    CryptoDaughter Day ago

    micheal looks upset

  • DarkSidious21
    DarkSidious21 Day ago

    Data ?

  • Sneaky Shark
    Sneaky Shark Day ago

    How did he remain enthusiastic throughout the entire thing? I would’ve killed myself 10 minutes in.

  • ryan cyr
    ryan cyr Day ago

    this video had the most things in it that i did not know out of any vsauce video yet

  • Mr.Sponge Dick Head


  • SeanToons Animations!

    No one actually watched this full. WHAT IS THE POINT

  • DUME85
    DUME85 Day ago

    wait this is a real video and not a compilation of bs

  • Hunter Casey
    Hunter Casey Day ago

    Fake news

  • jonathan
    jonathan Day ago

    I dont know why but when i saw prime in the title i immediately assumed it was an update/rumour on metroid prime 4

  • HenryLord
    HenryLord Day ago

    Doctor: you've got 3 hours and 32 seconds to live

  • andrew davis
    andrew davis Day ago

    his tone is exactly the same as when he speaks...

  • Lynx
    Lynx Day ago


  • Boo Radley
    Boo Radley Day ago


  • Real Macaroni
    Real Macaroni Day ago

    Sprint tryna get me to buy a LG

  • TheGoldennGamer
    TheGoldennGamer Day ago

    This is actually very soothing

  • Gamer Vs Consoles

    2:02:47 his head had too many numbers

  • Pokpong Trikalnon

    The memes!!!

  • kezneki
    kezneki Day ago

    "Phew! Finally got through all those numbers."
    "Hey Michael.. I might have some bad news.."
    "What is it?"
    "I forgot to press the record button.."

  • Andrea Klempay
    Andrea Klempay Day ago

    poor Michael

  • John Harrison
    John Harrison Day ago

    0:00 Oh god I hope he starts talking as soon as it hits twelve
    0:09 :D

  • the rat king
    the rat king Day ago

    *who hurt you?*

  • Conovan
    Conovan Day ago

    I have the urge to check if all the numbers are really prime but... please don't make me do this