• Published on Dec 26, 2017
  • Vat 19 released the world’s hottest chocolate bar (who does this? lol) earlier this year so I commandeered Alyson to try it out with me…and we barely survived! Be sure to check out Alyson’s channel & socials too! 👯
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  • Michelle Khare
    Michelle Khare  Year ago +131

    Happy holidays friends!!! Would you try this??? 🙈 Omg the Opera ending

    • Kamryn ththtmc
      Kamryn ththtmc 7 months ago

      U remind me of ihascupquake...i watched her YEAAAARRRRSSS ago

    • J Fernsten
      J Fernsten Year ago

      Yep. Wife and I did Hot Ones challenge for New Year's Eve...this will be Valentine's Day.

    • its me
      its me Year ago

      Michelle Khare for a collab idea can you have Allison teach you to dance

    • its me
      its me Year ago

      Michelle Khare i dont know how you did that! I cant handle anything spicy or ill get sick...😮

    • RussianBias KV2
      RussianBias KV2 Year ago

      Michelle Khare I bet that your dad, brother, and husband work at a 7/11

  • Zoey Rae
    Zoey Rae 21 day ago


  • Amanda J
    Amanda J 2 months ago

    Of course Alyson's doing fine, shes swallowing them whole. anybody can do that.

  • Alexanax
    Alexanax 3 months ago

    I think I know her from Disney lol

  • Dö Snälla
    Dö Snälla 3 months ago


  • Lisa Goff
    Lisa Goff 6 months ago

    You guys need to try that vodka that lowers your voice lol

  • Kamryn ththtmc
    Kamryn ththtmc 7 months ago +1

    M reminds me of tiffany...havemt seen her in YEAARS

  • I am Blanco
    I am Blanco 9 months ago

    That was a pepper this is an extract

  • Fita Vilches
    Fita Vilches 11 months ago!!!!!!!!

  • Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson

    Try to get some Icelandic Shark and eat as many cubes as you can.
    Also, if you do, alert the post office that the food is supposed to smell like that ;)

  • Parker Lovett
    Parker Lovett Year ago

    I’ve seen so many guys do so bad with this with one square, like they cannot handle it. This is the best I’ve seen it handled. Y’all are amazing!

  • Grant
    Grant Year ago

    Try death coffee

  • Mariah Plays
    Mariah Plays Year ago

    Omggg i remeber wen she was on camp rock i luv her soo muchh

  • tehe hey
    tehe hey Year ago

    whoa haven’t seen her since camp rock oooooh love her

  • lovinitxxx
    lovinitxxx Year ago

    Alison should teach you how to dance! Do a dance together!!

  • Mmina Maclang
    Mmina Maclang Year ago +1

    Alyson Stoner teaches Michelle to dance. Alyson Stoner and Max Schneider and Kurt Schneider and Victoria Justice make Michelle do a music video?

  • ashlixpanda
    ashlixpanda Year ago


  • Aj Stlucie
    Aj Stlucie Year ago +1

    Michelle you should let Alyson put you through a dancing boot camp.

  • Aj Stlucie
    Aj Stlucie Year ago

    Wow Alyson and Michelle! One video! I'm floored. I need a moment.

  • Scree
    Scree Year ago

    Alyson was my gay awakening

  • Renee Murdock
    Renee Murdock Year ago

    i had the same thing

  • jair hugues
    jair hugues Year ago

    alyson is doing the chocolate dance :)

  • Daisy Blue
    Daisy Blue Year ago

    Is the sound off in this video or is it just me?

  • Minimalist Vlogger

    interviewing people on the beach is a good collab idea!!

  • The Smirv
    The Smirv Year ago

    Chew it girl, of course you are fine, you swallow right when it enters your mouth. Cheater. Chew the damn thing then see how well you do.

  • melanie chan
    melanie chan Year ago

    Alyson looks like she’s just swallowing it though??? or is that just me

  • Willowkehler
    Willowkehler Year ago

    you guys should do a collab where alyson trains michelle like a dancer for a week

  • Autumn Bailey
    Autumn Bailey Year ago

    Two Words: Dance. Fighting.

  • Hetty Loves Food
    Hetty Loves Food Year ago

    That is something! I wouldn't of even consider trying that! Well done! 👏🏻

  • Alyson Clarke
    Alyson Clarke Year ago

    Omg my name is Alyson with a Y and my sister's name is Michele with one L. This was very trippy to watch 😂

  • c0pyimitati0n
    c0pyimitati0n Year ago

    Lame! You're supposed to eat the entire bar!!!

  • Josh Spence
    Josh Spence Year ago

    We just took the one chip challenge at work a couple weeks back. I'm curious how this compares, although that was a nightmare for about an hour.

  • Julia Duarte
    Julia Duarte Year ago

    Michelle said she’s a really good dancer, so they should do a dance collab together

  • Jesslyn
    Jesslyn Year ago

    hey michelle i love your dress where did you get that dress?

  • Pie
    Pie Year ago +1

    Do a video of boxing training with Jordon for 2 months

  • MRL
    MRL Year ago

    I’m sorry Michelle I had to laugh at this video but ily even more for making it!😂❤️

  • Kat Onion
    Kat Onion Year ago


  • Mr. Wizard Pizza
    Mr. Wizard Pizza Year ago

    hey I know MK means michelle khare but sounds like muscle kors ultra

  • Irina Lie_man
    Irina Lie_man Year ago

    I loved thissssss

  • Reina Pratt
    Reina Pratt Year ago

    I regret everything! My life...

  • ShoeBakka1
    ShoeBakka1 Year ago +3

    The girl on the left isn't chewing at all she's just swallowing them. That doesn't count.

  • Jules _Logan
    Jules _Logan Year ago

    I recognize Alison stoner from the "sweater weather" cover. One of my favorite covers.....

  • Vasun05
    Vasun05 Year ago +1

    how about the coldest foods in the world

  • Vasun05
    Vasun05 Year ago

    at one point i thought you ladies would start hallucinating

  • Ariane Long
    Ariane Long Year ago

    The editing in the video is great

  • Flora Kay
    Flora Kay Year ago

    Are you kidding me, Alison Stoner was my childhood, I always dreamt of that movie theatre scene with little Taylor Lautner on Cheaper by the Dozen !

    JOSE BODON Year ago

    Michelle what were you thinking? when you friend there has to go to the bathroom she is going to feel like she is giving birth to a set of broken dishes. that's how hot I will come out

  • I-Am-A-Fangirl Be_Afraid

    "Watcha doin?"
    Dying on Camrea

  • Toby
    Toby Year ago

    VAT 19 are amazing!

  • Ladybird 747
    Ladybird 747 Year ago

    The stoner girl didn’t even chew 🙄 lame! 👎🏽 she took nothing like a champ!

  • Richard Watson
    Richard Watson Year ago

    suuuuper late comment but keep up the great collabs, maybe feature her for epic kitchen time??? Like making the top 3 smoothies, or eating an entire pie in 2 minutes or less. Love to you all :O)

  • Maina woo bin
    Maina woo bin Year ago

    Bhoot jolokia

  • barbasulrico
    barbasulrico Year ago

    You should do a dance video together! Love you Michelle!

  • Marianne Alfaro
    Marianne Alfaro Year ago

    Two of my favorite people! 👏🏼👏🏼 Video idea: have Alyson teach you how to dance!

  • Natalie Keigwin
    Natalie Keigwin Year ago

    I don't know how she it?!

  • Vision
    Vision Year ago

    Can you and Jordan get a friend tattoo

  • Christopher White

    Is that the girl from Cheaper by the Dozen?!!?!?!?!?

  • Big Will
    Big Will Year ago

    hahahaha......instant regret as soon as it went in their mouth.

  • dcwttaoo1
    dcwttaoo1 Year ago

    That was super fun! good job! Happy new year!

    • dcwttaoo1
      dcwttaoo1 Year ago

      Chewing would have made 100 times better.

  • True Blue
    True Blue Year ago

    I want to see you do the One Chip Challenge Michelle.

  • simran kotian
    simran kotian Year ago

    Make michelle dance like dance challenge

  • Frances C
    Frances C Year ago


  • speechy_keen
    speechy_keen Year ago

    Train like a dancer for a month... it's right there :P (I know you've done that already, but Alison is QUEEN) ALSO... heck no on this chocolate LOL

  • KingHype
    KingHype Year ago

    Hahahahahha nice video:)

  • recoil53
    recoil53 Year ago +1

    You might not want that pepper to go through you really fast - they can burn on the way out.

  • JustANormalFreak
    JustANormalFreak Year ago

    Hey Michelle, I know it's a little retro but for your workout series would you try the G.I. Jane one?

  • Ariel Dorsey
    Ariel Dorsey Year ago

    You have a dark gift Sarah Baker

  • Paper Dragon
    Paper Dragon Year ago +12

    Kinda missed the melt in the mouth rule... take it like a pill is kinda cheating.

  • Christine Manton-Pfusch


  • Mr. Kranky Pants AKA Kurt

    Size doesn't matter ? Michelle, you're so hot ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂🍫🔥🌹 Toilet paper is a nice touch, "BUTT" you'll need it soon 😂🌹😂😂😂

  • malie bingham
    malie bingham Year ago

    Congratulations Alyson 🍫 Michelle Khare you did excellent with this challenge. WOW 💯💯💯💯💯 I would do it too.

  • Aly Canute
    Aly Canute Year ago

    As a kid I was always so in love with Alyson because we spell our name the same way, and she was the only person I ever met who spelled it like me. So happy to see her again, even as an adult. 😘

  • Ruben
    Ruben Year ago

    I didn't know how much I needed this until I watched this.

  • Aubree Cooper
    Aubree Cooper Year ago

    Have Allyson teach you how to dance. HAVE HER TEACH YOU THE CAMP ROCK CHOREO

  • Alyson Stoner
    Alyson Stoner Year ago +140

    Hahahhaa the best PTSD watching this. Xx

  • Haley Nieman
    Haley Nieman Year ago

    why in the world would someone invent this??????

  • Echo 9970
    Echo 9970 Year ago +1

    She just swallowed the bits am sure that don't count at all. Your meant to suck it not swallow them bits that's easy.

  • nmhowl80
    nmhowl80 Year ago +50

    Allison was clearly swallowing the pieces straight away, rather than chewing.

    • Rexfellis
      Rexfellis Year ago +9

      That's ok. I'm sure she had to replace her toilet after that night.

  • Nu O
    Nu O Year ago

    Do the LA Tough Mudder in March with Jordan and Alyson. It would be quite an interesting challenge for the three of you to collab on.

  • Savage Tea
    Savage Tea Year ago +1

    Now, I want to try the chocolate because it look so cute

  • Sophie M.
    Sophie M. Year ago

    Alyson is a beast!! Video idea: Alyson should teach Michelle a dance combo or Alyson should be in a MK Ultra video.

  • Purple Zucchini
    Purple Zucchini Year ago

    Eat a Carolina reaper! 🌶🌶🌶

  • Jackson Catlett
    Jackson Catlett Year ago

    How tf did a white girl beat an Asian girl at spice lmfao plot twist

  • Ellie F
    Ellie F Year ago

    I really want to try this now!! I’m already cocky thinking that I could do this🤔

  • John Blessing
    John Blessing Year ago

    You ladies are so much fun

  • paranoiaprincess
    paranoiaprincess Year ago +67

    You guys should do like a choreographed dance fight video. I think it would be fun. OR! You could have her be a co-hero on MK-ULTRA! I'd love to see you guys be a super hero team!

  • Mikaela Grace
    Mikaela Grace Year ago

    You guys learn tap dancing. 👯

  • Kuljeet Thind
    Kuljeet Thind Year ago

    Alyson looked so familiar and I had to look her up, I remember her from Cheaper by the Dozen 😂

  • Sarah K
    Sarah K Year ago +4

    Allison Chew it! Don’t just swallow it whole 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Aylett Kish
    Aylett Kish Year ago

    I'm so disappointed in you, Michelle! lol! just kidding! you're the best!

  • Eri Sal
    Eri Sal Year ago

    Alyson was swallowing majority of chocolate.

  • Heather McIntire
    Heather McIntire Year ago

    Dance together! Do a style of dance Alyson isn't familiar with though, maybe like Cambodian dancing or something :)

  • Heather McIntire
    Heather McIntire Year ago

    I love Alyson! She's so hilarious!

  • Sheldon Hooker
    Sheldon Hooker Year ago

    collab idea.... martial arts / dance battle MK Ultra vs Alyson (needs to find and identify her inner superhero).

  • Her Royal Hannah
    Her Royal Hannah Year ago +7

    Worlds most mild chocolate next?
    But seriously, you two could do a DANCE FIGHTING video! Use Alyson's choreography for dancing with Michelle's fighting practice, blend the two and be dance fighting super heros!

  • Joshua Henely Thornhill

    Gadamnit! Alyson is freakin killing it !!!! MAJOR props to HER !!! Again, a super cool video !!!

  • Naiko Phaphe
    Naiko Phaphe Year ago

    I thought it was Nina Dobrev

  • U'i Lishman
    U'i Lishman Year ago


  • swtsteffi16
    swtsteffi16 Year ago

    lmaoooooooo alyson is a beastttttt

  • ThroughAlyssasEyes

    RIP Alyson omg