Restaurant Bread Taste Test

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
  • Can we determine which chain restaurant will give you the best bread for no dough? Find out! GMM #1379
    Find out which bread you are!
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Comments • 7 354

  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  Year ago +1006

    Are you bready for this? We've developed a quiz to tell you which bread YOU are with 100% scientific accuracy:

    • JxT1957
      JxT1957 Month ago

      carrabba's warm italian bread dipped in their olive oil and herbs

    • Choco Phoebe4ever
      Choco Phoebe4ever 6 months ago

      Would you try super sour candys?

    • Rainbow Unicorn Ruby
      Rainbow Unicorn Ruby 8 months ago

      Good Mythical Morning the first whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat was 17 seconds long

    • MissDark Myths
      MissDark Myths 8 months ago

      Texas Roadhouse!

    • Jessica Orem
      Jessica Orem 9 months ago

      can you turn that whatttttttttttttt in to a ringtone for me please

  • laney Hesse
    laney Hesse Day ago

    theres probably a 4 year old who is a millionaire because he extrudes bread sticks in the back of Olive Garden

  • David Trejo
    David Trejo 2 days ago

    Cheddars crossaints

  • Storm Blessed
    Storm Blessed 3 days ago

    Jay-Z ain’t never been to Red Lobster in his life.

  • minisuqa on IG
    minisuqa on IG 3 days ago

    sizzlers has good cheese toast

  • Landon Y
    Landon Y 4 days ago

    I only like Olive Garden's breadsticks when I eat it with their Chicken and Gnocchi soup. On their own, the breadsticks are just sad.

  • Conectz
    Conectz 5 days ago

    Fazoli’s bread is easily #1

  • Nyle Trew Tattoos
    Nyle Trew Tattoos 6 days ago +3

    No love for the 'This is America' intro? 😂 Thought that was hilarious

  • Boner
    Boner 7 days ago

    Texas Roadhouse has literally the greatest breads I’ve ever eaten

  • AKarnold#9
    AKarnold#9 8 days ago

    Lucille's steakhouse has rolls that come with some bomb apple butter

  • AngelicDefender
    AngelicDefender 8 days ago

    Fizzolis tho

  • Moola
    Moola 9 days ago

    I don't know if it's just in Canada, but East Side Mario's has the best bread.

  • Anne Mac
    Anne Mac 10 days ago


  • Tyler Bonni
    Tyler Bonni 10 days ago +1

    I believe Nicki Minaj worked at Red Lobster

  • •cRaZy CaT•
    •cRaZy CaT• 11 days ago

    The Olive Garden needs the dressing

  • Karri Burkhart
    Karri Burkhart 11 days ago

    I agree with your top 2 breads. I love cheddar bay biscuits, and the rolls from Texas Roadhouse! At roadhouse, I'd be happy just eating the rolls and nothing else, well and of course the bucket of peanuts at your table too. 😋

  • Luke Gaier
    Luke Gaier 12 days ago

    "Butter than ranch you think?" I want you to know that I didn't miss your pun Link.

  • Becca [AMellowMarshmallow]

    For me, Texas Roadhouse is the best!

  • Kira Hunter
    Kira Hunter 14 days ago

    Road house is the one that’s better than red lobster

  • Coconut Cocktails
    Coconut Cocktails 15 days ago

    Thats not evem a biscuit thats a scone

  • Chandra Smith
    Chandra Smith 21 day ago

    Outback is pumpernickel bread

  • Craig Hipsher
    Craig Hipsher 22 days ago

    I'm from Indiana and Logan's Roadhouse has better rolls than Texas Roadhouse

  • Nat is my Name
    Nat is my Name 23 days ago

    I’ve been craving Texas road house bread🥵🥵🥵

  • Clinton Mathew
    Clinton Mathew 24 days ago

    4:36 Rhett has a foodgasm 😂😂😂

  • Vaudeo Productions
    Vaudeo Productions 25 days ago

    Aye, I’m from Clarksville, IN 🤙🏻

  • Slightly-Burnt Toast
    Slightly-Burnt Toast 26 days ago

    I know why Link talked about the Tokyo thing (to point out the merch). But a big part of the Tokyo thing is that they continue talking as if it didnt happen.

  • whatyouneverplayed tubersimulator

    I've never been to Red Lobster my mom got a box of the mix at Costco and made them a few times and I loved them. We didn't use all of it though and now what's left is sitting in the pantry expired.

  • Stevie Puglia
    Stevie Puglia 28 days ago +1

    Y’all didn’t even eat the Olive Garden breadsticks right, they are supposed to be dipped in soups, sauce, etc

    • Nick Maccioli
      Nick Maccioli 25 days ago

      Stevie Puglia Even then theyre still not good enough

  • Elizabeth Ralston
    Elizabeth Ralston 28 days ago

    The Beyoncé bit has me cackling 😂

  • Ilma Zuberi
    Ilma Zuberi Month ago

    I tried keeping my eyes open as long as Rhett does while saying what. He won.

  • Don Q Paul
    Don Q Paul Month ago +4

    OG Breadsticks with Alfredo Sauce

  • Mohammad El-Najjar
    Mohammad El-Najjar Month ago +4

    This should have been a blind taste test.

  • Jason W Kamigaki
    Jason W Kamigaki Month ago

    Absolutely. You guys nailed this order! Full love and respect for every item on the table as well!

  • rockroad17
    rockroad17 Month ago

    As a breadstick maker at Olive Garden, I'm offended.

  • Megan LaMoy
    Megan LaMoy Month ago

    When he stopped screaming, an amber alert went off on my phone!!! Perfect timing I’d say😝😋👌🏻👌🏻🇺🇸🥵👍🏻👾😁😬😬😬😬😛😛

  • Stre Ssed
    Stre Ssed Month ago +1

    I know y’all aren’t gonna agree but Olive Garden is the best in my opinion

  • Ali Cat
    Ali Cat Month ago +1

    I love Texas Roadhouse bread. My favorite way to eat it is to put the butter on the inside and then put some of the free peanuts on top

  • Joey Williams
    Joey Williams Month ago

    red lobster biscuits make me cry because they're the greatest thing i've ever tasted

  • Die Ritze
    Die Ritze Month ago +1

    can someone explain the "tokyo" -thing please?

  • idahoan dude
    idahoan dude Month ago +1

    I can't believe they have olive garden breadsticks so low! The only one I would personally have above it would be the cheddar bay biscuits.

  • Shanna Tate
    Shanna Tate Month ago +1

    If you ever get the chance, go to Saltgrass and try the beer bread. I used to work there and I swear by it now even though I work at a competing chain so I have no reason to lie.

  • Medbread 『🍞』
    Medbread 『🍞』 Month ago +2

    I don't think a single person would disagree with Red Lobster's Cheddar Bay Biscuits being the best

  • Harrison Ray
    Harrison Ray Month ago

    Where is Colton’s? Their rolls are insanely good

  • Alejandro Rodriguez
    Alejandro Rodriguez Month ago +1

    It’s so fun to see your jobs bread get judged, -coming from someone who works at Outback and Cracker Barrel 😂

  • ImRuthlessRed
    ImRuthlessRed Month ago +1

    I used to live in clarksville indiana but i still go to that texas roadhouse i didnt know it was the first one

  • Eddie Alonso
    Eddie Alonso Month ago +1

    I love the fact theses buddies sit around all day tasting food and cool stuff 😂

  • Raza Let's play
    Raza Let's play Month ago +1

    I remember one time I went to Texas Road House. I ate most of the bread in the basket(had family with me). Then got a whole nother basket made to take home with me.

  • Rum Ceha
    Rum Ceha Month ago

    I’m from Louisville

  • Doggo Dom
    Doggo Dom Month ago +1

    Olive Garden and Red Lobster have the best bread
    Don’t even @ me

  • DuBbZ RaRE308
    DuBbZ RaRE308 Month ago

    Omg, someone not from kentucky said louisville right😱

  • MadKraken
    MadKraken Month ago

    Avantis is better

  • Melc06081
    Melc06081 Month ago +2

    I've been trying to find the origin story of the "Tokyo" bit...Can someone tell me please!?

  • Katie Coewles
    Katie Coewles Month ago +1

    Ok but like,
    Texas Roadhouse bread 😍😍😍

  • Princess Peasant
    Princess Peasant Month ago

    The only thing memorable about Texas Roadhouse is their butter. Take that away and the bread is forgettable. 🤷

  • Chiller1967
    Chiller1967 2 months ago +10

    Hot and fresh makes a big difference with bread so your outcome is tainted

  • Steven Reyna
    Steven Reyna 2 months ago +1

    Olive garden logs should very much be at the bottom

  • Sophie dech
    Sophie dech 2 months ago +6

    My number 1 favorite is red lobster and number 2 favorite is Texas Roadhouse!!

  • Junoquat
    Junoquat 2 months ago

    Cheddar’s honey butter croissant.....

  • Nils Haus
    Nils Haus 2 months ago


  • Jeremy Trotter
    Jeremy Trotter 2 months ago

    U boys are as southern as grits