Restaurant Bread Taste Test

  • Published on Sep 14, 2018
  • Can we determine which chain restaurant will give you the best bread for no dough? Find out! GMM #1379
    Find out which bread you are!
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Comments • 7 258

  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  8 months ago +953

    Are you bready for this? We've developed a quiz to tell you which bread YOU are with 100% scientific accuracy:

  • Michael Gallegos
    Michael Gallegos 8 hours ago

    I was the baker for Red Lobster for a while, it was fun sometimes

  • Ranger W
    Ranger W Day ago

    No Golden Corral??

  • Jenny
    Jenny Day ago

    Cheesecake Factory does not belong so far back 😭 sorry not sorry but love ya guys!

  • Michaela
    Michaela 2 days ago

    I can’t believe they only take a single bite of bread. I would devour the entire basket, especially Texas Roadhouse bread!

  • NotSoSoviet
    NotSoSoviet 2 days ago +1

    Like if you’ve ever had the rolls from Lambert’s near Branson, MO. Those or the most holy and heavenly of rolls or bread anywhere on earth

  • Mattison Tout
    Mattison Tout 2 days ago

    Link’s mom is the “shoving breadsticks in my purse” meme

  • Dillon Adams
    Dillon Adams 3 days ago

    Someone please explain to me the Rhett “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!”

  • Let’s go Then
    Let’s go Then 4 days ago

    I just love Rhett

  • Meegan Garrity
    Meegan Garrity 4 days ago

    I like to imagine them getting this.. like the conversations asking to take home a bunch of their sample bread and sides. Like “you don’t want the leftovers from your meal? Just the bread??”

  • kens97sto171
    kens97sto171 4 days ago

    The Outback bread is best served warm.. as it comes at the restaurant.
    But I dont disagree with there ranking.
    Except for Olive Garden.. that's definitely bottom for me.

  • MF mickey215
    MF mickey215 4 days ago

    You need that Apple butter

  • Derek Fitzgerald
    Derek Fitzgerald 5 days ago

    You should of done Lucille's Smokehouse Bar-B-Que. They have the best biscuits and apple cinnamon butter🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Jessica M
    Jessica M 5 days ago

    My dad hates cheese so yes they can, lol

  • Kat Von lee
    Kat Von lee 7 days ago

    Testing strange pregnancy cravings would be something to see. Lol

  • Yasss Queens
    Yasss Queens 8 days ago

    Our olive garden provides bread sticks bags FOR YOU TO TAKE HOME

  • Caitlynne Haworth
    Caitlynne Haworth 9 days ago

    My favorite is Texas Roadhouse with ranch. It's for real bomb

  • Brennen Bilben
    Brennen Bilben 9 days ago +1

    What about famous Dave’s cornbread muffins?

  • Karen McCauley
    Karen McCauley 10 days ago

    I loved that u used this is America for theme of the theme song

  • Monique Durham
    Monique Durham 10 days ago +2

    You didn't judge my favorite...O'Charleys

    JSENNER83 12 days ago

    Cheddar Bay biscuits FTW

  • Gregg Silver
    Gregg Silver 12 days ago

    Tony Roma's!!!! Best bread!!

  • explodingminecraft killer

    I live at Victorville

  • Kennedy Wynn
    Kennedy Wynn 12 days ago

    Without even tasting, Red Lobster is hands down the best, and outback would have to be at the bottom Altho I've never had cheesecake factory

  • Genta
    Genta 13 days ago

    Eat the cracker barrel biscuits with their apple butter. Its the best.
    Also cheesecake factory sells their bread in stores now

  • Eleanor King
    Eleanor King 14 days ago

    for me it is texas roadhouse or cheesecake factory

  • Colin Kelly
    Colin Kelly 14 days ago

    This dude came when he bit into that red lobster biscuit lol

  • Tyler McD
    Tyler McD 15 days ago +1

    O'charley's is clearly the best bread.

  • Jordona Campbell
    Jordona Campbell 15 days ago

    Red lobster #1, Outback #2, roadhouse is #3 and the rest don’t matter the order lol..... smh 🙄

  • Jordona Campbell
    Jordona Campbell 15 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks that Olive Garden breadsticks used to taste better in the past? Like they were better quality?

  • Trevor Cann
    Trevor Cann 15 days ago

    You guys should try bread from the keg 👌

  • FTExXSgtKoreyXx
    FTExXSgtKoreyXx 16 days ago

    The bread rap at the beginning is smooth

  • Alyssa Brianne
    Alyssa Brianne 16 days ago

    “Mommy that man’s lickin’ his rolls” lol

  • Claire Havlicek
    Claire Havlicek 18 days ago +1

    Ill say it once ill say it again. Red Lobster is salty af and not amazing at all

  • Cchan2002 11037
    Cchan2002 11037 19 days ago

    I haven’t eaten any of these restaurant breads before. I wanna try them one day.

    • StrawMaple 28489
      StrawMaple 28489 19 days ago

      Cchan2002 11037 I like Texas Roadhouse bread the most but red lobster is pretty good too

  • Neighborhood nimrods
    Neighborhood nimrods 19 days ago

    I feel like they prefer red lobster bread than everything else and they just like they cheddar bay over that other bread so they just put it on top there blinded by there love for red lobster

  • Nifty Hamster
    Nifty Hamster 20 days ago +1

    I’m so offended. Cheesecake Factory bread is the best.

    CASH BRIGHT 20 days ago

    This is America cover

  • Ingrid Matos-Hoogliuter

    Y’all definitely missed a “On the Ryes” as the pun

  • Shawn Harrington
    Shawn Harrington 23 days ago

    Disagree cheddar bays are overrated af

  • Elizabeth Hess
    Elizabeth Hess 24 days ago

    Um HELLO where is the Sizzler cheese toast

  • jacob watkins-davis
    jacob watkins-davis 24 days ago

    I’ve never had red lobster bread.

  • Skuller Dude
    Skuller Dude 25 days ago

    Try outbacks chocolate bread sauce
    It’s delicious

  • Tiny Nuggz
    Tiny Nuggz 25 days ago

    Cheese cake factory bread looks like a turd with corn in it

  • Tiny Nuggz
    Tiny Nuggz 25 days ago +1

    Texas Roadhouse is my favorite

  • Jason Peck
    Jason Peck 25 days ago

    6:08 I want this to be my alarm

  • Filip Von Filbert
    Filip Von Filbert 25 days ago

    1like=1prayer for Links Aunt Swan

  • Cole Sorensen
    Cole Sorensen 26 days ago +2

    #3 should've been "On The Rye's"

  • Cierra A.
    Cierra A. 27 days ago

    Cheesecake totally deserves to be top 3!

  • AllPepper No Salt
    AllPepper No Salt 27 days ago

    You should have done claim jumper bread

  • Paige Matar
    Paige Matar 28 days ago

    I used to work at Olive Garden pretty much what they said was true lol

  • Jeremiah H
    Jeremiah H 28 days ago

    It's not free because you need to order a meal. Also, don't try it in Europe. They don't do "free" bread. They charge for each piece.

  • demonkey610
    demonkey610 29 days ago +1

    The way you named the game. Ew

  • Allison Mae
    Allison Mae 29 days ago +1

    Olive garden bread sticks are just Nickles brand bread sticks brushed with a garlic butter
    #yourwelcome 😂

  • Hailey Morris
    Hailey Morris 29 days ago

    I am from Louisville and LINK you said it right omg 😂😁

  • mariefaith
    mariefaith Month ago

    But those rolls at Ocharleys...

  • Michael Mujadin
    Michael Mujadin Month ago

    it's official Rett and Link are racists because of them ranking all the brown bread and not local to America, or any bread remotely ethnic is ranked lower than the American based ones!

  • E R
    E R Month ago

    This is a bread basket
    You got me munchin on
    You gon spread butter on
    Look how Im rankin em WHOOO!

  • AJ •
    AJ • Month ago

    Whoever writes the puns needs a raise

  • Soy SanVega
    Soy SanVega Month ago

    This is America? really? bruh

  • Flea Christenson
    Flea Christenson Month ago

    It’s been almost 30 years since I’ve seen a bread stick from Olive Garden that’s that golden brown. Now they’re just pale and yuck.

  • ღ Anime Angel ღ

    No one is commenting about Rhetts shirt

  • Amanda Foster
    Amanda Foster Month ago

    It's all about Lucille's biscuits and butter

  • 5 Percent Juice
    5 Percent Juice Month ago

    Olive Garden's breadsticks have always felt too dense for the flavoring. Maybe if the bread itself was lighter and didn't feel like a brick when it cooled even slightly, I'd like it more. It would be better if they cut it in half lengthwise and put a good garlic butter on the inside.

  • Neat Gifts
    Neat Gifts Month ago

    They missed out on what I think probably would have been number two behind Red Lobster. The only thing I like that Churchs Chicken sales but you have to get them fresh. Their biscuits are really good. So good you know they must be really bad for you.

  • Hugues Laliberte
    Hugues Laliberte Month ago

    Greetings and Salutations from Canada....I agree on the Red Lobster even tho we only have that and very few Outbacks. Love the tee shirt...Cats Rule

  • Yiggie’s World
    Yiggie’s World Month ago


  • GriimLiin 1206
    GriimLiin 1206 Month ago

    I ate red lobster biscuits and they tasted like cheese its

  • •-•Solar_Eclipse •-•

    Oprah is shook

  • Lauren Mobley
    Lauren Mobley Month ago

    I'm allergic to seafood, so I only go to Red Lobster's for those biscuits.

  • Craig Webb
    Craig Webb Month ago

    Texas road house is number 1 thats butter sets it off

  • CdtHager
    CdtHager Month ago

    I’m gonna make a lot of people hate me. I HATE Red Lobster’s biscuits. I think they’re dry, almost flavorless lumps of overhyped disappointment

  • Joey Sullivan
    Joey Sullivan Month ago

    You should not have rated outback that low it is the BEST bread on earth it taste like candy and is very good you uncultured bread swine. I will not be leaving a thumbs up on this and I will not subscribe either. Now if you will excuse me I must go to Outback to eat that candy bread.
    -Cameron Bloemendaal, Bread Connoisseur

    PSKPRO Month ago

    Restaurant bread isn’t free here, they give you bread constantly and each time you get the bread they charge you €2 (around $2.6) And it usually comes out to an extra $12 to the bill

  • Nathan Benuck
    Nathan Benuck Month ago

    Cheddar Bay biscuits are basically cheesy pancake mix biscuits. But they're still so perfect.

  • Christian Soto
    Christian Soto Month ago +1

    cheesecake factory brown bread should've been number 1, change my mind

  • John Goodman
    John Goodman Month ago

    Lol Link was particularly grumpy this time

  • Savannah Pless
    Savannah Pless Month ago

    Where is the longhorn bread????

  • Lumen Lights
    Lumen Lights Month ago +2

    wait so i've been eatin at the og texas roadhouse this whole time and never knew

  • Lindsay Lawson
    Lindsay Lawson Month ago

    Bro if they’d gotten Claim Jumper’s cheesy bread loaf, there’d be no contest. I’ve eaten like three loaves of that perfection

  • Autumn Hutchison
    Autumn Hutchison Month ago

    9:31 “daddy lick that” I’m deaddddd

  • Jeffrey Wong
    Jeffrey Wong Month ago

    What's the story behind the Tokyo thing?

  • Amanda Ferocious
    Amanda Ferocious Month ago

    Yes to the Roadhouse.

  • Gemini Gemstone
    Gemini Gemstone Month ago

    Instead of driving so far for crack and barrel they should have gone to Lucille's, they have amazing sweet biscuits with apple butter... Mmmmmmmmm

  • sophie s
    sophie s Month ago

    texas rode house should be there. there bread is amazing!
    didn’t watch the whole vid. just saw it.

  • Tayler Vick
    Tayler Vick Month ago

    Wow for once my state made something incredible no wonder I see Texas roadhouse everywhere

  • DaRealJacobSousa
    DaRealJacobSousa Month ago

    "No, daddy lick that."- Rhett

  • Mimineko101
    Mimineko101 Month ago +2

    9:30 🤣 what did he just call him?

  • LexyLovesYew
    LexyLovesYew Month ago

    OG breadsticks are so good with their dressing

  • Devin Kassa
    Devin Kassa Month ago

    did NO ONE catch “daddy lick that”😂😂

  • Jasper Nova
    Jasper Nova Month ago

    Fresh cheddar biscuits or fresh Texas Roadhouse bread is perfect on a heavenly level.

  • BaRRioSS 101
    BaRRioSS 101 Month ago

    So what's the deal when he says Tokyo?

  • Tierra Marie
    Tierra Marie Month ago

    I love olive garden breadsticks, but I cant eat them dry. I usually order they're alfredo dipping.sauce or just dip them in my alfredo entree 😋

  • bigpigslapper Oink
    bigpigslapper Oink Month ago

    Link is such a girly man. Someone needs to get him some man lessons, please.

    • blone14707
      blone14707 Month ago

      bigpigslapper Oink gender roles are a social construuuuucccttt

    • bigpigslapper Oink
      bigpigslapper Oink Month ago

      +blone14707 "Or like" he could butch up and be a man.

    • blone14707
      blone14707 Month ago

      bigpigslapper Oink or like, he could just be himself

  • AbbyRuth Goalie
    AbbyRuth Goalie Month ago

    The best is Mario’s

  • Ashly Chavez
    Ashly Chavez Month ago

    Texas Roadhouse will always be the best bread in the world for me.

  • Megan Port
    Megan Port Month ago

    Lucille’s shoulda been in here

  • Cameron VanCleave
    Cameron VanCleave Month ago

    Anybody else from Indiana and really close to Clarksville, Indiana.

  • Jojoscar
    Jojoscar Month ago

    i love those TRH biscuits and did NOT need to know the calories! I've definitely eaten an entire basket of those in one sitting by myself!

  • victoria field
    victoria field Month ago

    i be at texas roadhouse everyday and ion be seeing you 😂. legendary food legendary service face ass.