Tangy Fruit Salad | Gordon Ramsay

  • Published on Sep 23, 2018
  • A unique twist on a simple dish.
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Comments • 759

  • Pak Bear
    Pak Bear 8 days ago

    inimh ujak buahh

  • farzan farzan
    farzan farzan 13 days ago

    The way of his working....
    The style of his understanding is just incrediable🤗🤗🤗🤗💖💖

  • PowerfulPreacher
    PowerfulPreacher 26 days ago +1

    Trust me you don't know how smart he is

  • Tejee Gill
    Tejee Gill 29 days ago

    That must be really sour

  • Adam Mummy
    Adam Mummy Month ago

    I love the way u put life in food 😮 wow

  • Jeisia Kandou
    Jeisia Kandou Month ago

    RUJAK!! 😍😍😍

  • Sofía A
    Sofía A 2 months ago

    I don’t know if it’s just me but I freaked out a bit when he didn’t cut off the ‘heart’ of the pineapple.

  • twiced2twicer
    twiced2twicer 2 months ago +1

    It's rujak

  • Eva Prince
    Eva Prince 2 months ago

    use li hing mui powder instead of tamarind and sugar

  • nina prastika
    nina prastika 3 months ago +1

    kurang terasi kang

  • Killa Skrilla
    Killa Skrilla 3 months ago

    Dayum bruh tryna find sumthin nice too cook for tha loe but all these dishes gone run you at least 450$ just in transport tryna find all tha groceries lol...

  • Agung teguh
    Agung teguh 3 months ago +1

    Wow he can make rujak

  • BLOP
    BLOP 4 months ago

    Fruit salad. Yummy yummy.
    Fruit salad. In my tummy.
    Fruit salad. Bitches love me.
    Im a wiggles.

  • namjoons rejected handshake

    His voice though can i get an uwu

  • Alfabicara Podcast
    Alfabicara Podcast 4 months ago +1

    It's called RUJAK

  • AlienMidget123
    AlienMidget123 4 months ago +2


  • Kimmyo He
    Kimmyo He 5 months ago

    "Rujak", google it, thank me later.

  • Carlos Ace
    Carlos Ace 5 months ago


  • assassin nation
    assassin nation 5 months ago

    mr ramsay sir, is this your "signature dish"? or do you take the inspiration from somewhere else. because as far as i knew this kind of fruit salad menu is way way older than me in south east asia.

  • Genzui Kudo
    Genzui Kudo 5 months ago

    make icecream

  • Suwandi Suwandi
    Suwandi Suwandi 5 months ago

    In Indonesia we called it, "Rujak Buah".

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 6 months ago

    He forgot to season the cutting board.

  • Andres Artunduaga
    Andres Artunduaga 6 months ago

    Gordón soy seguidor tuyo eres un crack un saludo desde España en español PLiss

  • CHADIJAH Tuasikal
    CHADIJAH Tuasikal 6 months ago

    In Indonesia 🇮🇩...We call it ASINAN / RUJAK (tradisional food)...usually use fruit or fresh vegetable..🇮🇩

  • Chickerlicker
    Chickerlicker 6 months ago

    someone please tell me if you can get all the ingredients from walmart

  • raspberry nov
    raspberry nov 6 months ago

    In Indonesia call rujak 🙈

  • Papat Marga Maulani
    Papat Marga Maulani 6 months ago

    In Indonesia it called RUJAK

  • Mighty Boosh
    Mighty Boosh 6 months ago

    Gordon makes salad , kitchen looks perfectly clean , I make salad looks like I used a samarai sword to massacre a fruit market

  • MC Goh
    MC Goh 6 months ago

    Boring but sweet

  • Playonmob
    Playonmob 6 months ago

    haha, chilly pepper is a fruit ?

  • Rafia Khan
    Rafia Khan 6 months ago

    Hello, I know you are great but you can't have a tangy fruit salad without a pomelo and a carambola. Also, Mango, I think not. and for that matter, wtf are the cucumbers for? There's enough tangy fruit in the world to balance that palm sugar.
    Tangy is very good. Go the distance with tangy

  • MikoSonya
    MikoSonya 7 months ago

    certain brown bits on the pineapple surface are sharp depend on the variety of pineapple you bought. But most Asians prefer to remove the brown bits throughly before they eat pineapple to avoid unpleasent experience eating pineapple.

  • Mohammad Fandi Kurnia
    Mohammad Fandi Kurnia 7 months ago

    maybe you should try our fruit salad : Rujak

  • Ara Y
    Ara Y 7 months ago

    Apaan nih rujak?

  • Dwi Nanda Banu Putera
    Dwi Nanda Banu Putera 7 months ago

    Rujak 😂

  • LadyScar
    LadyScar 7 months ago

    I wonder how cashews would taste if you subbed them for the peanuts.

  • godofgaming 77
    godofgaming 77 7 months ago

    I'm gonna have to wake up at like 4 in the morning to get this recipe done on time

  • jason
    jason 7 months ago

    looks like shit mr ramsey

  • Haris Moskva
    Haris Moskva 7 months ago

    Rujak manis ala gordon

  • Cademan Caden
    Cademan Caden 7 months ago

    I'm on a Ramsay binge

  • Kingstoler -
    Kingstoler - 7 months ago

    The seeds don't contain any heat in chili. They might be coated with some of the capsaicin from the white inner walls of the chili but the seeds themselves don't produce heat.

  • it's is my life abd you cant say nuttin!

    Fruit salad yummy yummy fruit salad in my tummy

  • Israel Sandoval
    Israel Sandoval 7 months ago

    Every Mexican watching this wants to try this

  • Stefan Milisic
    Stefan Milisic 7 months ago


  • cole tanner
    cole tanner 7 months ago

    Is It detrimental to the dish without the Peanuts? I don't love that flavor profile. Is there another complimentary profile?

  • Solarity _
    Solarity _ 7 months ago

    Does anyone know if this recipe is in his cookbook?

  • navarrette family family

    Hi Gordon Ramsay

  • sampanna
    sampanna 7 months ago

    isnt this a clip from an old episode?

  • Fortune Bright
    Fortune Bright 7 months ago

    pleasure to hear and watch

  • ICantThinkOfAName
    ICantThinkOfAName 7 months ago

    I love pineapples but i somehow find it stupid on a pizza

  • Htat Lin
    Htat Lin 7 months ago

    Mango salad

  • ShoonKairuTV
    ShoonKairuTV 7 months ago

    cause nobody likes roasted nuts...

    props if you figure out where i got that quote.

  • Ciera Ruzicho
    Ciera Ruzicho 7 months ago

    This recipe reminds me of a papaya salad, the dressing is almost the same

  • Sara Ibrahim
    Sara Ibrahim 7 months ago

    Now i'm hungry

  • Sasquatchz Lane
    Sasquatchz Lane 7 months ago

    i was rubbing the chilli and then accidentaly rubbed my eye ...... :/

  • CallOfPundy1192
    CallOfPundy1192 7 months ago

    "I'm gonna use all the chili, half the seeds" *pours all but two seeds in-

    • BlueFox94
      BlueFox94 5 months ago

      He didn't include the bunched hive of seeds stored inside and right beneath the stem. The rubbing roughly causes half the seeds to fall down to the tip of the chili.

  • TaTTyy Here
    TaTTyy Here 7 months ago +1

    3:16 why did u get satisfied over those sounds?...

  • Louie Wld
    Louie Wld 7 months ago

    I'll use Tajín

  • Scar Ak
    Scar Ak 7 months ago

    C R U S H!

  • Joel Kennedy
    Joel Kennedy 7 months ago

    "There's no problem with a few brown bits" = "I know we're all too fucking lazy so don't worry about it"

  • Nirmal Thap
    Nirmal Thap 7 months ago

    Good choice of putting peanuts in a fruit salad as fruits have lot of fiber and vitamins but don't have protein and healthy fats

  • Shona Chindy
    Shona Chindy 7 months ago

    That is " Rujak Manis" in Indonesia..

  • Tokatt
    Tokatt 7 months ago

    0:44 where can you get that from? And palm sugar where can you buy that too? I want to rie this but im a noob I cant cook. I dont know where to find these stuff they dont sell it in any store.

  • DNG Rex
    DNG Rex 7 months ago

    Oh wait I think he forgot something...WHERE'S THE LAMB SAUCE?

  • ena81xx
    ena81xx 7 months ago

    French press coffee?! This is how I know Gordon is overrated.

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers 7 months ago

    Yeah sure. Chilli in the morning, get acidity and indigestion. Not to mention ulcers.

  • joe mhar pascual
    joe mhar pascual 7 months ago

    Who else got bothered with those pineapple eyes that he did not removed????

  • corbeau
    corbeau 7 months ago

    why do I always watch this crap when I've just spent my money

  • Liam Dienemann
    Liam Dienemann 7 months ago

    The seeds are not where the heat is :/

  • Follow The Grow
    Follow The Grow 7 months ago

    Tangy dick hole salad

  • Marex Kai
    Marex Kai 7 months ago

    Chili, cucumber and fruit? I'd tell him to fuck off.

  • JoeTuub77
    JoeTuub77 7 months ago

    Gordon is acting like he made up that recipe, he is just making what in indonesia they call rujak. Might have variants in malaysia also I think.

  • bradley
    bradley 7 months ago

    Looks vile, Gordon.

  • GroovyBearTV
    GroovyBearTV 7 months ago +1

    Gordon chopping chilli is so satisfying to watch

  • Paki name
    Paki name 7 months ago +1

    Roasted nuts

  • kait turner
    kait turner 7 months ago


  • Dhani Zakariya
    Dhani Zakariya 7 months ago


  • admin _yuki
    admin _yuki 7 months ago

    Well you call it asinan in indonesia

  • Hells_Guitarist
    Hells_Guitarist 7 months ago

    The wiggles did it better

  • Jake Bagger
    Jake Bagger 7 months ago

    why am i watching this at 1:30 in the morning
    i don't even cook

  • Sharm A
    Sharm A 7 months ago

    Chili or pepper flakes tamarind paste
    Peanuts salt crushed them
    Pineapple aples pears cucumber mango

  • The Dark Hour
    The Dark Hour 7 months ago

    Reminds me or Rojak/Rujak

  • jay lava
    jay lava 7 months ago

    too hot chef.

  • Live,Love, Laugh
    Live,Love, Laugh 7 months ago +1

    *Talented World Renowned Chief* 💕

  • Du Walker
    Du Walker 7 months ago

    wow sir

  • Vkxemi
    Vkxemi 7 months ago

    *violently rubs*
    give it a little rub
    me: aight
    now get a *knife*
    me: well fuck

  • Donovan Lawrence
    Donovan Lawrence 7 months ago

    The way he’s talking in the background and the music at the end sounded like he was trying to be the “crocodile hunter of the kitchen”.. coconut hunter

  • jondea mon
    jondea mon 7 months ago

    Gives me Thai vibes.

  • Fantomas
    Fantomas 7 months ago

    Peanuts? Really? Uh no.

  • Khammy Xaysongkham
    Khammy Xaysongkham 7 months ago

    Love your kitchen

  • NewFiegirl Holly
    NewFiegirl Holly 7 months ago

    Wow😯I'm druling

  • Wilbur the furry curry
    Wilbur the furry curry 7 months ago

    So you can eat the middle of the PINEAPPLE? I did not knoe.how idiotic of me...

  • Jona  Villo
    Jona Villo 7 months ago


  • JAR
    JAR 7 months ago

    oh the cucumber in that is such a good idea

  • jacob shears
    jacob shears 7 months ago

    Why don't you just eat an apple

  • FallenZCreator
    FallenZCreator 7 months ago

    Imagine the day when Gordon does the old, "Give your meat a good ol' rub" when he's doing his thing.

  • firdian surya
    firdian surya 7 months ago

    Indonesian "RUJAK"

  • Redwarrior11
    Redwarrior11 7 months ago

    "Give it a little rub"
    *Yeaha BOi*

  • joy division xx
    joy division xx 7 months ago


  • χωρίς πεντάγραμμο

    That was asmr..