5 AWESOME Watermelon Food Life Hacks You Should Try!

  • Published on Sep 9, 2016
  • 5 AWESOME Watermelon Food Life Hacks You Should Try with crazy russian hacker! | Subscribe: bit.ly/Sub2FuriousPete
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  • Ciaira Pettit
    Ciaira Pettit 8 days ago

    I only came to see watermelon bc I’m craving for watermeloon

  • Georgiana Ogden
    Georgiana Ogden 2 months ago

    Why can’t i go back and see it from the beginning????

  • Elle W.
    Elle W. 2 months ago

    Anyone else want fresh watermelon in November?

  • Fun Squad
    Fun Squad 4 months ago +1

    2:56 - 3:02 so thats how my class teacher cut the watermelon for all the children!!!

  • 707stonah
    707stonah 4 months ago


  • Nightcore Blueberrys
    Nightcore Blueberrys 5 months ago

    uhh.. I just got triggered by the fact you guys did not use a cutting board...

  • Dương Nghé Nick
    Dương Nghé Nick 5 months ago

    It's so cringy when he doesn't use a cutting board

  • NillyC
    NillyC 5 months ago

    Wear gloves and a cutting board :'(

  • Teresa Walker
    Teresa Walker 6 months ago

    It has been two years since the last comment so I'm thinking that they have probably figured out by now that you are more likely to injure yourself using a dull knife versus a sharp one. Dude looked accident prone already. I was cringing and also left wondering if that kitchen is equipped with such a fancy masher, certainly there was a funnel somewhere. Thanks for the tips, though! I enjoyed watching.

  • Haymaker ubettalookout
    Haymaker ubettalookout 6 months ago

    That watermelon is gmo.. ... its not good so stop lying

  • Anne Gonzalez
    Anne Gonzalez 6 months ago

    My heart goes out to that counter 💔
    (Use a cutting board next time, save the counter)

  • Kalilou Kaba
    Kalilou Kaba 6 months ago

    That great you are

  • Timothy Keating
    Timothy Keating 6 months ago

    Youse fellas are awesome

  • chikara ogihara
    chikara ogihara 7 months ago

    I wouldn’t eat any watermelon if you guys cut it for me!
    What a mess and unappetizing!

  • Scott Johnson
    Scott Johnson 7 months ago

    Prefer the ruski in this occasion but i have a meathead allergy

  • TabbyKat
    TabbyKat 7 months ago

    I will watch his videos just to see him.. 🤷

  • Lorraine Doyno
    Lorraine Doyno 7 months ago


  • Meg Pie
    Meg Pie 7 months ago

    So fun!!!!!

  • pond Dude
    pond Dude 7 months ago

    Cringing watching them in the beginning

  • isabellaedits;
    isabellaedits; 8 months ago

    im here

  • Renee Smith
    Renee Smith 8 months ago

    what happen to your arm????????????

  • Thaufer og
    Thaufer og 8 months ago

    In fasting smh

  • Jungkook 1997
    Jungkook 1997 8 months ago

    1:57 the other guy speaking sounds a little bit like taehyung when he speaks english and i cant unhear that😂

  • Tim Robbins
    Tim Robbins 8 months ago

    I know you can cut on those counter tops but.... just think how sharp your knives could still be if you used a wood or plastic cutting board.

    AMINATH SHABANA 9 months ago

    What happens to your hand

  • Lachlan Stephen
    Lachlan Stephen 9 months ago +2

    It's called being ambidextrous

  • Triax 13
    Triax 13 9 months ago

    7:09 ummmm, is it only me who feels like that hack was completely useless.

  • Bshhys Yshushushus
    Bshhys Yshushushus 10 months ago

    Why do I feel uncomfortable watching this video

  • Killer• TwT
    Killer• TwT 10 months ago

    The Russian is SOOO cute to me hahah I dunno I'm weird but he seems so adorable

  • p6n
    p6n 11 months ago

    Can you do a hack how to get all the seeds out

  • The Canadian Video Photographer

    Wow lol “crazy Russian hacker” : 6:47 that was mean

  • Lil Sick Pump
    Lil Sick Pump Year ago

    A video on how to cut a watermelon

  • Bobby Neacsu
    Bobby Neacsu Year ago

    OR you can just eat water melon without all the theatrics..

  • Josh Gualdarama
    Josh Gualdarama Year ago

    It good food to eat🍉

  • Saiful Saiful
    Saiful Saiful Year ago

    Are med

  • Raziel R
    Raziel R Year ago

    It has not even a single seed. How's that possible?

  • KK64
    KK64 Year ago

    Safety is number one priority

  • Joy Thangeng
    Joy Thangeng Year ago

    How do u do that

  • Alfarro Jusuf
    Alfarro Jusuf Year ago

    what happend to furiouses hand?

  • Zsavage1
    Zsavage1 Year ago


  • To_Official16
    To_Official16 Year ago

    I tried the second hack and it was amazing and it worked! Thank you guys for showing me how to do that.

  • Stormzyyy
    Stormzyyy Year ago

    What Pete broke his arm and I did not notice wow hope your arm gets better if it is broken 😢😢👍👍😃😃😄😄😅😅😊😊

    SAKz GAMING Year ago

    What is the song at the end called I really like please let me know

  • BatyGaming
    BatyGaming Year ago

    10:20 watermalon with all the seeds and not a clear smoothie

  • JHARED Cool Condecido

    The first one

  • Joseph Fredericks

    Pete is way too full of himself

  • jj krt
    jj krt Year ago

    5:40 irl

  • William vlogs
    William vlogs Year ago

    Boom boom😂

  • Kerry Chen
    Kerry Chen Year ago

    So you like watermelon with trash?

  • Carlos Morales
    Carlos Morales Year ago

    ´´why eat watermelon when you can drink it`` am i the only one who thinks doing the last hack is stupid like srsly why did u say that when u can just blend it it want make a mess if its a blender from 2013 (im not hating)

  • walkwitmeh427
    walkwitmeh427 Year ago

    Eating watermelon while watching this.

  • يوسف ٰ
    يوسف ٰ Year ago

    I don’t like watermelon 🍉 that much

    But the juice amazing

  • Mikal Hopkins
    Mikal Hopkins Year ago

    I hate watermelons

  • Rylan Largent
    Rylan Largent Year ago

    I am ambidextrous

  • Minecraft GamingTV


  • Minecraft GamingTV
    Minecraft GamingTV Year ago +1

    Lol cool video

  • TryAgain115
    TryAgain115 Year ago

    *slurp* NOIcE

  • Harmony Jones
    Harmony Jones Year ago

    This video was boring 👎

  • F3AR
    F3AR Year ago

    Love watermelon

  • TripToMoon
    TripToMoon Year ago +1

    *In Soviet Russia the Watermelon Hacks You.*