Celebrate The New Year With Candied Sweet Potatoes and Sweet Dumplings • Tasty


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  • Sharmin Chowdhury
    Sharmin Chowdhury 3 days ago

    Danger. Look and awesome

  • Sharmin Chowdhury
    Sharmin Chowdhury 3 days ago

    U r pretty amazing 😍

  • zhizhi hu
    zhizhi hu 3 days ago

    Omggg I’m from China and I love the candied sweet potato and also the 汤圆(tang yuan which is the sesame dumpling)💗💗💘💘💘💘💘😂💖🎉🎉🙈🙈

  • Megan Ong
    Megan Ong 3 days ago

    Tang yuan is my favourite

  • Ethna Meiger
    Ethna Meiger 5 days ago

    OMGGGg yes nostalgia

  • Natasha Chu
    Natasha Chu 6 days ago

    In my area, tong yuan filled ith small pieces of palm sugar

  • Velly
    Velly 6 days ago +1


  • Erin Huang
    Erin Huang 6 days ago

    damn, this makes me so homesick... (then I go down to the local Asian market and get some frozen sweet dumplings lol

  • Bella Felize
    Bella Felize 6 days ago

    I think the candied sweet potato is what inspired the Kamote-cue served in the Philippines.

  • Icefreak
    Icefreak 7 days ago

    chinese new year tl;dr: the more you can do something, the more wealth, good fortune, and health you will receive

  • Bobcat !
    Bobcat ! 7 days ago

    I thought it was hair on like chicken from the title

  • millennial sleek
    millennial sleek 7 days ago

    The sweet candies potatoes in the thumbnail looked like bacon with white hair on it

  • Lit Lenzo
    Lit Lenzo 7 days ago

    Good video as always but me lit lenzo I also make cooking videos so please check out and subscribe to my channel lit lenzo thanks

  • Lilli R
    Lilli R 8 days ago

    a little tip: if you wanna veganize the tang yuan, just use coconut oil instead of butter. It works the same :)

  • Ran Wang
    Ran Wang 8 days ago

    It looks pretty good, that black sesame balls should have a good taste.

  • Sarah Yang
    Sarah Yang 9 days ago +1

    noo it is 15 days of celebrating lunar new year

  • Louise Marie
    Louise Marie 9 days ago

    this video was so pure

  • Henry Windsor Rurikovich

    yummy ;)

  • laiba fatima khan
    laiba fatima khan 9 days ago +1

    3:11 looks like rasgulla
    if any indian agree hit like

  • Florian Fermont
    Florian Fermont 9 days ago

    You shoud make the most gourdious grilled cheese sandwitch

  • Renezel Joy Patriarca

    In the Philippines we call this camote cue

  • Arnan Ecle
    Arnan Ecle 9 days ago

    Camoteque in the philippines.

  • Grace Setiarto
    Grace Setiarto 10 days ago +1

    "Hi, I'm Jin"
    Me: *chokes* "JIN!? KIM SEOKJ---"
    I want to make a joke sooo baaaddd!! But I also don't want to annoy non-ARMYs 😅😅

    • Ahh Meng
      Ahh Meng 7 days ago +1

      Grace Setiarto i get it girrrlll😂

  • Erika Dominique Baltazar

    Almost like camote cue

    ALEX DING 10 days ago


  • LOEY's girl
    LOEY's girl 10 days ago

    Kamote cue to sa Pinas eh 😂

  • Yuxin Pan
    Yuxin Pan 10 days ago


  • Prathyush J.
    Prathyush J. 10 days ago

    The first guy's story was so heartwarming, I hope he gets to see his family soon

  • Bruno Ignatius Wartofsky (Student)

    i have to try this

  • yaya
    yaya 10 days ago

    Fun Fact: Lunar New Year lasts for 15 days !

  • Red except he is actually sans

    I'm here and somehow I don't cook it at all.....

  • armygum zz
    armygum zz 10 days ago +1

    jin likes cooking and is a good cooker

  • Zaeah Lou Tolentino
    Zaeah Lou Tolentino 10 days ago

    I've had those and they're so good 😍

  • Coucou H.
    Coucou H. 10 days ago

    I think that was chiken 😂
    (Sorry i dont speak english so much if i have some fault tell me

  • Emily Black Gacha
    Emily Black Gacha 10 days ago

    I love my gramma she the best

  • TheEnzyme
    TheEnzyme 10 days ago

    What new year are you celebrating?

  • FrozenEmperor90
    FrozenEmperor90 10 days ago

    Ooo he's new

  • Baby_ Genn
    Baby_ Genn 10 days ago


  • thetomatomonster11
    thetomatomonster11 10 days ago

    For some reason, in japan, the candied sweet potatoes are called “Daigaku Imo”, or University potato... weird 🤔

  • Ujjal Das
    Ujjal Das 10 days ago

    Roshogolla. 🙃

  • NoRaisinsPlease
    NoRaisinsPlease 10 days ago

    That candied potato is a no no

  • Thomas The Tank Engine

    So many unusual recipes all i want you to make is sheperds pie please you dont have to use a voice over im fine without it

  • H
    H 10 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like Doritos covered in cat fur..

  • Shel Her16
    Shel Her16 10 days ago

    Kung hei fat choi!

  • KoolKatscomix YT
    KoolKatscomix YT 11 days ago

    The Chinese he said was HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR.

  • tris. s
    tris. s 11 days ago


  • Hyunjin's Clothing
    Hyunjin's Clothing 11 days ago

    CANDIED SWEET POTATOES ! ! ! ! ! ! ! >:00000

  • Park jimin mochi
    Park jimin mochi 11 days ago +2

    Hi I'm Jin?
    My brain : Seokjin oppa?😂💜

  • Alexander
    Alexander 11 days ago

    why is nobody talking about it being the year of the pig

  • Alexander
    Alexander 11 days ago

    never liked tang yuan, im a big fan on yuan zi though

  • Alexander
    Alexander 11 days ago

    xin nian kuai le wan shi ru yi long me zhing shen sry i cant type chinese

  • Zeal Taiatini
    Zeal Taiatini 11 days ago

    Who else just watches this channel because they get hungry

  • 💞ꌗ💞ꍏ💞ꎇ💞ꀤ💞


  • Night As Lightx
    Night As Lightx 11 days ago


  • Rose Caz
    Rose Caz 11 days ago

    Kamote Q!! 😂😂😂

  • Nyxofdead YT
    Nyxofdead YT 11 days ago

    I wanna fight who ever disliked this

  • Joyce Chen
    Joyce Chen 11 days ago

    t a n g y u a n

  • Amber Allen
    Amber Allen 11 days ago

    I thought that was blonde hair on the potatoes in the thumbnail. I was about to say. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lucas Braband
    Lucas Braband 11 days ago

    U should make a giant chocolate chip cookie

  • Excuse me Pardon?
    Excuse me Pardon? 11 days ago

    Tasty must try to make food in same

  • Bee Phenix
    Bee Phenix 11 days ago

    Raise ur hand if ur Asian

  • Follower
    Follower 11 days ago

    Anybody else think that was hair on the food in the thumbnail

  • Maggie Tang - Levi Creek PS (1546)

    I actually had these dishes on Chinese new year

  • Cheng's Kitchen
    Cheng's Kitchen 11 days ago

    Btw ur supposed to dip the potatoes in cold water so u don’t burn ur mouth with molten sugar

  • kim taeca
    kim taeca 11 days ago +2

    Do every Jin knows how to cook😂
    1like if u understands😅

  • 黄瀚元
    黄瀚元 11 days ago


  • Man ZHOU
    Man ZHOU 11 days ago

    it is not a dessert.

  • XxShadowWolfxX YT
    XxShadowWolfxX YT 11 days ago

    Make a massive 200 layer cake! Like so Alvin will see!

  • Yara Al-hindi
    Yara Al-hindi 11 days ago

    تذكرت كوك🌝❤

  • jokubas dovydas
    jokubas dovydas 11 days ago

    Do q&a video because I finck people have lots of questions for you

  • chef idea
    chef idea 11 days ago

    Wow superb wow great share

  • Saskia Truter
    Saskia Truter 11 days ago +1

    More of Jin plz

  • MR anime
    MR anime 11 days ago

    Make a ginat dounghnut

    • MR anime
      MR anime 9 days ago

      +人 人 i know

    • 人 人
      人 人 10 days ago

      isn't it doughnut ?

  • Michael Ocloo
    Michael Ocloo 11 days ago +1

    Not for me sweet potatoes are sweet plus sugar

  • مطبخ دودو
    مطبخ دودو 11 days ago

    Nice video

  • Edward Cranium
    Edward Cranium 11 days ago

    If that's the Tasty™ Peeler, it broke after this shoot.

  • Diphylleia Girl
    Diphylleia Girl 11 days ago

    0:04 Worldwide Handsome

  • ULTRA BlueDrawing
    ULTRA BlueDrawing 11 days ago

    Gung hey fat choy

  • Xin Lu Fan
    Xin Lu Fan 11 days ago

    also, to stop the candy from pulling too much and getting everywhere, have a bowl of water near and dip it in to stop the pulling.

  • Melbie Jane Sto. Tomas

    This is a Filipino afternoon snack.

  • Johnny yu
    Johnny yu 11 days ago


  • test french
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  • Ojaswi Sharma
    Ojaswi Sharma 11 days ago

    In India 🇮🇳 sweet dumplings are called raogollas. Or Rasmalai

  • MC Sarmiento
    MC Sarmiento 11 days ago

    Kamoteque #filipinosquad

  • Paulina Dackiw
    Paulina Dackiw 11 days ago


  • Marshmallow Pig
    Marshmallow Pig 11 days ago

    His name introduction really sounded like Jin from bts.

    • Ashok Nag
      Ashok Nag 8 days ago

      +Kinder Bueno you sound like a worthless and workless hater

    • Kinder Bueno
      Kinder Bueno 11 days ago

      You just sound like a groupie ...

  • Huntax
    Huntax 11 days ago +8

    Is it me or did the food in the thumbnail look like it had hair in it lol

    MUHAN LI 11 days ago

    So proud!🥰

  • Ultra Diamond
    Ultra Diamond 11 days ago +1

    I’m actually happy that I know chinese lol

  • Temmie Undertale
    Temmie Undertale 11 days ago

    If u know this from school then u got a awesome childhood lol

  • Hataichanok Scherman
    Hataichanok Scherman 11 days ago

    Year of the pig 🐖

  • Dev
    Dev 11 days ago

    Thumbnail looks like airpods

  • Kyla Reyn
    Kyla Reyn 11 days ago

    Its actually popular in the Philippines

  • Akane Owada
    Akane Owada 11 days ago

    First one, there’s very similar food in Japan, it’s called “Daigaku-imo”.

  • Forge and Gred Weasley


  • General channel
    General channel 11 days ago

    I'm from india and just love to explore the cultures world wide😄😄😄😄

  • 陈娜
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  • Shark
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  • shyrylyn batrina
    shyrylyn batrina 11 days ago

    here in philippines sweet potatoes coated with sugat is called "KAMOTE CUE"

  • John Lester Celino
    John Lester Celino 11 days ago

    CometeQ lang yan dito duh hahahah