• Published on Dec 8, 2019
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Comments • 981

  • Toutai Palu
    Toutai Palu Month ago +1

    Speaking facts!! Dave Caldwell

    BIONIK BLACK Month ago

    Difference is Fury would have CONVINCINGLY whooped Ruiz if not knocked him out with MASTERCLASS, A.J. Mayweather just out pointed him in a football size arena ring, did enough to survive and win. Bottom line is a Big ass muscle bound Heavyweight didnt look good especially when thats not his fighting style, he won yes not taking anything from A.J. but he didnt look champion like against a overweight tub of lard, nothing to brag about or flex his chest, Wilder or Fury would decapitate this boy.

  • I R H
    I R H Month ago

    Of course because he is white English so the country is behind him

  • PREsh Cee
    PREsh Cee Month ago

    Everyone should give AJ his full credit!
    He's way taller than Ruiz, he made use of his reach and got the win, than closing up and engaging a short dude and then lose.
    You fight short dudes from far. Use ur height advantage and get the job done smoothly! Simple!

  • tyrone R
    tyrone R Month ago

    This is 10000000000000% true

  • Damn Deal Done
    Damn Deal Done Month ago

    Bullshit, he was hugging to a ridiculous level. Sometimes not even throwing a punch before hugging. Hugging to avoid having top fight. There was no master class or honour in his win. But everyone got their gravy train back.

  • NightKnight
    NightKnight Month ago

    He fought more like kiltchgo, not Fury.

  • Jay Dub
    Jay Dub Month ago


  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Month ago

    No they wouldn't ....fury is fluent ...Joshua farrrrr from it ...FFS get off the videos Dave you baldy camera slag

  • lee turton
    lee turton Month ago

    His footwork and jab won him the fight..he exploited Ruiz's flaws...short reach and slow feet...that's boxing....that's the art of boxing...not to outfight and ko someone because you can't do that with everyone..what happens when someone can eat your best punch?....you better be able to box and aj showed his class

  • One Love
    One Love Month ago +1

    Andy 'The Excuse' Ruiz. He should learn to accept defeat like a man. Anthony made no excuses, he took defeat like a man, went away, worked out a new strategy, and boxed a beautiful fight to regain his titles. Congrats, Anthony. Well done. You did great.

  • hawkermustang
    hawkermustang Month ago +1

    If Tyson Fury fought like this most of the people in the UK would crap on him, but AJ is a globalist wet dream in the UK.

  • Zayd Depaor
    Zayd Depaor Month ago

    Joshua needs to thank the junk food industry...Even a half fit Ruiz is the best in the world...his eating and neglect have allowed all the illiterate, flag waving, hype train fools to talk their brainless nonsense again. Joshua deserves credit and his position for taking all fights and being dedicated to training and improvement though...but he is not on Ruiz's level as a fighter...but no heavyweight is to be fair.

  • Jaychristian Norman

    Where is Lennox 'THE BITCH' Lewis?Where is Evander 'HARD FACE' Holyfield?Where is James 'THE BUSTED' Douglas?Where is Carl 'THE FROG' FROCH?Where is Jeff THE 'UGLY FACE' Mayweather?Where is Vidal 'THE VILLIAN'Riley?Where are the CRITICS,SKEPTICS,CYNICS,MISFITS,ETC?

  • first name last name

    BULLSHIT DAVE CALDWELL....!!! If that was fury the fat wee mexican would've been embarassed and stopped

  • Paul Sweeney
    Paul Sweeney Month ago

    Donโ€™t think thereโ€™s enough adverts on these videos Yano ๐Ÿค”

  • realnesx
    realnesx Month ago

    I disagree because when fury best Klitschko they said it was boring AJ even dissed Fury's performance against Klitschko but used the same tactics against Ruiz. Fury used the jab and move tactic against a legend not a fat over weigh guy that partied for the biggest fight of there life.
    AJs performance was boring but Got the job done. AJ used height and reach like fury did against Klitschko and they said it was master class so what's the difference. Double standards hypercrites

  • Des King
    Des King Month ago

    Bottom line A J got KTFO
    Wilder is the undefeated knockout sensation and Forbes magazine #1
    Wilder is the face of boxing period

    • 01bigtrev
      01bigtrev Month ago

      Des King and how did they know wilder? by him jumping on the AJ bandwagon and telling everyone bullshit for 3 years.
      I hope he keeps fighting bums and nobodies for his 2 million pay days

    • Des King
      Des King Month ago

      01bigtrev deal with it . Everyone knows Wilder now lol

    • 01bigtrev
      01bigtrev Month ago

      No one cares about wilder and thatโ€™s proven when even he struggles to get his fights televised because he wonโ€™t fight anyone. Fury was right when he fought him. Fury said no one knows him and no one cares.

  • Alan Hock
    Alan Hock Month ago

    Spot on!! Aj just gets hate because he's number 1 baby. Unfortunately there are people out there that want others to fail.

  • Russ Russo
    Russ Russo Month ago

    No they wouldnt have, cause Tyson slips punches , he doesn't run away from them

  • mike mike
    mike mike Month ago

    Exactly,100% right

  • Daniel Leyva
    Daniel Leyva Month ago

    AJ is now number 1 in the division.

  • Rob Wightman
    Rob Wightman Month ago

    Lol fury is just a tad better than that dave

  • John Elejalde
    John Elejalde Month ago

    Ruiz "beat" that belt out of AJ.
    AJ seemed to "sneak" it away.
    AJ may be champ but this fight wasn't "championship".

    • John Elejalde
      John Elejalde Month ago

      @Zayd Depaor Good analysis, I believe.
      I don't know if he'll get the shot again, though.
      Unless he fights a top fighter and and redeems himself against a Kownaki or Usyk I can't see him getting Wilder or Fury anytime soon. I honestly don't think he could handle Wilder or Fury.

    • Zayd Depaor
      Zayd Depaor Month ago

      @John Elejalde Yes, I think he has some social immaturity, and says yes to everyone who asks as doesn't like to disappoint people and he likes to have fun and the Mexican street culture in South West USA is very much like that...But also think because he spanked Joshua so much in the first fight, he was thinking he can just turn up and pummel him again, so he didn't give Joshua the respect he deserves, he did say in the post press conference "I wont overlook my opponents again" or something like that...he has just posted a short video apology to his fans for not training and taking it seriously, but I think over coming weeks and months it might really bite him, but will it make him change his ways enough, I don't know.

    • John Elejalde
      John Elejalde Month ago

      @Zayd Depaor
      Agreed. Seems odd to say but it seems Ruiz was not "hungry" enough. Unfortunate. Doesn't seem to have a certain seriousness to maintain the belt. Reminds me of Buster Douglass.

    • Zayd Depaor
      Zayd Depaor Month ago

      Rather Ruiz gave it away, surrendered it, out of the ring by eating and partying and not training...very foolish of Ruiz as his skills and attributes are too much for Joshua when half fit.

  • LACEY 218
    LACEY 218 Month ago

    The thing is though Dave, when Tyson boxes he makes it very obvious that hes making hes opponent uncomfortable, he literally looks amazing, AJ had a tactical fight, he HAD to fight like that, Fury is different class. He will get inside and back out and win all exchanged, AJ on the other hand not so much he had to stay on the outside. So no it was not a masterclass stop lying to yourself man it was a gameplan that yes was executed but no where NEAR a Fury 'Masterclass'

  • The Final Whistle
    The Final Whistle Month ago

    AJ fought well and mostly looked comfortable because of his feet controlling distance. However, he needs to build on that and work on upper body movement and head movement for when more mobile opponents match his footwork by closing quickly and leaping in as Wilder would. We saw the upper body movement Fury needed though AJ power should make opponents a bit more cautious.

  • Spaghetti Legs
    Spaghetti Legs Month ago

    Nobody can call him a robot anymore

  • Mike King
    Mike King Month ago

    This was the only fight aj won through decision, all his other wins were koโ€™s heโ€™s allowed to slow the pace and guarantee a win๐Ÿ˜… that just proves that he can actually box as well, not just a powerhouse, heโ€™s got a very high iq

    • Mike King
      Mike King Month ago

      Iโ€™m so confused I have watched said fight.. why doesnโ€™t that fight show on his professional record? He should be 23-1 with 21 knockouts๐Ÿค” I was a bit of a donut ngl๐Ÿ˜… but his pro record says heโ€™s only got the Saudi fight that went the distance๐Ÿค”

    • Mike King
      Mike King Month ago

      Just look up his professional record you donut๐Ÿ˜… 22-1 with 21 knockouts.. add in the ruiz situation that he hasnโ€™t gone to decision once aside from in Saudi

    • Alex Gunning
      Alex Gunning Month ago

      Mike King he beat parker via UD you donut ๐Ÿฉ

    • Mike King
      Mike King Month ago

      Look up his record before you decide to comment. 23 fights, 21 knockouts, he lost to ruiz once and beat him on points recently, the ONLY fight he hasnโ€™t knocked someone out was against Ruiz both times, 1 he got knocked out 2 decision

    • Alex Gunning
      Alex Gunning Month ago

      Mike King not true heโ€™s won other fights via decision

  • Scott F
    Scott F Month ago

    How can you even put fury in there itโ€™s a joke all Fury did was be Klitschko then retire he did not even make a title defence then he come back beat up a couple of cabdrivers and then drew with Wilder.....

    • Scott F
      Scott F Month ago

      And went life and death with wallin who is outside of the top 20

    ROSSYBOYYY 89 Month ago

    Look at everyone licking aj bum piece all you people were Ruiz fans before int got a clue boxing makes me laugh band wagon hoppers

  • Harsha Sankar
    Harsha Sankar Month ago

    What was Ruiz's weight prior to the ringwalk? He may have gained 15 pounds in the last 40 hours prior to the fight!

  • Harsha Sankar
    Harsha Sankar Month ago

    What was Ruiz's weight prior to the ringwalk? He may have gained 15 pounds in the last 40 hours prior to the fight!

  • Aviv Dayan
    Aviv Dayan Month ago

    But unlink fury, Aj CAN knock him out.
    Thats why some people expected more. That being said, he had to win that fight no matter what otherwise his career was over.

  • Marcello Mazzocco
    Marcello Mazzocco Month ago

    If that was Fury, people would say he fought like he does, AJ just copied another fighter, and soon after winning he made the division boring again organising easy fights. AJ Ruiz, was a mistake done by Hearn since the start. If he really knew how strong Andy was they would have never called him to fight AJ, facts!!! #Cowards

  • Zack romone
    Zack romone Month ago

    The difference is fury move dodge punch and still engaged, but joshua just move around jab and get clip

  • Hard Fought
    Hard Fought Month ago +1

    I was pulling for Andy cuz Iโ€™m Mexican heritage but always liked AJ. AJ landed a ton of good exciting shots. Far more entertaining than Klitcho btw. Of not for AJ being disciplined for the full 12 rounds I really believe Ruiz was a pinch away for another knock out. Almost looked like AJ was gonna get dazed in those late rounds when Ruiz finally came on. Also of it for Ruiz actually admitting that he didnโ€™t train hard enough no one would be saying anything !

  • TheDrFMG
    TheDrFMG Month ago

    He's one crazy dance away from going full David Brent!

  • Kila_ Kam82
    Kila_ Kam82 Month ago

    Well fight Wilder and let's settle this shit!!

  • Nicholas Argyros
    Nicholas Argyros Month ago

    Fury does that style in a wayyyyyyyyy more entertaining way. That was the USPA version, Tyson Fury is the polo Ralph Lauren

  • Kyle Haydock
    Kyle Haydock Month ago

    Makes sense for AJ to have the Pulev mandatory first. Vacate the WBO as Usyk is mandatory. The belts stay with Matchroom and then AJ vs Usyk is to unify the division

  • Gooner Eagle Eye
    Gooner Eagle Eye Month ago

    Exactly. When AJ does it he's running. When fury does its skill. The double standards

  • Chillum Beowulf
    Chillum Beowulf Month ago

    I had no doubts AJ would win my only regret Josh didnโ€™t knock the "destroyer" out lol.
    Dave Caldwell sounds a right cunt lol๐Ÿ‘Šโค

  • Danny Williams
    Danny Williams Month ago

    Well said about if it was fury been master class, so true as fury fights like it every time yet he doesn't get shit, so well done AJ for boxing clever

  • yup era
    yup era Month ago

    Compared to what RUIZ did the first fight it was a lame showing by aj

  • nigel bowditch
    nigel bowditch Month ago

    Three sets of adverts in a 19 minute interview zzz got fed up long live IFL

  • Kenny Ray Powell
    Kenny Ray Powell Month ago

    Aj got the win that's all that matters but the style doesn't fit him in one fight. It worked with ruiz jr. But I dont know if that works from a fighter that cuts the ring off. He looked uncomfortable in some of the rounds.

  • Popo For President
    Popo For President Month ago

    Sounds like Katie Taylor here ๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Muktadir Miah
    Muktadir Miah Month ago

    haters keep hating ruiz was out boxed out classed with a bloody face job done aj boxed him tacticaly and won the fight he got his belts back now ๐Ÿคซ

  • Kc 85
    Kc 85 Month ago +1

    Sky should replace froch with coldwell.

  • Dean Walker
    Dean Walker Month ago

    The hopey price fight was stopped ridiculously early. Joke

  • Mathew Wadlow
    Mathew Wadlow Month ago

    2017, AJ said Fury 'boxed 12 rounds and ran... I don't respect that,' yet himself used similar tactics in beating Andy Ruiz Jr in Saudi Arabia

  • Craig Harby
    Craig Harby Month ago

    If that was fury, Eddie would be saying he stunk the place out.

  • EightFrancs
    EightFrancs Month ago +2

    Before the rematch.
    Everyone said that AJ had to fight tall, move around the ring and use his jab against Ruiz.
    The pros said this and the media said this.
    So AJ does that (when many thought he wouldn't be able to) and he still gets criticised.
    Sometimes you just have to laugh at humans bullshit.

  • David Chear
    David Chear Month ago

    you don't win rounds by running.

  • Darland Banks
    Darland Banks Month ago

    AJ at 5:55

  • H B
    H B Month ago


  • Mark Shepphard
    Mark Shepphard Month ago

    The fact is fury fought wilder after years out of the ring and got up from being sparked and won AJ lost his belt to a fighter who lost to someone he beat Fact until he fights ortiz wilder fury he won't shake it

  • icgeorge
    icgeorge Month ago

    well said

  • shezaid malik
    shezaid malik Month ago


  • Colin Morand
    Colin Morand Month ago

    Someone got bladdered