• Published on Jan 26, 2019
    A new season of the NOIR Team Challenge pits Colion Noir and Darren LaSorte (Team Noir) against military veterans Jeff Houston and Joe Hahn (Team Veterans). They do battle over six courses of fire to determine a winner. Amy Robbins serves as this season's host.
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Comments • 142

  • Elian Leal
    Elian Leal 5 months ago

    Man would it be so cool to be a contestant

  • Robert Still
    Robert Still 6 months ago

    Great job, make sport shooting look fun! Bring in people who never thought of shooting that way. We'll win the hearts and minds of most Americans when they understand that it's fun. As for all of those who think they have to fight for our rights... Just get 20 od 30 million people involved. They'll be to much money to be made............

  • Cameron Lichtenberger
    Cameron Lichtenberger 6 months ago

    where's the link to your book you said you were gonna put in the description

  • Johnson Derek
    Johnson Derek 6 months ago

    Man I like them shirts

  • Anthony Llamas
    Anthony Llamas 6 months ago

    Lol just because Colion does a shooting video does NOT mean he doesnt stand up for our gun rights. The NRA needs our help and support to stand strong and fight. And these sweet vids remind me everyday why I love shooting and what we are shooting for.

  • GID BT
    GID BT 6 months ago

    If you're going to call Stage 1 NYC, you can't use a handgun and substitute it with crying and cowering. Stage 2 NYS, you can't use a handgun here either and substitute it with screaming, crying and running away.

  • LookattheBiggerPic
    LookattheBiggerPic 6 months ago

    Hey Colion, I really enjoy your channel, your viewpoints and interviews - I know this is off topic but we are seeing the most Draconian Anti-Gun laws ever seen emerging into existence like gofers popping heads on a golf course - especially here in Oregon and well, I'm just wondering why there seems to be not much notice of this in your and other channels - the self-righteous left really has gone utterly mental but of course they are simply following their programming with our supposed representatives paid VERY well to do this - nevermind that most of the mass shootings, touted as fact, are NOT at all as they've been reported to be by the mass media... Curious your thoughts on what is happening...

  • MrBoredom123
    MrBoredom123 6 months ago

    Enjoy the channel but not a fan of how fake everyone comes of during these and how it jumps around.

  • Jaekast 0000
    Jaekast 0000 6 months ago

    How about you fight for our rights instead of showing us your mediocre shooting skills.

  • optimistically cynical .

    Bump stock ban

  • Zach Fredenburg
    Zach Fredenburg 6 months ago

    You can’t have that pistol in NYC. You’ll have to down load that mag to only 6+1. And the mag has to be locked in a separate location. In all three of your cases your a felon. Welcome to New York!

  • Dustin Fletcher
    Dustin Fletcher 6 months ago +1

    Stage 1 NYC, throw rocks at target as your getting shot at. Step back and get your gun out of a lock box, load your empty magazines once you get them out of your separate locked bag. Go to the store and get your 1 box limit of ammo (Once Cuomo adds that shit to the “Safe Act”)...

  • Robert Mosher
    Robert Mosher 6 months ago

    You are the bomb, the coolest, awesome, or whatever it is the kids say today to convey a sense of admiration. I wish I had the time and money to participate in your challenges though I would have to be on your team as I would not wish to have one of my favorite personalities lose to me.

  • Open Eye
    Open Eye 6 months ago

    To start off the challenge we have two teams. I CALL NOIR!!! What? MY PARTNER, I CALL NOIR ON MY TEAM!!!! Ummm okay. YES!!! DREAM CONE TRUE!!!! Okay Noir the last challenge is going to be the hardest by far! It’s California. We have to throw rocks at the target and hopefully we don’t offend anyone’s feelings. But that’s impossible. I know even if defending our lives they always protect the bad guy. Let’s give it our best shot! Shhhh don’t say shot! Sorry best try! Minus 1 point for saying the word shot. 3 Democrats got offended.

  • Dick Tracy
    Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    The N.R.A. sold us out don't renew your membership. G.O.A. try them out see how it goes give them a shot

  • Kyle Counter
    Kyle Counter 6 months ago

    Thanks for putting out great content i recently became a new gun owner 7 months ago and watching your channel and similar channels inspired me to start my own you tube channel and I wanted to thank you for the inspiration and awesome videos you put out for us to enjoy keep up the good work and thank you colion!!!

  • Christophe Mark
    Christophe Mark 6 months ago

    So I make my living in ny state unfortunately. As you know I’m limited to 7 rounds or whatever it is , do you think I should just go for a sub compact since I can’t carry double stack anyway. I’m also a fairly big guy with big hands

  • Phil Macracken
    Phil Macracken 6 months ago

    This is nothing more than a commercial for shitty Mossberg guns.

  • Awareness with Chris
    Awareness with Chris 6 months ago

    Hey guys here's a link to my new AFRICAN AMERICAN NOVEL, historical fiction style. Rookie!

  • AdeToz
    AdeToz 6 months ago

    This was fun to watch. Sport shooting is fun to watch.

  • sarath431
    sarath431 6 months ago

    Why Darren? Why?

  • bigbyn8032
    bigbyn8032 6 months ago

    To all of you anti gun nuts. What amendment article or state power gives the federal state county municipality township the constitutional or charter authority to restrict require licenses and permits deny dictate the ownership the design the function the capacity the specifications and capability of firearms. To protect oneself is a natural right that the constitution recognizes but unfortunately many in this country reject that and blindly advocate for the criminalization and penalty of firearm possession. No antidoctal emotional political personnel responses. Specify the article amendment or power. NOT PARTY POLICIES.

  • Glock 211
    Glock 211 6 months ago +1

    Why does this hamstring pulling target missing dude have his nose in the air? Literally nose up and talking to the camera before and after a huge fail.

  • HotRodN Kris
    HotRodN Kris 6 months ago

    Everybody talking shit but you watch him and follow him. Just move on and get a fucking life!

  • Bob jones
    Bob jones 6 months ago +1

    Love how the nra spends my donations

    • Bob jones
      Bob jones 6 months ago

      Every dollar the nra gets more is spent on bullshit and not fighting for anyone’s rights

    • GoZipper!
      GoZipper! 6 months ago +1

      Yeah, clearly there are no sponsors or anything.

    • woodchuckcider1
      woodchuckcider1 6 months ago

      Your rights are clearly being fought for tooth and nail.

  • Sheepdog Smokey
    Sheepdog Smokey 6 months ago +1

    7:13 - I'd give Darren a hug, come on Colion!

  • Kentucky Justice
    Kentucky Justice 6 months ago

    Fun video. I love a little friendly competition.
    So, Colion, you're a pretty sharp cat. I have a lot of respect for you. When are you going to do like SO MANY others have, and cut ties with the NRA? You can focus on a pro Second Amendment group, like the GOA. We'd love to see you on a pro firearm team. Thanks for the video, bro. "Thumbs up" from this Kentucky boy.

  • Buzzin_Skeeter357
    Buzzin_Skeeter357 6 months ago +12


  • Buzzin_Skeeter357
    Buzzin_Skeeter357 6 months ago +2

    F U D D A S S

  • Sub MOA
    Sub MOA 6 months ago +4

    Colion (I support gun control) Noir! Great episode that I didn’t watch!

  • Paul H
    Paul H 6 months ago

    Came from the range with my new mc1sc today and can say it is the best single stack subcompact on the market. I have actually owned most all of them, mossberg definitely did their homework. It feels more like an original pps than it does all the other single stack subcompacts btw.

  • Ms. K
    Ms. K 6 months ago +2


  • Noah A
    Noah A 6 months ago

    Why is the loser getting a point? What kinda snowflakery is this?!

  • Raivkka
    Raivkka 6 months ago

    Beautiful women, guns and making fun of NYC, can't loose with that!

  • Lou Monestime
    Lou Monestime 6 months ago

    Rob Vogel would destroy these guys lol

  • john
    john 6 months ago +1

    NRA No Real Action
    Sellouts. Added to the group of frauds that Craig Sawyer is president of.

    • ZXGB Rider
      ZXGB Rider 6 months ago

      john, GOA Gonads or assholes.

  • Souljaboy Gucci Headband

    Everyone complaining about the bump stock ban why such travesty, you still have your gun most of you probably dont even own a bump stock. i feel better about the nfa tax stamps time of approval being made shorter. You guys are no different than the ppl blaming guns for mass shooting so the most useless item that most ppl didn’t buy gets banned and you say the nra dont support 2a how? which firearm was banned not an accessory. the 2a has nothing to do with bump stocks become a faster shooter you wont need a bump stock. Watch travis haley video on this channel shooting an ar watch how fast he shoots has nothing to do with a bump stock

  • The.Otis.Burger
    The.Otis.Burger 6 months ago +11

    Man, the HATERS commenting on here, LOL!
    I’ll watch every last one of these episodes because I love to shoot and I love these shooting challenges. You guys can keep giving your money to the gun organisations that say they are defending your rights (its a succa-ass move IMO, but you can spend your money how ever you want) but don’t hate on Colion for getting a bag from the NRA. Every last one of you mofos would do the same thing if you had the clout and skills that Colion and these other gentlemen have.

    • Robert Still
      Robert Still 6 months ago

      We are shooting at the same target!

    • Roofer360
      Roofer360 6 months ago +1

      Totally digging the idea of athletic shooting.

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger 6 months ago +2

    Colion, I think everyone agrees that we like what you said you have stood for, but are VERY confused and becoming miffed about your avoidance of action presently.
    The silence of action on your part is cheapening all you’ve stood for before.
    I hope you find your way, because it seems like you’re avoiding and are lost.
    Will pray for you.

  • Pepe LePewPewPew
    Pepe LePewPewPew 6 months ago

    Amy is stunning :)

  • Zach Mallory
    Zach Mallory 6 months ago

    Amazing videos

  • Stephen Esperson
    Stephen Esperson 6 months ago +1

    I would have brought a Benelli to a Mosseberg challenge.

  • Bernie Watt
    Bernie Watt 6 months ago +10

    This felt more like an advertisement for Mossberg's new pistol.

    • Bernie Watt
      Bernie Watt 6 months ago

      @Noah A of course. But past shooting challenges definitely highlighted the products way less.

    • Noah A
      Noah A 6 months ago

      Bernie Watt yes, well they don’t sponsor it out of the goodness of their hearts.

  • S-dot
    S-dot 6 months ago +2

    I ask myself, how good are these shooters really,, ??because every time I see them pick up a rifle it has a $1,000 sight on it , what makes a good skilled shooter to me is picking that rifle up bare just iron sights ,no fancy equipment

    • S-dot
      S-dot 6 months ago +1

      Souljaboy Gucci Headband dude you’re telling me that those expensive sights have absolutely nothing to do with their accuracy 🤔

    • Noah A
      Noah A 6 months ago

      If you’re really serious about cars you probably don’t spend your time and money going racing in a 1979 Dodge Omni.

    • Souljaboy Gucci Headband
      Souljaboy Gucci Headband 6 months ago +1

      Thats completely false that’s like saying some bought a fast car makes them a racecar driver

  • Golden
    Golden 6 months ago +16

    Dump the NRA Colion !!! Support GOA already !!

    • Robert Still
      Robert Still 6 months ago

      You better support any body who is doing something... You can't afford otherwise!

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago +1

      @Trae UCity yup 😕

    • Trae UCity
      Trae UCity 6 months ago +2

      The GOA isn't going to spend it's members' money, keeping him chest high in expensive firearms, watches, and automobiles.

  • elz antunes
    elz antunes 6 months ago +1

    If you walk into NYC with anything higher caliper than a squirt gun you’re going to jail for life.

  • Spray OK
    Spray OK 6 months ago

    Nice, would be nice to participate in a similar challange

  • Toamaius D'Vignir
    Toamaius D'Vignir 6 months ago +5

    Colion hands are tied and is an NRA shill. I have given him time to make things right but he has not done so. I am unsubscribing, cannot support someone who won't do what is right.

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago +2

      NRA supports the bump stock ban ☹ , support GOA !

  • kvnkcrs
    kvnkcrs 6 months ago +32

    We don't care about your shooting challenge until you start caring about our gun rights. The NRA sold us out and you are the face of the NRA.

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago

      @Robert Still they're doing something alright ! They're supporting gun control and sitting on their butts...

    • Robert Still
      Robert Still 6 months ago

      You better support any body who is doing something... You can't afford otherwise!

    • Robert Still
      Robert Still 6 months ago

      It's called positive advertising......................

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago +5

      YUP ! Support GOA !

  • galacticmarine marmar
    galacticmarine marmar 6 months ago

    this could be a tv show

  • orticulteur paris
    orticulteur paris 6 months ago

    Lmao.. ''america''..

  • Robert Still
    Robert Still 6 months ago +2

    Colion keep it up! You make us look good. Looking cool, fun and safe is the right model.

  • Southern Charity
    Southern Charity 6 months ago +23

    The games are boring now. Almost as irrelevant as the NRA.

    • ZXGB Rider
      ZXGB Rider 6 months ago

      Southern Charity. You mean the type of gun that created this country? Your an idiot.

    • Southern Charity
      Southern Charity 6 months ago +3

      @Robert Still it's a great thing. Problem is he is sponsored by a company that is working to delete your rights. In 10 years Colion will be introing people to muzzle loaders.

    • We Run Guns
      We Run Guns 6 months ago +1

      Robert Still exactly.

    • Robert Still
      Robert Still 6 months ago +2

      Did you concider that exposing shooting to other people is a good thing.

  • Simon Phoenix
    Simon Phoenix 6 months ago +8

    Sweet ar I wonder how it would fire with a slide fire stock?

    • ZXGB Rider
      ZXGB Rider 6 months ago +1

      Simon Phoenix, What are talking about? You asked how it would shoot with a slide fire(bump stock) and I told you. Bump stocks are not accurate. What are you an idiot?

    • Simon Phoenix
      Simon Phoenix 6 months ago

      @ZXGB Rider yeah but who are you to tell me I shouldn't have one?

    • ZXGB Rider
      ZXGB Rider 6 months ago

      Simon Phoenix, Inaccurately.

  • Ruben Natal family
    Ruben Natal family 6 months ago


  • Bad Maryi
    Bad Maryi 6 months ago

    Darren, you know fuck, right , you fuck up. Repeat the first sentence every time he miss.

  • Chuckie Peoples
    Chuckie Peoples 6 months ago +8

    I’ve heard that you and the NRA are turds.

    • Chuckie Peoples
      Chuckie Peoples 6 months ago

      ZXGB Rider Like the sista gurls say, “Do you, boo boo.”

    • ZXGB Rider
      ZXGB Rider 6 months ago +1

      Chuckie Peoples, It's funny you'd think that would bother me. I'm a mean sadistic bastard that doesn't give a rats ass. LOL

    • Chuckie Peoples
      Chuckie Peoples 6 months ago +1

      ZXGB Rider good one, bruh. Maybe she can high five your mom while they’re both getting railed. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • ZXGB Rider
      ZXGB Rider 6 months ago

      Chuckie Peoples, And I heard your mom takes it up the ass train style.

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago +2

      Ha ! The NRA supports the bump stock ban , support GOA , they're fighting for the 2A.

  • El Bearsidente
    El Bearsidente 6 months ago +2

    This is turning a wee bit too hipster for me. Gonna watch some Tiger Valley instead.

    • Kanye East
      Kanye East 6 months ago

      Edohiguma How the Hell is a shooting competition hipster? Not enough Camo for ya, bud?

  • Gel Mibson
    Gel Mibson 6 months ago

    Thats a PUBG Scope.

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago +1

      @Gel Mibson I hate fortnite...😐

    • Gel Mibson
      Gel Mibson 6 months ago

      @Golden You sound like a fortnite npc

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago +2

      Can you stop bringing up PUBG and Fortnite in every comments section please ?

    • Lalala
      Lalala 6 months ago +2

      @Swampy 😂 youre absolutely right!

  • Ivan Ray Anguiano
    Ivan Ray Anguiano 6 months ago

    Satisfied 🤘🏼

  • Brock Kelly
    Brock Kelly 6 months ago +23

    Actually the seven round mag should’ve been in a different lock box on the other side of the house.

  • Lovak airsoft
    Lovak airsoft 6 months ago


  • Case White
    Case White 6 months ago +4

    where is jerry when you need him

  • dystopic panopticon
    dystopic panopticon 6 months ago +17

    Try it with a bump stock...o wait

    • ZXGB Rider
      ZXGB Rider 6 months ago

      Why? The purpose is to hit the target.

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago +3

      The NRA supports the bump stock ban ☹ , support GOA.

    • Mike White
      Mike White 6 months ago +1

      What do you mean, the NRA is not into the 2 A community 100%

  • Sergio XMP
    Sergio XMP 6 months ago +10

    God bless Texas!!! God bless USA 🇺🇸!!

    • Ivan Ray Anguiano
      Ivan Ray Anguiano 6 months ago +2

      Thadeus Dangerfield couldn’t agree more 👏

    • Thadeus Dangerfield
      Thadeus Dangerfield 6 months ago +2

      @Ivan Ray Anguiano Texas is how the entire US should view itself, separate and independent but tied together under shared values, cooperation and competition lead by a dignified President

    • Ivan Ray Anguiano
      Ivan Ray Anguiano 6 months ago +1

      Sergio XMP Amen Brother

  • AlphaRomeo-OneFive
    AlphaRomeo-OneFive 6 months ago +62

    Just shooting away NRA members money instead of fighting for our rights.... awesome

    • Robert Still
      Robert Still 6 months ago

      It's called positive advertising......................

    • lordhamlett
      lordhamlett 6 months ago

      @Golden Have you used a bumpstock? I shoot faster without one on semi-auto. Bumpstocks are useless. Id much rather throw the libtards some bullshit like a bumpstock than let them get something that matters.

    • ZXGB Rider
      ZXGB Rider 6 months ago +1

      Golden, What you whiney millennials fail to see is that the GOA is a pimple on the ass of a flea that no politician is worried about. They are never talked about and most politicians probably don't know what they are. The NRA on the other hand is the 800 pound gorilla in politics.

    • Aeolian
      Aeolian 6 months ago

      same. bored with contrived, over produced junk like this. i just want slick gun reviews
      i mean "NYC to Texas"? really...?

    • B le
      B le 6 months ago

      Maybe you missed that it's sponsored by mossberg.

  • CalamityEnsues
    CalamityEnsues 6 months ago +28

    Colion, when the hell are you going to dump the NRA for an organization like GOA, NAGR, or FPC that's actually pro-2A?
    I also can't tell why none of you used the wind and shot from right to left. All of you let the spray obscure the next target.

    • Robert Still
      Robert Still 6 months ago

      When the hell are you goung to wise up? You better support any body who is doing something... You can't afford otherwise!

    • CalamityEnsues
      CalamityEnsues 6 months ago

      @Robert Still sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

    • CalamityEnsues
      CalamityEnsues 6 months ago +2

      @Mike White not against the community; just worthless shill organizations that secretly only give a shit about Fudds.

    • Golden
      Golden 6 months ago +2

      Yup , NRA supported the bump stock ban....

  • Tania Martin
    Tania Martin 6 months ago

    Nice good job

  • Babba Booey
    Babba Booey 6 months ago

    I’m #12 to like!

  • Jonah Crump
    Jonah Crump 6 months ago +1


    • Babba Booey
      Babba Booey 6 months ago

      Jonah Crump lucky ass 😂😂😂😂

  • David Ledbetter
    David Ledbetter 6 months ago +1