Difference between IAS & ACS (Comparative Analysis)

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022
  • Difference between IAS & ACS (Comparative Analysis)
    IAS - Career Progression: thexvid.com/video/MObQ5-sDTMU/video.html
    ACS - Career Progression: thexvid.com/video/5kqNhFyhvoU/video.html
    IPS/APS - Career Progression: thexvid.com/video/K21Khe7IS1E/video.html

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  • Anupam Das
    Anupam Das 3 months ago +1

    Well appreciated effort..brother plz make a video on how APSC allot the cades like ACS or APS to the successful candidates, is it purely on merit basis or individual choice? Thanking you in Advance.

    • Anurag Sharma (Educator)
      Anurag Sharma (Educator)  3 months ago

      You're most welcome. Well, actually, it depends on both merit basis as well as individual choice.

  • Kishor Ranjan Das
    Kishor Ranjan Das 3 months ago +1

    Thank u sir , kindly make a video on Career progression of IFS and Forest ranger

    • daily dose of happiness
      daily dose of happiness 19 days ago

      Forest ranger will become maximum DFO (local dada forest Dept)....every IFS officer will become equivalent to IG forest(national dada of forest Dept) or Principal Chief Conservator of Forest ( the reason for every IFS becoming Higher Administrative grade i.e. basic pay of 225000 rupees /per month is Organised Group A service status of the central govt)....

    • Anurag Sharma (Educator)
      Anurag Sharma (Educator)  3 months ago

      You're most welcome. Watch this video: thexvid.com/video/GWFPv3bLIAQ/video.html

  • Nava
    Nava 3 months ago

    U are the best study TheXvidr in Assam.

  • Papiya Das
    Papiya Das 3 months ago +1

    Thank u sir 🙏 bohut kaita important things janibo parilu enei video di thakibo

  • bidyut kalita
    bidyut kalita 3 months ago

    Feb r second week t mains hoa chance ase neki...?

  • এজন Rastrabadi
    এজন Rastrabadi 3 months ago

    Acs officer ajanak terminate koribo pare ne suspend? Aru Governor ne Assembly e?? Role of CM??

    • এজন Rastrabadi
      এজন Rastrabadi 3 months ago

      @Anurag Sharma (Educator) ok

    • Anurag Sharma (Educator)
      Anurag Sharma (Educator)  3 months ago +1

      Terminate and Suspend both. Assemble'e decision lobo, Governor'e final approval dibo. CM can directly do nothing expect promotions and transfers.

  • Nihar Ranjan Das
    Nihar Ranjan Das 3 months ago

    SSC CGL salary besi ne APSCr?

    • daily dose of happiness
      daily dose of happiness 20 days ago

      In SSC if u join at the pay scale of 35400 ...Then you will be drawing almost 57000 as net pay in central govt as a fresher....and it is the lowest pay scale in group B non gazetted cadre ....the. 44900 is the basic pay of inspector level non gazetted cadre in central govt and net pay around 75000 as a fresher....and 47000 basic pay of group b lowest gazetted cadre (similar post Sub Divisional Magistrate in DANICS ) and net pay is around 82000 as a fresher.....talking about benefits and allowances of various kinds , the list is quite long....ACS cadre or APS cadre can't be equated with central govt even at the SSC group B level....There are number of allowances SDA, TA,DA ,HRA(24% in tier 1 city),TPT etc...LTC for foreign visits with family etc....see even at the group B level ACS etc does not come closer to SSC .....but , in case of UP , Bihar etc the state civil services are getting salary equivalent of central govt group A cadre....so Assam and West Bengal are far behind....become a Assistant Section Officer in PMO as a fresher , even DC, DMs will call you or even MLAs, MPs may call you and eat the cheap lunch at parliament house or CGO complex , you will understand the meaning of quality ....become an Assistant Audit officer in CAG through SSC , District magistrate will arrange the best available accommodation for you , the care which might not even an MLA can't expect from a DM .... Source: I myself served at a group B level in CAPFs ( SSC CPO 2017 batch)
      People usually migrate to state civil services because of home sickness or other priorities (eg. Under the table money)....but , if one is really corrupt in central govt, then he will earn money even by lobbying 😅 eg. arranging the suitable meeting for a corporate CEO with a minister for finalising a deal...I don't justify corruption and central govt pays you enough that a bachelor can regularly go to a European destination at least once in a year fulfilling all the responsibilities of parents ..... I have seen the life of honest civil servants of both central govt and state govt cadre and latter's life is comparably pathetic to the former....the value of central servants goes up much higher after the retirement because of training and upskilling by the central govt at home or abroad destinations at a regular interval....therefore, corporates are usually the ready one to give senior consultant positions to the central servants than the state servants ....remember , I am comparing here central govt group B and state govt group A....if we talk about the central govt group A , then it is at a whole another level ....

    • Anurag Sharma (Educator)
      Anurag Sharma (Educator)  3 months ago

      SSC is under Central Government, so their salaries are little higher. But ACS, being a prestigious service, salaries matter nokore. Here, almost everything is free. Salary 80% save'e hoi jai.

  • এজন Rastrabadi
    এজন Rastrabadi 3 months ago

    21-26 feb exam. Optional what dudin bondho.

  • Puja Tamuli
    Puja Tamuli 3 months ago

    Dada Apsc juntu JAA recruitment hoi ase tat gutei document khint self attested krbo lgbo ni.. jihetu mur profilet ksumn documents agtei upload ase

  • Sarbani Sarkar
    Sarbani Sarkar 3 months ago

    Thank you kotha khini bhal k bujai diyar babe!!

  • Bichitra Bordoloi
    Bichitra Bordoloi 3 months ago

    Sir all nceart book bur kt pua jb please jnbsun

  • Gita h Bora
    Gita h Bora 3 months ago +1

    Good morning..Essay r karone important topic di video disil neki baru apuni

  • Everything in shorts
    Everything in shorts 3 months ago

    Dada Apsc r Jaa tu okol BSc students r krone nki