• Published on May 2, 2019
  • hello! I hope you like this video, I tried to make it as smoothly as possible! (I know that if you can understand korean some phrases will be total nonsense but I had to cut some parts to make it more relaxing)
    Anyways, kyungsoo's voice is so soft and beautiful, I always feel relaxed when I listen to him and I could honestly listen to him talk for hours and hours
    twitter : @kyungjia

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  • Sav Asya
    Sav Asya 5 days ago

    When D.O. speaks Korean, his deep voice is heard, but when he speaks English, his voice becomes so rough and ordinary, I think x)
    I love his voice very much ♥️

  • 소여미
    소여미 6 days ago


  • im waiting for Kyungsoo

    Shit, I really love kyungsoo and his voice is so beautiful 😍😍😍

  • madhu pritha
    madhu pritha 15 days ago

    I need this right now😭😭 kyungsooooo ya i miss you😭😭😭

  • Noora Noor
    Noora Noor 16 days ago

    I 'm just imagining that he is talking To me in a phone call and tell me a long story and im just listening

  • Raina Adriani
    Raina Adriani 16 days ago

    I don't understand but i love him voice so much

  • 봄바람 부는 겨울
    봄바람 부는 겨울 19 days ago +1

    잘있지 경수야? 많이 보고싶다

  • yo 34
    yo 34 23 days ago +1

    ㅠㅠ.. 시간이갈수록 군입대가 다가오는게 너무 슬프다.. 얼굴보고싶은데 잘쉬고 있는거지요?ㅠㅠ 목소리들으니까 더보고싶다...

  • てるみん
    てるみん 23 days ago


  • o.k. J.
    o.k. J. 24 days ago +5

    저렇게 성공한 엑소의경수가 국방의 의무를 다하려고지원입대가 쉬운일은아닐텐데 건강하게 잘다녀와요ᆢ 다녀와서 엑소활동ㆍ배우활동 기대할게요ᆢforever 👍✌💞💞💞

  • P E 4 I I
    P E 4 I I 25 days ago +3

    His voice so soft 🥺🥺

  • Hiya Seth
    Hiya Seth 28 days ago +1

    Aaahhhh this is amazing the TINGLES

  • diane grace
    diane grace 29 days ago +1

    i don't understand anything but hearing his voice just makes me calm ❤️ its just soothing

  • 그냥딱히
    그냥딱히 Month ago

    아아아앙 도경수 목소리 개좋아ㅠ

  • 황지희
    황지희 Month ago +2

    목소리 감미롭다~~

  • Kyungiedyoo
    Kyungiedyoo Month ago +3

    Is it weird that i download this....i wanna hear his voice...

  • Nursilyn Pulalon
    Nursilyn Pulalon Month ago +1

    aww💓 i love everything about him😍

  • exo love shot me
    exo love shot me Month ago +1

    I listen to this before I go to sleep. His voice is just so 😍

  • fairytale 1
    fairytale 1 Month ago +2

    I need their voice cus I cant stop crying ... I searched and I found this . Thank u for uploud

  • Nsabar 70
    Nsabar 70 Month ago +2

    Hiii.....!!!!! Penguin🤗🤗🤗🤗

    TRBL XXI Month ago +1

    I love it. Thank you so much. I think it's so great if you post it on soundcloud.

  • Ulhikun
    Ulhikun Month ago

    Artinya apa?

  • khansaa
    khansaa Month ago +3

    This is my moodbstr💙

  • aikon erispe
    aikon erispe Month ago +6

    sm entertainment please give kyungsoo a solo album😭😭😭

  • Jhijie Lopez
    Jhijie Lopez Month ago +5

    These are the things I like in DO. His voice, his gazed, his talents, his over all body and face gorgeous features and his humbleness attitude in life. In short all of DO. 😘😘😘😘😘

  • TV동현
    TV동현 Month ago

    들으면서 잘래요~~^^

  • Effizinia Menezes
    Effizinia Menezes Month ago

    What is he saying.

  • D. O.
    D. O. Month ago +5

    I love D.O.😚😚😚😚

  • 이공주
    이공주 Month ago +6

    경수님 목소리는 아무리 들어도 질리지가 않아요~♡♡

  • V O O N
    V O O N Month ago +1


  • 🐧
    🐧 Month ago +4


  • Husnul Khatimah
    Husnul Khatimah Month ago +2


  • Felisitas Y.
    Felisitas Y. Month ago +6

    Oh my God
    I cant understand what kyungsoo talking about, but just listen your voice it make me very happy. Love you 3000 ❤

  • deam it
    deam it Month ago +2

    Gimme subtitle omg :(

  • hampir kurus
    hampir kurus Month ago +1

    ini yg ku butuhkan setelah sekian lama cuma liat foto doang ~

  • D.Os' wife
    D.Os' wife Month ago +4

    this could keep you awake hahaha
    makes you want to listen to him more eventhough i dont understand him. is this love??

  • DKS real_
    DKS real_ Month ago +7

    I'm already excited about kyungsoo's heart 4 u😆 I can guess how it'll be so lovely and calming💕

  • Putri S
    Putri S Month ago +2

    I need it 😘😘😘😘

  • 0dandie0
    0dandie0 Month ago +25

    All I can say is Kyungsoo sounds like no other. He has a unique intonation of his own.
    I love it when his intonation unexpectedly goes up halfway thru his phrase.
    I also love how he drags the mid-vowels when he says I (nega, jega, jeoneun etc)
    I also love his little pauses in between his sentences.
    It really shows how he takes his time in collecting his thoughts and carefully choosing words to say.
    When asked questions he always gives it a serious thought even when it is a light-hearted question.
    Kyungsoo often speaks in inversion/anstrophe and he sounds just adorable.
    Kyungsoo is not a born smooth talker (he's a good listener but slow to talk, his introverted and shy personality doesnt help either)
    but his soft tone of voice, calm and collected mannerism and kind nature of his speech all adds up together and makes him sound so eloquent and graceful.

  • Ian Esperida
    Ian Esperida Month ago +3

    Still listening though i cant understand everything😁😁😁 Thats love you know hahahahha

  • Yolanda Kross
    Yolanda Kross Month ago +2

    I'm so thankful for this! Now i can listen to this while i'm studyingg❤

  • Juli irc
    Juli irc Month ago +2

    EXO biasa Kyungsoo oppa...
    Sifat nya daebak. ❤

  • Abby Juban
    Abby Juban Month ago +4

    I can fall asleep listening to Kyungsoo's voice.

  • 김희점
    김희점 Month ago +6

    목소리 너무 좋아 좋아 경수야 요리 맛나게 해조 너에요리 먹고싶다

  • 김희점
    김희점 Month ago +3

    이제 실감 하네 하나하나 내면에 있는걸 꺼내봐 자신이 얼마나 매력덩어리인지 보고싶었네 혹시 아픈건아닌지 몹시걱정했네 이제 안심이다 휴우 멋찐 아가

  • Gethsamane King
    Gethsamane King Month ago +5

    love his voice

  • roselin quispe
    roselin quispe Month ago +1

    Escuchando a mi esposo

  • just
    just Month ago +5

    행복 하네요

  • Andjani Wisesa
    Andjani Wisesa Month ago +3

    Pleaseeeee @SMent give him solo albuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm, I love him voice so much

  • Asep Kurnia
    Asep Kurnia Month ago +1

    Asalmualkm ❤️ D.O.slalu Bhgia,shat&slalu dbri kmdhn,klncaran dmnpn D.O brda.smga sya bsa ktmu SMA ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Di Kyung Soo Amin.

  • Keysha Sucyaa
    Keysha Sucyaa Month ago +3

    Thank you❤❤❤❤😢

  • Leigh
    Leigh Month ago +2

    Imagine if he called you!

  • name chan
    name chan Month ago

    Sub eng please

  • 배경옥
    배경옥 Month ago +10

    DO kyung soo 👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • clueless millenial
    clueless millenial Month ago +8

    English subtitles pretty plz. Thank you 😊

  • Anik Nurul
    Anik Nurul Month ago +5

    I played this video together with playing Chanyeol's SSFW instrumental, and it's like listening to the radio.

  • Benjo Benjo
    Benjo Benjo Month ago +4

    My heart is beating so fast. I'm in love 😆😍

    REMELDA J Month ago +4

    i don't understand but his voice are relaxing ❤

  • Blue Sky
    Blue Sky Month ago +4

    Thank for vdo. I really miss him😢😢

  • maria monica esteban quiapo

    I still want to see his face while he is speaking. that's more I like it.

  • deashintananda
    deashintananda Month ago +3

    deep voice of Kyungsoo is always relaxing~

  • 유정이
    유정이 Month ago +10

    우리경수 조곤조곤
    설명도 잘하네 ♡♡♡

  • Hani Shaheerah Arif
    Hani Shaheerah Arif Month ago +6

    his stiffle laughs 10:08

  • 브룺이
    브룺이 Month ago +7

    thank you! 짱입니다 ~ 짱 ^^

  • 김윤옥
    김윤옥 Month ago +13

    어떤 노래보다도 더 감미롭게 들립니다.

  • Tse Ot
    Tse Ot Month ago +4

    Eng sub please 😭

  • Zubaria Khan Pritha
    Zubaria Khan Pritha Month ago +6

    Why are you making me this weak!

  • Code Lyoko3rd
    Code Lyoko3rd Month ago +1

    In Korea = ASMR
    In My flower Country = PODCAST
    Now, i can sleeping with calm down .

  • Code Lyoko3rd
    Code Lyoko3rd Month ago +3

    Download this video . Playing in my netbook day by day . THANK YOU, NIM!

  • Code Lyoko3rd
    Code Lyoko3rd Month ago +2


  • Ru lala
    Ru lala Month ago +37

    목소리 천재..듣기에도 너무 좋지만 그안에 꾹꾹 눌러담은 진실함이 느껴져서 더더욱 소중하다.💕💕💕💕💕

  • ismer nine
    ismer nine Month ago +4

    omg I really love your channel, thank you for this ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Soyeon Kim
    Soyeon Kim Month ago +15

    가슴떨리는 경수님 목소리.....

  • Celena Bonner
    Celena Bonner Month ago +25

    I didn't know I needed this until this very moment. Bless D.O and his voice

  • Jhaszy Blue
    Jhaszy Blue Month ago +9

    i want to understand you badly Kyunggsooyah 😢

  • p_p H_S
    p_p H_S Month ago +70

    I need kyungsoo solo album 😭

  • Aditya Rahma
    Aditya Rahma Month ago +11

    I miss him so much..

  • Smile Peace
    Smile Peace Month ago +35

    Now you’re listening to Kyungsoo podcasts~ 😍😍😍 I have no idea what is he talking about...😂 but I just love him. 😆😂

    • Smile Peace
      Smile Peace Month ago +1

      syahirah aishah Awww that’s so sweet~ Thank you so much! I just became his fan 2 months ago, so I didn’t know much about him yet. >

    • syahirah aishah
      syahirah aishah Month ago +6

      It’s as if he talking to us 😬 bt he did talk about swing kids, reading comment from his sunbE regarding his acting, cooking, how to cooked deojang jigae, which part of meat he like to eat, etc ☺️ he even mentioned which member like to eat his cooking 🥘

    • Yolanda Kross
      Yolanda Kross Month ago +2

      Same here😂😂😂

  • Al . Fa
    Al . Fa Month ago +21

    The way he talks is really unique! the way he picks his words is really attractive and adorable TT and its really shows how really hard worker that he is!
    Idk how to explain it more than this but you know what I mean

  • Al . Fa
    Al . Fa Month ago +1

    I'm pretty sure that the most of what he is talking about is cooking and maybe it's from travel the world on Exo's ladder when he was cooking for the members

    • Al . Fa
      Al . Fa Month ago

      @Kyungsoo's girl okay I'm gonna watch them thank you for telling me

  • Katherine T
    Katherine T Month ago +10

    when you feel empty, this is the right video. thank you so much for making this :(((((!!!!

  • 갤럭시
    갤럭시 Month ago +8

    별일 없지??
    응원합니다 ~~

  • trust d.o
    trust d.o Month ago +21

    드뎌 나왔네요~~감사합니다😍 너무 좋아하는 경수 목소리... 목소리만 들어도 어떤 표정일지가 그려져요.

    • trust d.o
      trust d.o Month ago +4

      @K하늘꽃님 하늘꽃님과 같이 제폰과 카톡.....모든 사진이 경수랍니다. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍(12)
      너무 소중한 우리 경수님 목소리...시간이 흐른후 라디오에서 만날 수 있었으면 좋겠어요.

    • K하늘꽃님
      K하늘꽃님 Month ago +4

      전 경수씨 목소리와 얼굴만봐도 맘이 설레요 제폰 배경 모두다 경수씨 사진이 저장돼 있어요 그리고 엑사세2에 나와서 멤버들 한테 해준 국밥 직접 해 먹어 봤읍니다 👍👍👍👍❤❤❤❤

  • Fran Jongdae
    Fran Jongdae Month ago +5

    In this 30 minute video I had 64 eargarms... Thx for doing this video 😭💕

  • Annn •
    Annn • Month ago +23

    Kyungsoo voice is bias wrecker🤪

  • Kübra Y
    Kübra Y Month ago +18

    Thank you sooo much 😭😭😭😭😭💕💕💕💕💕

  • Quynh Anh
    Quynh Anh Month ago +6

    I miss him so so so much

  • Anjali Salam
    Anjali Salam Month ago +14

    no idea but I love everything about him😚😚😚😚😚

  • 김초롱
    김초롱 Month ago +25

    D.O♥♥♥♥♥♥♥보고싶다 ♥경수님♥

  • te te
    te te Month ago +24

    thank you so much!! i've been wishing for a video like this for soooo long. thank youuu

  • Thùy Chi Nguyễn
    Thùy Chi Nguyễn Month ago +48

    Ahhhhh!!!! Thank you so much for making this video!!! Thanks to this video that I can listen to his deep voice only in 31 mins straight!!! Like his own radio channel!!!

  • alysss 12
    alysss 12 Month ago +20

    *thank you for this, i knew something was missing in my life*

  • 고차돌
    고차돌 Month ago +23

    목소리에 먼저 반한 저이기에!!!!
    정말정말 고맙습니다

  • Ohorat Kkaebsong
    Ohorat Kkaebsong Month ago +29

    now I can listen to him talking in that deep voice of his for 31 minutes straight :') although, I have no idea what he's saying. but who cares xD
    ughh I miss him so much :'(
    thank you so much for making this! 💜